My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat 2 episode 2 – 3


(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
Sharply pulling into a three quarter short and orange shirt the next day after a quick bath, I packed up in my hair in ponytails, swiftly applied my deodorants, picked my instrument bag and stuffed in my phone, an exercise note and a pen then hurried to the dinning hall with the other girls..
Getting to the big hall with about six chairs circled round a huge huge round table on each side of the room..I moved through the door and looked at the unfamiliar faces before me.

“Gwen..over here”

I faced Hailey then moved towards her direction, getting to the seat and being jammed with three unfamiliar faces and three empty seats..I gave a questioning look at Hailey before plopping on a seat close to her.

“Gwen..this are Lexie and friends” Hailey introduced “Lexie and Bonnie..Gwennie, my bestie” she said and we all exchanged friendly smiles the shook hands…

Taking my gaze at the round table I noticed Six saucers and coffee cups on them, spoon, fork and knife were neatly wrapped on a transparent foil, beside it are ceramic cups, glass plates and tins of milk and chocolates then a box with cubes of sugar..
I looked at the other tables in the hall and noticed same thing on all of them..
Shrugging I looked back at the girls who were now interacting.

“Missing someone?” a girl voice came in and we all faced to look.

“Hey Tams..just in time” Hailey said.

“Hey Gwen..been a while” she faced me and i smiled.

“Yeah..been good?”

“Obviously” she took a sit beside me.

Seconds later Lois joined the group and our seats were complete..

“Good morning ladies” a voice broke out from the door..gazes followed.

A young petite woman stood by the door and Gabriella stood with her.

“Breakfast is about to be served..remember to be at the practical class 15minutes after your’s class will be extremely special, lateness will not be accepted and attendance will be conducted daily..Thank you”

She moved out with the other lady and seconds later women in aprons and chefs outfit filed in with trays, jugs, and mugs…


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our table with the sweet scent of steaming pancakes and berry jam with fries then a mug of coffee and a jug filled with water then serviette close to the meal she took over to the next table..
A chubby woman dished the meals into our plates, setting the egg on top the pancakes then a sealed bottle jam before us and filling our cups with steaming coffee without traces of milk..she left with the pancake and leftover plate of fried egg after confirming if the food was enough..


she smiled and moved to the next sitters.

“My love for this school just keeps getting bigger” Tamara said..stabbing her pancake with the fork and inhaling the sweet scent.

I smiled and unwrapped my cutlery then dug into the meal.
“…it’s just close to the Guys room” Hailey said after I inquired about the direction to the concert hall from her..


Hailey..I’ll see you at lunch” Lois said as we finished climbing the stairs.

“Bye Gwennie” Tamara waved and I waved back then watched as they moved to their classes.

Getting to the medium sized hall, Hailey and I moved to the empty seats close to Guy and Justin.

“Hey guys” Hailey greeted.

“Hey ‘girls'” Guy greeted with same sarcasm.

“Crew leaders..ensure to seat with your members..the pairing will begin immediately” A voice spoke from a speaker box.


Rustling of chairs and movement of student crowded the hall..I stood up with Justin and moved to a separate seat that were already four in number then took a seat at the front..Julie followed then the two guys took the last seat.

Minutes later a woman addressed us after calmness took over.

“Sam’s crew will be doing a mash up with crew guys are to collaborate, pick a song and present it tomorrow” she left the crew and moved to mine.

“Gwennie’s crew are mashing up with Lina’s..your presentation will be asked of tomorrow..”

She kept on pairing and pairing until it was finally over then she faced us.

“The practice can start immediately.. the first contestant for the competition are performing on Thursday, will be selected..good day everyone” she said and left..

“Hey Gwen!”
I turned..



“Yeah..Nana, you’re here too?”

“Yup…we’re crewed” she said..

“Ahem! guys…anyone with idea?” the Lina girl stepped in.

“Um.. why don’t we do a mash up?” a brown haired girl asked.

“Of course it’s a mash up Jess..we need song suggestions..anyone?”

“I think I do” I said..

She gave me a long look.



“Let’s hear you out” she dragged her chair towards mine and the rest followed.


night some of us sat by the fire, watching the moon while some were typing on their phones..
I sat with Hailey on a log, she was engrossed in her phone and seem to be pretty carried away on it.

I turned.

“Hey Jay” I turned and faced him.


“No..why?” I asked and he rubbed his temples.

“Was wondering if you’d love to seat at the garden with me…the air’s more nicer there” he said.

I smiled.

“Sure” I said..

“Let me help” he said..

I stretched my hand and he pulled me up..
our face almost touched but I was quick to pull off before something regrettably happens.

We arrived at the garden and he moved two rocky stones together, offered me one and sat at the other.

“The moon’s more clearer here” I said dragging the jacket close and looking at the sky.

“And beautiful” he muttered..
I felt his warm breath on my neck skin and I faced him..

His gaze were on me and he didn’t even notice I was staring at him now.

“Is there something on my face” I touched my lips where I saw his gaze focused on..

“Jay?” I called and he jerked.

“Is there something on my face?”

“, guess I stared too much” he sharply adjusted his gaze, fully embarrassed and I smiled.

“Ahhh!” I breathed in deeply “Like you said..the air’s really nice here” I said.


“And really cold” I shivered.

“You’re cold?” he asked.

“I guess” I rubbed my palms.

He pulled off his jacket..

“’s help keep you warm”

I frowned.

“What about you?” I said narrowing my brows at the sleeveless jersey he wore.

“Don’t worry about me..I’m not too cold”

“Liar…it’s obvious” I said.


“Yeah” I took the large jacket from him “Let’s just use it together”

I shifted to him, drew my body closer to his and slightly shivering at the sudden contact and the butterfly that danced in my stomach pit..
I wrapped the jacket around us with his eyes fixed on me.

I faced him with a smile and noticed his eyes on me too..I blushed..

The scene was totally awkward and the sudden blowing wind made it more awkward..

He stretched his hand and tucked my hair behind my ear then lowered his gaze to my lips..

Please kiss me..
oh please..

“Can I tell you something?” he asked.

“Yes” I whispered with my gaze still on him..

The wind blew again and scattered my hair..

“I’ll tell you next time..but now we’ve gotta go” he pulled me up and my weight fell on him..

He tucked a handful of hair behind my ear again and gave a small smile.

“Looks like it’s gonna be a windy night” I said and he quickly wrapped the jacket around me…
I was about arguing but his hand grasped mine and we both walked to the house.

(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
Spreading the duvet on the bed, I laid myself on it then used the blanket to cover myself..ready to go to sleep..

“Hey” she called and I sat up in some sort of amusement.

“Hey Lois” I said in a surprising tone.

“Surprised..I guess” she said.

“Um yeah..we’ve not really been on talking terms” I said.

“I know..I’m sorry, I’ve been really snobbish, it’s my fault” she said and I smiled.

“Nah..I guess you’ve got your reasons” I said.

“Going to sleep already?” she asked.

“As you can see…why?”

she shrugged.

“Nothing” she shrugged “So, we can be friends right?”

“Yeah..sure” I said.

“Thanks” she smiled “Goodnight” she walked away..

I set the blanket over me again and-



“Yes Nana” I sat up again..

“Oops..sorry for interrupting your beauty sleep, I just wanted to know if I’d be taking the high notes for the mash up song” she said..

“No…Jasmine’s the one using it, you’re’d take the note once we get to the next song” I said..

“Oh thanks” she smiled and turned then faced back “Goodnight” she walked away..

I started packing the blanket up when I saw it..

the jacket

Justin’s huge jacket..
I forgot to give it back.

A smile forcefully tugged at the corner of my lips as I recollected the awkward stares, the smiles and his hand moving to my hair and pulling it behind my ears..then his eyes going to my lips..

Oh gee..I wished he had kissed me.
Stupid wind..I was sure something would’ve at least happened if that wind hadn’t ruined the evening.

I took the jacket in a palm and inhaled the manly cologne, sweet scenting herbs mixture..
I breathed out.
I gently folded the jacket, vowing to return it tomorrow..I set it aside and gathered the blanket up to my feet then rested my head on the pillow and drifted to sleep.


The next morning we had wheat bread, jam and creamy coffee for breakfast then head to the practical hall for the morning lessons..
quickly settling down on our spot with the rest of the crew members.

The lady whom we all got to later know as Mrs Jacob stepped in with Gabriella and Alex..

yes, Alex McCormick..and two other unfamiliar people..

Our eyes met and I quickly looked away before he’d do anything that cause attention..

‘He’s more calmer than you think’
I sharply shook Hailey words of my head.

“Let’s hear what you’ve got Bella” the woman moved to the first set of crew.

They all gathered, some with their instrument and the rest with notes..they moved to set stage.
A girl and a boy took the microphone while a guy moved to the drum sets and the rest stood with their instruments.

Alex and the others were seated in a separate chair with books and pen..

“What song are you presenting crew Bella?” Mrs Jacobs asked..

“Mama by Jonas blue and William singe” she said.

“OK..let’s hear you”

The stage went dim and tensed light suddenly blew out then tones and beats followed..they matched exactly with the song..

“Where should we run to, we’ve got the world in our hands and we’re ready to play” the Bella girl started.
“They say we’re wasted but how can we waste it if we’re loving everyday” she sang on
“Okay I got the keys to the universe so stay With me, ’cause I got the keys, babe” she paused and the best increased the both she and the guy sang on
“Don’t wanna wake up one day wishing that we’d done more
I wanna move fast never look back it’s what were here for
Don’t wanna wake up one day wondering where it all go.
cos we’ll be home before you know.
I wanna hear you sing it..

They were greatly applauded once they stepped down the stage.
Mrs Jacobs commended and applauded them then called on the next crew..

The took the stage and again the tension took over, then the lights and the beats followed then the song..
They were also applauded after getting down and the next crew came on..

Hailey and Guy’s crew were the next and seriously their song was a blast..we all applauded.

Then another set took the stage before our turn set in..

Taking the mic with Lina, Nana and Justin..the guys took over the instruments and I stepped forward with Jay..since our song was first.

“We’re presenting a mash up song, double actually..all of me by John legend and helplessly by Tatiana Manaois” I said.

“OK..let’s hear it”.

The tension came, lights then slow beats..
Justin started
“What would I do without your smart mouth
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down”
I continued
“What’s going on in that beautiful mind
“I’m on your magical mystery ride And I’m so dizzy,
don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright
jay continued
“My head’s under water But I’m breathing fine
“You’re not helping me babe” Lina sang on.
you’re not helping me babe
But I fall helplessly for you..for you mmh”
Humming came in..
“Give your all to me” Justin mashed in
“I give my all to you”I stepped in
“You’re my end and my beginning” he faced me.
“Even when I lose I’m winning” I faced him back then we took a step.
“Coz I give you all all all all of me” our eyes met.
“And you give you all all all all of you..

The light come on brighter and the beat stopped.

They all stood to applaud us and I blushed.

“That was awesome girl” Hailey voice came on among the pew.

“Nice one guys” another one said in the pew.

“Wow!” another exclaimed

“That was a nice mash up guys” Mrs Jacobs said with smiles as she stood up.

“This is so going to be used at the finals” she commended.

“Thank you” we all said obviously excited.

“You can go back to your seats” she said..
We all moved back after giving ourselves high fives.

Once the calmness came again Mrs Jacob took the podium..

“So the judges are ready to give you all your desired marks and truthfully you all did spectacular with the presentations, it was way more bigger than we all expected and today the participators for tomorrow’s contest will be chosen once the marks are given, and as we all know not all of you are presenting..
it’s not that your songs ain’t, your songs are really good and I also wish y’all can present but that’s not how it’s a three time thing so you don’t have to feel bad if your crew isn’t among the selected, another time will surely come..just do your best to applaud and cheer your peers coz the prizes will not only be shared among them but all of you”she paused “The presenting crew for tomorrow contest will be announced now”” she said then moved to the seniors who acted as the judges.

She collected a piece of paper from each of them then moved back to the podium..

“The results are here and the participating crew are Roy’s and Sabrina’s” she said and an applaud rendered in the air.

“Congratulations Roy, Sabrina..we hope to see more better performance from you tomorrow” she said.

“You’d be moving with Joe..he’d give you and your crews hints and a bit of introduction on how the contest will be like so nothing will seem new to that OK?”

“Yes ma’am” they all responded with ecstasy clearly obvious in their voice.

“Your outfits are already in the fitting room. you’ll be directed there after Joe’s done with you..please move ahead now” she said and the crews left..
We closed for the afternoon after the presenting crew for the next contest were announced.

“Girl that was boom!” Hailey said as we got down the stairs.

“Thanks..But I wasn’t the only one you know”

“Yeah but you really killed was like I’ve never heard that song before” she smiled “And Jay..goodness Gwen it was like you guys sang directly from your heart” I faced her.

“What do you mean?”

“You know..trying to pass a message, swears girl the chemistry was damn noticeable” she said.

“OK Hailey..first, there’s no chemistry it was just what we pulled up together yesterday..we had to make it real” I said.

“And that’s why your cheeks are flaming red?” she asked.


I placed my hand on them..Was I really blushing.

“Come-on Hailey, it’s nothing and besides who wouldn’t blush at such appraisal?”

“ one, I know” she agreed “But girl you took everyone by surprise..I’m sure your crew will be picked on the finale”

“It was that think everyone liked it?”

“The tension, beats, humming, songs, the voices, rhythm, mash was super girl..super and geez the expressions I saw couldn’t tell less” she winked.

“Compliment appreciated” I said.

Well for starters I shocked everyone with my mashed up, alright our mashed up songs but it was my suggestions anyways and I gave everyone their parts..

And now seeing how good the turn up came was surprising..

“Alex is the best” I scoffed..

Yeah..not until I give them a teeny weeny surprise package of what the G-spice can do.
Lol..the g-spice..

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