My Father's Wife 1

My Father's Wife 1 -Batch 5

episode 17

A bright morning this morning was, the normal early morning fog of nsukka covered the wh0le environment making me peep the window every now and then to catch a glimpse of it.

This morning have set up on a more brighter note, i have had a wonderful dream where i was driving a newly bought range rover sport sniffing hard and taking in that heavenly new car smells.

Waking up to meet a whatsapp message from Amanda, announcing she has bought a new iphone6 for me with a picture of it attached and then pleading that i should come home, she misses me.
“Is papa not enough?” I muttered to myself with a broad smile c-m laughter covering my face.

A new iphone6, Amanda missing me like crazy, a beautiful damsel in love with me in nsukka and other numerous girls that are potential catch from the way most eye me when they walk pass.
My life all of a sudden was wonderful and happy again with everything falling in place.

Chioma prepare a breakfast of egg and bread washed down with hot chocolate drink, Jessy as usual have rushed off early for school saying she had an early morning lectures.
I have always wondered ” Na only jessy waka come, why is it that Chioma doesn’t go to lectures as much as she does” .

Are you living in Ghana, need to buy stuff online? is the best option.

Cynthia dropped by on her way to lectures to say ‘Hi’ i noticed the aloofness in chioma’s facial expression as i joked and teased Cynthia who seemed like she doesnt want to leave anymore.
It was a happy morning, my mood was a happy one.

“Sky i don’t like it when that girl comes here” Chioma announced as i walked in after seeing cynthia off to the door, her face tilted down facing the floor.

I knew why and her thought for saying that, asking why was unnecessary.
“Cynthia is just being friendly and their is no need for you to be getting worried over nothing” I said softly taking hold of her shoulders slightly feeling her body shiver a bit.

I watched her right hand slightly travel up to the back of my neck, her eyes now tilted up and fixed on mine.
Unsurprisingly she pulled my tall frame down a bit to herself raising her heels to bring up her height more.

Missing such clues was not in my nature; I slid my hands down to her back and pushed her up more with my face dropping low into hers meeting her lips that felt like a supernatural bliss all over my body.

Her lips twirled and turned in mine, feeling the warmth the feel of her palm at the back of my head created with an intense spark.
Her other arm went round my back pressing the skin tightly making my back jerk a bit.

“Sky” Her mild silky smooth voice whispered into my ears dragging my eye balls straight into hers.
“Yes” i answered back in a tone slightly lower than a whisper.

“I love you” She breathed out again filling my nostrils with the strawberry-like scent of her mouth.
I dove my lips back into hers pushing her slightly and gently with my body making her step back towards the bed, with her slowly taking her body down into the bed but her lips were still locked into mine and her hands still on my back so my body had no choice but to follow.

She relaxed on the bed with my body now slightly on hers lips still locked and my hands straying and journeying down to the space between her b-obs grazing her b-obs through the flimsy yellow top she wore.

My lips dove to her ear lobes, taking them into mouth and twirling my tongue round it. A slight mo-n flew out of her mouth and made it’s way into my ears and from the sound of that sound track she was on a higher ground already.

i pushed my lips down to her neck nibbling away at it, my hands grabbing her b-obs fully and it was perfectly the size of my palms fitted into it like it was created for it.
I ran my tongue round her neck biting on her skin and slowly lifting her top and two beautiful b-obs stared at me as the top slid out of her body without much difficulty.

i pushed my shirt off and roughly took the b-obs into my mouth s-cking it a bit hard and at the same time car-ssing it with gentle squeezes sending more sound track out of her vocal cord.
my hands journeyed through her bare slighty hairy stomach, opening the iron button that held together the wa-ist of her jean bum short.

The fly was open in not more than 10 seconds and she pulled it off herself revealing a glistening clean shaven mould of p—y skin, she was not wearing p-nties and my high blood pressure was dragged up drastically.

Junior sky was now trying to escaped from the white basketball shorts i wore like prison break.
my lips dug into her n—–s again, twirling on it and giving them soft bites with my right hand now rubbing her c–t furiously sending juices smearing just a little below.

her mo-ns now became more frequent and breathe audible, her hands grabbed my head and pushed my head weight down into her b-obs more clenching her teeth and her toes curled tight, my middle finger rub up and down he slit and then disappeared into her h0le in a slippery motion.

Going in and out of her p—y with my middle finger while my lips now travelled up to muffle her mo-ns that seemed to me was becoming a bit loud.

“Sky please make love to me now, i need you in now” She breathed out amidst the k-ss..
I yanked off my short and boxer exposing junior sky who sprang out like nelson mandela released from prison shouting “Freedom!!”

Her legs wide open as it is were shimmering with her juices somehow smearing sparsely on her thighs.
I positioned my s—t just at the entrance of her p—y, the tip almost half way in and sparks of electric-like shock waves surging through me already.

“Sky wait”
“Ogini? whats wrong”.. My eyes popped.
**why this girl call me back from my trip to jupiter na**

“Please use a c-ndom” She intoned looking into my eyes with a slight smile on.
“I don’t have one and i don’t like it” I replied “Don’t worry ok…”

She relaxed again opening her legs wider than before giving jnr sky more nudge than was required..
I resumed my previous position with the tip directly almost in, rubbed jnr sky vigorously up and down her slit with juices smearing on the head giving it a shinny look.

I pushed my wa-ist forward plunging my s—t into her wet can-l, gaining ground inch by inch as her p—y gripped my s—t like tighter than tight making me gro-n a bit.
Her toes curled hard and mouth fell open with a facial expression that made it look as if she was crying.

I inched deeper until the wh0le length of my d–k was buried into her, her legs wrapped around my back as i began to t—-t in and out of her in long slow strokes sending a pinch of pleasure on my body each time that always seem to make me increase my tempo.

“oooh aaah uuuhm sky, i love you, i lo……..aaaaahm” flew out of her mouth pouring more fuel to the flames of my lust.
i grab her legs and shifted both to one side making her lie on her side with her a-s facing me.

Plunging into her again with her raising her leg a bit for easy access.
The room turned black, curtains swaying round and bed seemingly turning upside down, my head feeling heavy and light at the same time if that is possible.

An orgasmic anointing hit me from head to toe, the bones on my body gro-ned and my legs went numb as my s—t blew its load deep into her, inducing a spell of o—-m in her.

Her body shivered and convulsed under me, while my wh0le structure felt unsteady as they funny zig zag motion my wa-ist now moved dancing to the tune of one of the most intense orgasms i have had in my life.

I fell on the bed beside her savoring the sweet after effect of a good o—-m..

“I love you sky” Her voice came again and this was the third time she was saying that word.
I tiled my face to face her this time seeing her questioning eyes peering into mine like she was searching for something or expecting something.

“I love you too” I whispered feeling a cold wave pass through my stomach.

“Love is not what i need now”

episode 18

I don’t know if Jessy is a witch, or maybe she went to the school of Witchery and Wizardry like Harry potter.
The evily smirk that covered her face immediately she stepped into the room working her eyes all over the place like some kind of detective.

The winks she threw at me while i pretend to be engrossed in whatever nonsense they were doing in NTA from the 14inches television they had in their room.
Chioma was on the bed sleeping or something near to that with the yellow top and jean bum short she was clad in back to default settings.

“sky let it not be what am suspecting ooo” A message bearing the name skybeauty jolted me out of my pretentious tv watching.

“Ogini?” i typed back looking back to look at jessy who just smiled wickedly and winked hard.
“You and chioma bleeped right?” Her message followed in seconds making the plastic chair i was on to turn as hot as a pan set on fire.

I looked back sharply again, casting a surprise and stern look at jessy who just laughed hard and dropped on the bed making chioma turn.
“I knew it, love nwantiti” She sent again still laughing a hollywood-like sinister laugh..

“Jessy you no well leave me alone joooor” I fired back dropping my phone to let her know the chat was over.

** ** ** ** **

Cynthia was clad in a light blue three quarter short with a white tank top buttered in from above.
The night was windy and moonless, trees and perky grasses around the compound swayed and danced together giving out gossiping sounds.

Nepa has done their own resulting to thick pitch darkness intensified by the missing glow of the moon.
The night was cold and slightly hazy everyone were inside their rooms, you could make out laughters and shouts buttered in dimming amber beams flickering out the windows visible.

Papa called and i am to report back to Enugu tomorrow which precisely will make it 2weeks i was away.
My relationship with Chioma got a bit intense inside the room after jessy found out or i think her partner in crime chioma told her. but i made sure our relationship never crossed the door to showcase outside, it has been a period of s€×ual bliss she never missed a chance to drag me to bed whenever Jessy steps out.

But this particular night i have intended to try my luck with cynthia before eventually living nsukka for enugu in the morning.
The certainty of joy her voice betrayed when i called and told her i will like to meet her beside jessy’s house where we usually hang for little conversations was too clear to me.

10pm; Chioma already gone to be and Jessy was reading with the aid of a rechargeable LED lantern, i dragged myself outside with the delicate figure of cynthia already seated with the phone in her hands casting a silvery glow over her face.

**Mission last night in nsukka was in play**
“Hey you are looking beautiful tonight” I announced running my hand through her back. I dont need nepa to show me she was blushing

I dragged her up from the seat and took her position and drew her down to seat on my lap, the surprise and smile on her face sandwiched in a soft giggle spurred me on, with jnr sky shouting “carry go” inside my boxer.

“Sky am feeling cold oo” She announced amidst giggles dragging my hands round her body and sinking her weight back into me.
** chai o setigo (e don set)**
I ran my hands up and down her stomach making sure i brush pass the base of her b-obs.

She turned sharply with her eyes seemingly slightly close, her breathe were becoming more noticeable and her wh0le body stiff like a bag of cement.
In a second she sank her face deep into mine, her tongue, lips invading mine with the tip of nose crashing into my slightly broad nose.

The heaviness of her breathe and the unrhythmized frequency her stomach rose and fell.
My hand grabbed her b-obs tight, could feel a b-ra below the tank top, but i squeezed it anyway making her intensify the k-ss.

Her hands strayed and rubbed jnr sky through the thick jean material i wore, making jnr sky try in vain to get free.
she grabbed my s—t through my trouser and gave it a slightly hard squeeze **Ok that hurt a bit**

my lips dug into her neck nibbling and k-ssing with reckless abandon, the car-ss of her b-ob intensified as more signals are sent to my hands that worked tirelessly on the twin new york towers.

My hands disappeared into her three quarter, manipulating her c–t vigorously making her mo-n my name into my ears which sent slight tingled down to jnr sky.

“Sky!!!” An alien voice sounded, tilting my face to the side;

CHIOMA was standing just a few steps away, hands on her wa-ist looking at us.

episode 19

My journey from Nsukka to Enugu was depressing.
The swaying wind turbulence car-ssing my face making my eye lash fall on each other sometimes intruding into the corners of my eyes.

The golden green grasses and tall trees that bordered the road in every flank moved behind in an alternating uniformed speed as the PEACE MASS TRANSIT BUS i boarded sped on.
The bus was lively and noisy.. people laughing, joking, discussing, busy with their phones and noticeably a girl that kept lying on the phone that she was on her way to lagos, then abuja lastly port-harcourt. I felt like asking the driver where exactly are we going cus it seems i boarded the wrong bus.

Last night **Sighs** a good night turn bad, the soul crushing silence that followed after in Jessy’s room was killing and the effect still clouded my mind, my mind raced back to how the night played out

“Sky” Chioma’s voice lashed my ears.
Cynthia was startled as she turned sharply, i on my own part knew my sins don double.

I slowly looked at chioma, who had her hands on her wa-ist, a loose wrapper hanging on her wa-ist with a white singlet on.
I slowly pushed cynthia up, can see from the close range even tho the environment was pitch black that her face wore a blank look, disappointment was clearly written on it and a little pinch of anger.

Chioma turned round and walked back into the house after standing there for like 5minutes without uttering another word.
I felt an unusual cold take hold of me throwing my center of gravity off balance, i wanted to run after her but my legs couldn’t move it was as if i was nailed to that very spot.

“Sky common” Cynthia said reaching for my neck as she pulled my face down to hers introducing her lips into mine again
“Hey hey hey stop it” I blurted out pushing her away slowly.
**Person just catch me with this girl and still want to continue the show, i mean ‘who does that?**

“Please goodnight” i announced to cynthia who stood transfixed watching me disappear into the room to go and face my inevitable nemesis.

“Sky what were you doing with Cynthia outside” Jessy barked not even letting me close the door behind before her voice thunder through the space and landed on my ears.

Chioma was on the bed face down, obviously crying.
Jessy was facing me squarely, could see a lot of anger and disappointment in those penetrating eyes.
The spacious white wall of the room seemed to be closing in all around me, my head felt light. Didn’t know if i should start apologizing to chioma or not.

“Sky am i not talking to you? what dah hell were you doing with cynthia outside” Jessy thundered again taking a couple of steps forward towards me peering into my face in that answer searching look again.

“Please Jessy not now” i defended walking past her as she stood there like say she fit beat me.
I climbed the bed, with trembling and a reluctant hand, touched chioma on her back as lightly as possible.

“Chi its not what you think please am sorry” I said is a low ‘have mercy on me’ tone, Jessy now seated watched on still feigning anger.
“Chi please am sorry, i swear its not how you take it” I voiced out again as chioma didn’t not even stir or move.

“Chi please…” i continued this time rubbing her back.
“She actually wanted to………..” . . .
“Sky please just leave me alone, stop disturbing me please” she interrupted waving her hand but not looking at me.
“Please i want to sleep, goodnight.

“Nawa oo na so e take happen na” my mind lamented.
Giving out a loud sigh, i dragged myself wearily pass jessy who rolled her eyes and hissed, i entered the bathroom and shut the door.
**Mehn mission last night in nsukka just turned out to be my worst mission so far**
** ** ** **

“Oga sky!!!” ahmed shouted on opening the gate after i have banged at the gate for like forever.
The apologetic smile that filled his face for keeping me waiting as he pulled the gate open for me, those yellowish teeth always gives me something to laugh about.

“Oga sky, i don come back kai” he happily addressed me again
“No ahmed am still there” i teased making him laugh again and i picked up my speed again heading for the house.

The house was empty, the sound of music, jangling sound of kitchen wares or any resounding footsteps were not heard.
The air conditioner hummed, giving the house it normal chilly temp and fresh smell, it was obvious papa was not at home, his infiniti jeep wasn’t parked in it’s usual spot and am guessing amanda went with him .. **I missed home, i missed papa and most especially but yet strange i missed Amanda**

Dragging myself to my room, it was spotless, the bed was neatly made, the Cinderella bed spread was neater than i left it, the wood works shimmered under the light and the tiled floor sparkled..
“Amanda, i hail oooo” i smiled in my mind rushing to the bathroom for a cold shower.

Fell on the bed immediately i stepped out of the bathroom, clad in only a white boxer **not Disney inspired this**
But i drifted into a Disney inspired sleep finding myself in an Alice-like wonderland…

episode 20

A shrieking car honk, and the thunderous roar of our gigantic iron gate as Ahmed pulled it open jolted me up from my sleep dragging me forcefully out of wonderland where i was frolicking with Alice.

I peeped through my window overlooking the compound and saw Amanda’s murano jeep pulling into the compound with evening sun reflecting on the shimmering chassis.
My heart sank and rose again sending blood gushing from my heart into Jnr sky “The goddess is back” I smiled to myself.

Hearing the front door open and close with a careless bang i knew she was already inside the house.
I fell back on the bed taking a quick scan of my sparkling room again like a rat in a mouse trap.

My door cracked open with a hard bang thundering open and amanda barged in almost immediately.
She was adorning a white tank top with lips designs of many colours, a black leggings hugging her laps tight running all the way down to her long straight legs which flowed tight in a black cover high heel shoes.

Her golden necklace bearing her name on it, a flowing extra-long hair going down to the back.
Those beautiful pair of eyes in a dark toned mascara and a pink gloss and white handless hand purse.

I sprang up from bed beaming with a hard smile and a popped eyes taking in all her upgraded features **She really changed some accessories…winks**

Amanda dove body full into me jamming my body tight in a wild embrace sending me crashing down on my back with her on top.
A yet wild and hard k-ss followed immediately smearing her lip stick all over my lips, her tongue delving into mine.

“I missed you so much sky” She announced delving her tongue again into mine with full force with her right hand slipping down and grabbing junior sky through my boxer.
my hands grabbed her out of the world asses that are being contoured beautifully by the tight leggings she wore.

Giving the a-s a hard squeeze the back of my brain switched as a mo-n escaped her mouth into my ears.
On a normal routine with Joy, squeezing her a-s was not something i normally do, she being just a manageable size when it comes to her a-s region, but this goddess in my arms could make Nicki Minaj jealous with the size and beauty of her a-s.

Amanda’s lips traced down my chest, taking my smallish perky n—–s in her mouth twirling around it with her tongue sending chilly cold down my wh0le frame making me go numb with intense pleasure.

“Am so sorry about everything sky” She breathed out still working her lips on my chest tracing down my stomach and her hand still assaulting junior sky who was already begging to be set free.

“It’s ok, i am no longer angry” I mo-ned out, more like a gro-n intensifying my grip on her a-s.
**Who would stay angry in such situation.**

I felt amanda’s lips graze down my stomach heading towards my pub-c region dragging my boxer down in a flash setting junior sky free from the fly.

She resumed her k-ss on my lips, her tongue exploring deeper into my mouth, her hand rubbing up and down junior sky which now was throbbing hard from the intense pleasurable illegal assault.

I could swear i heard something like a car honk but it sounded very faint and passive.
We live in Independence layout one of the richest residence in Enugu city so car honkings were kind of an every second stuff.

I watched Amanda traced her lips now towards Jnr sky that was receiving a beautiful treatment from her soft baby-like hands.
I lay helplessly my wh0le muscles feeling numb and paralysed in a beautiful way.

I watched as her lips opened and descended on jnr sky swallowing it as far as her lips could go making my toes curl hard and eyes half closed in an involuntary manner. My head was sub-consciously nodding as i felt her cold yet warm mouth engulf jnr sky like it’s her possession.

My wh0le body stretched hard and my mouth flew open with mild gro-ns flying out from the back of my throat in more like a froggy croak.
This lady has me at her mercy, she has clasped me hard in the clutches of her lust that i can’t see any hope of escaping.

Feeling myself nearing towards the finish line as her lips worked up and down my s—t twirling the tip expertedly.

I heard something like a thud announce from the door yet sounded faint
I shut my eyes tight, body stiffening hard i knew i was seconds away from blowing my load as i held her head tight as her lips made my s—t disappear and appear in a shimmering fluid manner.


“Wait did i just hear a voice” my mind raced drifting me out of my hypnotized state.

“Nnam are you in” Papa’s voice was clear and loud this time and i could make out his thudding footsteps approaching my room from the stair case.

“Chisooooooooos” i blurted out .
Papa is back and is  just a few steps away from my room now..

..To be Continued…

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