My Heartbeat

My heartbeat 2 episode 5


(Rhythm of love ❤)
Gwennie’s POV
“Yaaaaaaaaay.. Wooooow”
Chants of happiness rendered the air as we got of the stage…

It was the final contest and just as you guessed our crew performed and gosh! The voices were pretty much and the blushes?

Let’s leave that for now.

We all moved to the backstage.

“That was fantastic!” Mrs Michel commented with a smile and we all reciprocated.

We were directed to the house fitting room where I changed from the cheerleader skirt, the pink bandana, pink pop sock and silk pink shirt.. I pulled into a three quarter short and pink singlet then knotted my hair in ponytail.. Before heading to the door and moving out.

“You all did a good job” I heard Mrs Gloria commenting as I moved out “Where’s Gwen?”

“I’m here Mrs Gloria” I moved to joined the others.

“The mini contest’s kicking off Next tomorrow.. How prepared are you?” She asked.

Geez..just three days left for this whole camping to be over and just a day left for rehearsal.

“Much more than you can imagine” I said and she smiled.

“We can get it postponed if you’re not really ready for it..

“Oh, no Mrs Gloria.. That won’t be necessary, I’m OK” I cut her off.

“OK” she shrugged and placed a hand on my shoulder “You did a great job back there”

“Thanks ma’am” I smiled.

“OK..I’ll leave you all to catch fun”
she walked away and I rubbed my sweaty palm in my pant.


“Hey Jay” I smiled.

“Nervous..huh?” he asked.

I grinned.

“I guess so” I said.

“How about a little walk around…it helps a lot in degrading nerves” he said.

“Sounds like a go-for-it suggestion” I said and he chuckled.

I gave him a quick glance..
oh geez..I just can’t stop loving this guy, it’s just like the feeling keeps increasing everyday.


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sighed as we began moving.


“No..I think the weather’s great, so much for panic fever” I said and rubbed my palm.

“I believe you’ll do just great” I faced him “Like today” he added.

“Thanks” I smiled.

“I know my encouragement doesn’t add anything to what you’ll do at the contest but really I…


does” I cut him off.

He stopped and faced me..making me stop as well.

“It does mean a lot to know I’ve got someone who really believes in me” I said, looking back at him.

“I’m glad they do” he said and took to walking we were at the big hall and we turned to use the stairs.

“Oh..I remember you wanted to tell me something the last time we spoke at the garden…what’s it?” I asked.

“That?” he narrowed his brows “you still remember?”

“ sounded like it’s vital and I just can’t help but feel curious”

he laughed.

We had took the first step already and we stood, holding the rail and looking down at the school.


erupted first.

“Ummmm?” I drawled.

“Oh..did I tell you you’re beautiful today?”

I blushed.

“You didn’t and now that you’ve said it I think I’ll have to keep using the lucky charm” I said and he laughed…

“Oops..sorry, you’re always pretty..but today’s so exceptional” he said.
“Thanks anyways” i said.

“You can ask anything Jay” I said facing him and he rubbed his temples.

He looked forward then back at me.

“Have know been in a real relationship before?” he asked. “A real one” he added and my brows raised.

“Like there’s anything like a fake relationship” I said.

“Actually there is” he said.


“Yup..I’ve seen a couple of friends who’s in a relationship coz of cash…some do it for dating’s not all made out of love” he said.

“Mmm..true” I said “Well, I’ve been in that dating stuff thrice…

“Wow” he exclaimed.

“What.. too much?”

“Actually it’s not what I expected…it’s way too small for a college graduate”


“Yeah..I mean three guys all through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and most of all college.. not so much for a girl like you” he said.

“Well I guess I might’ve done that stuff in kindergarten..but I can’t recollect, all child’s play” I said.

“I know right..I got my very first girlfriend in k.g” he said.

“What was it like?”

“Not what you’d describe as love, I think it was built out of greed and maybe material things as well coz Debra, my girlfriend at kindergarten had this beautiful Teddy bear that she swivels around at school was pink and a touch of grey and peach and it sings so many lullabies, something I had never seen in my whole kindergarten life..I loved it and I wanted it, we all did but Debra knew better so she took more pleasure in keeping it away from us and literally having to hear us beg for at least two minutes to have a quick touch on it fluffy hair and it’s paws which seem to grow colorful fingers daily but Debra sometimes turned them down”


a show-off” I said and he shrugged “So tell me how did you guys start the D’ word?” I asked

“Well, for the record I guess I was much more smarter than Debra…I loved the bear though but I acted tough, I always claimed I had much more better ones at home. it was a lie though but they all fell for it including Debra, I refused to bring it to school and everyone was curious but Debra was kinda furious..she didn’t fancy the fact that I had something more modern than hers and somehow she gave me full access to the bear, though I acted obnoxious at first but later on I accepted and in the process had my first kiss” he rubbed his temples again.
“It was brief and childish but it tasted great and somehow I wanted more then the next day I asked her to be my girlfriend with jasmine flowers packed in a plastic bag..I did it like I saw in movies and she accepted” he smiled “Good ol’ days”

“So how long did it last?” I asked.

“Not long enough though..I guess it was three or four weeks, we separated and I didn’t care even though we had a fight over it..i didn’t hear from her before we moved to America” he said.

“It’s surprising that you still remember those moments” I said.

“I know right, it just seem stuck in my head”

“Then maybe you still feel something for her..I mean the Debra girl” I said.

“No, I don’t….

“You’re not so sure coz I rarely see you with a girl..looks like you’re still hoping to meet Debra again” I mocked.

“No Gwennie….

“So you have a girlfriend?”

“I didn’t say that”

“You don’t need’s obvious you love her” I said.

“Really, I don’t” he licked his bottom lips “I love someone else” he said.

I gulped the pains..
he loved someone else..

I took my breath down slowly as I steadied my heartbeat.

“Y-you do?” I stuttered.

“Yes” he gave me a brief look “I do”

“So you’re DATING?” I asked..purposely stressing the dating.

“I’m not”

I arched my brows.

“You’re not dating the girl you love?” I asked confusingly “Why?”

“I don’t think she loves me too” he looked away.

“You don’t think, or you know?”

“I don’t think” he shook his head and licked his lips again “She doesn’t act like it”

“You expect her actions to tell you?” I asked “You’re the guy, you’re supposed to approach her first”

“I know but..but, I don’t just know” he scratched his hair.

“What about have a boyfriend?” he asked.

I sensed he didn’t want to talk about his love life..he must’ve noticed that I wasn’t comfy with it.

I just hope he didn’t see how heartbroken I am.

“I don’t”

“mmmh…a crush, I guess?”

“Yup” I sighed “Look, It’s just complicated”

I faced him then look away.

“I’ve been there” he said and we both smiled and faced the building.

Silence erupted.

“I heard they’re jellies in the pond close to those chrysanthemums…you’d like to see?”

“I’d love to” I said and he smiled.

“After you” he showcased his dimples.

Geez..I felt my legs wobbling..
can I ever stop loving this guy.
Getting to the stairs I stopped when I sighted a new poster on the bulletin board..I shifted to it and peered..
After reading I let out a sigh..
it was about the competition, seeing this I’m pretty sure it’s everywhere..the news must’ve gone viral and geez it had my names and Alex’s, I can’t believe they’re actually taking this stuff seriously and worst still that it was even being approved.

I shook my head and moved to the stairs, sighting another poster on the wall after the first fleet of stairs I took a quick peer at it, realizing it was the same competition I ran past it and took the next step then got to the first hall way which had students moving to and fro, some with notes others with mobiles and the rest with friends.

“She’s the one”
I heard a voice behind me and I faced back..sighting five student looking surprisingly at me and muttering stuffs that I couldn’t hear..
I ignored then and took three more steps.

“OMG it’s Gwen Callaghan!” another voice came up and I turned, noticing two girls staring strangely at me I arched my brows at them, wondering why everyone were acting strange.

“She’s the bitch competing with Alex” I heard another’s voice and I shook my head realizing they were acting all psycho coz of the trending competition.

But really does it even call for these attention..
Does it??

“She’s pretty good at music too..I think our school will win coz of her” a pink haired girl said.

“Like she was the only one that participated” a scornful voice answered..
I shook my head wearily and hurriedly moved to the next floor before I could hear more.

Getting to the hallway of my hostel room and facing the same strange attention and stares I quickly entered the room and collapsed on my bed then sighed.

“OK Gwen..easy, easy, don’t be’s all gonna end” I muttered to myself after balancing on a pillow.

“It’s gonna be over soon..deep breath, take a deep breath..don’t be scared, you can do it” I gulped and shook my head.

“Yes..I can” I nodded “And I better start now”

I reached for my bag and dragged it out then unzipped it and pulled out my blue hardcover note that I used to write down songs, I put the bag aside then pulled out my phone and earphone..switching it on and clicking on the music pad, I scrolled through my songs..

I opened the hardcover and flipped through written pages until I got to the page where I wrote the song I’ll be displaying..
I read it and sighed.

Maybe a mash up will do the magic..


students like mash ups, they enjoyed the last one, so they’ll definitely enjoy this one..


I scrolled through my song list again..

They love songs with beats and rhythms..

Um..a little mash up with my song, a teeny weeny Nicky Minaj’s and..


no..he sings cool songs..definitely not the best for beats.

Justin bieber..??

lyrics will do..

Chris or Jason Durelo..
Maybe a little too..

Ed sheeran??..Cardi B
Rihanna or Beyonce…

I shook my head and smashed the phone on the bed confusedly..

This is all confusing..I can’t even think it straight..
it’s more difficult than it seems now and ugh! I’m nervous.

Maybe my chances are rare and I have no idea why I’m this way..I can’t even put it together..

I’m good at mash ups but now it’s like everything I’m choosing are leading me to failure..

my nerves are failing and geez I’m damn scared of losing…

…will I??
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