My First Time

My First Time – episode 6

My First Time
(episode 6)

The news that Tonia was waiting in the living room hit Eric so hærd that he had to tell Daniel to repeat himself. He didn’t want to believe that the only girl he ever loved, whom he was trying so hærd to forget was seated in his parlor.

“How did she know my house, who brought her here?” He asked in anger, “I did” Daniel replied. “Why didn’t you tell me first” Eric enquired, “It was impromptu, she saw me in school and apparently, she has been looking for you so I had no option than to bring her here” Daniel replied.

Eric was so confused and didn’t know how to face Tonia or have anything to say to her. “Tell her to leave” he said raging, “Just try and see her so you hear what she has to say” Daniel pleaded.

After much persuasion, Eric obliged to see Tonia. He warned the girls in his room to remain there and not step their feet in the living room. His heart couldn’t stop beating fast, as he walked down the corridor that led to the living room.

At the sight of Tonia, Eric’s heart dropped and he tried his best not to show any emotions. Tonia on the other hand, couldn’t control her heart beat too, as it was beating uncontrollably.

“Hi” she greeted, “Hey” he replied and sat on a different couch. “You moved, why?” She enquired, “Nothing” he replied. “Ok, so how have you been?” She asked, “Good” he replied.

Tonia was getting frustrated with Eric’s mode of communication as she was the only one asking questions. “Please can we talk about us?” She asked, “There’s nothing to talk about” he replied. Tonia could sense that Eric didn’t want to talk to her and wasn’t excited to see her either.

“Eric I’m so sorry for how I treated you, I know I was childish, I know I could have done better with how I handled everything, it wasn’t your fault and I’m so sorry for cutting you off for such a long time” she said. Eric was mute for over 2 minutes and finally said “It’s all good”. “So where does this leaves us? Are we still an item?” She asked. Eric looked into her eyes and finally said “I can’t find you in my heart anymore, I think it’s time you leave” he said as he got up from where he sat.

Tonia was feeling so devastated and her heart was bleeding. “Oh My! I don’t want to lose Eric, I do love him, I have to tell him” she thought to herself. As Tonia got up from where she sat and was about telling Eric how much she loved him and didn’t want to lose him, those two girls walked through the corridor. One of them gave Eric a peck and they both bid their goodbyes as they left his house.

Tonia was shocked beyond words, she looked at Eric who was mute. “Wow! So glad to see how much I meant to you that you couldn’t even wait a little while before you replaced me” she said as tears rolled down her eyes. Eric at this point was touched and wanted to tell her how much he was going crazy about her and how those girls meant nothing to him, but he was rather mute.

“I’m gone and just so you know, I really loved you” she said as she walked away. Eric was so furious and immediately pounced on Daniel. “why did you let those girls come in,side the parlour when you knew fully well that Tonia was there” he said, vibrating in anger. “I tried to stop them but they said they had to leave, that you were taking too long” Daniel said.

Eric angrily wore his clothes, entered his car and drove off to a party he was invited earlier to. While at the party, so many ladies identified him and came to chill with him. He tried every possible means to get his mind occupied so he wouldn’t have to think of the incident that occurred at this house. The more he tried to get his mind off Tonia, the more he thought about her. Eric was going crazy as he couldn’t get Tonia off his mind all through the party.

On the other hand, Tonia cried all through her way home. She was heart broken for the first time in her life. She couldn’t believe Eric could replace her so fast. It broke her heart the more knowing that he took her V-rginity. “am I ever going to get over him?” She asked herself.

Tonia tried to move on, same with Eric but it seemed so difficult for them. After about a week, Tonia had a project to work on with a male course mate so she stayed back after class till evening. After the project, they walked home together as they lived close to each other.

Eric sighted Tonia walking home with him and raged with an intense feeling of jealousy. “Why do I care?” He asked himself and tried to ignore them but couldn’t. He walked to them and excused Tonia from the guy she was walking with. “Can I talk to you?” He requested, Tonia looked into his eyes and her heart skipped a beat, “Ok” she replied. “Can we seat in my car?” He asked, “Ok” she coldly replied.

They got in,side the car and there was silence. Eric kept staring at Tonia, whose head was faced down. “I was going crazy because you didn’t want to talk to me, I tried to hold on but the more I did, the more I fell apart. I had no other option than to go back to the things that could fill in the gap you left opened. You are the first girl I have ever truly loved. You broke my heart” he said with teary eyes. Tonia couldn’t hold it as she broke down crying. “Why did you have to go back to your old lifestyle? I was scared when I saw those girls in your house” she said as she cried.

“You have to decide which life you want and stick to it. I want you to change because you sincerely want to and not because of me, with that way, you’ll be able to stick to your decision even if I turned out to be a bad role model someday. I love you probably more than you love me, because I seek for the salvation of your soul and want you to be a better person” she said as she opened the door and got down.

Eric was deeply touched. “Where are you going to?” he asked in a low tone, “I’m going for Vigil later this night so I need to leave” she replied as she closed the door.

As Tonia got home, she immediately dressed and prepared for the night Vigil that would be holding in her church. As she got to church, she joined the choir to rehearse the song they would sing. Unknown to her, Eric came and was seated in a corner at the back.

Service began and Tonia sang a particular song that made her cry. Eric was so touched and started tearing up. The pastor called for those that wanted to give their lives to Christ. Tonia was still deep in worsh¡p and didn’t notice that Eric was kneeling in front of the altar.

As she was done singing, she laid on the floor and broke into tears silently praying for Eric in her heart. They pastor asked those that came out to repeat the salvation prayer after him. Tonia kept hearing a familiar voice. “It can’t be him” she told herself.

As the voice persisted, she finally got up to clear her doubts and Lo and Behold, It was Eric!


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