My Father's Wife 1

My Father's Wife 1 – Last Batch

episode 21

“I don die today oooo” i shouted in my mind as i pushed amanda up trying as much as possible not to make any noise in the process.

Amanda got up arranging and repackaging her ruffled leggings and top, wiping her face with her palm and trying to appear normal.
This was one of the situations that jnr sky will fall flat within seconds.

I pulled up my boxer like its a fast boxer wearer competition.
Grabbed my singlet that was laying carelessly on the bed.
To say i was confused would be an understatement.

“How am i gonna cover this mess now?” my mind queried..
A sudden sweat born out of shear confusion engulfed my wh0le body like it was poured on me from above.

“Sky quick enter the bed and cover yourself with your blanket like you are sick” Amanda said in a very calm but strange way.
**Choi omo see sharp thinking ooo.**

I slid under the blanket immediately dragging it up to my shoulder level curling myself a bit under it, wiping my face vigorously the edge of my singlet, close my eyes half way then put on that ‘I no well face.
Amanda bends beside me and was like pretending to be checking me out.

“Sky when did this your sickness start”?
“Have you taken panadol, should i go boil hot water and make tea for you”
She sang on rubbing her hands on my fore-head.

I could hear papa’s footsteps growing bolder and nearer until finally he emerged, he was smartly dressed as always clad in a lacy jumper of interwoven green and gold design and a red traditional cap as always.

Could see him standing in front of the door for a little more than 4seconds watching Amanda display her undying care for my health.

“Whats wrong with Nnam” He blurted out stepping into the room with the scent of his Cologne filling everywhere.
“Nnam whats the matter?” he addressed the question to me now on getting to the edge of the bed beside his wife.

“He has fever, i just got in now and saw him lying down” Amanda answered. I dont know if it was to the first question or the second one.

“When did you fall sick, i called your sister yesterday she didn’t mention anything about you being sick” Papa said in a little bit surprised tone.

“It started in the bus on my way home, on getting home the headache and weakness rose” i said trying to sound as sickish and feverish as possible letting out little coughs and kicking my legs slightly in a shivering manner.

“Your body is not too hot” He intoned running his hands all through my fore-head.
“Am very sorry nnam, have you eaten or taken any medicine yet?”
He asked again.

“I have been asking him what he wants to eat so i can make it for him and then give him some panadol to take” Amanda ch¡pped in earning an appreciative smile from papa.

“Please darlin make chicken pepper soup for him, you know he likes it and get him a panadol from my drawer” Papa pleadingly asked amanda who agreed immediately and headed towards the door throwing a wink at me before exiting.

Papa sat at the edge of the bed, still checking my pulse from the neck of my left arm.
“Nnam i hope you will eat chicken pepper soup” He asked.
“Yes i will try” i weakly replied wincing as someone in pain would.

“You will be fine, i think its just cus of the journey” Just rest, your step mum will be over with the pepper soup soon” Papa intoned again, with every iota of concern and worry ladened in his voice and on his face.

Watching papa’s resigning figure as he stepped out of my room closing the door behind him, his black Italian shoes making a ‘ko’ ‘ko’ sound as he matches it upon the ceramic tiles.

I shuddered at the thought of what would have happened if papa had caught us, if we had shut the door and i didn’t hear his footsteps.
My mind was taken back to Chioma and how the stale night of operation last night in nsukka gave birth to a stale morning of operation leave nsukka to enugu.

I had stayed awake most part of the night, the fact that i could hear chioma tiny sobs in the night gave me a sleepless night made worse by the floor i decided to sleep on that night just spread a wrapper on the floor and left the king sized mattress for Jessy and Chioma.

Am sure jessy didn’t sleep too judging from the eye bags she woke up with.
i tried apologizing to chioma in the morning, cooking up more tales like ‘Cynthia was just playing and bla bla bla’ which she didn’t even buy.

I ate breakfast as fast and sliently as possible, with each bite seeming like a forced chunk in my mouth, swallowing them was yet another task.

I could see the look in chioma’s eyes as she watched me take my bag and walk out towards the door without another word, with jessy leading the way.

“I would have been a literal hell fire on earth, if papa had caught me” My heart shivered at the thought.
“This love escapade with Amanda is going to put in one a hell of a trouble if i am not careful, this sweet poison might ruin me” One alien part of my mind warned.

“Today was too close if not for amanda’s smartness. I think this will be the last time i will ever indulge on this s€×ual sprees with amanda again” I announced in my heart sounding more like these politicians when they make us promises of what they will do when elected.

“I will never do this with Amanda again, i’d better stop this moving train before it gets out of hand…” i re-affirmed.

Anyways i have a chicken pepper soup to eat now 🙂
I survived today.

episode 22

Amanda brought in the chicken pepper soup 30minutes later with a new iphone6 pack with it..
The evil smirk on her face clearly showed her mind and the wild laugh she dabbled in on getting to my room.

Now clad in a short flowery gown as usual letting out a lot of thighs and cle-vage giving junior sky a gentle nudge making it nod like a full grown agama lizard.

The sound of the t.v was heard obviously N.T.A as papa listened to his usual N.T.A boring news.
“Shall we finish what we started dearie” Amanda winked on dropping the contents she came with, can see her perky n—–s clearly pointing hærd against the soft flimsy fabrics she wore.

She dragged me by the shoulder and pushed me hærd into her crushing her beautiful b-obs on me and the clearly bulged jnr sky grazing the base of her stomach..

Taking her face down she introduced her l-ips into mine with oozing amount of bolted in lust, twirling my tongue round with hers, my lower lip locked between her l-ips, her hands travelled down to jnr sky who was now throbbing hærd in,side my trouser.

“Oh God!!” i breathed out as i felt myself slipping, the poisonous lust Amanda had was more effective than that of a viper.
i could feel her tongue sliding down my stomach, her hands lifting my flimsy white singlet as her tongue attacked the base of my abdomen travelling downwards more towards jnr sky.

My eyes were shut tight and knees jerking a bit as tingling s-nsations sent from the base of my stomach up to my brain then all the way down to my toes making them curl induced mild mo-ning from my mouth..

“Aunty please stop” I blurted out opening my eyes and looking down on her, my mouth still wide open and toes slightly curled not fully snapped out of the spell.

The surprise in her eyes as she lifted her face high up looking squarely into my eyes sent a chilly scare down my spine..
“Whats the matter sky?” she intoned still maintain a light grip on jnr sky through my boxer with her right hand.

Beads of sweat ran down my face in a weird succession.
“Just relax baby” She whispered, resuming her handy assault on junior sky sending my wh0le body quaking again in dire pleasure and obvious surrender.

“Aunty please it’s alright” i blurted out again this time a bit loud reaching down almost immediately to drag her upwards.
where ever i found such strength i don’t know, still surprised at myself even.

“Please aunty, i don’t think this is right” i announced tilting my face a bit downwards like a student called to the staff room to be questioned by teachers.

“Sky what is wrong” she said peering into my eyes with a questioning and searching eyes almost Jessy-like.
“Nothing, i just don’t feel like continuing” a little boldness crept in now in my words inducing a surge of confidence and a will to stop once and for all.

Amanda gave a mild laugh with those b-obs vibrating as she laughed.
“So sky you can fear like this?” she intoned bolting into another round of laugh..
“So because of this small thing that happened, you suddenly turned into a big wimp eeh kwa?” her laughy face was turning a bit serious now.

“No am not just in the mood anymore” another surprisingly bold words found it’s way out of my mouth.

“Common relax and stop being so paranoid” she said bringing her body close to mine again.
could hear those l-ips calling to me, those b-obs yelling for me to touch them and jnr sky struggling to break free. Am sure jnr sky would have beaten me up if it could.

Her l-ips met mine again and her hands dragging my head deeper into hers with an unseen roughness.
“I don enter am today na, wahala gidi gan** my heart raced.

“What if papa comes to check on me again and he certainly will” the saintly part of my mind queried making me give her a gentle push taking a couple of steps backwards..

“Please aunty, its ok i don’t want again” I blurted out now with every air of seriousness looking into her eyes this time, squeezing my face to look serious.

Could make out huge surprise, disappointment and a buttered in anger all over her face and her eyes still bearing that questioning glow.

“Ok sky i can see you really not in the mood” She announced turning at the same time to leave.
I watched her walk gracefully with her feet seemingly not touching the ground and those a-s more dangerously swaying that ever.

She disappeared into the hall way after a last disappointing but strangely flirting look at me with her l-ips slightly pouted as faint resounding footsteps took her further away from my room probably to join her husband..

I fell back on the bed with a thud heaving a loud sigh of mixed unsure feelings.
“How could i turn Amanda down?”
“Is she gone for good?”
“Did i even do the right thing?”

Jnr sky bulged hugely under my boxers strongly made it’s own opinion known that i stupidly f—-d up with hærd throbbing nods it employed under my boxer.

I have even lost appetite for this pepper soup…

episode 23

Their is an igbo adage that says “A child who say its mother will not sleep, will not sleep too..”

This was the case with Amanda and i for more than 2weeks now that i have been avoiding her like a plague.
Jnr sky have grown restless and springs up to life anytime amanda is in sight always rocking even more s€×ier and revealing clothes.

Her gazes were piercing and soul chilling, making me avoid looking into her eyes and always tilt my face away when ever she looks into my face. her facial expression always betraying the raging amount of lust and desires that lay within.

I on my own part reeked of frustration and utmost unquenched desires that just her thought or her presence seem to always awaken all the time.

I have tried wanking but it has lost its effect on jnr sky, calling Joy was out of the question cus i knew she could do little or next to nothing in this situation and i shudder to think what amanda might do to her if she sees her in the house again.

It was long days of torture to me and most especially jnr sky who didn’t make matters any easier for me.

On a Tuesday evening, the sun was slowly and lazily sinking down to the western horizon casting that rare orange coloured glow on the evening sky, i was seating on a couch in the second sitting room upstairs watching Legend of the seeker, the air conditioner was slightly humming and little breezes car-ssed the curtains making them shiver in an occasional manner.

Amanda was seating on a lone couch in the sitting room just beside mine and seemed engrossed in her phone with her legs crossed. she was wearing a short mini skirt that struggled not to reveal her p-nties, a flimsy girly white singlet covered the upper half of her body, judging from how heavy those b-obs rested on the innocent singlet and how her n—–s clearly pointed out, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you she had no b-ra on..

Jnr sky was crying beneath my boxer from the assaulting rush of blood my brain send to it when ever my eyes glances at those revealing smooth thighs and heavy bossoms.

My eyes never even failed to look every now and then **mtcheew even the film just lost it’s effect on me now**
I could make out a perky smile from her seemingly pouted l-ips as she glued her eyes to her phone..Maybe she knew i was stealing glances at her or she was smiling about what ever it is she is doing on her phone…

Papa strolled in from the hall way clad in a white agbada, a shiny black pair of shoes with a brilliant looking smile on his face..
“Darlin am going to the state party meeting now” He announced with every air of pride.

“Ok sweetheart, get me something on your way home” Amanda sang back casting a flirting look at him buttered in a similar smile..
“Of course i will” Papa replied wearing a now silly mumu-ish smile.
“Nnam stay well ok” He addressed to me now as he made his way out with Amanda following him down the stairs to the door.

Amanda made her way up back to the smallish sitting room upstairs compared the gigantic lavishly furnished sitting room down stairs.
She wore a strange smile and her eyes were fixed on me as she emerged making her way straight to me.

I was trembling underneath, my l-ips were shivering and i tried fixing my gaze back to the film that now whiled away, even the action-like sounds it blared out through the home theater sounded faint to my ears.

Amanda sat beside me still maintain that smile, my wh0le body went stiff like a rock. my hands couldn’t move neither could my legs just my eyes involuntarily gave out its blinks.

I could feel her warm breath car-ssing the deep beside my neck as her face were just a couple of inches away from my neck.
“Baby i can see you have missed me” she whispered into my ears giving my ear lobe a light bite sending an electrifying shock wave down to my tale bone making me shudder in my transfixed position.

I could feel her hands running all over jnr sky from the semi-hærd fabrics of my short making the idiot throb clamoring to be released, soft nibbles and k-sses found its way into my neck and her warm breath intensifying the effect on me.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, tilting my face sharply towards her i delve my l-ips into hers hearing her mo-n a bit from the obvious roughness.. our tongues twirled and l-ips s—-d on each other with my body pushing hers into me hærd making her fall slightly backwards into the couch as my body crushed on hers.

Her grazing assault on jnr sky intensified yanking on it hærd making me gro-n a bit as my hands grabbed those out of the world b-obs giving them a rough squeeze sending her mouth open as my l-ips worked it way down to her neck in a very rough and and fluid manner.

“Oooh mmmh i can see you missed me so much sky” she mo-ned out with a little chuckle following.
I couldn’t utter a word, my actions did. I intensified the roughness of my grip on her b-obs and my l-ips now working tirelessly towards her b-obs..

Taking a clue from the frequent now audible mo-ns that flew out of her mouth, i worked my l-ips down to her stomach, lifting her super hot mini-skirt up to her stomach, i delve head on into her honey pot, sliding off the p-nties with fast fluid movement.

“Sky you vowed not to do this again” That saintly part of me said..
“F–k the vow, i can’t help it” the evily and more effective part retorted.

My l-ips found its way to her slit, as my tongue delve deep twirling and s-cking on her c–t in a crazy manner sending meaningless mo-ns flying out of her mouth and her hands on my head pushing me deeper into her.

“Sky i missed you so much, please bleep me now” i made out of all the jibberish she was speaking..
Getting up from the honey pot assault, i delve my l-ips back into hers in another round of hærd fast k-ss, with her hands yanking off my short.

In a little more than a jiffy, jnr sky was free throbbing hærd and jerking just at the look of the shimmering p**sy in front of me.
Wasting no time i spread her legs a bit more and plunged into her wetness sending a pleasure wave up my head making me shut my eyes tight as i went in and out of her.

Could feel her shaking under me, hands grabbing my a-s trying to inch me deeper and a song like soundtrack escaping from her mouth getting a back up from my involuntary mild gro-ns.

Intensifying my tempo, i pounded away on her honey pot with reckless abandon, feeling myself near the edge…
“Aww this is heaven on earth”

“John!!!” A hærd broad throaty baritone voice uttered my name from the blur jolting me out of my out of the world p—y-topia..
“What is going on here” The voice came again this time was clearer and louder.

I jumped up from the couch pulling up my short almost immediately and Amanda dragging her down..

Papa was standing just a few steps away looking at us with a lot of surprise and confusion written all over his face.
“Amanda so this is what you have been doing with my son” Papa shouted pointing a shaky finger to amanda who was already on her knees, sweat and tears tickling down from her face.
“No wonder i saw lip stick marks on him the day he was sick, or was he even sick at all?” Papa barked..

And you come here” Papa made towards me in hærd stumping fast strides.. i was confused, scared, regretful, pitiful and couldn’t even believe what was happening…

I made my way out through the back of the couch avoiding papa who was almost inches from me, running towards the stairs in fast pace, slipping my right foot on an unknown fluid that smeared on the tiles that ran through the stairs.
The last thing i heard was Amanda’s shrieking voice “sky!!!”
as i went tumbling down the long slightly windy stairs of our house.

Everything went black…

episode 24

“Where am i? I murmured on drifting back to the world of consciousness.
My head was throbbing hærd threatening to rip open from the hærd headache that welcomed me back to the planet.

My eyes felt heavy and seemed not to intend to open but i tried h-rder and they sluggishly clasped open though it was half way.
The blurry visual image reported to my brain.

The wall was cream coloured letting out whitish intruding colours from the glow of two long fluorescent light that beamed down white photons with serious brightness.

The window was covered in a mini blue curtain that barely covered everything, the bed was not as large as mine and gave slight metalic gro-ns under me.

Could make out a not very clear figure in the surrounding seeming not be moving.
“Where am i” i intoned again, this time a bit loud and a lot of pain came from it, and i noticed i had a transparent oxygen mask that ran from the upper part of my nose down to my jaw..

The face became a bit clearer, that bright brown eyes, those dimples, radiant teeth and perky nose all sculptured in an oval chocolate face..
“Mama!” I intoned with hot tears sliding down the side of my face.
“My Johny, You will be fine” those silky slim voice that always made me feel safe when they sing me lullabies.

“Sky is awake!” i heard an exciting sound from no where as a figure began moving towards me.
I w¡dened my eyes, my iris adjusting to the bright photons that intruded immediately and my vision began to clear more.. couldn’t see mama anymore.

Jessy ran to me beside the bed with a smile and tears on her face and from the eye bags around her eyes it was obvious she was stressed out.

“Nnam you are awake” I heard papa’s broad voice intone as an intruding wall of hands were clasped around me immediately.
I winced in pain making papa release himself from me as fast as he could.

I looked down and i was covered in bandages, my right leg was inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. white bandages ran all the way from my feet to my wa-ist and i could feel piercing pains on my right knee, and wa-ist.

My hands too were in bandages and the left arm gave me excruciating pains..
“Where am i?” I gro-ned out again..

“Nnam you are in the hospital” Papa intoned with visible unshed tears in his eyes..

“What am i doing here”

“You have been out for one week, you fell from the stairs. I thought you wouldn’t survive, i thank God you are back to me now” Papa came again running his hands all of over my fore-head.
My mind raced back to the last things i could remember.

From Papa’s first shout of my name when he came in, to amanda kneeling down.
“Yes yes, where is Amanda now” My mind asked but i couldn’t bring myself to ask that.

Fresh warm tears tickled down my eyes again, running from the corners down to the side of my ears because of my lying position.
Jessy sat holding my right hand with both of her hands trying to force out a smile.

“Papa i am sorry, please forgive me. I am so sorry” I cried out, the stream of tears now running freely across my face tickling down into the bed.

“Nnam please don’t say that again, it was all my fault and it almost cost me your life” Papa blurted out his voice now turning croaky as it resounded from the back of his throat. Those held back tears escaped and ran down his face which he tried wiping off with the back of his hands immediately.

Jessy was also crying, her grip on my hands increased.
The air felt like it ceased, the curtains were motionless and no sound could be heard.

“Ejimam please forgive me, i have wronged you both. this was all my fault. You lost a mother and needed a mother but instead i followed my foolish desires and got myself a wife and not a mother for you. Please ejimam forgive me” Papa sang out looking interchangeably from me to jessy. the lines on his face appeared more making him seem a bit older.

“Papa its ok” Jessy intoned, tears now flowing down her face like a waterfall.
Papa took Jessy into his arms embracing her tight muttering discernable semi-audible words “am sorry”

Both of them crashed themselves into me now, trying as much as possible to avoid the injured areas but yet the pain was there, i didn’t mind having papa and Jessy here with me now was more intense than the pains.

The door cracked open gently letting in a strange figure, female figure.
“Chioma!” I breathed out, as the creature became clearer.

“Chioma have been here with Jessy for the past one week that you have been in a coma” Surprisingly this came from papa.
I looked up weakly and was met with a smile on papa’s face.
Chioma sat beside jessy beaming down on me with an intense look that sent chills down my body.

“What about Amanda?” I managed to let out to no one exactly.
I could hear papa give out a heavy sigh making me look up to him.

“Nnam Amanda is pregnant and she have gone back to her parents, i will take care of her till she delivers and i will take responsibility for the child” i heard from papa.

My life was broken, but i could see hope for the pieces coming back together again.
I learnt my lesson and i learnt it the hærd way almost loosing my life and i might not be able to walk for months.

Looking around me, could see papa, jessy and chioma smiling down on me. Life finally is smiling on me and everything that is important to me is starting my life anew with me.

In my greed lust and pains, i have found meaning to life and i think i have found love..

(Never allow your desires and greed to shut you out from the path of reason…)


Season 2 of the story continues, check this link to continue the reading.

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