My First Time

My First time – episode 3


Eric’s heartfelt confession to Tonia gave her goosebumps and she was mute for over 2 minutes. This was the first time a guy has outrightly confessed his love to her. She wasn’t used to the outburst of emotions she was feeling at that moment.
“Please say something” Eric pleaded, “I’m sorry I have to go” she said as she got down from his car and walked into her house. Eric was so devastated as this was the first time in his life a lady turned him down.
Eric went home and fell into deep thoughts, same with Tonia. They both thought of each other but Eric did more of the thinking. Tonia thought of the advice her mum gave to her and made up her mind to stay away from Eric but there was this part of her that wanted him. She tried all she could to fight it but couldn’t.
The next day, Tonia was on her way to school when she bumped into Eric. “Tonia please can we talk?” He asked, “No, I’m in a hurry” she replied. “It would only take a minute I promise” he said and she obliged to his request.
“Tonia I know I’m not your ideal man, I know I have lived a bad life, I know I’m not in your world, but you are driving me crazy. I could be better and I want to be better for you, you are just the right person I need in my life, please just think about it, I love you Tonia” he said.
Tonia’s heart at this point was beating faster like never before. She didn’t know what to say as she was numb. “Eric I can’t date you because I might not give you the kind of things you are used to” she said, “I can adjust Tonia, as far as I have you I’m ok” he said. “That’s what you would say now but complain later, please I have to go” she said as she walked away.
Eric stood there almost in tears and finally summoned up the strength to walk to his car. While in class, Tonia thought of Eric all through. “Should I give him a chance? I do like him” She thought to herself.
After class, Tonia’s lecturer informed her that she would help in marking some scripts in her office. She was there till evening and finally left around passed 6pm. On her way home, she thought of Eric and picked up her phone to call him. “Hi” she greeted, “hey Tonia” he replied in a low tone. “Are you ok” she asked, “yeah I’m fine, where are you?” He asked, “I’m just leaving school, I’m on my way home” she replied. “Can I come pick you up, I’m around school now” he said, “Ok sure” she replied.
She waited for him around the school gate and he was there in no time. There was silence in the car for a while then Eric broke it by asking how her day went. “I have been thinking about our earlier conversation” she said, “Tonia please let me into your life, I want you to change me to who you want me to be, I’m willing and ready to go down this road with you, you don’t know what you are doing to me” he said almost in tears.
After much thought, she agreed to give him a trial. “I like you too Eric and I want to give us a chance” she said. Eric’s joy knew no bound as he was so happy and couldn’t control it. He quickly drove to a nice restaurant and they ate, laughed and got to know each other better.
Eric loved Tonia and wasted no time flaunting her for the world to see. He stopped some bad habits and started going to church more often. For over 3 months, their relationsh¡p was going smoothly without any issue until one rainy night.
Tonia visited Eric and after cooking together, they ate and talked till evening. As Tonia was about leaving, the clouds opened and there was a heavy downpour of rain. Tonia had to stay back as she couldn’t go due to the rain. Eric joking said “We can still enter this rain and run to my car so I can drop you off”, “Nahh It’s Ok” she said.
Eric gave her his clothes to wear and they talked and laughed for a while before Eric reached out to cuddle her. As they cuddled, Tonia’s heart started beating 3× faster. “I love you Tonia, thanks for coming into my life” he said, “I love you too” she replied.
Eric k-ssed her on the forehead, then on her l-ips. This sent cold reactions all over Tonia’s body as she k-ssed him back. Eric was trying to be careful not to do too much but the atmosphere was already charged up. Eric reached for her neck and k-ssed it, then to her shoulders. Tonia died and woke up, as she has never felt this way before. She reached out for Eric’s forehead and k-ssed it as his l-ips were on her neck.
Gasping for breath Tonia held Eric’s head and looked into his eyes and said “I can’t do this”. Eric who was already in cloud 9 asked “why?”, Then she replied “I’m still a V-rgin!”.

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