My Heartbeat

My heartbeat 2 episode 17


(Rhythm of love)
Hailey’s POV
We rounded up the project or should I say punishment, well we finished it up all the same but the Tyre were still too takes a little bit hard pushing to make it move but all the same it moved and we both breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed side by side on the bed, stole glances at each other and laugh when being caught.

Well I could I have total fun, I was welcomed into his house and somehow I felt more at home here than in my own house where I face irresistible trouble with Ivy and try to dig into mom’s absence most of the time.

She was the only one I knew and grew up with,I had lost my dad when I was two in a train accident and I could barely remember his face apart from pictures and the little facial resemblance I had of him. I knew he was dead but I know he always live with us, I feel his presence sometimes.

And Ivy, I actually preferred taking her as a sis since I was never given the opportunity to have a sister or siblings, I had taken Ivy as one when mom brought her home and informed me she’ll be living with us for a while.
Ivy’s mom actually got a five months contract to Hawaii that was vital, the booked seat could only convey a person, which was her and she had to beg mom to let Ivy spend the five months she’ll be away with us.

Mom accepted since she and Mrs Jane, ivy’s mom were friends and for my benefit..she wanted me to get to make friends and feel the joy of having a close partner..
Well I took the whole stuff with mixed feelings but still I accepted Ivy on her first arrival..she looked so innocent, timid and shy, I loved her like a sis and shared secret things between us until she started acting weird and disturbing.

“Earth to Hailey” I felt a snap on my face and I blinked to see Guy beside me.


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I stood up.

“What’s wrong, you seem to have gone faraway”

“It’s nothing, I think I should go” my gaze went to the wall clock.

“Why?, did I say something wrong?” he asked.

“Of course not. it’s getting late and mom doesn’t like me staying out late”

“Sure you OK?”

“Yup and I’m really sorry about today, I didn’t get to apologize earlier..


for what?” he questioned.

“This,” I pointed to the woody car “It’s my fault that we had to make this. You did most of the work here, it’s supposed to be me but you did it, I–

His hand flew to my lips, erupting my sentence and leaving my brows raised.

“I don’t want you to apologize for the kiss, it happened because it had to and about today..I’m glad we spent the afternoon together” he said and took his hand off my lips.


His lips obstructed my statement this time in a sweet, deep but light kiss, he pulled away, stared at me then stood er£ct.


don’t regret anything, just don’t feel bad about it” he said and I gulped, refusing to let my gaze meet his.

“I-I think I should go now,” I stuttered “It’s almost eight”

“Actually it’s seven” he corrected and I bit my lower lip.

“Yeah” I gave him a quick peek then look back down at my shoes which now seem interesting to me. “But it’s getting late all the same” I picked my little purse on the bed.

“I’ll walk you to the park” he offered and I nodded, still not looking at him.

He walked me to the living room where Aubrey and Shirley were watching a Barbie collection cartoono with popcorn on their laps.

“You’re leaving?” Shirley was the first to turn and notice me before Aubrey.

“Yes” I replied.

“But mom isn’t home yet” she said.

“Mom comes home late most time and Hailey doesn’t like staying out late” Guy said.

“OK, so now you speak for her” Aubrey shot him a glare while he shrugged, making me bite my lips to prevent me from laughing.

“He’s right, I don’t like staying out late at night but don’t worry I’ll visit some other time”

“Of course you will, you’re Guy’s new girlfriend and we’re his family so it’s just proper that you visit but I don’t want you to leave just yet” she said.

“But I have to, OK..I’ll be back again”

“When? tomorrow?” Shirley asked

“No but sometime soon”

“OK” she drawled and faced back to the television.

“Goodbye” Shirley said and I smiled.


to you too” I said


Guy saw me off at the taxi park, pecked my forehead, paid for the taxi bills even though I insisted I could handle it then waved me goodbye with two more pecks on my cheeks before leaving.

I settled down on the cushion which had two other occupants and stuck my head a little bit out, watching as the street, shops and houses came in sight then disappeared as soon as they arrived, I retreated, took out my phone, turned it on and peered at the time.
Mom wouldn’t be home until 8:00 and I have to be home before then..
She detest late nights or should I say ‘me staying late out at night’ for reasons best known to her.

I vividly remember when I once stayed out late with Tania, my high school friend, because we went to a school club party, then an aftermath of the succession of the party and our victory at the games we had.

Mom scolded the hell out of me and grounded me for three days;– no school, no phone, no visitation, no friends, just me, alone at home for three days!!
It was really hectic, though I did nothing other
than eat, wake up, read, watch TV then sleep again.
My life for the whole three days I was grounded revolved on those and right there and then I vowed not to keep late night and literally had to beg mom before she cancelled my grounding tenure but not without setting a curfew, I must be home before she arrives from work, well I agreed. It was way more better than staying in a big house all by yourself.
It was dazzling that I still had to stick to the curfew even as a college graduate.
I knew mom was doing it all for my good but it was way too strict..I’m a lady now, something mom never seem to get even though it was very much obvious.
The taxi dropped few miles away from my house and I got down and
trekked to the house, getting to the porch and the front door I easily turned the knob, noticing the key dangling

Getting into the house I looked at the wall clock 7:50, I threw my purse on a nearby couch before going to settle beside it and moistening my lips as the kiss I shared with Guy bounced into my inner screen.

“You’re home” Ivy’s voice brought me out of my thoughts and back to earth and reality.
I looked at her, wondering if she had said a statement or asked a question.

“Yes” I responded before standing up and moving to my room,noticing her trail behind me I rolled my eyes and took of my sandal once in my room, before settling on the bed and loosening my hair.

“How did your date go?” She asked, assisting in taking off the hairpin which I felt got stuck.

“It went well and it wasn’t a date,”

“Oh,” she mumbled “But there was a Guy?”


“So it’s a date then”

“Not a date Ivy, we just had school practicals together” I said.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Ivy..,” I groaned slightly when I felt her palm on my shoulders, massaging it gently, I shut my eyes knowing what was coming next.

“You know Hailey,” her hand slipped to elbow as she rubbed it “I missed you, every single minute you were away,” she slipped to my fingers and splayed it on hers, examining it “It was really damning for me” I felt her lips on my hand, then her tongue..teasing it.
I shut my eyes in response, enjoying the feeling for a while.

“Ivy stop!” I gently pushed my hand off and shifted away from her, letting her gaze fall confusingly on me.

“Why?” She questioned “Did I say something bad?”

“No,” I mumbled “No, I’m not just in the mood right now”

“But I felt your response” she moved to me.

“No,” I stretched an arm, preventing her from coming further “I can’t do this anymore Ivy” my voice softened as I felt my emotion slipping in.

“But why?”

“It’s not right, we’re not supposed to be doing this” I said.

“You say that every time I take the first move..

“I’m serious now Ivy, I’ve made my decision. This isn’t the life I want”

“It’s not necessary you live this way forever honey”

“But how do I learn to stop if we keep doing it?”

“You will, I promise” she came to me and I stood up.

“Mom can come in anytime from now, it’s almost eight”

“We still have about eleven minutes left, let’s just make the best use of it”

“Best,” I scoffed “You call this best. This isn’t a life Ivy, it might be yours but it’s not’d never be mine” I said.

“It doesn’t have to,” I felt her warm breath that smelt of coffee on my neck, I stood transfixed with my eyes closed for a while. “Just enjoy it while you can,”


“Shh” her hand blocked my words and I took a deep breath as she turned me to her.

“My days here are limited, I don’t have much time,


“Please Hailey, please” She fumbled on my cheeks then raised my head up, making her eyes meet mine and I felt them melt pleadingly.

She bent her face to mine and fastened her lips onto mine in a kiss before pushing me to my bed.
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