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My father’s fiancee batch 6


My father’s fiancee

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Episode 9…………….

” your new fiancé? ” I asked with a surprise face…
” yes, she’s my new fiancé, my adorable queen and my heart desire, very soon she’s gonna be your step mother when I married her totally ” he replied..
” oh, is he your son? He look so very handsome, what a handsome boy ” the lady complimented on me.
” Ohhh, thanks, you are welcome ” I replied.
Then followed by thought :::
” chaiiiii, this girl Is adoring me oo, she don’t know who I am, very soon I will snatch her from my father, what a beautiful. Why did she even accepted my father? Is it because of money?, Hmmmm ” I thought…
My father noticed my movement and how I stared at her alots, so he told me to leave then, that they would like to have a privacy, and I left them in the sitting room to my room while they continue with thier romantic chat……

Few minutes later, my father summoned me and I went there instantly…
” Peter, am very tired today, so I don’t think I can drive my adorable queen home, I think you should drive her home ” he said while handling the car key to me…
” okay, no problem” I replied happily inside of me because I will chat with the girl and know her house….

We both went out side, she entered the car and I drove her off…
The following were ensued between I and her while we were on the way to her house…
” you look so beautiful and attractive ” I complimented on her.
” Attractive? Hmmmm, You are welcome ” she replied.
” may I know more about you? If you don’t mind ” I said…
” You want to know more about me? Why? ” she asked..
” nothing, just to know” I said
” ok, am Lucy by name, am 24 years old and am your father fiancé, very soon you will be my step son ” she replied.
” Ohhh, 24? You are very very young compare to my father, hope you know ” I asked..
” off course I know, but love don’t care” she replied..
” ok, but you just I don’t my father will marry you let alone me being your step son oo” I said..
” I don’t understand? What do you mean by that? ” she asked with a surprise face.
” ooooh, never mind ” I replied..
” I shouldn’t mind? Just tell me what you mean by that ” she said…
” but I said you shouldn’t mind, just forget about that, can you give me your phone number? ” I ask…
” off course I can, why not? ” she replied..
” ok, thanks ” I said..
” You are welcome ” she replied..
Few minutes later, we reached her house And I dropped her.. She gave me her phone number and I asked if I should visit her on coming Sunday then and she agreed…………………

Immediately I reached home, I met my father absent, so I picked up my phone and called Angela…
The following were ensued after greetings were exchanged.
” so you decided to call me today right? ” she asked.
” yes my heart desire, I just want to say hi to you and asked if you will be free tomorrow so I can pay you a visit ” I replied.
” your heart heart desire? Hmmmm, ok, I will be free tomorrow, you can visit me tomorrow if you wish ” she replied.
” wow,, thanks, that’s good, but where will I locate you? ” I asked.
” in my house off course, where do you before?$ She asked.
” I was thinking may be somewhere like a restaurant, plaza and lots more ” I replied.
” plaza? I haven’t been to any plaza before oo, my dad will not even allow me self ” she answered
” hmmmm, some fathers ehnnn. Ok, no problem, but hope I won’t be confronted? ” I asked..
” I don’t know yet but just come if you wish and I believed my father won’t tell you anything ” she answered..
“Ok, thanks, expect me by 5pm tomorrow ” I said.
” ok, no problem, till you come ” she replied.

Call ended ⛔.

The following day around 5pm, I bought some gifts then heads straight to Angela’s house with my father’s car unknown to him.
I followed the address she ( Angela) gave me and I reached there successfully.
The following were ensued after pleasantries were exchanged..
” where are you parents and siblings? ” I asked her.
” ohh, my father went to somewhere, but he will return soon, the two of my sibling went to an evening lesson, but my mum is inside sleeping 😪, I think I should go and wake her up ” she replied while standing up.
” not at all, don’t wake her up, let her rest. I will go to her before i take my leave ” I said.
” hmmmm, sure?, ok, no problem ” she replied..
” yeah, but am still afraid of your father ooo, vigilante? Hope he won’t confront me? ” I asked.
” LOL 😂, so you could be these afraid? Dont worry, he won’t tell you anything, perhaps ” she replied.
” perhaps? You aren’t sure? ” I asked..
While we were talking and playing , a man from no where with a vigilante cloth burst into the compound and asked
” young man what are you doing in my house with my daughter ” he asked with serious face….

Episode 10

” young man what are you doing in my house with my daughter ” he asked with serious face….
Me: I I I I………
Angela : ( cuts in) , Ohhh.. He was my class mate then in secondary school, he just decide to pay me a visit today….
Father ( her father) : ok, nice then, I thought is one of those hooligans in this village that won’t allow someone’s daughter to rest at all…
Me: { feeling a little bit realived } Ohhh, I am not sir. I just came to visit her.
Father : okay my soon, don’t mind my manner of my approach initially, how are you doing?
Me: am fine sir…
Father : ok, You are welcome.. Have you been offered anything edible…
Me: not at all, but am okay..
Father : sure? You are welcome…
Me: thank you Sir…
*** village people ehnn *****.
And he left us alone…
We chats at lengthy and I was about going home, so she took me to their sitting room where her mother was sleeping and I she work her up for me, then we exchanged pleasantries while Angela lied to her that we were class mate then in secondary school…
Due to how her father was trying to be harsh initially, I couldn’t tell Angela to see me off again, but I just promised to call her later…

****** several days later **†*****
I dressed up one day then heads straight to Lucy’s house..
She was so surprise when she saw me….
The following were ensued after pleasantries were exchanged…
Lucy: this boy ehnnn. I thought you wont even think of visiting me just like You said ooo. And you did… Hmmmm.
Me: Ohhh, I just decide to pay you a visit today.. Hope you are doing well?
Lucy : yes oo, am doing pretty good, And you?
Me: Same…
Lucy : ok, I must confess, you look so handsome hundred times over than your father..
Me: Ohhh, sure? And you are so beautiful too.
Lucy : hmmmm…..
Me: ok, am I kinda having a little feelings for you of which I don’t know how to terminate it nor know how to declare my intention to you……
Lucy : ohhhh, are you that shy?
Just tell me, I promised to do it.. What q handsome boy… Your dimples are killing me…
Me: sure…. I wanna tell you that I I I love………
Lucy: I love you too. I have been staring at you for a long time now but it’s just a taboo for a girl to work up to a girl and told him that she loves him.. I was carried away by your handsomeness the first time I set my eyes on you. I was blaming my self for accepting that aged man which is your father as my fiance While a handsome boy of my age is his son.
Me: wow 😮.. I can’t believe. You mean you love me too?
Lucy : yes ✔️…
Me: wow, I am the happiest person on earth today.
Lucy : same thing is applicable to me.. Am very astonished…
Me: ok, thanks. I just wanna tell you that whatever you see in my father’s house that got you attracted to him is equally mine. I won’t even mind to give to you all my father’s property…
Lucy : wow, nice meeting each other.
Me: thanks… But can you prove your love for me?
Lucy : prove my love for you? I don’t understand..
Me: don’t you know how to prove love?
Lucy: hmmmm, ok I can… Why can’t I…
She moved close to me and pecked me passionately…
Me: is that all?
Lucy : what exactly do you Want me to do? Just tell me.
Me: ( feeling shy) something like kissing and lots more.
Lucy: kissing ?? Ok, that’s never a problem…
She moved close to me agian and started kissing me, so I hold her tight there and started fondling her passionately and romantically. We where in the process when all of a sudden her phone started ringing 🔔 and I was very furious.. She told me to excuse her while she picked up the phone…
The following were trashed out between her and the caller…
I never knew it was my father then.
Caller : hello my adorable queen, my heart 💞 desire and my one and only…
Lucy : hmmmm.. Stop teasing me na… Do you wanna tell me anything crucial? I was doing something before you called me.
Father : OK, am sorry, I don’t think I will still visit you today again because Peter went out with my car since and he has not returned. The only car at home right away is very dirty and I don’t want to go out with it. Sorry… Hope to visit you tomorrow.
Lucy : KKK, no problem..
Father : thanks, but do you know his whereabouts? As in haven’t you set your eyes on the car since morning?
Before I could signal Lucy not to tell him my whereabouts, Lucy told him..
Lucy : ohh, Peter is here with me, he visits me.
Father : Peter is with you there right away?

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