My Heartbeat

My heartbeat 2 episode 15 – 16


(Rhythm of love❤)
Hailey’s POV
“Simpson height please,” I said to the middle aged taxi driver who merely nodded, before I settled more on the comfy seat and stuck my head out of the window as the mile, closer to Guy’s house rolled away beneath the wheels of the yellow painted taxi.

I took in a mouthful of air as I sighted the signpost just few miles away after few minutes, my nervousness rose higher.
I was meeting Guy today, not just anywhere but at his parent’s house, I’d be meeting his family and his two troublesome sisters; just as he earlier described for the first time and I wondered if they’d see me as a decent girl and if they’d like me.
Well, my dressing was casual, though attractive but casual and I had made sure Ivy had my makeup prettily placed on my face in a way that I wouldn’t be seen as a girl coming to seduce a Guy.

I love Guy a lot and I’m sure it’s not just friendship alone, he just ignites a fire when we happen to spend time together..Guy was one of my very few male friends and the best of them all, I had wished he’d see me more than a friend and knowing that I had to take the first step and kiss him in the females restroom actually made me feel sort of cheap, I had expected him to tell me never to try it again or that whatever the kiss meant to me doesn’t matter to him but he didn’t say a word about it and I didn’t too..
And now I’d be meeting with his parent, not just them but his family and my nerves just keep telling me I didn’t dress well enough, my makeup wasn’t in the likeable way and those things nerves do just to pull you down.

First impression matters a lot, yeah, that was why I had to dress attractive yet comfortable but something just keeps telling me it wasn’t enough.

“Miss,” I felt a warm light hand on mine and I jerked
then looked at the taxi driver whose eyes was transfixed on mine.

“Y-yes” I stuttered.

“We’re here” came his reply and I sighed then looked out, seeing the signpost just in front of me I paid the man and got off the car then stood and watched until it drove and got out of sight.
I looked at myself over and over again as if checking if anything had suddenly changed in my outfit but everything seem in place.


took the direction to Guy’s house and got to the estate, it wasn’t as large as other estates I had visited or encountered but it was beautiful, I moved to their flat 15b just as Guy had described and got there in no time after taking the stairs and tracing the number by each one I came across.

Standing at the doorpost, my nerves seem to failed. Maybe I should’ve just told Guy to come over to my house and not have declined when he offered to come pick me, I had insisted on coming myself and now I was regretting it.
Placing two jelly-strong knock on the door, I stared at my feet, wondering if anyone would’ve noticed my knock since I barely heard it myself..I raised my hand to place another knock when I heard footsteps .


coming!” His voice echoed, it was Guy’s voice. Undoubtedly.
I frantically adjusted my outfit and pushed the strands of my hair that fell
behind my ear before getting to the hem of my dress and pulling it down, noticing it’s length–

“Hey..” the door clicked open and his voice rang in my ear, almost making me jerk..
I raised my face to look at his and let out a small smile.

“Hey” I replied, intertwining my fingers together.
I saw his eyes run down fastidiously through me then back up at my face running round it’s length before settling on my lips then back at my eyes.

“Uhm,” he shook his head “I’m sorry, please come in” he shifted aside and I moved in, fighting deeply the urge to grab at his waist and inhale his manly cologne.

The living room wasn’t what I could describe as large, like mine, it was medium sized but it lacked nothing a well furnished sitting room should have.
A magazine rack at the left just close to a flat-screen TV, a light brown recliner close to a well opened and furnished window, a purple three sitter couch and a sitter sofa, music speakers on a stool, a beautiful tapestry, a table with a rose flower
vase on it, a TV remote and a small coffee cup which was empty then a dinning room at the edge, close to a door which I assumed to be the kitchen.


I faced him with an expressionless look.

“I know I’m not much of an entertainer or a very good host..I’m pretty bad at those stuffs” I chuckled slightly “Please have a seat”

“Sure” I moved to the sofa and sat with a smile, I faced him and noticed his eye on me, somehow lost in something.

“Guy?” He jerked slightly then shook his head “Is something wrong with my look?”

“Huh, of course not..I’m sorry if I gave you that impression, forgive my manners,” I smiled “Do you want something to drink like…coffee, smoothie, br-

“Stay off my sweet creams, Aubrey! ” A loud but sweet voice erupted, cutting short Guy’s sentence and filling the room with sweet scents of vanilla..

My brows narrowed as I sighted a little blond haired girl, running to the couch with an ice cream bowl in her hand and drips of creamy vanilla round her lips, she reached the couch and turned round it..

“It’s ice cream dummy, and it’s not yours alone!” Another girl, older than the first ran out of the same room..with a small spoon in her hand and ice cream on her lips and and nose.
She ran to meet the other girl, also turning round the couch.

I looked at Guy with an amused brow and saw a little hint of anger mixed with distaste for the girls action.

“Aubrey? Shirley?, what’re you both doing!?” Guy bellowed with a frown.
The girls stopped at once, standing beside each other with their eyes on Guy.

“Aubrey’s trying to steal my ice cream” the little girl started and licked her lips.

“It’s not yours d!ck-head, mom said we lick it together” the bigger girl exclaimed and stretched her spoon to the bowl, to scoop the ice cream but the other girl was quick to shift away after giving her a child-like grin.

“Mom never included you!” The smaller one defended.

“Oh she did, and she’s so gonna screw you when she find out, you lied”

“But I’m not lying, mom gave the ice cream to me..not you”

“Oh right, and she instructed we share it together”

“That’s not true, mom never mentioned us..

“Stop telling lies Shirley and just drop the bowl”

“No!.. it’s mine and I get to lick it alone”

“That’s a–

“That’s enough!” Guy yelled, interrupting them both and getting their attention and I suddenly coughed out, moving their attention to me unintentionally.

Their eyes rambled on me, sending cold shivers down my spine and making me look like the centre of attraction or awareness.

“She’s the one” the little girl tiptoed and whispered to the taller one who whispered something inaudible in response.

“Hey, g-girls” I raised my hand slowly and waved, but they kept staring..increasing my nervousness to a greater height.

“She beautiful” the taller one said, her gaze Washing over me and making me look down.

“Aubrey, Shirley..this is Hailey” Guy moved behind me and I almost kissed him for his their gazes now moved to him then back at me.

“Hi Hailey” they both waved in unison.

“Hi,” I waved back.

“She’s so stunning,” the Blondie whispered.

“OK, enough of the stares,” Guy moved between us and crossed his arm “Aubrey, Shirley, enough of the stares and back to you rooms, Hailey and I have works to do” Guy said.

“Miss Hailey, can I touch your hair?” The Blondie asked, ignoring Guy’s remark.

“Uh, sure” I said and she rushed to me, still with the ice cream bowl and climbed on a chair then touched my hair gently and straightened it.

“It’s soft and fresh” she said to the bigger one who also ran to me, climbed the chair and touched my hair too.

“OK that’s enough, you both need to go to your room” Guy said and they both jumped down.

“Fun squasher” Shirley eyed him, putting her bowl between her arm and giving Guy a glare.

“Have all the fun with your girlfriend, bro” the other retorted


“Oh heavens, Guy finally got himself a girlfriend, a pretty one..please make it last lord, please” the Aubrey girl raised her hand up.

A pretty girlfriend..

“Aubrey?” Guy eyes widened.

“Oh, right..come-on Shirley, let’s give the couples some privacy” she said and I almost coughed out,

The two girl moved and disappeared to a room.
I faced Guy and he also looked at me then we ended laughing out.

(Rhythm of love ❤)
Guy’s POV.
“Get the glue,” I whispered to Hailey with my gaze on the toothpicks I had stuck together in my palm, Hailey pulled off the plastic lid and stretched the glue to me..

“Rub it here, gently” I said and she moved her hand to the edge of the toothpick then rubbed a little amount on it and repeated same process for the other..I gently set it on the planked wood we had by my bed before grabbing another toothpick..

“Here, make this in three step” I stretched a toothpick container to her and she took it with a smile.
My eyes moved to her lips as she bent to clamp two toothpicks together;
Those lips. they were soft, thin and purplish, my gaze throughout the whole drink back at the sitting room was on her lips and her face and now that were making this stuff my gaze still couldn’t stop fantasizing at her lips.
They were beautiful; she is beautiful.

She w€t her lower lip then grabbed it into her mouth and bit on it..the urge to give her a mild and tender kiss on it came, to grab her and kiss her until those lips become soft and warm.
when she unexpectedly kissed me back there at the restroom I was dazzled, she unlocked a feeling I had kept hidden for months, she was different..her lips told it.
It was a quick kiss but I could still feel the lingering effect on my lips, I could still see her lips mashing mine in a kiss, see her lid closed in passion.

Did it mean something; I’ve been trying to place two and two together and see if she had kissed me because she wanted to, needed to or just couldn’t resist it..
I wanted her too, it wasn’t what you could call love but I knew I wanted her..the kiss opened an unclosed and indispensable passion in me.

It was like it sent a message, an unfathomable message, a message that only fulfilled desires could open.

“Guy,” a rough but warm hand made contact with my skin and I flinched back to reality to see Hailey staring shyly at me.

“I need the glue” her voice rang like sweet melodious songs in my ear, they mesmerized and warmed my heart to a past degree centigrade.

“Oh,” I blinked “Right” I picked up the glue and mashed it the bodies of the toothpick, watched as she clamped them then applied more until they were ten in a row.

“Is it enough?” she asked and batted her lids.

“Uh,” I rubbed my temple “I think five more will do” I said.

“OK” she set to work and I assisted, seconds later we were through and she added it to the half bonnet of the car.

“Wow…almost done” she said and wiped her forehead.

“Tired?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she batted her lids “You did most of the work, I can only imagine how worked-out you must be” she said.

I giggled slightly.

“Wanna play,”

“Uh, I don’t–

I quizzed some glue in my index finger and dumped it on her face interrupting her of her word and leaving an “Ow!” snuggling out of her agaped lips.

“You bad ass!”she groaned and picked her glue, planted a little in her finger and was about dumping it on my face but I dodged and it ended up in my hair.

My bad…

“Hey, that’s one of the best things in my body” I squeezed more and attach it to her cheek, she frowned then laughed.

“Watch how I ruin Mr best thing..” she stood up, squeezed out a big glue to her palm then moved to me to dump it on my hair but I pushed her off making her land on the bed and I quickly moved on top her, grabbed a nearby napkin and dabbed the glue off her palm with it.

“You cheat!” she grumbled and her breath came on my face, caressing, teasing and leaving an unexplained but good feeling on it, I faced down and her sky blue eyes jammed mine..sending an unreadable message and signal. Mixing with the feelings I had and spilling it’s content out at me.

I couldn’t think of anything else but her, us, Yes, I know it wasn’t was want.
A long feeling of want that rose up at our first or probably second sight and contact, the feeling I had left behind and somehow vowed not to open.

I wonder how a quick kiss could make one renew everything you’ve left behind and unlock things you refuse to bring out to the open.

“Hailey,” I muttered carelessly “Y-you’re beautiful”

“You think so?” she asked and oh lord..
Her breath warmed my cheeks, they tendered and dewed it, I wanted it on my lips, I needed it to mash mine..I needed to satisfy my feeling.

“I-I want to feel you Hailey,”

“Feel me?, ho–

I cut her statement short with a kiss, first staying in one position to feel her lips on mine directly, to caress and tease it then feel her resistance..
Finding no resistance I moved leftward-ly and intertwined her lips with mine and deepened the kiss.

“Guy” I heard a m0an escape between breath as she pushed into me and wrapped her hand to my back, pulling me downwards and sending bumps to my stomach and instantly making me push to the right.

Tasting every corner I stayed upward for a while then resistant-ly pulled away before I do something regrettable.

“Awww” a voice came from the door and I sharply sent my gaze to the door in time to see Aubrey and Shirley at the door which was now opened, smiling at something on the phone..

Wait..they didn’t take pictures, did they?

“This is the craziest, romantic and cunny-est kiss I’ve seen apart from movies” Aubrey said, still looking at the phone.

I looked down at Hailey and saw her eyes intent on them too.

“Aubrey?” I called and their eyes flew to us, shocked.

“What’re you both doing here?” I questioned.

“Uhm,” Shirley stammered and straightened her hair nervously.

“You know Guy, I thought I was the cunni-est here, but you just proved me wrong, did you really have to end it?” Aubrey walked forward.

“Uhm, Guy?” Hailey called and I faced her, seeing a frown on her face I realized I was still on top of her, I quickly got up and sat.

“Just see how cute they look together” Shirley said with her gaze on the phone.

“That is so going to face shack” Aubrey chuckled.

“Wait!, what’s going to face shack?”

“Oops, never mind Guy, just go back to what you were doing..Shirley and I will give you your deserved privacy at the door” she moved.

“You both didn’t take pictures, did you?

“pictures?” Shirley scoffed “It’s all here Guy, the cunny glue pasting act, the romantic sweet talks and the kiss..we have it all here”

“It was like I was watching a romantic sitcom, Glue and grab” she waved her hand to the air.

“What, give me that!” I stood up to go after them..

“Oh My God!” Shirley suddenly exclaimed and I stopped.

“What?” Aubrey went to her.

“I,” she gulped and peered harder into the phone “I sent the video to trash”

“What!,” Aubrey exclaimed “You’re kidding right?”

“I wish I was”

“How could you Shirley?”

“I only wanted to save it, I didn’t know I clicked on the delete”

“So what now?” she stood akimbo.

“Guy?” Aubrey clapped gently and walked to me “Can you like, you know, do that stuff again, I mean the whole kissing thing?” her eyes pleaded.

“Not happening kiddo,” I shook my head “You both, out of my room” I moved them to the door.

“pleeassse, just this once, please Guy” Shirley begged.

“Though the offer is tempting but there’s no way I’m taking it..goodbye” I banged the door on their faces.

“Ugh!, I always knew you were a dummy” I heard Aubrey angry voice through the door.

“But it’s not my fault” Shirley defended.

I shook my head and looked forward to see Hailey eyes on mine, we stayed that way for a while then burst out laughing again.

That’s just how it goes, when you happen to have crazy and annoying sisters who just like poke nosing.
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