My Heartbeat

My heartbeat 2 episode 25 – 26


(Rhythm of love)
Alex’s POV
“Gabby, I know you can hear me. Please open up” I took her palm which had a clip and caressed it gently but she didn’t stir,
For two days now she’s been like this, lying on this damn bed, not moving nor breathing on her own and still in the hospital gown with her eyes shut.

The doctor had assured us that she’ll be okay since the drug hadn’t really eaten completely into her body system and because we had brought her at an early stage of the drug intake but I needed to see her, I needed to hear her speak and tell her everything I had in mind, how much torture she was putting me through each second I see her with her eyes closed on the bed.
I wanted to be the first to see her wake,I wanted to be the first to hold her in my arm and never leave her side. She means so much to me, how could I have not realized that until now, I’ve made a fool of myself all this while and stayed away from her because of pride because I didn’t want her to think I was so much in need of her even though the feeling was biting deep into me.
I love Gabby, if not because of what I feel about her but because of my baby and because of the love she had for me too, she had given me her body because she felt it was what I needed to love her back and I had pushed her like her feelings never mattered, like she was a pest, like she had power over her heart.

My child. how could I have not realized that gabby was with my child, a little me was growing within her and her life was in danger.
The doctor told us that the foetus had a 50/50 lifeline, the drug had bitten into it a bit and only a miracle could save it.

I was shattered,it was like my world was crumbling right in front of me, I couldn’t stop blaming myself even though I knew I wasn’t at fault. Gabby took those decision on her own, I was simply ignorant but now I felt like I had led her right to her destruction, to this Sicko bed.

“Alex,” I felt a light palm on my shoulder and I looked up to see Mr Sheppard in a sober mood.
“That’s enough, you have to go home” he said and I wiped my face, feeling a salty liquid in my mouth, I realized I’d been crying.

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“No, I want to watch her” I said “I want to be here when she wakes up, I want to be the first person she’ll see when she opens her eyes,I want her–

“Alex, son I know it’s really saddening to see her like this especially now that she’s with your child,but it’s sad for everyone too, we’re all eager to see her out of here too and soon,” he said “Do you think she’ll be happy knowing that you skipped bathing, food and sleeps because of her, do you think she’ll like to meet you dirty and unhealthful when she gets up, do you think she’ll be glad knowing that she’s the reason you’ll have ulcer because you’re skipping meals?. We’ve been assured that she’ll be okay, you just have to look good for her when she eventually comes up”


looked back at Gabriella and caressed her hand before placing a light kiss on it, a tear fell and I sniffed.

“I’ve made many mistakes in life Mr Sheppard and one of them, the most painful of them all is not telling Gabby I love her, not giving her the true love of a true friend and a father to our child,I’ve failed her over and over again and I want to amend all my mistakes. I want to do it when she opens her eyes, I want her to know about everything I had hidden for her all along–
my voice cracked and I broke down in tears.

“Alex” Mr Sheppard patted my back “Son, you have to be strong”

“I love her, I love my child, I-I want them both alive. I need them so much I feel like it’s all my fault”

“it’s not your fault son, we’ve all made mistake once, twice or even more in our lives. The only thing that changes it is when we realize it and are ready to make amends..

“But not everyone gets a chance to”

“Don’t think negative, she’ll pull through, I know that–

“Oh Alex sweetie, my poor son!” mom rushed in with tears in her eyes.

“Mom?” I stood up and rush to hug her tightly.
Like a lost child who just found his mother.
like a child that doesn’t know his way.
Like a child that needed comfort that only a mother’s arm could bring.


rushed down here as soon as I heard,” her hand ran through my back” Oh, my son”

“How’s she, any improvement yet” dad asked Mr Sheppard.

“Not yet but the doctor gave his assurance on her consciousness” he said.

“How long did he mention?”

“Four days to a week, it’s been two days already, we’re still waiting”

“I’m so sorry Sheppard” mom said.

“It’s okay, Ashley”

“She’ll be fine soon”

“I know, she’s my only child. I can’t lose her just yet” he said.

“Where’s Bella?”
mom asked, referring to gabby’s mother.

“She’s with the doctor”

“Awww! poor woman, she must be in such a pain, I have to see her”

“The doc’s office is two door away from the left” he directed my mom and she left,patting my back lovingly with a gently eyes.

I let my palm rest on gabby’s stomach,I couldn’t feel anything of course. the baby must’ve been just a week old and in few more week it’d start developing, that’s if it’s still alive, if it hadn’t been completely destroyed yet by the drug.

“Son, you have to eat something. At least for Gabriella’s sake”
I faced dad, expressionless.

“Yes dad,” I stood up, glancing hopefully at gabby but as always, for the two past days, it was shattered. “I’ll head home now”

“Please inform me if there’s any news” I said.

“We will” Mr Sheppard said and I let out a small nod before moving out of the room and exiting the hospital.
Justin’s POV
It was lunch time the next day and I head out to get my food and yeah, my friends weren’t with me. Guy and Hailey had stuffs to do while Gwen had to leave for a staff’s office visually making my go for their lunches and I had no problem with that as long as it involved Gwen.

She hasn’t given me an answer to my proposal yesterday and of course I didn’t expect her to, I had given her quite a shock which she must still be trying to pass through but I was glad I had made the proposal, somehow my mind was at rest, I had let out one important thing that had been in it so of course it had to be light.
I just hope she accept because if she doesn’t I was sure I’d never propose to a girl again.

I can’t stand being rejected twice, but Gwen wasn’t violent. she isn’t like Lelia.

I arrived the cafe and purchased my food , Gwen’s Guy’s and Hailey’s before moving, I held it tight in the plastic bag before turning and heading to the exit.

“Hey, Justin?” I heard a voice and I stopped halfway through the door before turning.

“Hey Lois,” I greeted taking two step to her.
My brows narrowed when I sighted a guy with her, and my gaze flew to their intertwined fingers which Lois tried fruitlessly to lose.

“How’ve you been?” she asked, still struggling to free her hand from the unyielding guy.

“Uh, I’ve been good” I answered.

“It’s been a while,”

“Indeed it has”

“Ahem!” the guy interrupted “don’t I get an introduction?” he asked with a small smile.

“Right,” she playfully eyed him “Justin this is Ivan, he’s uh, my friend..

“Your friend?” he faced Lois “I’m your boyfriend” he corrected with a stroked brow.

“Com’on Ivan, not now!” she gave him a look.

“But you said you’d accept” he gave her same look.

“And I haven’t, that makes a difference”

“Then why did you kiss me?”

Kiss? I smiled.

“Th-that wasn’t intentional” she defended, giving me a sorry look.

“Of course it wasn’t sweetheart, should we do an intentional one. right here?” he flirted.

“Ivan!” she gasped while I hold in my laughter.

These two are a really strange and hilarious couple.
and by the look of things they really love each other, a bit of me was happy now that she’s in safe hands.
someone was finally ready to give her what I couldn’t.

“Justin, it’s nice meeting you but Lois and I have to head off now. I have to kiss her so she can accept my proposal..

“Really Ivan?” she grumbled folding her hand on her chest.

“You know man, sometimes kisses are magical” he said and I laughed.
“I hope we can have lunch together sometime”

“We sure will,” I smiled.

“Com’on lovely,” he held her wrist and grabbed her gently out of the cafe.

“Goodbye Justin,” she yelled behind him before going out of sight.

“Bye Lois” I mumbled with a smile.

(Rhythm of love)
Hailey’s POV
Taking a long glance at the door like it had some new strange inscription, I contemplated on moving in like always before pushing the door and moving in.
The scene before me made me stop right in my track as my lips partly moved.

“Hailey’s here” mom was the first to notice me,I didn’t expect her to be home by this time but that wasn’t what caught my gaze, it was the woman beside her.

“Hi Hailey, it’s been such a long time” Mrs Jane turned, almost letting me off balance.
She’s really the one, ivy’s mother.

“Y-yes aunt Jane..

“Why dear, you look surprised”

“Oh, I’m sorry,I just didn’t know you were back from Hawaii” I said, not knowing why I felt sad or should I say shattered that she’s back..
I never knew I had this strange attraction to Ivy, I just don’t want her to go back.

“Sorry I didn’t inform you but I told your mom, I actually arrived last night,” she said “So how’ve you been?” she asked.

“Been great” I forced a smile. “So I guess you’re here to take Ivy?”

“Yes dear, we’ll be moving to Cincinnati tomorrow–

“Cincinnati?” I asked, flabbergasted.

“Yes, I got transferred there permanently” she said and I felt my eyes getting misty.

Ivy is moving to Cincinnati!
But why, I mean why’s this happening and why am I so sad. Do I really have soft spots for her.

“T-that’s a pretty far place from here”

“I know and that’s why I’m here to take her early, we have an early flight tomorrow” she said and I gulped the hurt.

“Oh, that’s g-good” I said with a rather sad tone.

“Yes, and I know you’ll miss her..

“Oh,I will. so much”

“Well she’s inside packing,you can both say your goodbyes and you know you’re always welcome to spend the holiday with us” She said.

“Yes aunt Jane. I’ll head in first” I said with a small fake smile before heading to my room.
I opened the door and saw Ivy, sitting solemnly in the bed, her head bowed to her intertwined fingers which had a pair of silver earrings, the matching earrings mom got us during an outing to a mini mall.

“Ivy,” I called and she looked up at me, her face wore a sad expression and her eyes were a bit misty.

“Hailey, you’re back” she smiled and I wondered if it was a question or a statement
I moved to her and sat beside her on the bed, setting my bags on the floorboard.

“I’m leaving” she said dryly, fumbling on the earrings.

“I know,” I said “Your mom informed me”

“Isn’t it great?” she smiled sarcastically “I’m moving back to my loner life, no friends, no love, just me” she sniffed and that was when I saw a tear drop.

“You don’t want to go?” I asked.

“I don’t have a choice,” she said “I’m finally out of your hair, you must be very happy”

I wish I were, I’ve been feeling sad since I got the news.

“I should Ivy but I’m not and I don’t know why, I don’t want you to leave either” I said and her eyes lit up, the tears glistening.

“I’m not a good influence Hailey, you have to live a good life. I’ve destroyed mine and–

“No Ivy, you’ve not. there’s still time to change” I advised, like I’ve totally gotten over mine.

“There’s no time, I’m too addicted to quit, it’s too late”

“No Ivy” I took her hand in mine “It’s not late, there’s still time and you can curb it while yours is still young”

“It’s not possible,”

“It is,” I said “Try to love, try to make other friends, give love a chance not lesblanism” I said.

“Love is not a word to me and you know that, it doesn’t last, it never had. Look at my mom look at yours. They’re cases of loveless of similar situations around, I don’t want such fates”

“Look at the good aspect Ivy, if you keep seeing the bad sides you’ll just keep having that unknown hatred for it”

“That’s just not my life,” she faced me, giving my palm a gentle squeeze “I’m sorry I got you into my life Hailey and I’m glad you’re not as addicted as I am, it’s not a good life but you know sometimes life’s choices are what we go with..

“Ivy,” I felt the tears building up “I-I love you” I clung to her hands.

“I know,I will never forget you too” she said and we stared into each other’s eyes,I felt like having memories for the last time but it wasn’t good. They were bad memories and I could see Ivy fighting the urge too.

“I-I feel like..” she mumbled, drawing her forehead to mine and clamping it together “Hailey, oh fvck. Do you feel it too?”

“Y-Yes,” I shut my eyes “But we can’t, Ivy not here

“No, we can’t. It’s too risky and besides you can’t change if you can’t fight it”


“Just stay like this Hailey, please, just for a while” her grip tightened on my neck as her forehead moved on mine, fighting off the urge.

I saw a tear roll but I ignored it, I knew I still felt something for Ivy I mean if I don’t why will I be having these feelings, Ivy planted something and it’s one thing to uproot it and another to let it germinate and that’s where it gets worse.
I can’t let Ivy’s life be mine, I love Guy. I want him and I can’t let this other life ruin it.

“Ivy,” i mumbled

“Yeah, right” she pulled away and sniffed “It’s about time” she smiled a sad smile.

“You’ll be fine sis, I know that”

“I know it too,” she smiled and picked up the earrings.
“Let this be our together memories instead” she smiled amidst tears and raised the earrings up to me.

“Much better” I smiled too before moving to my drawer, I pulled it out and picked my jewelry box,I pulled open the lid and pulled out the small silver earrings, same with ivy’s before moving back to the bed.

We mashed it together, I inserted hers to her earlobes while she did same with mine.

“It’s pretty” she said to me.

“Yours is even prettier” she said.

“Ivy!” her mom voice echoed in the room.

“It’s about time,” she sighed before standing up and taking her large airport travelling bag “Goodbye Hailey” she said and I gulped the strange feeling.

I didn’t want her to go and I also didn’t have a choice.

“Goodbye I-Ivy” I fought in the emotions and stood up too.
We hugged for minutes and disengaged with smiles which was obviously fake. She waved at me and went out through the door, pulling her bag behind her.

“No!” the tears spilled, I sat back on my bed and cried, I heard the door creak then bang and I knew I was alone, she was gone, everything was gone but I was sad, I didn’t want her to go, she has done something irresistible to me and I strangely didn’t want it to end.
I cried for a while, sniffing and hiccup-ing at intervals.

My phone rang and I narrowed my brows before sitting right, I tucked my hair between my ears and picked up the phone, “Guy” it read. I sniffed and cleared my throat before picking it and placing it on my ear.


“Hey Guy..

“Hey, are you OK? your voice doesn’t sound like you” he said.

“I-I’m fine, just a bit emotional..

“I could come over if you could use a friend”

“There’d be no need for that Guy, I’m fine. Why did you call?”

“I was thinking we could have creamy cones together but I guess now’s not the best time” he said “I’ll hang up now..

“Guy, wait!


“Actually, I think I could use a friend. Let’s meet at the coffee shop in Jackson’s” I said.

“Sure, I’d be there,bye”

“Bye” I hung up.
I stood up and grabbed my jacket, ran a hand through my hair then put on my flip flops before grabbing my phone and purse and heading out.
I arrived at the station and paid before getting in.
I inhaled the air as the drive rolled past, I think Guy’s comfort would be enough. Maybe if he was close by and I could inhale his scent then I won’t have to worry about Ivy nor everything she’s making me feel, Guy’s who I love and wanted not Ivy.

I sighed and watched as the bus pulled up in Jackson’s streets, I got off and moved and once more inhale the cool evening breeze,it warmed my nerves a bit, I moved to the coffee shop and sighted Guy on the little bench outside,looking left and right before his gaze went to me and he stood up in some sorta alarm. Maybe he saw my mood or I looked different because I applied no make-up.

“Hailey,” he hugged me once I got to him and oh! his scent was just so heart warming and consoling, and just as I guessed they made me feel much better because I felt it was my place, where I belonged.

“Are you OK?” he brushed few hair strands from my face and made me sit beside him with his face gazing mine with concern.

“Y-yes, I feel much better now” I set my palm on my laps and moistened my lips.

“Did something bad happen?”

“No, not really, my sister left for Cincinnati and she won’t be coming back anytime soon, I’m just worried that’s all” I said.

“You have a sis?”

“She’s a daughter to my mom’s friend, she was like a sis to me even though she didn’t have all the sister figure I still love her” I sniffed “Her mom came around today, she got transferred to Cincinnati and she taking Ivy with her”

“It must’ve been painful if you’re fond of her” I gave him a glance ans smiled a bit.

“It is,but I don’t have a choice” I said.

“I’ll get us coffee, would you like to have it here or should we go in?”

“No, I prefer it here. Thanks” he nodded and moved in then came back minutes later with two coffee cups and steams coming out from the lid, he warmed mine before giving it to me and I took a sip.

“The night’s pretty, don’t you think?”

“It is” I looked up with a smile.

“Maybe it’s because we’re together” he said and I blushed.

“They’re many people here Guy,” I said.

“I know but I still think it’s because of us” he glanced at me and I shrugged “And I know it means something” he said.

“Really?” I asked curiously.

“No, I was pulling your legs” he said and I rolled my eyes.

“That’s no joy” I laughed a bit.

“At least you smiled, so it’s many joys” he said and I smiled

“Thanks Guy” I said and looked away.

“Hailey” he called amidst the cool breeze which now became a bit fierce. A sign of rain.

“Mmh,” I faced him.
His eyes scan me with some sort of deep hunger and un-fulfilment, I narrowed my brows as they stared at his lips, I felt a water drop on my forehead and gaze went to the sky, droplets of rain were falling from the sky, people began leaving and running into the coffee shop.

“Guy it’s–
His lips interrupted me, the coffee cup fell from my palms. His lips moved on mine and mine worked on his. it wasn’t the first time though but it tasted exceptional, so out of the world.

“Guy,” I mumbled beneath the kiss when I felt the rain becoming fierce.
“Guy, it’s, it’s..
I m0aned, not wanting to let go even though the rain was falling on us.
He pulled away and cupped my cheeks in his palm, staring deep into my eyes like he could see my soul, my feelings.

“I love you Hailey” he said and my eyes widened but I was quiet, I said nothing and searched his face instead, seeing sincerity I let my lips part then close as he pecked my forehead, ignoring the now fiercer rain.

“I love you too Guy, very much,” I mumbled audible to him.
He smiled.

“I know this isn’t the best time for this but will you be my girlfriend?” he asked, his palm intertwining mine and the rain dropping from his lower jaw.

“Y-yes,” I felt a tear fall “I-I’ll be your girlfriend” I mumbled in ecstasy.
His smile deepened.

His face moved to mine and he looked at me as if contemplating.
I slowly pushed my face to him and we kissed in the rain and the moonlight..
Gosh! can I be more happier.
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