My Heart Beats For Eva

My heart beats for eva episode 38

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Eva turned and saw him with Sophia smiling at her,
She mumbled in shocked.

She went to meet them,
“How are you doing Eva?
Fred asked with smiles at the moment she approached them.

“Thank you but no thanks i will pay you back the money as soon as I get it”
She said without any smile.

“C’mon Eva don’t be harsh on him”
Sophia said.

“No Eva! I didn’t lend you the money so don’t pay me back”
Fred said with smiles.

“I insist in paying you back because I don’t need any favour from you”
She said.

“Eeeeeh Bestie!
Sophia sounded.

“Has it been long they got into the operation room?
She asked Sophia.

“Is not up to fifteen minutes and I think it gonna take long so I suggest we should go and grab a coffee and so keep on praying for a successful operation”
Sophia said.

“Not interested I will be at the hospital temple”
She said.

“Okay then! Sir Fred let’s go grab the coffee then,i know you need it too”
She said.

Eva walked out from their pres£nce to the temple,Fred couldn’t stop starring at her until he lost her.

“How will I make her to give me the chance to explain things to her? She is so upset with me?
He asked being so worried.

“Don’t worry Sir,you will get to talk and explain things to her maybe today will be your luckily day”
She said as they walked down to get the coffee.

“C’mon Sophia spear me the formaulrity just address me by my name Fred and not Sir besides we are now friends okay”
He said.

“Okay Fred!

They got the coffee and walked back to the waiting room.

“I think she need you right now to talk to her and assure her that things will be well”
She suggested.

“Are you sure,she won’t get more upset with me if I try to comfort her?
He asked.

“I don’t think If she will,she need you right now so go and talk to her”
She said.

“Okay,wish me good luck then”
He said with smiles.

“Go and reconcile with your love and I wish you a successful one”
She said with smiles and handshaked him.

“Thank you Sophia”
He said with smiles and walked out to meet Eva at the temple.

“This two deserve to reconcile and be happy”
She thought with smiles as she watches him.

At the temple,Eva knelt down looking up to the cross of Jesus Christ.

“Father i know am i a sinner that am not worthy to be at your pres£nce but please forgive me all my sins and wash it away,please Fatber save my mother for me she is the only one I have in this world don’t let anything to happen to her,I can’t bear it if something bad happened to her please Father let the operation be a successful one”
She prayed in tears.

She knelt for about ten minutes looking at the cross in tears,she later stood up and sat down,all of a sudden she started feeling the pres£nce of Fred around her.

“Fred is here!
She mumbled.

She felt a cold soft hand on her shoulder and her name whispered to her.

“How are you doing Eva?
Fred asked her.

She hugged him so t¡ght in tears and said,
“Fred i don’t wanna loose my Mom,she is the only one I have”

“Shiiiiiii! You will not loose her okay,she will come out from that surgeon room alive”
He consoled her.

He wiped out her tears and held her hands,
“Your mother will be fine,stop crying okay you know it breaks my heart seeing this tears in your eyes”
He said to her with smiles.

“You hate seeing me in tears then why did you let the tears to be flowing? Why didn’t you come back for me as you promised? Why did you abondaned me and gave me a fake hope? Why did you make me to believe that you only meant for me?
She asked in tears.

“My Eva I didn’t abandoned you,I came back for you and when I heard the tragedy that happened at the Orphange I looked for even when I was told that you are dead I didn’t believe that because this heart of mine never stops beating for you,it keeps on beating for Eva and since then I keep on hoping to see you one day which I have finally found you and I don’t want let go off you again”
He said still holding her hands.

“You said you never stops thinking about me?
She asked.

“Yes,I never stops,every minutes,seconds and hours my mind never rest it keeps thinking about you”
He said.

“Then who is that girl I saw you with?
She asked.

“She is Anne,we started being friends when we were small,we attended the same school even the same high collage and graduated at the same time”
He explained.

“And you what to tell me that there’s nothing so serious going on between you and her?
She asked.

“No my Eva,there’s nothing we only share friendly relationship and nothing more”

“Why did I saw you in that manner with her? Don’t lie to me Fred”
She asked.

“You know I can never lie to you,you suppose to know me too well,that k-ss took me unaware,I didn’t expected it had it been I know I wouldn’t have allowed it okay”
He explained conceiving her to believe him.

“And the other k-ss took you unaware too right?
She asked.

“The other k-ss! Did you came to my house?
He asked surprisingly.

“Answer me,did it happened unaware too?
She asked being so serious.

“See Eva believe me when i said that I got nothing intimate to do with Anne,we only share friendly relationship and nothing else,you are the one I love so much right from when we are small,the love I have for you have not change for one bit”
He said.

He held her hand said and said,
“See my Eva i love you so much,touch my heart and you will feel it,listen to my heart and you will hear,look into my heart and you will see that you will always be a special part of me”
He said to her with smiles.

“Dreaming of you makes my night worth while thinking you makes me Smile, having you is the best thing ever and Loving you is what I plan to do forever”
He confess his love to her.

“Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, all angels in heaven know I need you,Years may fly, tears may dry, but my Love for you will never die,I wonder if you think of me like I always do?
He asked with smiles.

“What can I say Fred? I always think about you the thought of being with you always on my mind I never for one day stop having you in my mind”
She said with smiles and continued.

“Fred, Loving you is easy, missing you is h-rd,wishing you were with me bound by a strong cord,all the time thinking of you when we are apart,though all the time you were in my heart”
She said with smiles.

“Now that we have realized how about we love each other can we now be couple?
He asked with smiles.

“Yes and I have a heart and that is true,but now it has gone from me to you so care for it just like I do because I have no heart and you have two”
She said with smiles.

“A candle may melt and it’s fire may die but the love you have given me will always stay as a flame in my heart,I promise you I won’t break yiur heart,you are the twinkle of my eyes,the smile on my l-ips,the joy of my face,without you I am incomplete,I love you so much my Eva”
He said with smiles.

“I love you too Fred!
She said with smiles.

They stared into each other eyes with so much love and passion,Fred keeps on smiling and drawing his l-ips closer to hers finally got to her l-ips,he k-ssed her and she reciprocated, they k-sses so passionately forgotten the reason why there are in the temple.

The k-ss was broken with a call from Sophia,
📞 Bestie where are you? The doctor came out from the surgeon room right now.

📞 We will be right there okay”
She said and ended up the call happily.

“The doctor is out from the surgeon room”
She said to Fred with so much joy.

“Let’s go and see your Mom then!
He sounded happily.

They held hands together and ran out to the waiting room,Sophia saw them coming together holding each other,she said with smiles,
“Yeah! Mission accomplished!

“I smell something sweet and romantic here”
She said to them with smiles at the moment they approached to her.

They smiled and Fred said,
“Thank you so much Sophia!

“Is nothing Fred?
Sophia replied with smiles.

“What are you thanking for?
Eva asked Fred.

“The doctor is here!
Fred said avoiding the question.

They rushed to see the doctor and with the look on his face you will know that the operation went so well.

“The operation was so successful!
The doctor said with joy without being asked.

They shouted with their hearts filled with so much joy.

“Can we go and see her now?
Eva asked with so much joy.

“Of course! She is in her room but no disturbance, she need to rest”
The doctor said and the girls ran out to the room.

“Thank you so much Doctor!
Fred thanked him with a handshake.

“You are welcome Mr Perez”
He replied to him with smiles and made his way out.

Fred rushed to the room to see Eva’s mother,
“Mom am so happy for you,you made it”
Eva sounded with smiles and hugged her.

“Thank God you are here with us Mother”
Sophia said and hugged her.

“Good day Mrs Lucia! We are happy that the surgeon went so well”
Fred greeted with smiles.

“Mom meet Fred the one I told you about,my childhood frined from the Orphange home”
She introduced him with smiles.

“Am happy to see you Fred!
She said with smiles.

“Am so happy to meet you alive Mrs Lucia”
He said and hugged her.

“Did you know what Mother? Fred you see here is the owner of the Perez Enterprises”
Sophia said with smiles.

“I was thinking where I have seen this face from,welcome Sir”
She said with smiles.

“Not Sir Ma,just call me by my name Fred”
He said with smiles.

They talked and talked until the nurse came and excused them out to admit some injection to her patient.

Mrs Maria sat down on the floor weeping and lamenting her fate,
“For how long will I continue suffering like this? For how long will I continue eating Dog’s food and drinking the urine? This suffering and ill treatment is too much for me to bear”
She cried out.

“I need good food my stomach is on fire! Please help me with good food,I know you are there hearing me, please just consider me like your mother and help me with food”
She pleaded to the bodyguard.

“God forbid! A murderer can never be my mother”
He said to her.

She keeps crying and pleading for a better food and water,Mrs Power heard her cry and came downstairs to see her.

She heard her footsteps and started pleading to her,
“Please Reina, have mercy on me and give me food,my stomach is on fire”

“Open the door!
She said to the bodyguard.

He opened the door and she went inside,Mrs Maria rushed and held her on the leg,she kicked her out.

“Get your hands off me! Why are you disturbing my peace?
Mrs Power shouted angrily.

“Please Reina have mercy on me,I know I have wronged you in so many ways and i know am responsible for your daughter’s disappearance but am not one that killed your family”
She said.

She always said she did not have hands in the death of her family and whenever she said that it upset Reina so much.

“Will you keep quite you murderer!
She sounded angrily and gave her a slap on her right cheek,her first time of doing such thing.





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