My Father's Wife 2

My Father's Wife 2 – Batch 1


I can’t believe it’s actually 5years now, 5 solid years gone in a whim.
5 years of not seeing papa and my skybeauty, and 5 years of not seeing Nigeria.

After my stay in the hospital, we were discharged when i was deemed strong enough by the doctor.
I spent a month without walking, using a wheel chair all that while.

That was the most tormenting period of my life, confined to just seat on a wheel chair, pushed around by people whenever i wanted to step out, made worse by the haunting images of Amanda.

After many therapies and home check ups by doctors i finally stood on my feet again, it felt like heaven to be able to use my legs again. Little wonder those little beads of crystal tears that fell from my face.

Few months after my full recovery, I was sent to London to finish my studies, away from any thing that can bring memories of Amanda back.

The first few months in London were filled with such tormenting images that always made my heart skip beats.
The day papa caught me with Amanda, her pregnancy, what would happen to her?
All these questions haunted me even in London.

After a year in London, my memories of Amanda began to wane and fade, i even forgot she was ever pregnant.
My life pulled together again and i graduated from Sheffield University with 2nd class honour in Micro-biology.
It was time to go home after all these years.

The plane touched down in Mutala Muhammed airport in Lagos, it taxied through the run way de-accelerating with each passing second until it came to a full halt.

Tele-like voice of the pilot flickered out through the speakers as he made some announcements and uttered out some welcome back words. **am sure he must be really proud of himself now**

I was not even interested in whatever he was yapping, whatever it was sounded like an unclear radio broadcast to me being among the first to rise from my seat, i was eager to see home.

Stepping out of the huge white flying shark, i drew a deep breath filling my lungs with as much air as possible perceiving a mixture of freshness and a familiar soothing warmth.
“This definitely is Nigeria” i smiled to myself assuring myself that i wasn’t taken to the wrong country.

“Sky!” that ever familiar silky voice rang into my ears as i stepped into the airport lounge. It was strangely slimmer now.
My face tilted itself to the direction the voice came and their she was, tearing through the mazes of people littering the airport lounge, a broad smile was glued to her face, eyes glued on me.

I almost lost my balance and fell as Jessy dumped her wh0le weight on me with a scre-m, wrapping her hands tightly around me. I could notice people’s watching eyes fixed on us. **People no deh like mind their business shaa** But this is skybeauty; my twin or you can say my other half, i don’t mind staying like that forever.

Jessy had changed remarkably, she was a bit taller and slimmer now, her face seeming a bit more oval and an aura of pride and womanliness oozed around her in every sense.
She was a medical doctor now, i remember sending her a silvery stethoscope when she told me she finished her final M.B.B.S exams and is now a graduate, that was last year.
Couldn’t be more proud of my Skybeauty who have grown into a fine young woman.

“Nnam nnoo (Welcome) ” I heard papa intone making me shift my gaze from Jessy to papa as he walked up to me, Jessy must have left him behind when she ran to meet me..

As i last remembered, papa was as neatly and smartly dressed as always; adorning an ash coloured jumper with senator collar.
He seemed a little older to me and his pregnant-like protruding stomach looked smaller now.

“Papa” I blurted out a smile sweeping across my face.
Papa took my right hands into his in a handshake, tapping my other shoulder with his left hand “My little boy is now a full grown man” his voice filtered into my ears inducing a sense of pride and self consciousness in me.

I still remember as a kid, how i used to complain he didn’t shake me too after he shakes his visitors that always poured in.
he would always say “You are still a boy nnam, when you grow into a man you get handshakes”.

“Clearly i am now a man” my mind rang making me w¡den my already wide grin.
“Papa, you look strong” I said taking him in for a slight hug. 5years is not that near.

Papa and Jessy led me out of the lounge certainly to the car outside so we can start the journey back to Enugu. Papa never liked travelling by air.

Jessy kept asking questions, giving me little exciting punches and nudges; This girl probably still thinks we were still teenagers or even kids..**lol**
anyway it’s good to be back home…

episode 2

“Welcome back sir” A young robust guy wearing a white crisp shirt tucked into a navy blue trouser addressed me grabbing my luggage and loading them into the car trunk.

He was average heighted, deep black complexion with 2 little pairs of tribal marks running at each side of his eyes in a little vertical manner.

“Sky this is Philip, Papa’s driver” Jessy announced grabbing the door handle to pull it open while Philip already flew the other back door of the silvery white Nissan highlander open for papa to climb in.

So papa now have a driver, he definitely is growing old.
I pulled the front door open and sat on the passengers seat alongside Philip who was now fidgeting with the key to call the car to life.

“How do you do bro?” i addressed Philip offering my hands for a handshake.
“Am fine sir” He replied shaking my hands with a smile.
“Please just call me sky” i intoned almost immediately getting a smile as a reply.

The engine roared as the car shuddered to a start and we taxied off from the airport heading home down to Enugu.

Jessy wasted no time to relay to me everything that has been happening in the last few years that i was gone starting from her fiancée; A medical doctor too, Wilson. and owner of the of one of the biggest hospitals in Enugu.

They had met at a medical seminar just before she finished her final exams. An air of pride and fulfillment oozed out from her as she sang and sang out many of his virtues, features and other things. How gentle and kind and caring he is, his humble nature even though he is a young millionaire.

Papa just had a mild smile on his face, his face was looking out probably looking as the trees ran behind us uniformly with the almost 100km/h speed Philip maintained. He just left us to do our discussion as the young ones.

My papa looked a bit frail and quieter than his old carefree, laughter filled self.

Jessy went on to tell me Chioma is now a graduate too, and is now working for a very rich private firm in Abuja.
She now have her own car and a house there in Abuja. . .and bla bla bla stuffs flying out of Jessy’s mouth.

“Hhmmm she is really doing good for herself” I said finally after Jessy was through with her CNN chioma doc-mentary broadcast.
“Is she married yet?” i heard myself say.

I noticed papa raised and eyebrow, smiled a little but still seemed more engrossed with whatever it is he was looking at through the window.

Jessy gave out a cracking resounding laughter clutching her stomach in her hands.
“Why are you asking” she blurted out amidst her laughter throwing a strong wink at me.
She just succeeded in making me blush from from embarrassment.

“Answer something jooor” I pulled a sharp defence to hide the embarrassment.

“Ok ok she is not married yet” She stressed the ‘yet’ eyeing me intensely as if to see what i was thinking.
“But i thought you used to call her when you travelled, how come you don’t know she is married or not” She added almost immediately casting a suspicious look at me.

“I had her number but it suddenly stop going through” i replied this time peeping at papa a little.
“Yes i remember now, she lost that number some time ago” Jessy couldn’t even let me finish.
“But why are you asking if she is married” she said again bearing that kind silly smile touching papa a bit.

“None of your business, Onye asiri (Gossip)” i retorted facing my front immediately hearing as she and papa burst into laughter..
**Good, she just pulled papa into her mischief** even Philip gave out a mild chuckle.

We arrive Enugu a little after 5pm having left lagos by 8am. The car tore through the roads as it swerved into Independence layout road.
The wh0le place was still very familiar except for some slight changes and developments and the road was much better now.

Our gate roared open, watched as a dark smallish man wrestling as he pushed it open for our car to move into the compound.
“Where is Ahmed?” i asked to no one in particular still looking back at the smallish man still wrestling to close the gigantic gate back.

“Ahmed went back to the north 3years ago, and he never came back. That one over there is Effiong we just hired him 6months ago after Musa” Papa explained.

Walking into the house from the parking lot, the house still looked same to me except the paint now shone bright white, papa must have repainted it.
That sense of belonging and relaxation which i haven’t felt for 5years now, sieved into me.

Jessy was the first to swoop into the house with only her purse leaving the wh0le luggage for me and Philip to handle.
I followed Philip clutching my personal travelling bag that contained my very personal effects mostly those papers that had queen Elizabeth’s face on it if you understand..-**winks**

Pushing the door open i was faced with an unexpected figure, clutching a little very beautiful fair complexioned baby who gazed with blank smileful eyes.
My eyes popped and jaws dropped immediately intensifying my look on the figure before me to be sure this wasn’t the wrong house…

“Welcome back home, sky” Amanda intoned…

episode 3

Crashing on my bed, i sighed hærd raging storms of hærd fear, rippled confusion surged through me. I was lost in more than one way.

I stared blankly at my room, the wh0le set was changed and different this time. My disney bedspread was now been replaced by a plain white sheet, the mattress was h-rder papa probably changed that too pending my arrival.

The curtains were all different, the paint now wearing a crisp blue look with cream edgings and an immaculate white ceiling with a loosely hung ceiling fan.

“What dah heck is Amanda doing here?”
“And is that child the baby she was pregnant with?”
“what exactly is going on, papa and Jessy never mentioned this to me?”

I wouldn’t deny the fact that i was afraid and lost, i had thought Amanda was my past that i have escaped, my life was finally in order and now here it is, the past glaring at me.
My mind raced back to dinner, a stale, bleak and alien dinner to me.

Amanda had actually been the one that came to call me for dinner, the way her eyes ran all of me from head to toe wearing a smirk as she announced i should come to the dinning for dinner.

She haven’t changed a bit, seemed to me she even improved her looks. Her face only wore 5percent difference from what i remembered but still maintained the beauty and appeal.

Her b-obs was remarkably still as firm as it was before seeing that she was only wearing a tank top which made it obvious that she had no b-ra on.

Her wa-ist region were a bit broader than before been flowed into a relatively sized th-gh she wrapped in a white leggings.
In all Amanda was still the goddess i remember.

Going down to the dinning. Amanda, jessy and papa ate and talked like everything was normal. raising topics and jokes mingled in resounding laughter that seemed to make me even more lost, tensed and confused than i was.

I stole glances at both jessy and papa with my facial expression wearing a lot of questions, don’t even know if they noticed i was even there with them on the dinning.
It felt like a wh0le new planet to me, before my eyes a nollywood movie is being played out and i cant help but watch in utter confusion.

I left the dinning room after eating as much as i could endure as the food hærdly went down my throat. I eyed Jessy then thanked papa and Amanda before going up to my room.

“Sky are you here?” Jessy’s voice sipped into my ears snapping me out of my blankness.
Jolting up i pulled jessy to my side like we were quarrelling.

“What is she doing here?”
“why is she here?”
“what brought her here?”
“How did she come back here?”

I poured out on Jessy sounding more like i was pleading than questions.
“Hey calm down” Jessy said letting out a wild chuckle..
“Jessy just tell me already” i retorted betraying a lot of fear and confusion that swayed around me, looking into Jessy’s eyes almost asking why they all betrayed me like this.

“Sky its a long story” she began “After you left, papa have been taking care of Amanda through out the period she was pregnant.

After Amanda was delivered of a baby boy, papa said no blood son of his will have to grow up not knowing him so he had to ask Amanda for the baby.” She stopped and took a quick glance at me, she could see how blank my face was and how impatience made me wince because of her pause.

“Amanda refused and said her baby will never live in a home without her.
That she intends to marry again and move on with her life but her baby is going with her anywhere she goes”

I nodded slightly and could almost hear myself say “Good, that’s better so why didn’t she, what then is she doing here?”
Jessy seeming to have read my mind smiled weakly and continued.

“Papa had given it a thought for many weeks, judging from the fact that they had a court marriage before he brought her home. Amanda had threatened to file a divorce suit.

Papa couldn’t bear such scandal or relinquish his claim to the child so he had to bring her back again as his wife but its sorely for the sake of that little baby” She tried to sound as much encouraging as possible to snap me out of any feeling of insecurity i might be having.

“Jessy i have a really bad feeling about this” I finally said after minutes of silence mopping at Jessy.

Right there, my past is back to haunt me for real this time and my nemesis is staring at me…

episode 4

To say i slept well through out the night would be a big lie, from my constant change of positions on the bed to scary meaningless dreams that rocked my sleep through out.

The morning was cold and humid it had rained heavily the night before.
A fresh scent of dust mixed with rain filled my nostrils, that smell you have when ever the rain comes for the first time in months after the dry season.

Chime-like sounds in slow succession filled my ears, little beads of dews forming a crystal rain tear dropping into buckets of water, the air was w-t-cold and a chilly air swayed around.

I lazily rose from bed rubbing my fore-head furiously. My head was throbbing having stayed awake all night, even when i succeeded in getting some sleep it was from one stupid dream to another, the most scary of them was the last one i just had before jolting out from sleep. “What type of nonsense sleep is this na?” i cursed under my breathe.

It was a bright sunny Saturday,The house was filled to the brim and buzzing activities swayed everywhere.
People were excitedly chattering and doing one thing or the other.
I was clad in the in a black Italian suite, a white shirt and a black tie knotted round my neck. It was a wedding day.

In the church, the chimming songs that tolled out from the gigantic metal bell that hung on tower filtered in resounding sounds.

Jessy was seating beside Papa and Mama sat their too beaming with smiles and a look of pride on their eyes, Looking around the church i was happy for the crowd that came to this wedding which happened to be my wedding.

Standing right on the altar, the priest beaming down a holy smile on me with his flowing white chasuble dancing slightly from a little sway of air.

The wh0le congregation stood up and i could see all eyes fixed at the entrance of the church as a girl clad in white shimmering gown with large flowing flay riddled into precious stones that seemed to throw off unusual sparks. Her face was covered in a white semi- transparent veil that let out tiny shimmers under the bright golden rays of the church light.

“You many now k-ss the bride” i heard the slowly holy-like voice of the priest address to me.
With a smile and quick reflex i reached for the veil pulling it up to reveal a pair of eyes, perky nose and a smiling mouth in front of me.. “Amanda???” I yelled in surprise.

The wh0le scenario changed. The huge white painted interior of the church gave way to a small bluish room.. I opened my eyes surprised at the type of dream i just had.
An alien surge of scare engulfed me giving me wavy goose bumps, my head threatening to rip open.

A slight knock on my door gave way to the door sliding open slowly with a gro-n and Amanda sipped in to my room.
Her slow strides dragged her closer, her legs moving in very slow motion like a model showcasing her assets in slow motioned catwalks.

She was clad in a very tight flimsy turquoise spaghetti top, her b-obs resting heavily on the top protruding the poor dress with n—-e tips fiercely showing through the flimsy material.

Her wa-ist was adorning a white bum short with red dots stopping before half way to her thighs.

I sprang up fully from the bed kneeling straight on the mattress now facing her with a snare and surprised question riddled look.
“What dah f–k is she doing in my room”

“Good morning my sky” She slowly said her eyes blinking at fast paces and her iris working its way down to junior sky’s vicinity and up to my face again. I kept mute but the look in my eyes didn’t hide my raging contempt.

“My sky is now a full grown man, looking more handsome in those bushy beards and these your broad shoulders and thick muscles are killing” She sang on slowly running her hand from my beards taking it down to my shoulder and sliding down to my hands eyes still fixed on me.

“What do you want here” I found my voice fixing my face to look angered trying hærd to sell my disgust mood to her, i don’t even know what that question mean exactly. Was it about what she is doing in my room or in this house in general?

A mild chuckle sipped out from her and her right hand travelled upwards to my chest region now.
“I know you must be surprised to see me here when you came back, it clearly showed on your face yesterday and is still showing” She continued seeming not to hear my question or maybe ignored it.

“But i want to let you know that i didn’t come to this house for your father anymore, i came back here for you because i knew you would surely come back one day and you will understand what i mean soon. I have a lot of surprises waiting for you my dear”

Her hands grazed my l-ips, then a w-t snappy k-ss on my numb l-ips followed by a sinister low chuckle and she turned round to leave, swaying her a-s far more than normal.

I stood there transfixed on my position, not knowing or even have the ability to move. The cold morning suddenly turned stale and hot cus i could feel beads of sweat running down the crack of my back.

“What exactly i am into”

..To be Continued..

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