My Heart Beats For Eva

My heart beats for eva episode 2

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At our rehearsaling hall,we danced with the beat of the music as our coach Mrs Juna lead us,I want to be a great dancer,I love dancing,I got passion for it,I want to show my talent to the wh0l£ world.

“Girls take a short break,we will rehearse later,Veronica Rafael you will be leading us after the break”
Mrs Juna said.

“Okay Mrs Juna!
I replied with smiles as we went to have our rest.

I w-rapped out the sweat on my face with my hand towel and drank gulp of water.

“Vero did you notice something?
Elisa asked.

Elisa is my very good friend right from childhood,we are like sisters both families are so closed.

“Notice what Elisa?
I asked.

“Haven’t you noticed the way Matilda stares at you?
She asked.

“Matilda stares at me!
I sounded surprisingly and glanced at Matilda,she winked at me.

“Did you see the look? isn’t it obvious that she likes you?

“She likes me!

“Oh yes! That’s why she keep on staring at you”
She said.

“Elisa you don’t know what you are saying beside am not into that girls stuffs okay”
I said.

“But there’s nothing wrong with that”
She said.

“I know but I don’t like the chemistry at all”


Few minutes later,Mrs Juna came back,
“Girls let rehearsal one more time,Veronica as I said you will be leading us”
She said.

We stood up,lined up accordingly, I came out at the front leading the girls with the dance.

Matilda won’t stop staring at me and I felt so uncomfortable with that,we danced for about an hour before dismissing for the day.

“See you girls on our next rehearsal”
She said to us.

“You did a great job with the dance today”
Mrs Juna said to me with smiles.

“Thank you Mrs Juna!
I said with smiles.

We took our bag pack and leave the dancing hall,

“You did a great job with the dance and the way you coached”
Elisa said.

“Thank you Elise”
I said with smiles and hugged her.

“Vero! Vero!
someone called me.

“I guess someone need your attention”
Elisa said.

I turned my back to see the person,
“Matilda! What did she want?

“You alreday know what she want”

“Please Vero can I have a moment with you?
She approached to us and asked.

“I guess I have to give you guys privacy,I will be waiting for you”
Elisa said and excused herself.

“What did you want Matilda?
I asked.

“See Vero,from the first day I set my eyes on you,I have not been myself,I have fallen deeply in love with you,please I want you to be girlfriend”
She sounded being so serious.

I was speechless and lost in words I don’t even know what to do or say to her.

“Please Vero accept me and I promise you,you won’t regret having me in your life”
She said and I can see the love written all over her eyes.

“See Matilda to tell you the honest truth I don’t do girls to girls stuff,I don’t like the chemistry at all so it won’t work”
I said to her.

“But Vero there’s nothing wrong in it,you will enjoy it beside is just like being with a guy too”
she said.

“No I did not see it in that angle,there’s a totally differences in it and as I said I don’t like the chemistry”

“I will make you to like it,you know what sleep over it and I will be waiting a good news from you”
She said.

She hugged me and said,
“I love you and I can’t wait to be in your arms”
She k-ssed me on the cheek and made her way out.

“Vero what did Metlinda want?
Elisa ran to me and asked.

“You already know what she want,she said she love me and want me to be her girlfriend”
I said.

“I knew it,that look was not ordinary at all so what did you tell her?

“I told her my mind that I don’t do girls to girls stuff”

“Well there’s nothing wrong with it beside Metlinda looks so beautiful and h-ot,If I were you I will accept her”
She said.

I laughed and said,
“You will accept her! Dose it mean you love her?

“Nope! Am just saying”

“Okay! As for me I only got eyes on one person”
I sounded with smiles.

“Wow! you got a crush? And you did not care to tell your bestie about it”
She sounded feeling a little sad.

“No! Don’t take it like that okay beside the person didn’t even know am crushing on him or even care to notice my affliction towards him”

“Who could be the guy?

“Is Antonia, am deeply in love with him”

She thought and asked,
“Antonia! Which of the Antonia?

“The only Antonia you know,Antonia Cabrera”

She laughed and said,
“Antonia Cabrera! I don’t think you are being serious,please my dear friend forget about that guy because he won’t notice you for one day”

“I can’t forget about him,I can’t take my mind of him,I have fallen for him right from the first day I met him at cafeteria”
I said being so in love.

“Look there! That’s one of the reason why I told you to forget about him,he won’t notice you when he alreday have a girlfriend”
She pointed at Antonia k-ssing that bitch Becky.

“It breaks my heart seeing that Becky with him”
I sounded feeling so jealous.

“Look at the way there are k-ssing which shows they are deeply in love with each other so you better kill the feelings you have for him”
She said at the moment we passed them.

“They are not even shame k-ssing in ₱vblic”
I sounded still jealous.

“That’s love for them,that’s why they say love make you to do crazy things,they don’t care if they are in ₱vblic or not,what matters to them is that they are in love”

“What makes you think that Becky even love him?
I asked,I turned my back and glanced at them.

“Is it not obvious that she is showing her love to him by k-ssing him in the ₱vblic?

“That’s absolutely nons£nse! Becky did not love that guy,she is playing with his feelings”

She laughed,
“Vero I know you are being jealous right now that’s why you are saying that”

“Elisa trust me,am very serious on this,I have seen Becky a couple of times making out at the toilet with a guy”
I said.

“No! You are not serious! Aren’t you? You are making up the story because you are jealous right”
She sounded so unbelievable.

“My jealously won’t make me to say that, Am very sure of what am saying,she is not a good person and I must expose her true colour to Antonio”
I sounded being so mean.

“But did you have a strong evidence to prove that?

“I got nothing but I will defiantly expose her”

“Then how are you intend to expose her when you got nothing?

“Leave that to me,I need to fight for my crush and I know through that way he will notice me”

“Please any move you are about to make let me know because I don’t want your love and jealousy land you into trouble”

“I will not leave you behind okay”
I said.

We got a cab and head to our house.

I was at home enjoying myself with some sluts,playing music,drinking and dancing with them.

I sat down on the couch wearing only p-nt while the girls were wearing their seductive bikini.

“Yeah babe! twerk it for me babe!
I shouted and grab her butt as she twerk it for me.

One of the slut was car-ssing me and k-ssing me all over my body while I enjoyed my k-ssing with the other slut.

Some minutes later,Diego banged in and turned off the music.

“What is it?
I shouted.

“Tell the girls to excuse us”
He said.

“My beautiful Angels you all have to excuse us,I will call you girls when am done”
I said.

“You are so sweet babe!
I said to one of them as she k-ssed me.

They twerk their butts,walked so seductive to the door as I watches and smiles at them,Diego looked at them and shooked his head.

“What is it? Why did you have to come in a moment like this?
I shouted at the moment the girls left the room.

“Your Mom called and she said she has been calling you but no answer”

I picked my phone to see the miss calls.

“Oh mine! Ten miss calls,I didn’t hear when it was ringing”
I sounded.

“How will you hear it when you are playing a loudly music?

“What did she called for? I hope she is fine?
I asked being so worried to know her reason of calling.

“She said she need to see you and she did not sound okay to me on the phone”
He said.

“Okay! That means we have to take early flight tomorrwo down to Mexico,you know what go now and book the flight”

“Okay! But you have to give Mom a call”

“I will do that,on your way help me to call my babies”

“Your babies! Aren’t you tired of this sleeping with different woman?

I laughed and sounded,
“How can I be tired of having fun,you know me to well I love to have fun a lot,I don’t joke with s-x at all,I can’t stay a day without it”

“Santi I think you need a philosophic to check on you”

I laughed so unbelievable,
“philosophy on me! you are not serious Diego beside what’s my fun got to do with philosophic?

“Apparently this your life style of having fun is now excess”

I tapped him on the shoulder and said,
“See Diego,nothing is wrong with me okay,Am just enjoying my life so go and book the flight”

“Okay keep having fun and breaking some ladies’s hearts”
He said.

“Don’t forget to call my babies back i need them right now”
I said with laughs.

The girls came back as we continued from where we stoped,I had threesome of s-x,this life is full of fun and enjoyment when you have the money and the wh0l£ world is on your side.

I came out from the bathroom,my husband is alreday on the b£d,

“Rafael I was thinking we should start planning to get a husband for Reina”
I said as I rubb£d the body lotion on my skin.

He sit up and asked surprisingly.
“What did you mean getting a husband for Reina?

“She is of age now a full grown woman and she now ready to be in a man’s house,I know some single men from a respected home with a good background I can talk to their parents for the marriage”
I said.

“Did Reina tell you that she want to marry? are you in anywhere trying to s£nd her out from the house or what because I don’t understand you right now”

“What are you saying Rafael? Have you forgotten I made a promise to her mother on the hospital b£d that I will take good care of Reina like my own daughter and when she is of age I will find a suitable husband from a good background for her?

“And you think that marriage is what she need right now?

“She is of age and she need to settle down”

“You know what Anne go to b£d and think over this marriage thing and you will know if marriage is what she need or something else”
He said and lied down.

“I made a promise to her mother and her last wish is to make sure I got her daughter married into a good home and I must fulfil that promise”
I said and lied down.

My phone alarmed waked me up early as usual,I looked at the virg-n Mary at the side stool and lighted up the candle,I said my morning prayer before going to the prepare morning tea for my beautiful family.

I served them the tea one after the other as usual,prepared breakfast dished it out to the dinning table.

“This smells so nice! What are we coming to eat?
Grandma Lolita asked with smiles.

“I made Burritos,is a new recipe”
I said with smiles.

They all sounded with smiles.

“I wanna have a taste of it”
Dylan sounded.

“I gonna dish it out to everywhere!
I said with smiles.

I dished out the food to them,took my own.

“My darling Reina you are such a great cook always bringing a recipes that will make a sweet delicious food”
Dylan said and gave me a k-ss on the cheek.

“Thank you Dylan”

They all complimented me with their sweet words,hugged and k-sses.

“Before we all go for our activities this morning,I have something to say to the family”.
Aunty Anne said.

We looked at ourselves as our minds filled with worries wondering if something has happened.

“I hope there’s no problem?
Grandma asked.

“There’s no problem Mother”
She answered as our minds came back in peace and we breathed in relive.

“I want to get Reina a husband”
She said.

“A husband!
We shouted in shock.


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