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My phone alarm waked me up,I rolled on the bed straighten my body before getting up from the bed.

“I need to prepare breakfast for my beautiful family”
I said with yawn.

I wore my slippers and head to the kitchen,

“I need to prepare this Chilaquiles with a great recipes I discovered online,firstly I have to prepare Agua de Jamaica(Hibiscus tea)for the family”

I plugged my earpiece listening to my favorite music my Amor by Ana Gabriel am not really a music type but when it comes to Ana Gabriel i don’t joke with her music,I sang along by following the lyrics of the song.

I love cooking,I have passion for cooking and i got a big dream of becoming a chef and owing my own big restaurant one day.

My Aunt Anne told me I got my cooking talent from my late Mom who had passion for cooking.

“Oh yes my late Mom!
I lost my Mom after giving birth to me and I also lost my Dad in a fatal car accident when I was five years.

Aunt Anne has been like a mother I never had,she is just a great and loving Aunt,she is my Grandmother Lolita’s daughter in law.

Done with the tea,I set the cups on the tray to give them one by one.

“Arise and shine my loving family!
I shouted with smiles waking them up.

I went to Granny’ s room first,
“Good morning Grandma Lolita!
I greeted my granny with a k-ss on the cheek.

“Morning my beautiful Reina!
She responded with smiles.

“Grandma I got you a special tea,Agua de Jamaica(Hibiscus tea)that will make your day so fresh and your body system so clean”
I said with smiles and gave her the tea.

“Thank you so much my sweet Reina”

“You are welcome Granny,breakfast will soon be ready so freshen up and come down to the dinning”
I said before leaving her room.

I head over to the Aunt’s room,
“Good morning Aunt Anne
“Good morning Uncle Rafael”
I greeted them with a k-ss on the cheek.

“Morning Reina!
They respond back with smiles.

“How was your night?
Aunt Anne asked.

“My night was good Aunt Anne! I got this special tea,Agua de Jamaica it gonna make your day so fresh and your body system so clean”
I said with smiles and gave them the tea.

“How did you seen it Uncle Rafael?
I asked at the moment he drank a sip of it.

“Wow! It’s so nice! I love it,you know what be making this tea for me every morning”
He said and hugged me.

“You got no problem uncle,what of you Aunt Anne?

“My sweet Reina, I love the tea am also will be needing it every morning”
She said and hugged me.

“You got no problem! I will always be at my family service,let me go and give Dylan and Vero theirs”
I said as I leave the room to Dylan’s room.

Dylan and Veronica are Aunt Anne’s children.

“Good morning my handsome Dylan bro! Alreday up for practice?
I asked with smiles.

“Yes Reina!
He said as he tied his shoes.

“Okay! You gonna have a cup of this special Agua de Jamaica tea,it will boost your day”
I said giving him the tea.

“I hope Is not bitter like the other tea you gave me the other day? That one really upset my stomach badly”
He said.

“Is not it! You gonna like this tea okay”
I gave him the tea as he drank a sip of it with the expression on his face you will know he like it.

“Did you like it?
I asked with smiles.

“Oh yeah! I love it,thank you for this”
He said and k-ssed me on the cheek.

“You are welcome darling bro! Don’t leave without having your breakfast”

“I don’t think I can wait for the breakfast”
He said as he brushes his hair.

“It will soon be ready in a few moment beside a making a new……Chilaquiles”
I said.

“Chilaquiles! I have heard about that dish but I have not tasted it before”
He said.

“So you want to eat it you better stay for breakfast”
I said.

“For sure am gonna stay I don’t want to miss that breakfast”
He sounded with smiles.

“Okay! Let me see Vero”
I said with smiles and leave the room.

“I know you are already up chatting!
I sounded as i went to her room.

“Good morning Reina!
She said.

“Morning my sweet Vero,chatting on Facebook or Instagram?
I said.

“Chatting on Instagram,Reina can you belive my dance video I uploaded few hours I gave gotten two hundred thousand likes and One hundred comments”
She sounded with joy.

“Wow! That’s great! You are such a great dancer so why won’t people like and comment on your video?
I said with smiles.

She blushes and said,
“People keep on following me on Instagram,Reina what’s that?

“Oh! Is Agua de Jamaica tea,it very good in the body system,it boost your immune,I got this one for you”
I said with smiles.

“I hope Is not bitter? You know I dislike bitter things”
She sounded.

“Is not bitter okay! Trust me you will like it”
I said as I gave it to her.

“It smells nice! I hope it taste nice too?
She said as she perceived the aroma of it.

“Drink it,you will like it”

“It taste good Reina!
She sounded with smiles.

“I told you will like it,freshen up breakfast will soon be ready”

“Okay Reina!
She said.

I went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast,within thirty minutes I was done with the Chilaquiles.

Any food I cooked I will make a video of it and post to my Instagram account,

“Hey fans! Is me your loving Chef Reina,check this Chilaquiles made with
12 corn tortillas, preferably stale, or left out overnight to dry out a bit, quartered or cut into 6 wedges.
Corn oil,Salt, 1/2 to 2 cups red chile sauce or salsa verde,A few sprigs of epazote, optional”

“Call me for any type of your dishes I will be at your door”
I said and posted the video.

I dished out the food at the dinning table,everyone is already at the dinning expect Veronica probably she is still dressing up.

“It looks so yummy and smells so nice!
Grandma Lolita sounded with smiles as I dished out her own.

I dished for everybody waiting to hear their compliments.

“This is so superb!
Uncle Rafael shouted.

“Thank you Uncle!
I thanked him with smiles.

“My sweet Reina you are just a great chef,I love this food! k-sses dear”
Grandma Lolita sounded and blew a k-ss to me since am not near to her.

“Thank you so much Granny!
I said and hugged her.

“I hope you like it Aunt Anne?
I asked.

“You said like? I love it! You really takes after your mother,everyday coming up with an amazing recipes”
She said and hugged me.

“Thank you Aunt!

“Where is my own Chilaquiles?
Vero asked as she came to the dinning.

“Have a sit,let me dish yours and you will tell me what you think the food”
I said as she sat down.

“Reina i love it, keep on preparing it okay”
Dylan said.

“Thank you so much Dylan”

“Is so sweet! I won’t mind eating for the rest of the day”
Vero sounded with smiles.

“Mother I will be going for the shop now”
Uncle Rafael said and gave her a k-ss on the cheek.

“Okay Son!

“I will join you later when am done with things at home”
Aunt Anne said to him.

Uncle Rafael uses the door,he owns a big store for clothes both male and female clothes.

“I will also take my leave now for my football practice”
Dylan said.

“I will join you too so you can drop me since is the same road”
Vero said and took another spoonful of the food.

They hugged us before leaving,I cleared the plates to the kitchen.

“Aunt I got some home delivery this morning, my customers are waiting”
I said to Aunt as she came to the kitchen.

“No problem! Don’t be late”

“I won’t! My customers are not much”

“Take good care of yourself”

“Okay Aunt!
I hugged her and packaged the food and made my way out from the kitchen.

“Grandma see you soon I need to delivery some food to my customers”
I said and hugged her.

“Go well my loving Reina”
She said and I uses the door.

“Go! Out! Hold on to this!
I shouted at Melinda as she cried.

“Take it!
I shouted gave her,her bag.

“Santi please! Please!
She cried out.

“I told you from the beginning right,when I met you,I don’t like stress,my job is so stressful,all I need in my life is a woman who will give me peace and not someone that will be adding stress into it,I don’t need it in my life,I can’t handle this bullshit,get your bag and leave my house”
I shouted at her with so much anger.

“Why are you telling me all this? I thought you love me?
She cried out.

I laughed and shouted,
You said love!
I laughed again.

“Have you forgotten who am I? In case you have let me remind you,Am the Santigo Gilberto CEO of the America Movil. Industry: Telecommunications,the biggest company in the whole Mexico,I don’t have time for love,I don’t love anybody okay”
I shouted.

“Santi please!
She cried out.

I shouted.

“You have not been unfair to me”
She cried.

I shouted.

“I have not given you any trouble Santi,you know how much I love ,how much i care for you”
She cried.

“If you love and care for me as you claim then you should have trust me just a little bit,you should have respect me just a little bit,just a little bit! Okay what the hell did you want?

“All your problems are tiring,all of it,I mean what a hell,If you call and I did not pick up my phone I must be with some girls,you come to my house and am not there probably in a hotel with a woman”
I shouted.

“Aren’t you tired! Aren’t you tired of enhance yourself then ridiculed me? As if I carry my privacy at my hand and look for who to stick in like a common dog”
I shouted being so angry as she keeps on crying.

“That’s not what am saying,beside what is wrong in trying to know what my boo is doing? Where my boo is going to?
She cried out and pleading.

“You don’t get it right! Am not your boo and you got no right to question me okay”
I shouted.

“I told you this from the beginning,I hate stress! I told you okay and if I don’t stop this now and continue for the rest of my life God knows I can’t deal with it alright”
I shouted and gave her some money.

“Take for your t-fee!
I said and about to go inside,

“Santi Sweetheart please! I don’t want to loose you”
She cried.

I laughed and said,
“Are you dumb? You have alreday lost me,you have your chance and you blew it out,have a good life”
I went inside.

“Santi Love please don’t do this to me!
She cried out banging on the door.

I came out and shouted at her,
“What! What! Look here,If you touch this door one more time,If you bang on my door again I swear to God I will slap the living hell out of you and you will had to answer your call in the morgue”

“Santi me!

“Oh yes you! Just try me and bang on this door you will visit your dead parents right away”
I shouted and went inside.

I sighed, as I keep on hearing her cry,I went up to my room before my ear drums will block because of her cry.

“I need to call my other babe!
I said and dialed her number,she picked immediately without wasting time.

📞 Hello Sweetheart!
I sounded with smiles.

📞 Sweety What’s up? I have been calling you like forever”
She said.

📞 Am sorry babe for missing your calls okay, I was dealing with some issues”

📞 Issue like polishing out some numbers from your ex then?
She asked.

I laughed and asked with smiles.
📞 Can’t you wrapper your hands something else all than s-x?

She laughed and said in a seductive way,
📞 Babe you need to know that when a woman look at you that’s what she think of,hot,dirty,hard,squirt,very hard that’s what she think of babe”

I laughed and asked,
📞 Then is that what you are thinking right now?

📞 Oh yeah! well you can’t blame the poor girl that a setting man promise to buy dinner and afterward make a sweet s-x to me but it seem he has forgotten or maybe am not like number 45 on his list”
She said.

📞 No! I have not forgotten okay, knowing who am I just want to be distance guy okay”

She laughed and said,
📞 Have you heard about the English that say,stick out and you are not hot”

📞 Alright! Are you at home?

📞 of course am at home babe,am just watching movies,touching myself then getting horny and thinking of my crushes that will come and crunch my taste”
She said in a seductive tone.

📞 Then your night shinning armour is coming your way,be ready for him because he gonna ride you until you scream out the hell out of you”
I sounded with smiles.

📞 Dose your momma know you are a bad boy?
She asked with laughs.

📞 Not at all! She thinks am Angel Gabriel who incarnate”
I said with laugh.

She laughed and said,
📞 well Angel come to my rescue”

📞 Hold on! I gonna safe you right there my baby boo”
I said.

📞 I can’t hold it any more,am so horny that am gonna stand on the door waiting for you babe”
She sounded through her voice you will know that she danm horny.

📞 Am gonna be with you shortly okay babe!

📞 Okay! waiting love!
She said and hanged up the call.

I changed my outfit to something nice and just about to open the door,Diego came in.

“Hey Dude! You just have to come in a wrong time”
I sounded.

“Why? Are you going to?

“Is it not obvious!

“Will you be out late?


“Okay, Is Melinda at home? I can wait for you”

I smiled and said,
“I always knew you wanted to do with Melinda,well she is not gonna be in the bedroom nor the living room anymore”

“What did you mean by that?
He asked confusingly.

“I kicked her out like a trash”
I sounded with smiles.

“You kicked her out! What did she do to you?
He asked being so confused.

“Honestly,she did not do anything to me in particular,it just that I got so tired of her,you know how my way,how i used to do”
I said with smiles.

“Is that the way it works for you? Being tired of someone and threw her through the door like you never had any feelings for them”
He shouted.

“Feelings! You said feelings? What will I do with feelings? What will feelings have to do with me?I have told you before am not into all this relationship crab,it never help anybody belive me”
I said.

“You know what Santiago one day you will fall in love and you will understand what feelings is all about,Mark my word it will happen to you”
He said.

“Oh hell no! it not gonna happen okay,there are too many women in the world to help them ride their private,for me to waste all my time and enjoy just only one,it all a game bro nobody loose”
I said.

“Shine your eyes,once in your life pick up a girl,take her out for dinner or lunch,lavish her with money then tell her she is the most beautiful girl the Lord created on this earth because that’s can of things she will like to hear after then take her home spread her ass on the bed or even on this couch and make her pay for all the wine,food and money she consumed alright”
I said with smiles.

“Then make her shout and scream all night because that’s all we all need to hear,I know you like a girl that scream too”
I said as he keep on mopping at me.

“Do it to her every night and day until you get tired of her screaming over again,get a replacement tired of hearing the same screaming,screaming and screaming then you want to see something new put your feet on her ass and kicked her out from the house,that’s a game bro afterward nobody loose”
I said.

“Santiago you are a beast!
He shouted.

“But I don’t deined it,am a beast and all the woman like a bad guy and a beast”
I laughed.

“Are you gonna stay here all alone? Why won’t you go to the bar get a lady and warm your body system”

“Am not into girl’s stuffs okay”

“Sort yourself Dude,I gonna get Melinda’ s replacement”
i said and exit from the door.

Twenty minutes later,I got to Julie’s house,
“Wow! I love what am seeing!
i shouted as she opened the door,she was wearing only pant and bra.

“I was all like this waiting for you”
She said and k-ssed me.

I hit her ass and sounded,
“so soft,s-xy and attractive”

We k-ssed like horny dogs we are and I rushed her to the room and had a great s-x.



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