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My fath£r’s fiancee
Semi f!nal
” Good even!ng Peter, how are you do!ng? ” Lucy asked while smill!ng..
I was sh°t of words and I didn’t know how to express
Myself th£n..
” am f!ne ma” I replied..
So my fath£r was showed h£r room, so I packed all h£r luggages th£re…
Th£n followed with soliloquy !n my room.
” chaiiiii, what a temptation.. I never knew my fath£r would br!ng h£r home… Chaiiiii, how do I cope with th¡s now? ” I soliloquised..
****Several days later ******
Funke was !n th£ bathroom tak!ng h£r birth one day wh£n I bursted !nto th£ bathroom with©vt knock!ng and $h£ was amazed..
” why did you do th¡s? “$h£ asked.
” am so sorry if that hurts you, I j√$t adore you
. th£ urges of be!ng with you is very strong that’s why I bursted with©vt knock!ng ” I replied..
” hmmmm, sure? But I told you earlier that we aren’t save h£re, if I allow you to do anyth!ng with me now your dad might caught us red [email protected] and you know what that mean ” $h£ replied.
Me: I told you earlier that, that doesn’t mean, h£ won’t discover anyth!ng that’s go!ng on b£tweeΠ us.
Lucy: h£ will know, that your fath£r is someth!ng else.
Me: never m!nd h¡m. h£ won’t do anyth!ng..
Before $h£ could say anyth!ng, I m©v£d close to h£r, grabb£d h£r [email protected]¡$t and started romanc!ng h£r thoroughly.
!nitially $h£ was try!ng to stop me but later on, h£ agreed..
we both locked 🔐 our m©vth togeth£r and we started klzz!ng.. We did th£ klzz!ng for like 15 m!nutes and I switch£d to anoth£r technique.
Iaid h£r d©wΠ gently, located h£r br£@st and started s—–g one while ₱|@y!ng with th£ oth£r.
I later opened h£r legs wide open th£n !ns**ted my D–k 🍆 !nto h£r p—y and started bang!ng h£r so [email protected] as $h£ [email protected]
We were both enjoy!ng and [email protected]!ng !n an excitement wh£n of a sudden……………………………
[💥 I warned my fath£r never to marry aga!n but h£ wouldn’t listen 💥]
Th£ f!nal episode….
We were both enjoy!ng and [email protected]!ng !n an excitement wh£n of a sudden tgeTh£ door was opened and behold it was my fath£r..
I felt like th£ ground should open so that I would enter th£n.
” Peter, am I dream!ng? ” h£ asked while gap!ng.
I didn’t say anyth!ng but rema!n silent as h£ was try!ng to b**t 💓 me……….
I quickly ran ©vtside while Lucy was !n th£ bathroom weep!ng 😂..
Few m!nutes later my bags and some of my properties we’re thrown ©vt by my fath£r…
” th£re are your belong!ngs, go to wh£rever you want to go but don’t dare to step !nto th¡s house aga!n ” h£ said to me with seriousness.
Despite all my plead!ng, h£ chased me ©vt…
So I took a bike 🚲 of m!ne i bought my self th£n h£ads straight to my moth£r !n th£ village wh£re $h£ lives.
Immediately I reach£d th£re with all my properties, my moth£r was so s¢ar£d 😱 and $h£ asked ::
” what happened 💩? Why did you packed all your properties? Is everyth!ng a
!n oth£r..? ” $h£ asked.
Me: yeah, j√$t calm d©wΠ 🔽.. All is !n oth£r, I j√$t decides to stay !n th£ village h£re for a while. We are on break..
Mum: sure? Ok, how are you do!ng?
Me: am f!ne and you.?
Mum: f!ne ooo my son. Hope your fath£r is well?
Me: yeah, noth!ng happened to h¡m.. h£’s f!ne…
Few m!nutes later I saw all my sibl!ngs ©vt jubilat!ng my arrival and I was so astoni$h£d see!ng th£m and at same time annoyed. I pres£nted my gift 📦 for th£m and th£y all guzled it d©wΠ with happ!ness ☺️…
********** A year later **********
i was eat!ng with my moth£r home Alone one day and th£ follow!ng were ensued:
Me: mum, th£re’s someth!ng crucial I want to tell you but I don’t know how to go ab©vt it.
Mun : sure? What’s that my son. ? j√$t tell me.
Me: ok, I saw a girl 👧 for ab©vt 2 years ago now and I would like to marry h£r. We both love ❤️ each oth£r very well and I don’t th!nk th£re’s anyth!ng that will stop me from marry!ng h£r. It seems to h£r parent as if am deceiv!ng h£r, but I want to prove to th£m that am not
Mum : Peter… Na wao… Why didn’t you tell me s!nce?
Me: I was afraid to tell you.
Mum : sure? Why na… That’s a good ideal and I appreciate that.. Boys of nowadays talked of marriages after impregnat!ng but yours is oth£rwise..
Me: sure? Thank you so much…
Mum : you are welcome, but I don’t th!nk you can marry h£r now s!nce you still school!ng.
Me: yes, that’s true. I thought alot too. But what do we do to prove to th£m that I really want thier daughter and would like to marry h£r?
Mum : ok, we will both go to th£ir house one day, th£n we do h£r !ntroduction later after th£ visit. Th£n you cont!nue your school while $h£ waits for you.
Me: sure? Wow.. Thank 🙏 You so much, am so happy…
I called h£r on phone one day and tell h£r that we would be do!ngh£r !ntroduction soon and $h£ was so hHappy…
I and my moth£r visited th£m one day and told th£m everyth!ng and th£y all agreed…..
Th£ follow!ng day, we bought th£ criteria required for th£ !ntroduction, we went to th£ir house and th£ !ntroduction was done successful…
After th£ !ntroduction, Angela visited my mum and $h£ spent like a week !n our house filled with merriment.
I went [email protected]¢k to school 🚸 and cont!nue my education with th£ notion of marry!ng h£r after I f!ni$h£d my academic journey………
Th£ END ❤️❤️
Hope you enjoyed th£ story

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