My Heartbeat

My heartbeat 2 episode 6


(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV

I heard the happy applause as I got off the stage through the back, blushing hard..

“Gwen!” I turned.

“Hello Mrs Gloria” I smiled.

“That was one big hit you pulled out there” she said.

“You liked it?”

“Jesus Gwen! I love was far more than my expectations” she said and I blushed.

“Thanks Mrs have no idea how much that means” I said while taking off the foil glove which now seem itchy.

She patted my back.

“You did a great job” she smiled “Keep it up”

“Thanks ma’am” I smiled back.

1st performance..check!!
result; pretty good, at least everyone loved it..
I just need to pull more efforts in the next and final round.

The voice from the microphone brought me to reality and when it stopped-

“Alex’s about to perform..come-on let’s go watch” Mrs Gloria said, taking my wrist..

“No Mrs Gloria..I’d better not” I said, realizing how much of a harm than good it’ll make me feel, seeing that his songs should be more better than mine..
But goodness!, who am I kidding…those random butty song can never beat mash up was good too..right?

But for the sake of the heart, I’m better off not watching the freak perform.

“Why?” Mrs Gloria asked and I jolted.

“Um..I have to use the bathroom, I’m kinda pressed” I said scratching my un-itchy hair.

Alright I wasn’t lying, I really am pressed but not as really as I made it sound..but all the same, I’m pressed and that’s what matters now.

“Oh, go ahead then” she left my wrist and I smiled then pulled away.

Getting to the dressing room and getting into it, I loosened my chignon and threw the band on the stool then pulled off the crazy-like bird costume I wore and hit the shower.
I let the warm water roll through my back then my hair scalp and then my [email protected] legs, before turning it off and getting back to the room with a towel tied to my chest..


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flung my hair around, getting the water off it then used a neat towel to dry it before tying it in ponytails..I pulled into a short and a crazy crop top and a jeans then put my feet into my flip flops before moving outside and to my hostel room direction.


/> I turned.

“Guy?” I called, flabbergasted..
it was actually the first time we’ve spoken this way since the camp begun.

“Long time, huh?” he said and engulfed me in a hug which I gladly reciprocated.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked after we pulled apart.

“Looking for you…I’ve missed you” he said and I smile.

“Missed you too” I pinched his cheeks.

“You did great back there”

“You think so?”

“I know so, we all was far more than I thought you could put together”


glad I passed your expectation” I said.

“I’m glad you did too” he said “Why don’t we catch up all the times we’ve’s been long since we had a conversation”

“Sounds cool”

“Let’s hang around and probably talk some more”

“Like we’d be doing anything else” I scoffed “Where’s Hailey?”

“She’s watching Alex perform..going all GaGa and crazy, she’s just too obsessed by him” he said.

“And you don’t like it?”

“Do you?” he threw back “That guy isn’t even handsome”

It’s obvious right..
he’s jealous.

“We both know he is” I said and geez! I could slap myself right now.
“Gee Gwen..even you, I almost thought you weren’t part of the crew?” he said..shocked.

“I’m not Guy,honestly..I’m just stating a fact”

“Well, it’s lame..Hailey won’t even go to the pond with me coz of the freak” he said

OK…look like I’m not the only one that thinks Alex’s a freak.

“I mean what’s so special about him..his songs ain’t even that good” he continued.

Ever heard of jealousy…?

“OK Guy..stop being jealous” I said.

“Je- the hell Gwen, I’m not..I mean why would I be when I know there’s nothing great about that guy..some girls can be really crazy sometimes” he said and I couldn’t help but chuckle..

“What’s funny?”

“No-Nothing, I’m sorry..but you’re right, it’s surprising how Alex gets so many fans, especially from the females”

“Hailey is so gonna get it from me when I also turn her down on a favor” he said and I bit my lower lips to prevent me from laughing out.

“Just forget it Guy..let’s go” I tugged at his wrist and moved him to the stairs.
After the whole hangout stuff with Guy and the all random talks I moved back to my hostel in a bid to start early preparation for the final round tomorrow.

I had settled down on the farther end of the bed, brought out my notes, a pen and my phone which had my earphone plugged in and music list displayed on the screen when I sighted Hailey walking in..

“Hey’re here” Hailey said, sitting close to me on the bed.


“I was here twice..where have you been?”

“Had a walk with Guy to the pond…coz some girl turned him down” I said sarcastically.

She sobered up.

“Alex was on stage can’t blame me” she said.

“Yeah..I know how much you like him but Guy was pretty hurt, he couldn’t stop blabbing about how you turned him down coz of Alex”

“But I pleaded with him to wait a little but he wouldn’ I told him to go ahead”

“How’d you feel if you were in his shoes..can’t you see it Hailey?”

“See what?”

“The guy’s in love..he doesn’t want you paying deep attention to other guys” I said.

“You think so?”

“With the way he reacted today..I can’t think less, it’s obvious”

“Where’s he..i mean Guy?”

“I left him at the orchards with Tamara” I said.

“I guess I need to talk to him..

“Apologize to him” I corrected “You didn’t act nice”

“Yeah, thanks” she said and stood up.

“And yeah..Justin asked of you, he said he’d search all over”

“Where’s he?”

“He said you should find him at, the garden..yes, the stony part” she said and I nodded..she took two steps, stopped and turned.

“You did great back there” she gave me a thumb up.

“You were the first person I was expecting to tell me that”

“I’m sorry…forgive me”

“It’s OK..thanks” I said..she smiled then moved out..

I let out a ragged smile then unplugged my earphone and tugged it at the side pocket of my bag then zipped it up and unzipped the larger side the put in my book and pen before zipping it back and getting my butt off the bed.

pocketing my phone I wore my flip flop then moved out of the room door.

Quickly taking the stairs one at a time until I reached the last floor and took the direction to the garden..

Getting there I turned to where the stony part was located then took gentle steps toward it to avoid dashing on one and having sores..

I scanned the place, sighting no one I moved further and was about calling on Justin when I saw him..
Sitting on a stone, I lifted a feet to take a step with smiles, but stopped when I noticed he wasn’t alone..

He was with someone..
A girl..whose face was in my direction.


They were engaged in a hug and Justin’s hand was moving up and down her back..while her hand was wrapped on his back.

I gulped the pain I felt pinching my throat, then bent down to my feet, taking one more look at the scenario I turned back once more and saw them now looking into each other’s eyes..

They couldn’t even notice me..
Not even Lois whose face was in my direction.

Lois started leaning..

My eyes widened when I saw Jay leaning too..I shook my head as I felt my heart thumping hard against my chest.

Jay leaned in too..

Oh no..please no!
Don’t do it Jay, don’t kiss her…

please..not while I’m here, watching..
Please push her off.

But they kept leaning..little space was between them, if it got filled their lips would probably meet and-and they’ll kiss.

I shut my eyes and ran out, taking the pain with me..
I’m sure they won’t notice the noise I made, they were gonna kiss..

It was her right..Jay talked about a girl he was crushing on…the one he loved..

It was Lois all along..

I ran all the way to the hostel, taking the steps two at a time I reached my room and ran into it..ignoring Nana’s call I collapsed on my bed and faced downward, biting in the pain and refusing to cry over a guy whom I knew never felt anything other than friendship for me..

I stayed that way, taking in rugged breath and gulping at intervals then gritting my teeth and grabbing the duvet in my fist then gulping again..

The tears stung but I refused to let them fall.
Jay wasn’t mine..we kissed, yes..once or twice..but it doesn’t mean anything, at least to him..

Did he really do this on purpose, he told me to meet him at the garden, same place I saw him kissing Lois..
He did it on purpose…But why??
How could he hurt me this way.

I heard the bell tinkle then the announcement that it was dinner time, I felt too weak to move, fearing to cry once i decide to move.

“Gwen” I felt a hand on my back “It’s dinner time, ain’t you going” Nana said.

“I’ll m-meet you there” I sniffed “Just go without me, I’ll join you guys” I gulped.

“Are you voice doesn’t sound like you”

“I-I’m fine..

“OK..I’ll head out first”

Silence..then footsteps.
Then I heard the door creak and close..

I raised up my head and laid, gathering the blanket up to my feet I bent downwards and closed my eyes..
I stayed that way in deep thought for an hour I guess, fighting back the tears and sniffing.

“Gwen” I heard Hailey soft voice.

“Are you OK?” she asked..

I took a deep breath then raised my head up and forced a smile.

“You’re back?” I cleared my throat.

“Yes..are you OK, I didn’t see you at the dinning”

“Yes, I-I um had to prepare for the finale tomorrow…

“And you think skipping dinner is a way of preparation?”

“No, but I really have to prepare..I have to win”

“Speaking of winning have you seen the result for today’s performance?”

“I haven’t…Is it out yet?”

“It’s on all the bulletin boards”

“How is mine?”

“It’s unbelievable!” she retorted.


“Bad my foot! it was excellent Gwen..Alex won with just one vote!..can you believe that!?”

A smile tugged at the corner of my lips.

“’s quite unbelievable” I blushed .

“Get your ass up Gwen..let’s go see it together” she said and I smiled then forcefully stood up with her help.
Taking my feet into my slippers we both head to the door.

Right now my feelings are what you can call mixed..
I’m happy and sad at the same time.

Jay hurt me and Alex won with just a vote..

I just hope I’d be able to pull through with my rehearsal for tomorrow’s show..
I need the best I could get.

I sighed.
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