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My Heartbeat 2 episode 12


(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
“Get the first aid kit granny!” Alex yelled as he ran with me on his back, into the house and past an old woman, to a nearby couch before gently setting me on it and stretching my sored leg on its armrest.

“Oh dear..what happened to her?” the woman, his granny asked with a frightened tone.

“She had an accident granny..please get the box” he said.

The woman ran into a room and arrived seconds later with a large first aid box which I almost found it hard to believe, she lifted on her own.

Alex wasted no time in yanking off the cover and first using what I called a wiper to wipe the dust particle off the wound which hurt a bit, then taking out a bottle of iodine and giving me a warning look.

OK what does he take me for..a weakling??

“I can handle it” I muttered and he pulled open the lid then poured a great amount on a chopped off cotton wool and gently dumped it on my leg.

I frowned in pain and fought the urge to yell as I felt the cold liquid run deep into the wound..I gulped and looked up, seeing Alex’s eyes on mine, not in mocking way..his eyes spelt ‘worried and hurt’ and I quickly changed my expression to a light smile even though I knew it was fake.

He took the now blood stained wool off and tore off a neater one, added what I didn’t know on it and cover the wound then closed it up with a plaster which left a wince, coming out of my mouth.

He took a pain reliever from the box and faced the old woman “N-Granny please get a glass of water” he said and the woman took off and came back after Alex had peeled off two tablets from the drug pack and had handed it to me.
I took the water first then let it down with the drug.

“Oh my..are you OK, miss?” she asked and I smiled then nodded.

“I-I’m fine, thanks” I breathed out…she gently stroked my cheek with a motherly concerned look.


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go make some warm soup..they’ll help relieve the pains” she said and stood up.

“Where’s Anne?” he asked.

“She’s at the balcony..I already informed her about your arri–

“Uncle Alex!” a cheerful voice rang from a room and a young girl in pigtails and a beautiful round face ran out with a smile on her face.


Alex said as she ran and hugged him. I feel like I stranger..that I really am.
They both kept chattering on stuff that I couldn’t fathom.

“Who’s this?” she finally faced me…and I almost let out a sigh of relief.


“I’m his friend” I quickly cut him off and gave him a glare.


really wasn’t gonna tell this kiddo I am his slave, huh?

“Hi Miss Gwen” the girl shyly said and I smiled.


“I’m Joanne” she retorted “But uncle Alex calls me Daisy, you can call me that too if only unc–

“Joanne?” Alex called.

alright..she a Blabber beak, now I know.

“But I’m Joanne” she whispered.

“That’s,uh- a pretty name” I said.

“Oh my God, what happened to your leg?” her eyes flew to the wound on my leg and that was when I realized I’ll definitely have left scars with this kind of looks a little deep.


“She had an accident”
Her eyes had horror.

“I’m so sorry miss” she said soberly.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“Not really” I said.

“You know I think granny’s advice was true after all, granny says I shouldn’t play a lot because when I do I sometimes slip and fall on rock and granny says they leave scars on the spot even after the wound stop hurting…I don’t like scars miss Gwen, they make you ugly” I frowned “And this one’s gonna be a big one” she said.


“Joanne..that’s not nice”

“Uh..I’m sorry” she apologized “But I know you’ll still be very pretty even with scars..

“How’d you know that?”I inquired, amused.

“Coz your hair’s purple and purple hair have lots of beauty”

malarkey, malarkey, malarkey..

“Thanks Anne” I said.

“You’re very beautiful..I always knew Uncle Alex taste are really good” she said and I blushed.

“Uh, Joanne..that’s enough” she faced him with a glare.

“But I’m saying the truth..we both know she’s more prettier than that big girl you come home with” she said and I stroke a brow..

Big girl?


“OK..sorry, sorry..I’ll shut up now” she said and I chuckled..

So funny!

I took a quick glance at the wall click close to the dinning room..’6:35′ the time read.

“Uh..I think I need to go home” I said.


we haven’t talked” Joanne chipped in.


“Yes..I like you and I want us to be friends, I know I’m small and you’re big but will you please be my friend?” her eyes pleaded,making her look more cute.

“Sure honey pie, I can never say no to a cutie” I said and she blushed.

“Thanks” she smiled..”I know you’re the reason why uncle Alex smiles to himself for days now–

“Joanne!” Alex voice stilled.

“But it’s true” she frowned.

“Of course it is” I said and ignored the glare I got.

“I have my birthday tomorrow..uncle Alex promised to take me to the central park and we’ll ride the rolling castle” she smiled “You’ll come along, right?”

“Uh..I don’t know honey but I’ll be sure to send a present” I said and she frowned.

“Uncle Alex?” she faced him “Can miss Gwen go with us?”

“Uhm, cuppy–


“Depends on her decision..I’m sure she has tight schedule, right?”

“Right..I have practicals Anne, but I’ll make it up to you..I promise”

“Fair enough” she frowned and looked down.

“I promise” I said and she smiled.

“Yeah, thanks” she responded with a friendly smile.

Granny hurried out of a room which I supposed must be the kitchen because she had a bowl, which I was sure contained the soup she left to make earlier and a spoon beside it, all on a tray.

“Here honey..drink it while it’s hot” she set it down and handed me a spoon..I couldn’t stretch since I had issues with my leg and she offered to spoon feed me, which I accepted with a smile.

It was late evening 7:41 precisely and the pains on my leg has stopped hurting, I had also sent mom an SMS that I’d be coming home late today and she texted an OK and take care of yourself, without much questions which I solely appreciated.

We all had little gist and got to know each other, excluding Alex who seem to be wherever..well I could say I love this little family and they loved me too because the smiles I received from both granny which I later got to know as Letitia and Joanne, we’re all sincere.

And now I was ready to bade them goodbye since it was late and I had some music notes to get but granny Letitia just had to insist I stay with them for dinner and just when I was about rejecting politely Anne chipped in and pleaded with those puppy eyes that I was sure..
no one could turn down.

And seeing I didn’t want to badge in she called on Alex and literally dragged him from wherever he was and told him to let me stay for dinner like he was some sort of my boss..which we both know he is.
Well, Alex had to tell them the decision was mine and if I refused then they stay with it and seriously.

Alex acted all kind and innocent, he was being humble to his grandma or should I say nanny and the little girl whom I got to find out was a little granddaughter to nanny Letitia and I could’ve sworn I never knew Alex..

I’ve never known he could be so polite to a woman who isn’t even his mother, sweet and kind..
His attitudes right now really qualified those words and geez it was like he got handsome with those sweet characters.

Well, story cut short I finally decided to stay for the dinner which we were having right now and lord help us all, Anne couldn’t stop blabbering about stuffs that happened in her school..during recesses, how she had slipped a live cockroach in a bad boy’s mouth and how she got an A in diction class and won a dollar from a Mrs Jonathan..

OK..we all could agree that she added more light to the dinner and made it sweet but she was could describe her as little but loud and really I learnt one thing..

Never underestimate the power of the little likewise ladies..

“…She got it wrong and had to stay in the toilet all through social studies and maths period” Anne said..

she was talking of a girl whom she played the so popular truth or dare game with in her school, she had asked her a math question which she got wrong and Anne made her stay in the restroom for the two periods that they had left..
Well,I laughed coz it was pretty funny when imagined Alex frowned but nanny only chuckled slightly.

“We all made fun of her” she said “I felt so proud”

Alex grimaced.

“Daisy, what did I tell you about making fun of others pain?”

“Oh,” she put her hand on her lip “Sorry uncle”

OK..unbelievable right, he taught her not to make fun of people’s pain but he makes fun of mine..
A good teacher, huh?

“Here miss Gwen..they’re delicious” Anne forked a meatball to my plate and I was about forking it into my mouth when she suddenly cut it into two with her knife and dumped one half on Alex’s plate.

“It’s more romantic this in the movies” she said.

Romantic..and the hell! what way?

“Mmhhmm” I cleared my throat and faced my food.

“Uncle Alex..why don’t you spoon feed miss Gwen?” she blurted and I almost choked on my food “It hap–

“Joanne?” Granny called with a look.

“What?” she asked with a little frown “That’s how lovers do, right uncle Alex?”

lovers??..seriously lovers???
We’re not even friends.

I looked at Alex and it so happens he was about looking at me too and our eyes jammed..
we both hurriedly look down

This is so awkward ..

(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
“Listen cupcake.. We’re not lovers OK, miss Gwen is just my friend” Alex said to Anne.

OK that was close..

“But there’s nothing wrong with you both being lovers, right granny? ” she faced the older woman who had a wide eyes.

“Joanne!” She scolded.

“That’s impossible!” Alex said with a stern look and I gulped down the lump that hanged in my throat…
“But she’s beautiful.. Right uncle?” She faced Alex with a childish look.

“Uh, I don’t know” he looked down and lifted his fork.

“You know what uncle?”


“You suck at lying” she rolled her eyes while he shrugged.

“Miss Gwen” I slowly raised my head up, well I was nervous..


“Don’t you like my uncle?”

“Uhm.. No I d-don’t” I smiled nervously and looked at Alex whose eyes I noticed was on me, and it was but he quickly looked away when our eyes met.

“You don’t even have a teeny-weeny likeness for uncle? ” she pushed.

“Uh, of course I do,” his eye flew to me and it took a lot of dexterity from me, to look away. “As a friend” I added and I think I saw him smirk or maybe it was my imagination.

“But friends also become lovers.. Don’t they—

“Joanna” granny interjected “It’s wrong to talk during meals.. What did I tell you about it?” She sternly scolded.

“Yeah, I know.. It’s a bad habit” Joanne rolled her eyes after giving her granny a boring look.

“I’m sorry, but–

“No buts kiddo, you can but all you want after dinner” she cut her between her statement.

Seriously, I could kiss granny right now.

“OK.. I’ll keep quiet now” she said and faced her meal while I faced mine.. But guess what, I already lost my appetite.


Well, the remaining minutes we spent having dinner was filled with quietness, thanks to granny for the scolding and the meal, which I forgot to tell you was super delicious.. Just like mom’s.

We had just rounded off dinner and Anne brought chocolate for pudding, well that was what she called it.. I had to bite my lower lip to keep my from laughing and I noticed Alex and granny did same too.

All the same, we had ‘pudding’ and trust Joanne, she talked all through it.. I was glad it wasn’t about Alexander and I becoming lovers..

OK, I know it’s crazy right?
Alex and I, lovers.. When we’re not even friends..


Well Joanne went back to talk about school and other activities that took place in a day.. She Also couldn’t stop boasting about how she’d be a big girl since She’ll be hitting six tomorrow and how many girls she’ll be older than..

She’s a blabber beak..!

Well after everything I had stood to go and Joanne let me after making me share a pinky swear that I’ll come visiting soon and she telling me how much she loved me than the bigger girl and really..
I couldn’t help but wonder who the bigger girl was.

Long story short, Alex had driven me home and had parked in front of my house.. He opened the door and I got down..

Good thing I could walk without limping or having to seek support from anything.. It’ll help lessen interrogative moment.

“Thanks” I muttered enough to his hearing and moved aside.

“Yeah,” he ran a Hand through his hair and gave me a look of contemplation. “I-I’m really sorry about today” he said and I smiled.

He’s nice right..or he’s acting nice.

“It’s OK, it’s not really your fault” I said.
Of course it’s his fault, my subconscious said.

“Does it still hurt a lot?”

“No, I can’t feel a single pain..the drugs and the soup helped a lot” I said.

“I’m glad they did” he smiled, and hey did I mention he looked good when he smiled.

“Me too,” I said “I’ll go ahead now”

“Yes, you should..besides you need rest,” he smiled again “Goodnight”

“Goodnight Alex” I reciprocated the smile.

“Take care of yourself” he moved into his car and I watched until he waved and drove off.
Taking in a mouthful of air, I moved to the porch, first sighting the front light ‘on’ I moved to the door, twisted the knob which let out a slight creak then moved in and closed the door behind me.

I moved further into the living and the sweet aroma of homemade sauce hit me..I looked forward and sighted my family in the dinning, obviously having dinner.

“Gwen!,” mom was the first to notice me and the rest turned while I moved toward them..

“Good evening mom, dad” I greeted.

“Evening honey..where are you coming from?”

“A friend’s house” I replied.

“You’re just in time for some sauce…sit” mom gestured.

“I’ll pass mom, I had too much at Jenny’s” I said.

“Too bad. I had left some for you” mom said.

“Mom, can I have hers?” Jerold stretched his arm


“No!” I swiftly grabbed the plate which had my sauce from mom. “You’re not taking a bite from my food” I gave him a glare.

“But honey, it’ll be a waste since you’re not going to eat it” mom said.

“I’ll store it in the refrigerator and have it for lunch tomorrow” I said.

“Suit yourself” Jerold faced his food.

“I’ll head up first,” I moved to mom and planted a light kiss on her cheek “Goodnight mom”
I moved to dad too and bent to kiss him–

“Oh My God, Gwen! what happened to you?” mom voice rang up and I first stood straight then faced her, seeing her horror filled eyes on my leg I shifted a bit.

“I-I had a minor accident at Jenny’s” I said.

“Are you OK, honey?” dad asked with a concerned look.

“Yes dad..I’m fine, Al- Freya already treated it and it doesn’t hurt at all” I said and sighed knowing I had almost mention Alex’s name.

“You had dinner at Jenny’s and had an accident which got treated at Freya’s..what’s up with with the lie Gwen” Jerold said and I gave him a stern look.

“I’m not lying dweeb, we had a friends day at Jenny’s” I said with my eyes still on him and he shrugged.

“Honey, are you sure you don’t want me to call doctor Norbert?” mom asked, gently taking my arm.

“That won’t be necessary mom, honestly..I don’t feel any pain” I said.

“I’ll just have an early rest..I’ll be fine” I assured.

“If you need anything, call on me OK?”

“Sure will mom,” I kissed Dad “Goodnight dad, mom” I said and head to my room.

“Careful honey!”

“Yes dad” I yelled back.
The next morning arrived more unusual than expected, well the thing was I had been awake since I couldn’t sleep and had spent the early morning looking at the sun as it rose up.

I quickly had some pain killers even though I felt nothing, and tied up the spot which had the bandage with a plastic bag before moving into the en-suite and having a thorough bath and a brush of teeth.

Getting out I unloosed the nylon bag and applied my lotions then took a pink long floral dress which I knew would be long enough to cover the bandages on my leg, I pulled into the dress, buttoned it up, wore a fancy flat sandal and packed up my hair in pony.

Getting all set I grabbed my guitar, checked in for my notes, zipped it back up and took my purse then moved to the living room.

“Good morning, parents.” I grabbed a chair close to dad in the dinning.

“Morning’re you?”

“I’m great dad” I replied, he touched my forehead, checking my temperature then pulled back.

“Your health’s good” he said.

“Honey?” mom moved from the bar.
“Are you strong enough for can take a day off if you want” mom said.

“No mom, I’m good enough to go to school”

“You’re sure honey?”

“Hundred percent” I gave her a thumb up.

“Here, have this first” she passed a coffee to me and I took it then sipped a large amount.

After breakfast mom kissed me goodbye and dad dropped me at the tutorial gate then waved at me.

“Bye dad” I waved back.

“Take care of yourself honey, OK?”

“I will dad” I replied and he drove out of sight.

I adjusted my guitar bag and moved to the gate where I encountered the security who asked for my badge.
Unzipping my purse I pulled out my badge and handed it to him.

“This isn’t yours, is it?” he asked and I gave him a confusing look.

“Of course it’s mine, Gwennie Callaghan” I eyed him.

“This one says, Alex McCormick,” my gaze sharply flew at him as his eyes questioningly gazed mine “Staff” he completed with a confused gaze.

What the—, what??
Alex McCormick, staff..the hell! how did I get this..I was supposed to take mine yesterday which I took out from my purse and left on the table.
How come I had Alex’s.

“It’s not it?”

“No, I mean, see it’s kinda complicated” I said..OK, stuttered.
I stretched my hand to take it but saw someone else snatching it and I faced back.

Sighting five girls with the first one holding the badge and peering with wide eyes, I tightened my fist on to my purse.

“OMG!, it’s senior Alex’s!..
She exclaimed and the other girls scampered beside her, each having a peek.

“Hey,” I started calmly “That’s a…

“What do you have with Alex” her blaring eyes sent pitchfork straight into my eyes and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

OK..I’m in a big mess right now.
What to do..”
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