My Heart Beats For Eva

My heart beats for eva episode 31

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The Fires were breaking out everywhere but still no one seems to notice it until it started coming to the children’s room that’s when the stupid watchmen noticed it and started shouting altering everywhere.

The workers rushed out immediately to the children’s room shouting fire,fire everywhere waking up everybody,they called the fire brigades immediately.

Boboy rushed to Eva’s b£d and waked her up,
“Eva we need to run for our lives,the wh0l£ place is on fire!
He shouted.

Eva stood up immediately and ran outside,the fire was so much that it keep on coming towards the room,the workers managed to resuce the babies and some of the older ones before the fire finally got to the room and burnt down the room even some children and the workers,it was so much that it will take the fire brigades hours to stop it.

People were crying and shouting running out from the gate for their dear lives before the fire brigades arrived the wh0l£ place had burnt down to ashes and some lives were lost nothing to recover and no one to rescue.

Nobody knew where the fire came from or what caused it,it was really a disaster and havoc to them.

Eva and Fred kept running to God’s knows where by that time the it’s already 5am,they ran into a shop to rest.

“Boboy what will happen to us now?
Eva asked breathing so heavily.

“I don’t know but thank God that we are saved”
Boboy said breathing so heavily too.

“I wonder how the rest are doing,if they are save like us even those little ones”
Eva said feeling so concerned about others.

“I think the little ones was brought out from the room before the fire came to the room but am not sure if the rest were able to escape”
Boboy said.

“What will become of us now Boboy? Fred will not be able to see us again,we will not see each other again”
She said feeling so sad.

“C’mon Eva you don’t have to be sad over Fred anymore,he has forgotten us,he gave us a fake promise and fake hope,if Fred truly want to come for us he could have come a long time day,it’s already a year and we have not seen any sign of him nor even hear from him,it’s the right for us to move on and forget that some one like Fred once exited in our lives because he doesn’t appreciate and see us as a friend to him”
He said and paused for a while before continuing.

“See Eva what we should be thinking about now is what the future holds for us and how we will be able to survive on our own because we got nobody to take good care of us anymore”
He said.

She breathed and asked,
“You think I will be able to forget Fred?

“Why not? You will be able beside he has forgotten about us so we got to move on and also forget about him”
He said.

“So Boboy where are we be going from here? Are we going to be rolling around the street like street orphans?
She asked.

He thought for a while and came up with an idea,
“What of we leave this city and travel to San Sebastian Bernal(Queretaro) I heard is one of the biggest city in Mexico and the government doesn’t like street orphans rolling around the street so if we go they were help us by putting in any Orphange home then we may see a foster parents that will adopt us,how did you see about that?
He said.

Eva thought for a while and said,
“It’s sounds good Boboy but how are we going to travel there when we don’t have anything on us?

“We will go by sneaking”

“Sneaking! Asking sneaking into a vehicle that is going there?
She asked confusingly.

“Yeah,we will sneak into a car”

“That’s so risk Boboy, what of something bad happen to us?
She asked not feeling too sure about the idea.

“Nothing will happen to us,we will be extremely careful”
He assured her.

“I don’t like the idea of sneaking into a vehicle,is there not any idea for us?
She asked.

“That’s the only way for us to travel there,trust me nothing bad will happen to us okay,I promise to take good care of you and I will never live from your sight nor even forget like Fred”
He said and hugged her.

Meanwhile at the Orphange the journalist arrived and captured everything that happened and even got some information from the survivors,the news about the Orphange home been burnt down webt viral.

At Cantu’s house,Clara saw the news and called out her mother.

“Mother! Mother! Come and see!
She shouted.

“What is it Clara?
She asked from the room.

“Mom is a bad news for the Orphange home Eva was,come down and see mother”
She shouted to her.

When she heard that she left what she was doing and rushed down to the sitting room.

“What is it Clara?
She asked.

“Mother look at what happen at the Orphange”
She cried out pointing at the television.

“Oh my God! fire at the Orphange!
She cried out being so outrageous.

“Mother they showed the people that survived from the fire but I didn’t see Eva”
Clara cried out.

“You didn’t see Eva? That means the fire kill….kill..kill…
She shouted and couldn’t handled it anymore and fainted.

Clara rushed her,
“Mother! What is it Mother? Mother!
She cried out and noticed she fainted she rushed and brought water, she sprinkled it on her face,she sneezed and blinked her eyes.

“What happen to me Clara?
She asked confusingly looking at herself.

“Mother you fainted!
Clara cried out.

“Clara tell me that what we heard on the news is not true,it just a lie and nothing more”
She said still finding so difficult to believe.

“Mother is true,we won’t see Eva again,she is gone from us”
She cried out.

“What will her mother being on heaven right now? That I was not able to take good care of her daughter and I allowed her to join her to the journey of not return”
She cried out.

“Calm down mother is not your fault rather Father’s fault had it been he allowed you to bring Eva home at the moment her mother died,she wouldn’t have ended up at Orphange home,she wouldn’t have been died by now she will still be with us right now,I don’t know why Dad hate her so much right from when she was a baby,he did not used to allow us to be visiting her if only we used to sneaked out without Dad notice we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to be seeing her”
She said and consoled her mother.

Mrs Cantu find it so difficult to believe that Eva is no more.

The survivors were deported to the other Orphange,Eva and Boboy decided to try their luck on sneaking into a vehicle,they went to the bus station to look for a bus or a truck that is going to San Sebastian Bernal(Queretaro).

“We will get into that truck”
Boboy said to her pointing at the truck.

“How are we going to sneak inside when people are here they were catch us?
She asked being so worried.

“Nobody will catch us okay”

“No Boboy,Am scared they will catch us,what if we stand at the road side to wait for the truck to drive out then we can now jump in through that way we won’t be catch”
She said with her own idea.

He thought about what she said for a while,
“Well! that’s good,let’s go then”
He said.

They walked out from the bus station stand along the road where the driver will not see them,few minutes later the driver drive out and they rushed and grabb£d the truck handler and jumped in,the driver didn’t noticed anything.

“Thank God we made it!
Eva sounded with smiles.

Boboy said and gave her high five.

“Welcome home sweetheart! Welcome home Fred!
Mr Ernesto said and gave them a warmly hug.

“How are you feeling now Fred?
He asked.

“Am much better Dad!
He replied with smiles.

“Am happy to hear that”
He said and hugged him again.

“The doctor said he should avoid any h-rd exercise mostly he should avoid playing football or running to prevent the heart from any form of damage”
Mrs Sarah said.

“I hope you heard the instruction the doctor gave so Son you have to be extremely careful to avoid third operation”
Mr Ernesto said.

“Yes Dad,besides am not into those gymnastic stuffs no third operation will raise up again”
He said.

“I believe you Son!
He said with smiles and tapped him softly on his shoulder.

“Mom,Dad let me go up and freshen up”

“Even me I need that too”
The mom said.

“Okay,I will be waiting for you guys for lunch”
He said to them.

They went up to their rooms,Fred undressed took a cool shower.

“I can’t wait to see Eva again,for a wh0l£ year we have been apart from each other am extremely happy to see her again,I know she will be sad and mad at me for not coming for her as I promised but it was not actually my fault,my got a serious and critical heart condition that needed an urgent operation so we flew to L.A(Los Angeles) the doctor said that I have a h0l£ in my heart I can’t really remembered the kind grammar he gave the disease,the Doctor that operated on me made a very mistake which causes a serious difficult breathing on me,I was later moved to another hospital at L.A for other operation and this time the operation went so well”
He said and breathed in relief.

“I hope she will believe me,I don’t want her to think that I abandoned her”
He thought and button on his shirt.

He worn his shoe and glanced at himself at the mirror before leaving the room.

Concerning about the closed relationship between him and the father,Mr Ernesto explained everything to him,how he was so selfish and wicked to abandoned his mother and him to suffer,he asked for his forgiveness which he forgave him since he don’t want bear any grudges against anybody,he accepted him back as his father while Mrs Sarah his mother.

“Where are you going dressing like this?
The father asked.

“I need to go and see a friend!
He replied with smiles.

“A friend! You just got back won’t you have lunch and rest before going to see that person”
He said.

“I don’t think If can do that Dad,I have been away from my friends from a very long time,I need to see how they are doing and also tell them that i did not forsake them nor forgotten them”
He said.

“Who are this friends of us that you will not rest till tomorrow you will go and see them?

“Eva and Boboy they are my very good friends for the Orphange home”
He sounded with smiles.

“The Orphange home!
He sounded surprisingly.

“Yes Dad!

“Son you can’t go there”

“Why Dad? Did something happen?
He asked confusingly.

“That Orphange home no longer exit again”

“No longer exist! What did you mean Dad?
He asked being so confused.

“A disaster happened at the Orphange,it got fire and burnt down only few were rescued”
He said.

“No ooooooo! Dad is can’t be true! No it can’t be…..
He shouted being so astonished.



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