My Heartbeat

My heartbeat 2 episode 4


(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
Hailey moved through the crowd and successfully reached me trying to catch her breath and quickly grabbing the rail as support..I chuckled.

“Heck of a stress, huh?” I asked, moving hair strands off her face.

“Much fun that I thought” she said. “Round two competition..done and dusted” she gestured, wiping her lips..

“You did a great job with the tambourines and hippy dance” I said.

“Yeah..” she breathed in “This outfit is super great” she said.

I looked down at the silky pink skirt she wore and the crop top to match, her hair which was once packed in a chignon style because of the competition were now loosed on one part but the beads were still there..she was dressed in an exclusive bad girl style and honestly it suit her a lot.

“You girls were super good and the crowd-

“So crazy!” she interrupted with a laugh.

“I had better take a picture with this before giving it back..memories will do a lotta help” she said.

“I’ll help re-style your looks a bit messy” I said moving to her back and taking her hair.

“Just one more to go…I hope you don’t get too nervous” she said.

“I hope so too..the last day’s gonna be super rowdy” I said checking the lists on the bulletin board.

“Don’t worry girl, If you get nervous just keep your gaze at the top of the’ll do better” she said.

“Thanks Hailey” i smiled.

“So, you’ve seen Guy anywhere..I’ve been looking for him after the performance” she said.

“Why?” I asked..

stupid question right?

“Coz I want us to take pictures together” she said.

“Aww…it’ll be a really good match you know” I twisted the hair.

“Gwen it’s just friendly pictures..nothing more”

“Yeah..nothing more that you ain’t telling me” I said.

“I don’t understand”

“We both know you do…just admit it, you’ve got something for the guy..I mean Guy” I said and oh-
she blushed..


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than enough to affirm my suspicion.


Tamara came..

“Hey tams”

“That was super good!” she exclaimed.

“Thanks wasn’t just me back there” she said.

“ guys did great”

“You guys did great as well…your song was really good too”

“I know..great job anyways” she said..
Passed me a ‘hi’, patted Hailey and walked away.


I clapped and move away.

“Thanks” she touched the hair with smile.


“You gotta help me take pics..many many pictures” she held my wrist.

“Hailey I’ve got-

“Gwen!…you’re taking me’s a yes and nothing more”


“No buts Gwen..I’m about taking memories, you’re the only one I think can do it” she said.

“Like pictures have special people” I scoffed.

“I’ll take that as an approval..let’s go” she took my wrist and practically dragged me to wherever.

“Guy..there you are” she paused and held Guy’s wrist too.

“Um Hailey-

“Were gonna take memories.. and I need you there”


love, messages” I mumbled.


“Can anyone do what I want without adding a ‘but’?”

“Hailey..I really-

“Yes. you said yes, let’s go” she dragged Guy along too..

OK she’s dragging two of us to wherever and it’s making me wonder of she actually have inner energies..
Two people!

so skinny..
I shook my head.
I arrived at the staffs lounge with my was 6:30pm Already and geez I was late for the-
Whatever it’s being called..

I took a breath then held the knob, twisted it and moved in…getting hit first by the sight of the students and few staffs in the room wasn’t that bad but gaining the killer glares from some of them was totally bad.

I gave an awkward smile then moved in and closed the door..
his gaze was on every other person.

Alex McCormick..
I gulped.

“You’re late miss-?”

He sounded purely innocent and…deceiving..seeing this side of him, I mean his tone and innocence almost made Hailey’s word believable but ish! I’ve seen worse..enough to keep my claim solid.

“Gwennie!” I said “I had to get some notes from Mrs Jacobs then glue some random papers around the school” I said.

He kept mute for a while.

“Take your seat” he said.

I moved to the empty seat beside Justin then held my instruments in my laps.

“I’ve explained what’s to be explained but since you missed it..I’ll give you a brief information” he said.

“So-?” he paused and geez it took a while for me to realize what he meant.

Gwen, freak. Gwen!
if you’re as brilliant as they said why can’t a simply name be stuck to your brains..

“Gwen” I politely responded.

“OK” he sat up “As I earlier said we need nothing but the best from you guys, your performance have to be better and more unique than the rest…only your display tomorrow carries a great mark and only it can ascertain our victory or diminish it….


kept going on and on and on about the competition and it took a lot of energy not to look directly at his face..
I could swear this wasn’t least not the one I knew..

“So let’s hear you guy once more” He stood up “The dinning calls”

We all stood with our instruments.

Though there was no lights nor tensions nor crowd our performance was good and the applaud confirmed all that..

“You can go-ahead now” he said “You all did great..anticipating the best tomorrow, goodnight!” he smiled and we all packed our instruments.

I rolled my eyes then moved out of the room with the rest..

“Hey” Justin greeted.

“Hi” I gave him a quick glance the looked back ahead.

“I was won-

“Justin” a feminine voice behind us interrupted called and in the process interrupted his statement.

We both stopped..then turned.

“Lois?” he said in with some expression that I knew wasn’t glad.

“I knew it was you” she came forward and we continued moving.

“You were looking for me?” he asked.

“Maybe…hey Gwen”

“Hi” I said dryly..

“Jay, I heard there’s a water room here” she said, pulling herself to him.

“A water room..what’s that?” he asked.

“I don’t know either..I was hoping we could go check it out together” she said.

“Is it necessary?” he asked.

“I really want to see it..

“Then why can’t you go alone?”

“Please Jay” she dragged his arm playfully.

“Lois…stop it” he pulled his arm.

“Just this once Jay..please go with me” she pleaded.

“Ugh Lois…

“Please Justin..don’t say no” she begged and I rolled my eyes.

He said no miss..don’t you get it.

My phone buzzed and I clicked on the message..
From Hailey

** Gwen** it started..I could almost imagine her voice.
“Have you seen it yet..” I frowned at the second statement..

Seen what?

“Meet me at the dinning..I’ve got gist..hurry up”

I shook my head and slipped the phone back to my pant pocket.

I faced Justin and Lois who were still arguing, with Lois’s hand wrapped round his elbow and her lips pouted and honestly..

it took a lot of breaths to fight the urge to pull her away and put her in her right place then spell the word ‘no’ to her..
It’s not like it’s a do or die affair.

“Jay..I’ve gotta hurry up, Hailey is kind of waiting for me..I’ll see you tomorrow” I said and he sighed then traced his hair backwards.

“Goodnight” I said and hurried up.
Getting far from them I stopped to catch my breath then began running again.

Sharply taking a u-turn across the hallway then getting to the stairs, I climbed up then stopped at the dinning hall..I adjusted my clothes, took a deep breath then moved in.

I just hope Hailey has really good stuffs to tell me..
I can’t race all the way from the first floor just to get here and listen to shits that doesn’t even worth any step..

This had better be good.

“Gwen!” Hailey waved..I sighted her and moved towards her then took the empty seat beside her.

“Hey” I said. “I raced down here coz of your message..what’s wrong?”

“You don’t know?” she asked.

“If I do I wouldn’t have rushed in here the way I did” I said.

“Do you even visit the website?”

“Not all the time..I’m not some phone freak like tell me what you’ve got” I said.

“Like seriously you don’t know about the competition?” she asked.

“The one that’s ending tomorrow?”

“No..a teacher-student stuff, it’s all over the web”

A teacher-student stuff…that’s Alex and me!

“Is it?”

“Yes..a duel between a teacher and a student” she said.

“Wow..that’s huge” I said, acting all hypocritical.

“Yes…that student’s definitely got guts…standing up to a teacher that way is no match” she said.

“You think so?”

“I know so..that person must be really good at music to do this and really the guts have to be super mighty”

“You’re making me scared Hailey” I softened ” You think I’m gonna lose?”

Her eyebrows stroke confusing gaze at me.

“I don’t understand” she said..I twitched my lips and looked down..
“Gwen..please tell me it’s not you” her eyes widened.

“It’s me Hailey” i looked up “I did it”

“What!..but why and with who?” she asked.


“Just answer both!” she snapped.

I gulped.

“It’s against Alex-

“Wait..which Alex?”

“The one you know..McCormick” I said.

“Gee’re joking right?”

“I’m not Hailey..I just had to take the offer, I swear I didn’t even know what I was doing” I said.

She kept quite for seconds.

“I won’t scold you since it’s you..I mean you’re pretty good at music too”

“You think so?”

“I know so just need more efforts and practice” she said.

“So you believe I’ll do it?”

“You will..I’m with you, all the way” she said and I smiled.

“Thanks best” I hugged her.

“But hey! no such decisions will be approved in the future..that was pretty rash” she said

Well now that it just got better, at least I got an approval I think there’d be no need telling her about the prizes attached to it coz she’ll definitely freak out and besides it’s between Alex and I..

Our little secret..

“I promise” I said.

She smiled.

My phone started ringing..I took it out and peered-

“Mom”I sighed and stood up..leaving my bag on the seat.

“Where are you going?” Hailey asked.

“My mom’s calling..And I’ve got so many practices” I said.

“So you’re skipping supper?”

I sighed.

“Yup.. Guess I’d be skipping meal for sometime now”

“Oh G” she mumbled.

“No p, Hai… It’s my calling and I’d handle it” I smiled at her and rushed out before the call stops.
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