My First Time

My First time – episode 4


Tonia’s V-rginity reveal came as a shock to Eric, as he never would have thought a lady at that age would still be one. He immediately redrew himself from her body and stared at her with a mixed feeling of both excitement and shock.
“Are you serious?” He asked in a surprised tone, “Yes I am” she replied. “Tonia I’m so sorry for coming this far, I didn’t mean to” he pleaded, “No it’s ok, it’s not like it wasn’t consensual” she said. “Do you want to stay or we can still make it to your place now” he asked. Tonia thought for a while and told him it’s best she remained at his place, as it was already late for her to go.
Eric k-ssed her forehead and promised to wait until she was ready, even if it meant till they got married. Tonia was astonished by how Eric maturely handled the wh0le situation and there and then, she knew he was worth waiting for.
“I want you to be my first and only” she said in a low tone. Eric pretended as though he didn’t hear what she said and asked her to repeat herself again. “I want you to be my first and only” she repeated, “Baby I don’t think we should” Eric replied. “I have waited all my life for this day and there’s no other person I would want but you” she confidently said, looking into Eric’s eyes. “Are you sure you want this?, I do love you and feel same way but I can still wait if you want me to” he said, “Today is the day” she replied.
Eric reached out for her l-ips and k-ssed it gently, “I would make today a memorable one for you” Eric said as he laid her back on the bed.
The rain seemed to be in sync with them as it wasn’t showing any sign of stopping soon. Eric gently took her clothes off and k-ssed her wh0le body like his life depended on it. He gently car-ssed her and squeezed her soft skin. Eric gave her the ride of her life to a wonderland of ecstasy. He made everything just about her and not himself. Tonia scre-med in excitement and called his name over again, squeezing the pillows as she bit her l-ips.
As the wh0le atmosphere was charged up, Eric went to his wardrobe and brought out a box that contained protections he used during his playboy days. He picked one and walked back to where Tonia laid. “I want you to open this” he requested, “Why me?” She asked. “I want to have your final consent” he said, “if you open it by yourself, I would know you truly want this” he continued as he handed the protection to Tonia. She paused for a while and finally opened it.
Eric gave Tonia a night to remember and he made sure her first experience was worth it. They slept afterwards, cuddling eachother.
The next day, Eric woke up and found out that Tonia wasn’t next to him. He walked to the living room only to find her crying bitterly. “What’s wrong?” He asked but she gave no response. “You are getting me scared, please what’s the problem?” He asked, but she gave no response again.
As Eric was getting frustrated, Tonia got up and walked out on him. Eric tried to grab her hand but she knocked his hands off. “Just stay away from me” she shouted as she left his house, “What have I done?” He thought to himself.
Eric was loosing his mind trying to figure out what he did wrong but couldn’t get any reasonable answer as to why Tonia was angry with him. On the other hand, Tonia got home and burst into tears. “What have I done? God probably hates me and would never forgive me” she said as she cried.
Tonia didn’t go to school or attend fellowsh¡p for over one week. She locked herself up and turned off her phones, she didn’t want to see anyone. Tonia cried and almost fell sick.
Eric was restless all through and visited Tonia over 100 times but couldn’t access or see her. Eric was going crazy and regretted ever taking Tonia’s V-rginity. Tonia’s pastor and church members were worried and came looking for her but couldn’t access or see her too. She locked the doors and didn’t answer anyone that knocked.
“God hates me!” She said repeatedly, “My mum would be so disappointed, who am I? She continued.
After about a week of being indoors, she picked up her phone and called her mum. “Hello mama” she greeted sobbing, “How are you my daughter, I have been calling your line since yesterday but it isn’t going through” her mum said. “I’m so sorry mum” She said in a shaky voice. “Are you ok my darling?” Her mum asked.
She paused for a while and said “I have something to tell you mama, please don’t hate me”. Her mum already started sensing what the problem might be and asked “What is it?”. Tonia finally said “Mum, I have lost my V-rginity”.

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