My Heart Beats For Eva

My heart beats for eva episode 37

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“My mother in the hospital!
Eva shouted in shocked.

“Eva what did the caller said that happened to Mom?
Sophia asked being so worried.

“Mother was to the hospital we need to go there immediately”
She sounded in tears.

“Oh mine! Let’s go then!
She rushed out to get a cab.

Eva removed the apron dropped it at the kitchen table,
“Please help me to talk to the manager that my mother was rushed to the hospital and my attention is needed urgently in case he ask about us”
She said to her colleague.

“I will talk to him,nothing will happen to your mother okay”
She said and gave her a calmly hug.

“Thank you so much!
She thanked her and rushed out.

Meanwhile Sophia has already gotten a cab and waiting for Eva to come out,she came out and rushed inside the car immediately.

Twenty minutes later,they got to the hospital and went direct to receptionist.

“Good day Mrs,I got a call about my mother being rushed in this hospital awhile ago”
Eva said feeling so worried.

“We need to see her and know how she is doing”
Sohipa said.

Meanwhile the doctor in charge with Mrs Lucia Sebastian’s case came out from the emergency room,he saw them and went to see them.

“Are you Mrs Lucia Sebastian’s relatives?
He asked them.

“Yes,am her daughter Eva and she is my friend Sophia”
Eva said.

“Okay,am Doctor William the one in charge with your Mother’s case”
He introduced himself.

“Doctor how is my mother doing?
Eva asked being so worried.

“Doctor we need to see her and know how she is doing?
Sophia said still worried too.

“Okay,let’s to then!
The Doctor said and took them to the room she is.

“Mother! What happened to you mother!
Eva rushed to her in tears.

“I will be fine, I only fainted and nothing else”
She said to her.

“Doctor what’s wrong with her? Why the wires around her and even the oxygen?
Sophia asked.

“We have not find out exactly what’s wrong with her? We runs some testes on her until the result will be out we will know what she is suffering from”
The doctor said.

“Mother you will be fine okay”
Sophia said and hugged her.

“Excuse me,I need to go to the laboratory for the result”
The doctor said.

“Okay Doctor!
Eva replied and the Doctor went out.

“Mom nothing will happen to you,you will be fine okay”
Eva said and pecked her on the forehead.

“Yeah,we will be here for you Mother”
Sophia said and they both hugged her.

“You girls should stop being like this,I only fainted and nothing else so nothing will happen to me you see it when the Doctor will be here with the result”
She said to them smiles.

“We believe that Mom! Nothing will happen to you”
Eva said with smiles and pecked her on the forehead.

Few minutes later,the doctor came with the result and with the look on his face you will know that the test result showed something so bad,Eva and Sophia saw the look on his face and became more scared than before.

“Doc what did the test result show?
Eva asked being so scared.

The doctor kept quite and don’t know how to give them the sad news.

“Please Doctor talk to us,what did the test result say?
Sophia asked also scared.

“Doctor why are you keeping quite on them? Tell them that the result proof nothing that am okay and ready to go back home”
Mrs Lucia said being so confident about her health.

“How will I give them the ugly news?
The doctor thought for awhile before deciding to open up to them.

“Mrs Lucia the test….
He began and they mopped at him with their full attention waiting to hear what the result say.

He cleared off his throat and continued again,
“Mrs Lucia the test showed that you have a kidney stone”
He said.

“A kidney stone!
They s¢r-amed in fear.

“No Doctor! I can’t probably have that!
Mrs Lucia said in tears still find it difficult to believe what the result said.

“Doctor what are we going to do?
Eva asked in tears.

“How serious is the kidney? Is it that bad?
Sophia asked in tears.

“Can I see you aside Eva?
He asked.

“Okay Doctor!
They excused from them to outside the room to discuss briefly.

“Doctor how serious is my mother’s health?
Eva asked.

“Well I can say that the rate of the kidney stone has not gotten to the worst value but that shouldn’t make us not operate on her now that it’s still on early stage before it will be worst”
He explained.

“Okay Doctor,how much are is require for the operation?
She asked.

He thought for a while and said,
“You know kidney stone is a serious disease and she need to undergo the operation immediately,it will cost you 400 thousand peso”

“400 thousand peso! That’s a lot of money Doc!
She sounded in shocked.

“Yeah! You know your mother’s illness is a serious one is not something that will be done with operation”
He said enlightening her the more.

“Okay,let me run around and get the money and hopefully the operation will be carry out today”
She said as if she knew where to get such amount of money.

“Okay,it’s well Eva,she will be fine”
He tapped her on the shoulder assuring her.

“Thank you Doctor!
She said to him with a little smiles and the Doctor went back to see his other patient.

“What did the Doctor said?
Sophia asked as soon as she got back to the room,her ears has been itching to hear what the Doctor said.

“Am I going to die?
Mrs Lucia asked looking so pale.

She rushed to her and held her hand,
“No Mother you are not going to die okay”

“What did the Doctor said about the illness?
She asked.

“The doctor said that the disease is not in the worst rate that you need to undergo a surgeon,once the surgeon is done you will be fine”
She explained to her.

“What about the money? Where will you get the money for the surgeon?
She asked.

“Mom that one should not bother you okay,what you need now is to be strong for me and everything will be fine”
She said and hugged her.

“Sophia please see me outside”
She said to avoid discussing an issue in the pres£nt of the mother that will increase her health condition.

“Bestie what did the Doctor said concerning the amount of the money needed for the operation?
She asked.

“He said we should deposit 400 thousand peso!

“400 thousand peso!
She shouted in shocked.

“Please lower your voice Mother meant hear you”
She said.

“Where an earth will you get that type of money?
She asked.

“I don’t really know Sophia, I was thinking if I can go to the restaurant and ask for a loan from the manager or preferable a year advance since the amount needed is my two years salary”
She said.

“It’s sounds good but let’s see how it goes then in case he refuses to len you the money,I still have one thousand peso in my account,I will bring it and join together with the one you have and make a deposit”
She said.

She hugged her and said,
“Thank you bestie, let me and see him right away,stay with Mom okay”

“I will!
She pecked her the cheek before going inside to be with the mother.

“What we’re you two discussing outside? I know is all about the money right? How much did the Doctor said we should deposit?
Mrs Lucia asked.

“Mother is not a big amount of money beside Eva has rushed out to get it okay”
She said to her.

“Where will she get the money?
She asked being so anxious to know even in her stage.

“Mother that should not trouble you what matters now is for you to be strong for us and get better that’s what we want”
She said.

Sophia got into the mood of thinking about the money,
“What of the manager refuses to give her the money? What of the hospital refuses to accept the money we have and refuses to commence the operation until the money is complete? Where an earth we will get the money? What will happen to Mrs Lucia?
She thought about all these and all of a sudden Fred came into her mind and her face was lightened up with a smiles.

“Yeah! Best time now!
She shouted with smiles.

“What is it? Are you okay?
Mrs Lucia asked.

“Am fine Mother,I need to use the rest room I will be back okay”
She said and excused herself from the room to the hospital cafeteria.

She dailed Fred’s number and gave him a call right away meanwhile Fred is in his room thinking about Eva holding the bangle he gave to her when they were still at the Orphange home.

“Eva what will I do for you to give the chance to explain things to you that I never for one day stop thinking about you,I still love you so much and cherish you like before,this heart of mine have never for one day stop beating for you?

“How will I make you to understand that you mean a lot to me in this world? My life is incomplete without your love in it,for how long will you keep ignoring me? please give me the chance to explain things to you my sweet Eva”
He said and even k-ssed the bangle.

A call came in on his phone,he smiled when he saw the caller and hope she will tell him or probably give him something that will make him to talk to Eva.

📞 Good afternoon Sir!
Sophia greeted.

📞 How are you Sophia?
He asked with smiles.

📞 Fine but not really fine”
She replied.

📞 What’s wrong? How is Eva?
He asked confusingly.

📞 Eva’s mother was rushed to the hospital few hours ago and the Doctor runs some tests on her,the result showed that she has a kidney stone”
She explained to him in tears.

📞 Oh mine! How is Eva? How is she doing?
He asked being so worried.

📞 Not too fine! She has gone out to get the money needed for the surgeon”
She said still in tears.

📞 How much is the money?

📞 400 thousand peso!

📞 Which hospital is that?

📞 The General Hospital!

📞 Okay, am coming right away,nothing will happen to her okay”
He assured her.

📞 Thank you Sir!
She with smiles and ended up the call.

“I hope this mission will be a successful outcome for them to reconcile”
She thought and went back to the room when she got there Mrs Lucia has already slept off.

Fred stood up immediately and dressed up,he grabb£d his car key and rushed downstairs, he informed the Maid his whereabout in case the mother wakes up and ask about him.

Just about to opened the door,Anne came inside,
“Where are you rushing to?
She asked confusingly.

“I got a call about Eva’s mother being hospitalised so am going to see how she is doing”
He explained to her.

Anne’s heart started battling in anger and jealously.

“Fred what about the lunch we suppose to have this afternoon?
She asked without any atom of smile in her face.

“Let’s leave the lunch for tomorrwo as for now am going to the hospital to know how she is doing”
He said and rushed out.

“Not even a friendly peck?
She sounded.

“Am in a hurry Anne!
He said and got into his car and drove out.

“Damn it! What sort of nons£nse is this?
She shouted angrily and even hit her hand on the door.

“He postponed our lunch all because of that bitch? Who did she think she is? Fred belong to me and to me alone I will never allow a low life from nowhere to come and snatch him away from me,Never!
She shouted angrily and got to her car and drove out.

Fred got to the hospital immediately and Sophia was so happy to see him.
“I know he will come!
She thought with smiles.

“Welcome Sir!
She said to him at the moment he approached her.

“How is Eva’s mother doing? Have Eva deposit the money?
He asked.

“No Sir! She is not yet here”

“Okay then let’s go to the cashier and deposit the money so the Doctor can start the operation immediately”
He said.

They went to the cashier and deposit the money,Eva needed to sign some necessary things for the operation but in the abs£nce of Eva,Sophia now filled the forum and signed on her behalf.

The informed the Doctor to carried out the operation immediately,Mrs Lucia was taken to the surgeon room without wasting any time.

Eva came back with nothing,she didn’t meet the manager when she got to the restaurant,she met the nurse that was also helping Doctor William with her mother’s case at the receptionist and asked her about her mother.

“How is my mother doing Nurse?
She asked.

“Your mother is at the surgeon room right now”
The nurse said and she became so confused.

“Surgeon room! How manage! How possible is that? How pay the money?
She asked confusingly.

“Mr Fred Perez did,he is over there”
She said and pointed to Fred’s direction.

Eva turned and saw him with Sophia smiling at her,
He mumbled in shocked.



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