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Tonia couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Eric kneeling at the altar. She was surprised and very happy. Her joy knew no bound as it couldn’t be contented. Eric was about to make one of the biggest decision in his life and she was so happy to be present.
“Oh thank you Lord! you are indeed mysterious in your ways” she silently said as she got up from where she laid and went back to the choir stand. After the pastor was done with the salvation prayer, he welcomed the new converts to their new family in Christ and dismissed them to their seats. Tonia kept smiling all through the service, she couldn’t wait to see Eric afterwards.
After service Eric stayed back on his seat and bent his head downwards. He was reflecting on his past life and all the wrongs he did. He couldn’t believe that God could love someone like him. He was so grateful and suddenly felt a big burden lift from his spirit. “I feel wh0le and different” he thought to himself.
As Eric was still on sober reflection, Tonia walked up to him and touched his shoulder. “Are you ok?” She asked looking into his eyes, “I have never been more ok in my life” he replied. Tonia couldn’t help it but smile and beckoned on him to stand up so they could go home as it was already passed 5am.
On their way home, Tonia kept thinking about giving Eric a second chance but didn’t know how to start the conversation. They finally arrived at Tonia’s house and Eric turned off the car. “Tonia can we talk before you leave?” He asked, “Yes we can” she replied.
Eric took a deep breath and said “Thank you for loving me sincerely when no one did. Thank you for showing me the way that led to light when you found me in darkness. I bless the day I met you and want you back in my life. I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I promise to never let go of your hands again. For the first time in my life, I’m sure of what I want and that is You!” He said almost tearing up.
Tonia was so emotional at this moment. She looked at Eric and said “You are my treasure, I couldn’t have wanted anyone else but you. You showed me a different dimension of God’s love I never thought existed. I used to think that God’s love was conditional but my journey with you has made me realise that even at my worst, God still remains faithful”.
Eric held her hands and said “I’m sorry for taking your V-rginity, I could have stopped you even though you wanted it”. Tonia smiled and looked into Eric’s eyes. She couldn’t stop the tears flowing down her eyes.
“I might not be a V-rgin physically but I choose to consider myself a V-rgin in Christ. He has washed my sins away and have accepted me again as his bride. I’m holy and pleasing in his sight and I have chosen to keep myself till I’m finally joined with the man that would take God’s place as the bridegroom” Tonia said in tears.
Eric was dumbfounded as he stared at Tonia. He kept wondering what manner of rare human she was. “It would be an honour for me to make you my wife someday and I’m willing to wait till our wedding night before I touch you again” he said looking into Tonia’s eyes.
After their intimate conversation, Tonia alighted from Eric’s car and bid him goodbye. She entered her house and knelt down to thank God for all that has happened. She slept like a baby all night, knowing that she was back together with the only man she ever loved, same with Eric.
Days turned to months and months turned to years. Eric was done with his degree program while Tonia still had a year left. On the day of Eric’s graduation, Tonia was present and was so happy seeing him graduate in flying colours. He bagged a second class upper and unknown to Tonia, he had already planned with the org-nisers to give a speech.
As the graduation ceremony went on, Eric was called upon and he walked down to the pulpit. After he was done snapping picture with the Rector, he collected the mic to give his speech.
“I was lost and no one cared to find me until you came along. Words would fail me today if I want to start listing everything I’m thankful for. I’m a graduate with good grades today because of three people; God, good lecturers and you “Tonia”. I love you and that’s why I’m asking you before all these people to marry me. Would you marry me?” Eric said as he knelt down.
Tonia almost collapsed as she couldn’t believe her eyes. “OMG! I could die from this shock” she said as she walked down to the pulpit. Everyone in the hall kept clapping as she walked.
She got to where Eric was kneeling, stared into his eyes, smiled and said “Yesssss!”

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………..THE END……..
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