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My ghost boyfriend episode 5


My ghost boyfriend
(High school teenagers)
(let the story begins)
*Stacey’s pov*
I’m.. ” I didn’t know what to say or do, how can Jeremy do this.. He’s way out of his league,
Dewey, Phillip and Tamara just stared at me strangely, I didn’t know what to do or how to escape this..
“why did you kiss me you freak” Dewey barked,

while I eyed him
“I did not” I defended, knowing too well that it’s too good to be true
“huh? ” Phillip said
“but we just saw you kissed him” Tara said
“I gotta go” I said and started to walk away, away from there, anywhere but there Jeremy just made me look like a fool in front of my new friends… That dude is so gonna get it..
I walked quickly and angrily down the hall way, no class has started yet so I just want to be Alone for the main time.. As I hurried down the stairs i tripped and was about to fall but some dude caught me by my waist and I stood my ground I turned swiftly to see my saviour and it was a guy, a very dreamy guy, thick eyebrows, girly lashes baby lips and pinned and pointed nose.. Ohh my catch..
“oh.. Hey.. Um.. Thanks ” I said and tucked my hair behind my ear shyly.
“no problem be careful next time..are you new here? ” he asked
“yeah” I replied
“no wonder your face looks strange, I know every single soul in this school and also every nook and cranny, I’m Robby by the way” he Said “Stacey ” I tell him and he smiled
“well see you around, I’m in class Diamond,you?”
“sapphire” I say and he nodded and walked away, charming..
When I turned to my side I found Jeremy,
“what do you want” I say through my teeth so no one would think I’m crazy talking to my self
“did you enjoy my little show I did back there ” he said “you possessed me you dork how dare you, ” I said still with my teeth clenched
“okay look I’m sorry just please help me ” he said
“look for another Stacey To Help you cause this one won’t be helping any jeremy” I said she angrily and walked away I heard him murmurs something to himself but didn’t hear any “look for another Stacey To Help you cause this one won’t be helping any jeremy” I said she angrily and walked away I heard him murmurs something to himself but didn’t hear any details..
I went back to class and met Tara talking to Sophie and ugh she was talking about me kissing Dewey, immediately I approached them she stopped talking,
“why’d you stop talking

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,it’s not like I’m gonna bite you or something ” I said and and sat on my seat
“I’m sorry Stacey but that was one wiz-Bang thing to do, I had to tell Sophie ” Tamara said and I sighed
“I just didn’t know what came over me to kiss that big bag of fool” I yanked and laid my head on the desk.. Jeremy is.. Such a nuisance ugh I hate him so much I just feel like digging my fingers into his face and bringing his brains out..
Morning classes were as boring as my old school and

yesterday but still manageable, they ranged the bell for lunch time and me Sophie and Tamara head out to the cafeteria like three besties who have known each other like since forever,
The three of us, got seated at a table In the wide and classy cafeteria after ordering our perspective food..
“hey guys ” I hear Phillip voice behind us, Sophie and Tamara replied him but I didn’t look back and he was with Daniel I know he would have told Daniel about the kiss, some people just can’t keep their mouths shut..
“hi Stacey” Daniel said and sat beside me. Great. while Phillip sat opposite me , for starters I think my loneliness is the best thing ever.
“so Stacey, would you tell me why you did that to Dewey this morning” Phillip said
“what? ” Daniel asks and I realised Phillip has not tell him, yet, good of him
“and I rather not ” I said and Phillip nodded and replied “and o won’t force you” I let out a forceful thank you smile at him and faced my food.. Suddenly I started hearing murmurs really loud murmurings in the cafeteria and everyone pointing to our table I thought they all found out that I (Jeremy) kissed Dewey but i was wrong they were all pointing at the door and murmuring when I turned to look it was Robby, why are they all interested in him
‘because he’s cute duh! ‘ my subconscious hits, she’s such a blabber beak
“oh my goodness Tara I can’t believe it, is it just me or is senior Robby getting cuter everyday” Sophie said
“no Sophie it’s not just you he is getting cuter everyday awwwn ” Tamara said and rested her hard on Sophie’s shoulder admiring Robby.. What??!! And so

is every other girl in this food room
“ah geez and here goes all our girls” Daniel said and took Sip from my can soda
“hey that’s mine ” I said and snatched it from his hand
“sorry but good thing you’re not like them” Daniel said and flashed me a smile
“yeah good thing” Phillip repeated and I smiled, I’m supposed to be going cuckoo for Robby too like every other normal girls are but I’m not normal I can see ghosts and it’s not normal … So not normal, whyyyy???..
Jeremy appeared beside sophie and Tamara and I flinched,
“are you okay ” Daniel ask
“yeah I’m fine ” I said and gave Jeremy a glare.. “good” Daniel smiles
“so are you ready to help me” Jeremy seethe
“just leave me alone” I said
“who me? ” Daniel ask surprisingly
“no Danny, not you.. I’m just rehearsing for.. Something” I lied stupidly..
“oh kay” Daniel said huskily, Robby walked in closer and girls kept on admiring him ..
“tell me now or I’ll do something you’ll regret.. ” Jeremy said playfully and smiled showing off his dimple… Ugh that dimple is starting to give me heart ache..
I mouthed “no way” for Jeremy and he laughed.. And disappeard..
‘his laugh is kinda cute ” my stupid blabber beak subconscious tells me.. Robby walked pass us and notice me and then wave at me, i raised my hand and wave back shyly and every eyes were on me..
“ too blue eye” Daniel said,
“Blondie. I thought you weren’t like other girls ” Phillip said.. Blondie blue eyes, hello these guys should call me by my name
“I bumped into him at the stairs but trust me I don’t have a crush on him or something” I say.. And Sophie and Tamara gave me a ‘really’..look.. And I nodded..
Suddenly I’m in that dark place again.. Oh no Jeremy possessed me again that micro organism possessed me… Uh-huh.. Oh no what is he up to now, what am I going to do, I tried to find my way out but I can’t move,
I can see light again, I’m back at my own body again, thank God, but wait.. I’m standing up everyone’s staring at me with their mouth open and Robby’s smiling, and so Is Jeremy standing beside Robby but his was a devilish grin..
“whoa” Daniel said.
“are you..serious.. Like really serious Stacey ” Sophie said, what happened now, what did I (Jeremy) said that all the cafeteria had to pause and look at me.. I didn’t know what to do so I just closed my parted lips and ran out of the cafeteria..
“what do you want now I don’t know what you said back there, but the humiliation is too much so Just leave me alone ” I said to Jeremy..
“you know what I want Stacey please, aren’t you happy am adding magic word ” he said, all this dark space and humiliation is too much I just have to agree
“fine I’ll help you” I said
“oh thank you, so much, thank you” he said happily
“what did you say back there ” I said
His expression changed and he smiled nervously
“Jeremy!.. I c

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