My Father's Wife 1

My Father’s Wife 1 -Batch 2

episode 5
The night was like hell for me. . . having to stay awake almost half of the night with my d**k not making matters easy for me.
Even when i managed to catch a little sleep, the k-ss and the n@ked pictures of Amanda kept on flashing in my dream is full HD ..
“What type of wahala have papa gotten me into, which kind winsh be this one na” I hissed
I managed to scale through in one piece as morning arrived after taking like forever.
The much desired morning arrived and i woke up in the wrong side of the bed, feeling a bit woozy and a throbbing headache.
I dashed into my bathroom to do the morning tradition and you know normally we guys always have early morning h@rd 0ns.
I took a piss, brushed my teeth and entered the shower.
“Good morning sky” i heard Amanda’s voice as the shower water ran down through my b0dy.
i was sure that voice came from in,side my room or somewhere very near.
I hurriedly stepped out of the shower, tied a towel around my w@ist and stepped out to see.
Amanda was seated on my b£d, still cl@d in her very short but transparent nighty.
I could almost make out the aurora around her n—–s.
“Good morning ma” I greeted with a mischievous smile.
I am starting to think this girl is always doing this on purpose, i bet she enjoy teasing me and at the same time tormenting my life with permanent £r£ctions.
Amanda asked if i slept well, to which i lied and replied the affirmative.
she then announced breakfast was ready and bundled her blissful heaven with her out of my room, suddenly she turned sharply as she got to the door, i tilted my face to the left sharply but i was sure she caught me being hypnotized by those backside cus an evil smile adorned her face.
“Abeg i have had enough” i cursed, i really needed to get off badly or my head might burst.
I picked my phone and sent Joy a whatsapp message.
ME: Hey babe good morning
JOY: Good morning b00, how are you?
ME: Am ok just missing u ma cup cake.
JOY: Am missing u too
ME: Can you come over to the house today, i really need to see u.
JOY: I have somewhere going ooo… but uuhm ok i will be there 11am, anything for my baby b00.
ME: hahaha thanks baby…i will be waiting…luv u
JOY: Luv you too dear .
My mood brightened all of a sudden, Joy is coming over and you know what that means.
I hurriedly made my bed, tidied my room, hid some dirty clothes that littered around.
When i was satisfied with my creativity and efficiency in tidying up a room within minutes, i rushed down to the dinning to join Amanda at the dinning for a breakfast of fried egg and plantain, with an ear to ear grin worn on my face selling away my happiness.
** ** ** **
“John, someone is looking for you” i heard Amanda’s voice call out to me.
I was sure it was Joy as i sprang out of bed to rush downstairs..
But wait, Amanda just called me by my real name and not Sky like she normally does, anyway no bad shaaa.
I joined Amanda in the sitting room, she was sitting on a cushion watching Channel O, Joy was standing against the wall like a criminal that have been cornered by the police, lol am sure she didnt expect to see anyone like before.
Her neatly plaited hair packed the back, colourless lip gloss that she knows i like klsslng.
Her b**bs was bustily exposing a great deal of cle-vage hugged in a tlght white top with pink edgings.
Her slightly curved l£gs was peeled into a black leggings that you could make out her p**sy m—-s if you looked h@rder.
I rushed to joy, gave her a light h√g, announced to Amanda that i was going up to my room which she just shrugged and waved.
I led joy up to my room, looking back for a second to see amanda looking at us with visible contempt on her face and obvious jealousy buttered in anger.. “whats her problem?” i queried by mind.
“Baby, who is that girl and she obviously do not like me” Joy intoned on getting to my room.
“Eeehm thats my dad’s new wife, dont worry about her abeg”
“New wife?” she exclaimed in surprise.
“eeeeeh naaa new wife, she for be old wife before?” I yapped out sharply very eager to jump into the business of the day.
I bl££ped Joy like a mad dog that day, was sure that was the first time i b@nged her so ferociously .
Expectedly i was thinking about amanda while i was bl££ping Joy, even her m®ans and my name she gr©aned couldnt change that.
I was sure i saw someone’s shadow lurking behind the door as i bl££ped joy. . **na that person sabi shaa wetin concern me gan**
I and joy ended up having 3 wonderful b0uts of s*x leaving us exhausted but strangely even after all that, their was this s*xual tension, a sort of unsatisfaction that still was surging deep in,side me but evidently Joy cant quench that.
episode 6
Papa came home that evening after Joy have already gone home.
I walked pass them at the parlour chatting and laughing with amanda rubbing papa’s stomach.
Ooh i felt sick to my stomach and and alien jealousy over took me as i cast a glaring look at amanda which she reciprocated gazing at me until i disappeared upstairs and into my room.
Now i can recall that look she gave me when i was walking to my room with joy, it was exactly the same type of look l gave her seeing her rubbing papa’s fat belly.
She really is mad at me because of Joy and obviously still is mad, no wonder i have not seen even one flash from her since morning. Not her teeth nor her fl1rty gestures or killing winks.. Have been a very cold attitude and scorn.
7pm i went down to the kitchen, expectedly i met her there washing plates while something boiled on the cooker seemed like rice judging from the scent.
“Good evening” i muttered…. scratching the back of my head.
“Yeah” she said quite cold and indifferent.
I knew within me she was not happy with me because of Joy.
Seating at one corner of the kitchen i fixed my eyes on her as she washed and dried the plates.
She was cl@d in a flimsy gown that just stop after her a-s giving out 80% of those laps that stood like 2 huge soft and fair tree trunks.
My d**k responded, n0dding furiously in,side my scooby doo boxer this time**Dont mind me, i’m a disney fan..”
The surge of lust in me for this lady was so intense that i could even hear my own heartbeat.
I stood up from the corner i sat, slowly grabbed her from behind cr√shing my body behind hers.
She jolted in surprise, then surprisingly she threw her head backwards and surrendered her wh0le frame into mine on getting to know it was me.
I took my head deep into her neck as my l-ips found the sides of her neck showering k|sses into it as my hands strayed from her st°mach and journeyed up to the base of her b00bs.
Her head fell more backward into me, her mouth flew open but no words escaped except for slight gr0aπs that were only audible to my ears.
i dragged my l!ps side wards to the side of her l-ips coated in a pink w-t lip stick giving her soft bites and k!sses on her cheek.
She tilted her face to the right and her l-ips found mine in a very passionate long w£t k|ss.
my hands found her b00bs giving her soft and h@rd squeezes as our l-ips danced into each other.
Her tongues twirled into mine s*cking and n!bbling at my tongue and l-ips.
I took my l-ips down to her neck again k!ssing and nibbling away at the back of her neck twirling my t0ngue on her skin as my right hand travelled more downwards to her belly encircling her b£lly button and my left hand still car-ssing and squeezing those round full b00bs.
my right hand travelled downwards more between her th!ghs as it sank deep into her l@ps taking it up enough to graze her p—y covered in a lacy th0ng.
I could feel the hotness oozing out from there and her ju!ces smearing on my f!ngers through the thong.
Her gr0aπs became more frequent with her hand thrown to the back rubbing the back of my head furiously and the other grazing my l@ps.
i r*bbed her p—y through the p@nties encircling her c–t tucked into two moulds of swollen l@bias.
“Oh sky…ooh my g@wd… ooohm mmmmm baby” flew out through her mouth f!ltering into my ears sending more bl00d pumping vigourosly into my already h@rd d–k.
I slowly journeyed down to her back attacking the crack of her back with k!sses, shifting the tiny rope that held the g0wn to her shoulder downwards to her upper @rms letting the gown slip d0wn more to her stomach.
letting those two most beautiful b00bs fall out from under the dr£ss, of course she had no br@ on.
my hands gr@bbed the b00bs h@rd as i gave them even more h@rd squ££zes rubb|ng her now er*ct n—–s with my f!ngers, running them all over her d@rk aurora.
my l-ips traced its way downwards to her a-s lifting up that fl!msy dress gently, h£r white lacy p@nties became visible confirming my guess.
Covering each a-s cheeks with k|sses, twirling with my tongue and licking each of them circling with my t0ngue and my hands r√bbing her p—y which now drenched my them in ju!ces.
My l-ips trailed down more between her th!ghs, running my tongue into it grazing her p—y through her th0ng.
She bends more leaning forward towards the sink letting her a-s shoot out into the air and the greater part of her p—y coming out from behind.
I shifted the th0ng to the side as my tongue delve full frontal into her p—y, l;cking her swollen l@bias, licking through it and my hand c@ressing her inner th!ghs.
I could hear faint gr0aπs from her as her hands held up her dress for me.
My t0ngue twirled in her p—y, k!ssing and l!cking then gently i pushed my t0ngue into h£r p—y h0le taking it in as far as it could go r*bbing her c–t with my fore f!nger while my t0ngue was buried deep into h£r.. could feel her j£rking and twitching above.
gr0aπs after gr0aπs turning into gr0aπs rewarded me making me more enthusiastic as my t0ngue pushed deeper into her.
I took my pink t0ngue to another missionary journey finding h£r now h@rd c–t protruding out from her l@bias. I took it into my mouth, twirling over it gr@zing and r*bbing it with my t0ngue with her p—y scent filling my nostrils.
“Oh she smells angelic” i gr0aπed through my breathe.
I concentrated on h££r c–t, slurping and twirling on it. ju|ces smearing all over my jaw.
She started trembling, shaking profusely as i felt her drift into a bout of heavy o—-m.
Her quaking was very h@rd and i s—-d on her c–t even more with one of my fingers going in and out her sl!t.
I could notice her gr0aπs were muffled and her legs wobbled making me h0ld h*r up through h*r a-s with my hand.
I got up from under h*r a-s as she was recovering from the 0rg@smic spell.
Grabbed h*r by the neck gently and pushed my m0uth into h*r, she dove h*r tongue into mine with full force taking me in as hungr!ly as a man in an indomie advert.
I pushed d0wn my b0xer, Junior sky sprang out from under my boxer as my b0xer slid down to my knees.
Her a-s were still up in the air and her hands gr@sping the sink water tap…I took my f!ngers to her p—y again r*bbing it up and down feeling the ju!ce covered p—y once more before i slowly position the head of my d–k at the entrance.
My wh0le body stiffened as my d–k slowly and easily slid into h*r w@rmness.
Waves of dry cold and intense h0tness surged through me making me shiver and gr0aπ wit my eyes shut tight.
She pushed her a-s out more giving me more range to drive my almost 9!nches long member into.
I went in and out, bringing my d–k all the way out till the head was visible then slamming it back.
“Darlin am going in,side the bedroom, call me when the food is ready” We heard papa’s voice call out from the parlour as he gr0aπed definitely from him stretching himself.
I froze immediately with my d–k still buried deep into h*r, my heart melted to my stomach and my eyes glued to the door with popped eyes sensitive enough to see even the slightest movement, ears raised to hear the slightest sound of footsteps that may appear to come toward the kitchen but strangely such risk intensified my l*st.
“Ok darlin i will” she called out back to papa before i interrupted by ramming my d–k h@rd into h*r making h*r jerk and gr0aπ out softly again.
The thought of papa being in the house as i bl££p his new s*xy wife from beh!nd right in,side the kitchen made more bl00d rush through my veins  !nto my d–k getting me more mad with l*st.
My t—-t became long and h@rder, slamming h@rder and h@rder grabbing her b00bs with my hand from the back.
“Oh baby..Mmmhmmm my sky…Oh i love u so much..aaaaahh baby pls” she gr0aπed out making me even more h@rd.
Her p—y walls tightened its grip on my d–k as she was sent into another round of explosive o—-m making her shake and quiver.
It sent me over the edge as my own o—-m hit me unexpectedly making me grabbed h*r a-s roughly slamming h@rder into h*r in an unrhthymized pattern, my legs w0bbling and tapping the ground as waves of h@rd o—-m passed through me as my d–k vomited hot wads of th!ck fluids deep into h*r with my wh0le body quaking like someone dancing a lighter version of shoki.
H*r p—y leaked of more juices making it even more slippery, as my d–k gave up the last of its content.
I savored the feel of her p—y holding on my d–k in my post 0rg@smic mood.
Then i pulled out my half fl@ccid d–k out, peeled up my scooby doo b0xer that now rested on my feet.
“Wooow sky this is the wildest and the best i have ever h@d” She whispered to me positioning h*r th0ng back to the normal p0sition and taking down h*r dress which were on h*r stomach, could see how heavy she was blushing giving me an aray of pride.
“Oh s–t, the rice is burning” she blurted out dashing towards the Gas cooker.
I walked out of the kitchen but not after casting another mischievous look at her a-s while she put of the cooker.
She took ghostly look behind winking at me and her l!ps moved and the words “Thank you” found it’s way into my ears.
I disappeared into the hall way that led to the stairs.
I  cant believe i just bl££ped this s£xy goddess that passed as papa’s wife…My own father’s wife…
episode 7
Going to bed that night i was both happy, satisfied, proud but strangely their was an odd melancholy feeling and i had to seat down on the bed for a while going over all that happened.
“What if papa caught us, what would i have done?” i shuddered at the thought of papa catching us.
“surely he would disown me”
“Did i do the right thing bl**ping papa’s new wife?”
No girl have ever turned me 0n the way she does but still she is a sweet poison that i knew would certainly backfire if i don’t cut it off in time but heck it was worth the risk, i mean she is a very young s*xy goddess, any sane guy can kill for that p—y. forget she is married to my father.
My phone gave a mild beep while letting out silvery white glows at the same time.
I could see from the notification that it was a whatsapp message and it was from my step mum.
Amanda: Hey Sugar you were superb tonight, you gave me the best i have had… ** in love face **
Me: Lol… you were wonderful too
Amanda: Thanks sugar boy… you will never regret having me around.
Me : Thanks… Goodnight.
Amanda: Sleep tight mah sugar boy **k-ss**
I tiredly and lazily dragged myself to the bathroom for a shower, just a quick encounter with Amanda have taken such wild toll from me leaving my legs a bit wobbly √nder me.
“Should i tell Jessy?” I asked myself in the bathroom ignoring the spraying cold water that c@ressed my body, through the shower tickling down my body like it was a race.
“Oh nooooo i can’t, Jessy will not be happy about it at all, their is not even any need for her to know, it’s not like i will continue to do this with Amanda” Somehow i knew deep down i was lying to myself.
I dropped myself on my bed on getting out of the bathroom and travelled to disney land of wonderland. ** ** **
“Nnam, wake up” A faint voice called out to me, mild but it was broad and definitely baritone with a lot of familiarity.
Everything was dark in my eyes but my lazy eye lids slowly slid open giving my iris the task of adjusting to the bright light beams that filtered its way my eyes.
Papa’s form slowly took shape as i r*bbed sleep off with the back of my eyes, slightly angry to be woken up and still needing to return back and finish my dreams that bombarded me in pure Dstv-like HD.
Papa was wearing a long flowing white agbada that seemed to make his pitch dark complexion a bit fairer and a traditional red cap on his head, He looked nice but he always does’ i reminded myself.
“Nnam am going out now, won’t you go to school today or is today a public holiday? Papa asked me in igbo, dropping a crisp slim wad of neat mint #1000 naira notes on my bed, am sure it was more than 4.
“Good morning papa” I yawned, stretching my long frame on the bed as i reached for my phone, a white iphone4 that lay tiredly on the far side of my bed.
Papa walked out after telling me to get up and prepare for school.
Papa might be a politician and all but he definitely was a mother and a father to jessy and i at home.
“That sad and guilty feeling overtook me again looking at papa who treats me more than a mother can and i am paying him back with bl££ping his wife.
I glanced at my phone still with lazying eyelids, the figures 9:43 clearly showed on my screen.
“D–n!!!” I blurted out, sprang up from the bed directly to the bathroom with Usain bolt speed, the lingering sleep in my eyes vanished
“Oh my God!!! i over overslept and i have a morning quiz today” I hurried over a cold shower and managed to muster some fast clean up.
Sliding the #5000 papa dropped on the bed into my wallet, i grabbed my back pack and walked down stairs cl@d in a black jean, and yellow t- shirt.
Surprisingly papa was still in the sitting room talking with Amanda laughing as i entered…
“Shiiitty love” I Cursed under my breathe.
“Good morning ma” I greeted Amanda taking a quick scan of her in a long gown that h*gged every part of h*r body provoking every c0ntour, curves and that wicked s£xiness of her body. Could see papa wearing an ear to ear grin, that type that makes you look as mumuish as a cartoon character.
“Good morning sky” Her silky milky voice was thrown back to me, with that look in her eyes that seemed to be fixed more on my crotch area than my face.
I entered the dinning to hurry over a light breakfast of chocolate drink and bread, downing my food with my ears still on the fading cracking laugh of papa who was reluctantly taking his leave through the front door.
“Nawa oo papa wont work again because of a girl” I hissed still minding my breakfast.
Amanda’s light foot steps made me look up towards the sitting room as i was leaving the dinning to catch up with papa so he can drop me off.
Amanda took hold of my shirt and drew me a bit roughly towards her making me tilt my head a bit downwards..
Her l1ps grabbed mine with that same roughness her hands exhibited with her tongue intruding into mine making me sub-consciously take my hands behind her back as i forcefully pushed h*r more into me, her beautiful b00bs crashing against my skin just a little below the chest.
“See you when you get home sugar”…she whispered into my ears sounding like a song.
The k!ss broke and i rushed out to meet papa but deep within me i knew
episode 8
School seemed like an alien planet to me as i entered with a moronic frame of mind that was only fixed on Amanda.
The rabbles and dabbles and market like environment and behaviours students exhibited;
some could be seen gisting and laughing shouting with reckless abandon.
Many were busy ingesting reddish brown buns washed down with bottles of pepsi or other mineral drinks.
I just wonder if those guys dont eat breakfast at home or they just like eating buns and mineral drink.
Girls cl@d in different exotic dresses with over exaggerated make-ups that helps some become even more uglier still leaving them with the impression that they look beautiful…
“Sky! Sky!!” heard my name being yelled obviously not too close from me, it was a silky voice exhibiting sleek feminism.
I turned round and saw Enem walking briskly towards me almost running, she was on a black jean tight leggings tucked into a rose like flowery top, her h!ps would make Nicky Minaj jealous
Enem and i have been in one or two this and that, she was like a best friend to me in school but we have engaged in some s*xual escapades which was where i learnt never to mess with a calabar ch!ck.
She was dark complexioned with a face that would be awarded a C6 in beauty rating, but the things she lacked in facial beauty she made up in body beauty. those round b00bs that never dropped even when freed from a br@, her h!ps that can be mistaken for fake resting on a leg we term as K-leg.
“Sky this quiz might start anytime from now, come lets go in” she announced without even greeting me, giving me a slight wink as she pulled me by the hand and headed toward class.
The quiz got little or none of my attention, i continued mopping blankly at my paper without seeing anything.
Amanda sat at the center of my thought like a queen on her throne making me see her k!ss me, the feel of her b00bs on my chest tormented me.
I managed to scale through the quiz, God knows what i will score in this d–n quiz.
Had lunch with Enem at MAMA ONYI restaurant in school, i knew thats what she wanted from me all the while she clasped her hands around mine and followed me about school like a police proudly taking a criminal to cell.
I rushed home after discharging Enem at last cus she actually seemed she was never gonna let me go… **That girl shaa**
Through out the bus ride back home i could see myself meeting Amanda in the guest bathroom again but this time the things that would follow were very clear in my mind.
“Oga Sky i am back? Ahmed asked with a smile obviously happy to see me.
“No Ahmed i am not” i replied sarcastically making him let out a laugh that still sounded hausa-ish to me, exposing those yellow teeth evidence of consuming plenty white kola (goro).
Hitting the compound with high speed of my legs, a strange white lexus jeep packed before Papa’s car pack, it certainly wasn’t papa’s.
I pushed the door open as i was greeted with resounding laughter of two women in our sitting room.
A lady seemingly in her early 30’s sat with Amanda, she was beautiful but her body structure was in current mercy johnson’s category when it comes to size.
Both women fixed their eyes on me as my facial expression was drifted from that of anxiousness and horniness to disappointment.. **Who dah f–k brought this woman here**
“Good afternoon” i threw a cold greeting at both the women, eyeing Amanda who smiled at me.
“Nancy baby.. thats Johnysky my husbands son” Amanda announced.
“Hey Johny how are you?” Nancy asked running her eyes all over me with slow interval blinks.
“Am fine ma” i muttered almost to myself taking my leave of both as i walked to my room “which kind winch be this one na, just spoil all my plans” i hissed..
“Hmmm this your step son is handsome” i could hear Nancy tell Amanda who just laughed.
Annoyingly Nancy stayed till almost 4 in the evening which left me no choice but to pick up my ball and kit and head out for my basketball practise, leaving them at home still gisting like it is not two of them gisting for more than 2hours now,** nonsense.
I knew Papa would be home by the time i get back.
“Mtcheeeeew stupid day”……
…To be Continued…

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