My Father's Wife 2

My Father's Wife 2 – Batch 3

episode 10

The afternoon was unbearably humid and cold. drizzling showers were dropping down, whistling winds sent bone chilling cold sipping in.

It’s has been one week after Chioma’s departure to abuja, have tipped off plans of moving to my own house but Papa’s health was not encouraging enough to do that.

“Sky are you there?” Amanda’s voice intoned from the other side of my door.
My eyes w¡dened and i slowly yanked myself up from the bed and my gaze glued to the door.

A thumping knock on the door followed and then the door banged open.
“So sky you are in here and didn’t want to talk” Amanda sang bringing her wh0le self with her.

Her long Brazilian hair flowed down the back shimmering from the amber glow cast by the electric bulb.

My eyes ran through her wh0le physical nomenclature, visualizing all the hyped details..

The dark mascara that bordered her exaggerated eye lash that stood out.
A colourless lip gloss that am sure was applied more than normal.

A white flimsy top with sagging short sleeves, the right sleeve was resting almost on her elbow giving out a lot of unbralized b-obs(New word from johnysky 🙂 **no b-ra**).
Her twin paradise stretching the innocent white fabrics to their limits and a lot of n—-e peeping out.

She was wearing a very short jean skirt that had most of her thighs out, glowing like polished bronze.

“Amanda what are you doing in my room” I let out, peering left and right as if to check if someone was somehow hiding in my room.

Amanda’s chuckle engulfed the room, each step she took as silent as it was due to her cat walk still thumped and banged in my mind.

“Sky i miss your touch, i miss you” her fingers were grazing my shoulders now travelling up to my face.

Her body closed in on mine, a good part of her weight resting heavily, her almost unclad b-obs crushed hærd against my chest sending goose bumbs all over me.

My wh0le frame turned stiff and head felt heavier than normal and eyes turned stale.

I could feel her breathe grazing the side of my ears inducing a warm strawberry-like s-nsation.

“I know you must have missed me baby” Her whispers filtered into my ears hands now rubbing the back of my hands.

My mind turned blank, My hands wanted to push her out but in reality they were just numb and immobile.

I felt Amanda’s l-ips make contact with the side of my neck, giving perky nibbling k-sses on my neck her hands rubbing gently on my chest.

Her l-ips journeyed from my neck up wards to the corners of my mouth leaving a long trail of w-t s₱0ts on the way.

An electrifying frictional shock surged through me as Amanda’s l-ips delve into mine, tucking my lower lip in between hers giving it a slight twirl and bite.

The k-ss was deep and strangely outstanding. My brain shut down and my l-ips sub-consciously reacted to the k-ss taking my l-ips hærd into hers my hand roughly grabbing the back of her head neck pushing her deeper into me.

Could see Amanda’s l-ips form a smile in between the k-sses, her hands now thrown behind me pushing me down into the bed while i grabbed her huge a-s giving them a severe squeeze that produced a slight mo-n buttered into a chuckle from her.

I fell back on the bed with amanda crashing down on top of me making the bed let out a loud squeak.

Her l-ips delve into mine again her hands now grazing jnr-sky through my trouser which already formed a bulging tent from the assault junior sky gave it trying to break free.

Amanda kept taking her l-ips down from my neck to my collar bones, a tearing sound sips out making me raise my head a bit seeing Amanda tear my singlet off from my chest yanking it off like it was an intruding leech.

Could feel her teeth grazing through my chest trailing down to my stomach, still furiously applying a smooching assault on Junior sky.

I turned her roughly, now taking the position above while she lay below me wearing a very obvious flirty smile and deep glowing eyes.

I dove directly into her neck, twirling and nibbling at it. k-ssing and slurping as roughly as i could muster.

Taking those out of the world b-obs in my hands, i pinched the nips slightly giving the b-ob a rough but yet gentle squeeze interchanging between the two b-obs.

Tracks after tracks of meaningless yarns in mo-ns and gro-ns escaped her mouth filtering into my ears.

Faint baritone gro-n sounded like someone was clearing his throat dropped some sanity into my brains already shut down by jnr sky.

Papa was at home, my mind registered again making me jolt up from the bed dashing for a shirt.

“Please, i can’t do this anymore. I advice you move on Amanda, nothing can ever happen between us again” I announced trying hærd to flatten junior sky who clearly didn’t get the memo.

“Hey sky, stop being so childish” Amanda weakly retorted dragging her self up from the bed, taking hold of me by the new shirt i was now wearing, smeared her body into mine again and introduced her l-ips back into mine..

“Oh stop it amanda” i almost said out loud pushing her a bit hærd watching as she paced back and fell into the bed. Yanking the door open i went out of the room with a dizzy head.

“Nnam, whats wrong you are looking pale and wearing a long face” I heard papa ask on entering the sitting room.

Papa sat on the lone cushion which he normally sat, he was looking very frail and lean, his skin turning pale even though the doctor have said his injuries were healing but his wh0le body spoke a different language.

Am starting to doubt if only the injuries is responsible for papa’s strange diminishing physique.

“Nothing papa, am ok” i intoned trying to sound convincing and at the same time wear a fake smile.

“Papa, i want to tell you something” i took my seat on a long cushion just beside papa’s.

“What is it Nnam” His words sounded weak, like he forced it out from his vocal cords.

“I have decided to Marry” More like the words saying me than the reverse.
Papa’s face lit up with a smile, all of a sudden he looked livelier.

“I have established a business partnersh¡p with Roban business conglomerate here in Enugu, i will move to my own apartment soon in G.R.A and am sure you already met the girl i want to marry” It felt like i was more in charge this time.

“Ooh wonderful, Nnam now you come” Papa sang offering his hand for a handshake which i took with both of my hands.

An air of pride swayed around, papa was proud of me and for once i felt my decision was the right one.

Amanda walked by the sitting room casting a blank look at me, its certain she heard my discussion with my papa. she looked disappointed, angry and at the same time strangely depressed from my own judgement.

I am moving on…

episode 11

A tear escaped my eyes as i watched Papa open his arms and Chioma slumped into it, Papa’s hands clasping around her warmly with a priceless smiled on both their faces.

“Welcome to my family, my daughter” He said.

I had brought Chioma to introduce her to papa officially as my fiancee.

I have resumed work as a partner of Roban business conglomerate, moved most of my stuffs to my new apartment in G.R.A.

It was a simple 5room and a sitting room miniature duplex with a relatively small but elegant compound.
A touch of blossoming red hibiscus gave it a nice touch, a mini half court basketball court.

It was not as much as Papa’s huge mansion but it was efficient and beautiful and can be called a home.

I still spend most of the week days with papa and stayed in my house only during the weekends, owing to the fact that papa still was strangely weak and was loosing weight rapidly. He could only manage to walk with the aid of a walking stick.

Having invited Chioma to the small house warming party i was throwing at my house, She was choked up with office work but promised she would fly in from Abuja on the day of the party.

With the help of Jessy, the house warming party preparation was smooth and easy. Jessy took charge of all the preparations and also invited some of her young female friends to heat up the party.

I had reached out to some old close friends, new business partners for the party. Everything was set.

The day of the party, the house oozed of many delicious indistinguishable aroma, ranging from fried rice to fried chicken, variety of soups.

Jessy and her friends were in the kitchen, not knowing if their giggles and laughs did the cooking for them.

The party started a little after 6pm, the number of girls that were present scared me, Jessy’s friends tripled by another double digit.

Chioma flew in from Abuja 7pm and arrived when the party was already lively.

The look on her face was priceless when she entered and was welcomed by a vision of host of girls many of them in skimpy shorts and revealing clothes.

Her long light pink dinner gown she wore buttered in gold shimmering sparkling strings.

Her hair which she left natural was long and dark, parked to one pony tail at the back.
Her beauty was unmatched, her womanliness, graceful.

9pm; The party was at its peak, roaring music from the stereo, cracking laughter, soft and loud discussions. Popping sounds of champagne and clanging sounds of spoons meeting Chinese ceramic plates.

Girls were already on the dance floor twerking like their lives depended on it, and i can notice some guys trying hærd to hide the hærd on the sensual assault the twerkings induced on them.

“Attention everyone, its time for our host Johnysky to give a speech”. Olumide’s voice thundered through the sitting room drawing everyone’s attention and bringing down the volume of the stereo.

Olumide was a friend i met in U.K, he was in the same university with me and we bonded well and easily. He went back to Nigeria many weeks before me and we have kept in touch.

Cheers and ovations gave the floor to me, olumide inciting off three “h¡p h¡p h¡p hurray” as i stepped up with a blushing smile. He stood a foot away with a clownish smile on his face, beads of sweat falling from his very dark complexioned face coupled with his ever funny short slim body.

I cleared my throat and stylishly took another look at myself as everyone’s eyes were fixed on me; The black body fitted white shirt and black pencil jean i wore seeming to smile and say “We’ve got your back”

“I thank everyone, who have honoured my humble invitation and wasted their time to honour my invitation” I started. Calling many of the names i knew and acknowledging the ones i didn’t.

Turning round, i faced Chioma who clutched a champagne flute in her hand looking on with satisfying smile.

I went down on my knees, Chioma’s eyes popped and mouth went stiff, Jessy’s perky mouth dropped open and the air tensed up as a huge silence engulfed everywhere.

Olumide handed me over the ring, a slim white-gold ring with a tiny pink diamond tear.

Chioma’s face was a mixture of surprise and utmost oblivion.
“Miss Chioma Ugwu” My voice was tense and shaky, my right hand holding out the ring in an unsure posture.

“Will you do me the honour of becoming my Life partner” I sang out.
The silence intensified, Chioma’s gaze were fixed on me her eyes throwing out tearful sparks.

The guys just looked on with blanks eyes, the girls with smiles and wishful eyes. Jessy was almost nodding out her hands clamped together like she was saying a prayer.

“Yes, yes i will” Chioma blurted out inciting a round of roar, clapping and howling. I slipped the ring into her hands and our l-ips locked into an out of the world k-ss. I don’t know why but this felt like it was the first time i was k-ssing her.

Hand shakes, hugs and congratulatory remarks took over with Jessy’s fiance; A fair complexioned tall young man with an innocent face and a calm voice, gave me a gentle nudge wrapped in a smile.

Chioma and I went on to see her parents. she was the only child of a business tycoon and an evangelist mother.

“Welcome my daughter” Papa’s voice rang out as i looked on and Chioma was in papa’s arms. Amanda sat on a lone cushion beside papa seemed more interested in Ryan, her son who was eating some cornflakes.

Chioma came back to my seat after her hug with papa, the smile on papa’s face glued on it and i feeling proud of myself for giving papa something to smile about.

“Welcome into our family my dear” Amanda threw at chioma, a wide grin on her face.
“Thank you Aunty” Chioma sang back forcing out a smile.

“Congratulations sky” She threw at me casting a cold look at me that i was sure even chioma noticed too.

episode 12

Their is always a point in ones life when everything looks up and you can see everything finally falling into place.

My life was finally falling into place; I have a good job and a smiling bank account, My marriage plans are on the way and i feel she is the right one, and most of all Amanda haven’t being active since my marriage plans was revealed.

It seems marriage was really the solution to all this lustful shenanigans.

My marriage plans with Chioma are finally taking shape, the preparations were flawless and expectations were very high.

The date for the wine carrying has already being set.
Jessy as usual was on the fore-front of everything.

This was one of those times i wish Mama was here to see the man i have grown into, though i can still make out a little reflection of mama in Jessy and somehow it bridged the chasm.

Twilight approached slowly, a dim orange sun dazzled the sky with an orange coloured sky spectacle.

I sat on plastic beach chair having returned from the office an hour ago. the weather was just perfect and the wh0le scenario was serene.

I was reading through the pages of Toriperi Magazine, which had a page about my impending wedding.

I have read that particular page countless times yet i still don’t seem to have enough of it already. The picture of I and Chioma used on it was really superb.

A glass of blood shot red wine stood lazily on a little side stool beside me with the bottle towering over it. It was a very peaceful evening made better by the reality of my marriage coming up in a couple of days.

My phone rang out with a shuddering shriek, from the ringtone playing “From this moment by shania twain” it was certainly my fiancee calling.

Picking up my phone, i sweeping smile rushed across my face looking at her a picture of her on the screen; those sparkling eyes, perky foreign-like nose and pouted mouth. Truly she was a blessing.

“Hello my love” I sang into the mouth piece working my l-ips into a grin.

“You b—–d!” A voice yelled from the other side of the phone.

My head fell blank, who was this and what is going on.
“Devil, you deceived me” The voice came again now it was becoming clear and louder.

Chioma was crying and at the same time hurling insults at me and for what exactly i have no idea.

“Baby what is…….” The line went dead before i could roll out my sentence throwing me into a state of universal confusion, panic and shock.

“What exactly was happening” I cursed under my breathe, my wh0le body trembled even my breathe was shaky.

I dialed Chioma’s number many times and she kept rejecting the calls and finally switched off her phone, which tripled my fear and confusion.

A beep on my phone flew my heart a mile away and back. A message icon clearly showed on my notification feed but my heart trembled too much to touch it, my heart already melted into my stomach.

Mustering up some emergency courage, i opened the notification feed and the name ‘Amanda’ registered into my brain.

I opened the message hastily, this was the a first since i came back from U.K.

A sudden rush of warm sweat rushed down my face, washing down down by bare chest. Only 9 words were visible on the message body and just a look of those words sent a wave-like rush of fear surged through my body as the words sipped in.

“I told you i had a surprise for you” My fingers cramped as my gaze fixed on the message that displayed on my phone.

My phone gave out another resounding ring, this time it was Chioma’s mum calling. Even the ring of my phone spell trouble.

I mopped at my phone, watching the rings play out.
The confusion i felt was unlike anything i have ever felt in this world.

“Hello Ma! Good evening!” I uttered weakly on picking the call. A mixture of curiosity to know what exactly is going on and fear at the thought of what it might be.

“Hey hey hey, Hold your greetings!” Chioma’s mother yelled from the other side of the phone, am sure as an evangelist she must use such tones a lot to cast out demons.

“What is going on ma?” I intoned, the fear in my shaky tone have gave away what my mind read.

“I said hold you smelly trap there” she yelled again, this time more aggressive.

“So you have a son and you have kept it secret from my daughter all this while?!!” I didnt know if she meant this to be question or just a remark.

“What?” I blurted out, not so sure how it escaped my mouth.

“Shut up, the lady you had a child with came herself to this house and she and chioma even knows each other, and to say the child is already up to 5years old is worse, Johny you are a monster”

“What?, I dont understand you ma. What are you talking about?” My fear and confusion now was out of the world, little beads of tears already surged at the back of my head.

“You deceived my daughter but you had another son all this while, and the lady is even living in your house as….”

“Ok dear its ok give me the phone” A strong baritone voice interrupted her still from the other part of the phone, i am sure it was Chioma’s father.

“Hello” His voice rang out from the ear piece of my phone, my thumping heart skipped 2 beats. Could still make out faint yelling voice of Chioma’s mum in the background.

“Good evening sir” I said weakly stressing the sir.

The line went silent for a little more than 10 seconds, i looked at my screen and the call was still on, i knew he just kept silent purposely and each passing second the silence lasted pieced through my heart like a sharp blade.

“Young Man, I’m highly disappointed in you”

The line went dead.

Episode 13

My brains shut dead, my hands trembled and wh0le body quaked.

A very cold hot wave surged through me, the wh0le scenario was spinning around me. I rushed off into my room, slipped into a black body hug shirt and jean trousers.

I tore into Papa’s compound in full speed immediately effiong opened the gate watching him through the side mirror carry his hand on his head, his gazed fixed on the shimmering chases of my silver lexus jeep.

Yanked myself out of the car, walking briskly into the house, face straight and fingers clenched.
My wh0le face was already dripping with sweat, my eyes shot red.

I literally kicked the door open peering into the sitting room to be met with empty cushions and the t.v showing some very annoying music on channel O.

The house was silent and strangely cold chilly air filled it.
I rushed into Papa’s room, his room was empty.

Getting to Amanda’s room i pushed and it was locked, my fist furiously unleashed series of bangs on it in the form of knocking.

Ryan’s voice shrieked as he jolted into a sudden cry.
“Who dah hell is that” Amanda’s voice barked “You just woke my son from sleep”.

“Open the door now” I couldn’t mask my voice into a wrap of gentility, every iota of sanity has jumped off the window.

The door cracked open, Amanda wedged herself into the little space it made stopping me from seeing the full view of the room.

“Yes what is it” She retorted looking me squarely in the face with a scoffing smirk.

“How could you be so wicked? How could you lie against me to my fiancee’s parents that i am Ryan’s father!!!” I yelled, my voice shook as i stressed the word ‘father’.

Amanda gave out a loud giggle. “Did i hear you say lie?, Oh sweetheart it wasn’t a lie. Ryan is your son” She said smiling.

I lost my vocal cord, i tried to speak but the words stuck at the back of my throat choking me, my eyes w¡dened as i looked on at amanda.

“Sky listen to me, you are the father of my child, and you won’t throw me off to the trash like that, you messed with the wrong girl” Her pointed fore- finger was touching my chest as she spoke with every iota of impetus one can imagine.

“You are a devil Amanda” I finally found my voice which still was shaky.

“Oh, now you know yet this devil has a son for you, we are only starting sky”

I landed a slap across her face before she could finish those words making her fall back into the room with a clash.

I thundered the door open, Ryan already was back to sleep, he lay peacefully on the bed oblivious of what he was causing me.

Amanda sprang to her feet, her face turned red and eyes tight blank.

“How dare you sky, you slapped me because of one cheap thing you picked up from God knows where?” She yelled with her hands covered the slapped cheek.

Grabbing her by the throat with one of my hands i pushed her against the wall, her hands clenched into tiny blows were landing on mine in a bid to free herself.

I tightened my grip on her neck, i’ve already lost total control of my senses which was now been piloted by rage.

Fear and tears engulfed her eyes, i watched as a tiny lone tear dropped from her eyes which were fixed on me.

“Leave my mummy alone” A tiny silky voice whispered, i looked to the bed Ryan was not there.
Felt some tiny hands clasped around my legs holding it tightly. “Leave my mummy alone” Tears already flowed down his face.

His innocent face and pleading eyes reminded me of an incident that happened when i was his age. I went to the main market with mama, the rush and squeezes of bodies against each other as everyone hurried on their different businesses.

I was in my mama’s arms as she tried to waddle her way past the river of people and accidentally ran into a man carrying a bucket of paint which crashed on the ground and poured away.

Those two resounding slaps he landed on mama’s face even as she was apologizing still tore my heart into pieces but i was helpless then. and up till now i still haven’t forgotten his mean chubby fat face.
I wouldn’t know what i would do if i happen to see him again, though it would be better for him that i dont.

My grip on Amanda’s neck loosened as i watched Ryan whose eyes were fixed on my face and Amanda’s which now ran freely with tears.

“If you spoil my marriage Amanda” I sang to her now fixing my gaze into her face sounding as mean as i never have been.
“I will make life miserable for you i promise you that”

“Sky stop it!!!” That was Jessy’s voice. I turned sharply and saw Jessy standing with Wilson on the door.

I loosed my grip on her and released her. Wilson took hold of me and led me out of the room down to the sitting room, while jessy went over to console Ryan who still had tears in his eyes.

“Where is papa?” I asked Wilson almost as i crashed into a sofa in the sitting room.

“He insisted on honouring the state governors invitation to his house today, he left with Philip”
He said tapping my back a bit.

Wilson had taken the position of a brother to me, and from the lost look of pity and concern in his face buttered into a little smear of confusion, it was obvious he already knew what was going on.

“Sky!!!” Jessy called out making me tilt my head to the direction of her voice seeing her descend from the staircase with Ryan in her arms.

She sat close to me looking at me with, pity looking all over her face.
“Chioma called me, she told me everything” Jessy said casting a sharp look at wilson.

“And sky their is something else” Jessy sang..

“What is it Jessy” I intoned trying to gather my wits.

“Chioma is pregnant” Jessy announced …

Episode 14

Jessy and Wilson drove me to my house an hour later, Jessy insisting she drive owing to the fact my state of mind was unstable.

The wh0le ride to my house felt like i was being dragged on a road of gravel tied to a horse.

papa was not home yet before i was taken home by Jessy and Wilson. My head was heavy ad at the same light and i felt woozy.

It felt like a dream yet it was hurting like it was real. kept on dialing Chioma’s number on my way but it was still switched off.

“Leave my mummy alone” those tiny sounds kept ringing in my head.
Ryans teary face kept flashing in my mind.

That look he gave me, that mixture of anger spread into a chunk of helplessness. It was familiar to me and bearing in my mind my contempt for the man i bore this feelings for, i couldn’t imagine my own son having such feelings for me.

My night was a live hell for me. Chioma’s bleeding words pieced my soul, my wedding that is almost as probable as an impossible event, what papa would do when he finds out Ryan was my child and not his.

Old wounds would definitely be reopened. My baby chioma was carrying; How could my child enter into the world with the way things are.

Surprisingly Amanda’s teary helpless look as i had my gripped round her neck made worse by the crisp crystalline tears i made Ryan shed.

I woke up in the morning with a throbbing headache, my mouth was dry and my body felt very fragile, i had being awake all through the night.

I heavily picked myself up and headed for the bathroom for some clean ups.
Picking my keys up i headed towards chioma’s house.

Dialing her number as i drove. It rang the first time then went into number busy, the second time it was not available.

I blared my car horn with so much impatience. Watched as the little hatch in the gate opened and two pair of eyes popped out then closed again.

Hassan stepped out stretching, his flowing white robe still touched the ground.
“Whats going on” i cursed under my breathe yanking my car door open.

Hassan never come after seeing my car from the hatch, he knows most of the cars i drive due to my frequent visit the last couple of weeks and he always looks forward to hailing my name with his hands thrown to the air, it always earned him some few naira notes.

“Hassan what is it, open the gate for me!” I intoned walking toward him, his hands were still thrown up in the air but i doubt if he was still stretching.

“Oga gudu afun” He said throwing his face out through the other flank trying to avoid my gaze and his mouth in a sulking position.

“Ok ok Hassan good afternoon, can you open the gate now” Impatience was riddled in my tone and my hands demonstrated my point.

Hassan shook is head slightly still bearing his his face the opposite direction.
“What do you mean by that” I retorted, a pinch of anger flying out.

“Oga, oga and madam say make i no allow me cross gate egen (again) walahi oga i is not my fot”
Hassan sounded pleading.

I didn’t speak any word again, i turned and re-entered my car and zoomed off with a neck breaking speed.

I drove into papa’s compound in shimmering atmosphere of the evening sun.
Ryan was running around the compound with his ball.

“My son” I murmured looking at Ryan play still in,side my car.
He was handsome, he had Amanda’s skin colour, a smallish nose and a relatively small eyes which sparkled with a lot of promise.

My l-ips formed into a smile watching him play, his slim cracking laughs as he chased the ball around.

I got down from the car and walk to him.
“Hello Ryan” I smiled to him jolting him out of his football cast spell.

He looked at me and his face changed, the happy laughing facing slowly began to wear a frown before me.

I knelt before him to bring our height a little closer, took his smallish small hands in mine still trying to force out a smile.

“Am sorry for what happened yesterday, i was only playing with mummy” i intoned peering into his face searching for a smile getting a reciprocating stare in return.

“Now give uncle a hug” i sang now wearing a grin, the word ‘uncle’ thumped my heart hærd.

Taking his little frame into my arms i hugged him tight, felt his little arms go round my back after staying numb for a minute.

My face forced out a real smile now tightening my arms around him.

Standing up still bearing him in my arms, i met Amanda’s full stare. she was standing a few yards away looking at i and Ryan.

“Good evening” I said walking up to her, i could make out a black eye and a swollen cheek, remnants of yesterday’s event.

“Good evening sky” she muttered focusing her gaze more on the child in my arms.

“I will like to take Ryan out this evening, he may stay with me in my house today” i said looking more into her face.

“Alright” . . . that was the greatest surprise of the century. Never expected Amanda to agree so easily, something really is different in her.

She prepared Ryan’s little back pack and i left with him. taking him round the city and most of the children’s park i could locate.

I was happy seeing his innocent beautiful self happy, and creating a connection between us.

Just a little after twilight, i went home after my tiresome playing session with Ryan round the city

Pushing my door open “Welcome to our house Ryan”

..Chioma was seating in one of the sofas waiting for me..

..To be Continued…

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