My Heartbeat

My heartbeat episode 16 – 17


(Rhythm of love)

Gwennie’s POV

“Did you notice anything strange about Jenkins behavior today?” Hailey asked as we got to the cafeteria and sat on the *special seat*.
Yeah..he ignored me all day, it was like I never existed.
“No..noticed something?”
“He’s been awfully quiet all’s like something has been bothering him..he even refused to join us for lunch today..isn’t it strange?” she asked and we stood up and moved to the order stand to place our order..
“Sure is” I said.
“Baguette and a cream coffee ma’am” I said to the snack lady behind.
“Orange smoothie and two creamy buns ” Hailey said.

“Have any hint as to what it is that’s on his mind?” I asked bringing back the Justin topic.
“Nopes…but we’ll find out, as his friends we’re meant to look after each other in good or bad times” she said..
“’re right” I said..
we moved back to our table.
“Why isn’t Guy here yet?” she asked settling down.
“Guess he’s still on that stuff with Mrs penoyer” I said and she slowly frowned.
“He’s staying’s been up to an hour since he left” she said and I smiled..
“Do I smell some love notes in that sentence?” I asked.
“come-on Gwen I’m only being concerned for a friend”
“Some serious love sick concern…more like it” I said and took a sip from my coffee..

“Whatever G” she said..
“Hey pretties..missed me?”
we both turned..
“Some red haired girl did like crazy” I whispered and Hailey gave me a stern look..
I surrendered and took another sip from my coffee.
“Hey there Guy..what took you so long?” Hailey asked as Guy sat down close to her.
“Answering questions..what else?” he said..
“Oh I got you a bun” Hailey said as she stretched her plate of bun to him…Guy smiled at her and took one..
“Thanks pretty…why isn’t Justin with you guys?” he asked.
more like why isn’t Justin with you Guy…

“Says he isn’t unlike him” Hailey said..
“Maybe he just isn’t hungry..those stuffs happen you know” I said.
“Believe me really don’t know Jenkins” Hailey said..
“Who’s Jenkins?” Guy asked.
“Some crazy guy whom Hailey just like calling” I rolled my eyes.
“Nope..he’s my physics teacher from college who had a big flared nose..somehow Justin reminds me of him”
I flinched like I got pinched.
“But Justin isn’t like that he has a beautifully carved pointed nose..he’s in no way like your big-nosed physics teacher” I yanked.
“Yeah..but they kinda sound alike..Justin and Jenkins”
“Nope I totally disagree..they don’t sound alike one bit Hailey..just stop comparing some ugly big nosed boring teacher to a cute dimpled fun filled Justin” I said..


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I think I lost control over there.
“Wow..ow!..didn’t see that coming” Hailey said and took a bun bite.
“Gwen’s one big describer” Guy said…
“Thanks Guy..wanna eat baguette?” I asked.
“You can have it..I’m off to class..I’ve got stomach cramps” I said.
“Stomach cramps?” he asked confused.
“Really Gwen?” Hailey followed.
“Yeah..I don’t know what it is..but I feel like I’ve got ’em” I said and stood up.
“OK..take care of your *stomach cramps*”
she said rather mockingly.
“I will best..have fun without me” I said and walked to the snack stand.
“Two wrapped up burgers please” I said and she packed them..I collected them, paid and left.


/> Getting to class I went to my seat and sat..I sighted Justin just at the end writing on a pad..
I shifted closer to him and he faced me after quickly closing the there was something he didn’t want me to see.
“Hi Gwen” he said..

“ you this, thought you might be hungry” I said showing him the small plastic bag with two burgers.
He looked at it..then at me.
“Thanks” he said and took it from me then set it aside.
“’s more better to eat it while it’s still warm” I said.
“I know” he said looking down at his desk..
he licked his bottom lip and his dimple appeared..
oh please..
“Then why ain’t you eating it..”
“I will..I just don’t feel like now” he said.

“But I think..
“Why are you doing this Gwen” he asked looking back up at me.
“Acting all concerned” he said.
“I really am concerned Justin” I said.
“Then don’t be..your supposed to be touring a new GUY..just focus on that” he said
OK..why’s he being this way.
“Why are you being like this?” i asked.
“You’ve been acting weird since yesterday”
and giving me the silent treatment.
“You wanna know why?” he asked.
“You really wanna know why?” he asked.
“Yes Jay I’m your friend and I care a lot about you”
he scoffed.
“Just that how you see me?”

“Um..yes, I guess”
“And Guy.. who’s he to you?”
OK..he’s damn strange right now.
“He’s also my friend..just like you” I said.
“Is that really true?”
“Why are you acting strange a J..I know you’re passing through somethings..and I wanna know, coz I care”
“No you don’t Gwen..if you do then you’d have seen what’s inside me after we met…if you do then you’d know how best to console don’t care Gwen at least not about me…so don’t act like you do coz..
“JAY!” I cut him off with a low hurtful voice.”Stop” I said as I blinked back a tear.
how dare him speak to me like that….does he even have the slightest idea as to how I feel about him…does he know how much I care…
“I’m done hiding Gwen..I’m done hiding everything I feel..I’ll say it all out now….


pour out all my feelings..I want you to listen” he said and looked at he was searching for something..
then slowly he leaned in..I didn’t care if we were in a class filled with almost 50 student and I leaned it too..
we kept leaning until-

(Rhythm of love)


Gwennie’s POV

He kept on leaning..
Hailey sharp laugh came in..I took a long look at Jay..
we quickly pulled apart and watched Hailey coming in with Guy behind her..she was in all smiles and laughs…
What just happened?
I sighed and looked as Justin rubbed his temples nervously..I gulped then turn my gaze back at Guy and Hailey as they moved towards us.
“…look who won after all..cheat” Hailey said.
“I was right behind you..I didn’t cut corners” Guy said.
I wondered what they were blabbering or arguing about…but i was more surprised at myself that I didn’t care nor want to know.

“Well I don’t believe you” Hailey said and he gestured a surrender as they reached us.
But really what was wrong with me..I really let my emotions get the better part of me and ow! what the heck would’ve happened if Hailey hadn’t interrupted…
was it really what was on my mind..we’re we about to…
oh Gwen.
I can’t even say it to myself.
“ won’t believe what happened at the cafeteria” Hailey said as she sat down.

I took a glance at Justin and saw him staring at me with an expression that I couldn’t fathom..he pulled his gaze away once our eyes met and I shifted my gaze back to Hailey.
“What happened?” I asked even though I wasn’t interested in what she was saying..
I so much wanted Justin to complete what he started and oh..he also said he had something to tell me..
I really wanted to hear them.
But with the way he spoke to me earlier I just hope he’s not trying to cut off the only thing that kind of pulled us close..our friendship!..
I hope he’s not gonna speak to me like I’m some meddler who can’t mind her business and who doesn’t care about him coz I do..a whole lot.
I care about him so much because I’m in love with him..I really wish I can tell him that though.

I turned my attention back to Hailey and noticed her lips were moving and that was when I realized she was talking to me and I wasn’t listening..!
Focus Gwennie! my subconscious screamed.
geez..but oh..
I do remember she’s talking about what happened at the cafeteria.
“…Alex concert’s coming in on Tuesday” she said and I muttered an oh..
realizing I didn’t get the rest.
Tuesday’s just four days away.
“That great..I guess” I said sincerely trying my best to sound jovial.
“Yeah right and free coke was given to everyone at the cafeteria” she said and I secretly rolled my eyes.
OK what’s so special about coke.
“that’s good, I really missed that coke part” I said making my voice come out sober..

“You sure did..” she smiled “I’m just so’ll be my very first time watching Alex perform..I really can’t wait” she said..
“Me too” I said unsure.
“So you’re attending right?” she asked..
“Of can I miss something so fun filled, I’m a game shaker!” I said and she raise her eyebrows.
“coz last time I checked someone had this distaste for him” she said.
Which Alex…
As in the b00by freak..
seriously I wasn’t even could I have agreed to something that had to do with that brat..
“I see nothing wrong attending his concert and besides everyone will be there” I said acting like I regretted nothing.
“Yeah..way to go girl” she smiled..she faced Justin.
“Hey Jen…

her voice trailed off when she noticed he wasn’t in any of his best moods which out rightly means no jokes could be taken.
“What’s wrong Jay?” she asked with a friendly-concerned tone.
“Nothing’s wrong..I’m good” he said looking down at his desk..
I looked over at Guy when I felt him tugging at me clothe..he pointed towards his desk and I faced it.
on it was a picture of a girl on purple hair..actually her hair was painted purple and an inscription on it read ‘My beautiful purple Gwen’ I laughed and he joined as well..
I poked his arm and he flinced then fake an ‘ouch’.
“You’re a weirdo” I raised a brow at him “It doesn’t look anything like me…so wrong”
“At least I got the hair and name right” he smiled.

I poked him again with my lips pouted.
“I’ll pay you back Guy..I promise”
“I bet you will..purple” he said and we both quietly laughed again as I poked him on his nose.
The laugh slowly died down and I turned back and noticed Justin’s still expressionless gaze on me..he looked away once he noticed I caught him staring.
I glanced at Hailey and noticed her mouth were still moving.
I faced Guy..took the piece of paper and tore it.
“I’ll pay you right back in your own coin Guy showman” I said giving him a fake glare..making him laugh out and later apologizing when people including Hailey and Justin strangely stared at him with that ‘psycho look’.
Then I laughed.

School closed much to my satisfaction for the day and I grabbed my bag alongside my peers..getting out of the building with my friends Hailey pulled me closer..
“I’ll call you this time..I promise” she said and I smiled wryly and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Too much promises can’t make it happen best…just call when you can, I’ll be expecting it anytime” I said.
“I’ll really try to call today..I will” she said kinda gently.
“Pinky swears?” I raised my little finger up..
“Pinky swears” she said and intertwined hers’ with mine..
we smiled.
Guy came over and I faced back to see Justin standing alone..I gulped and faced Hailey and Guy who started talking..

I walked over to Justin and our eyes met when I reached him.
“About today” I said “You wanted to tell me something”
he looked away and faced the ground like something interesting was on it.
“i-i can’t really recollect” he said…but I didn’t believe him.
“Com’on Justin..just say it” I pushed.
“Never mind” he raised his head to look at me.
“That means you remember..come-on jay spill it” I further pushed.
“It’s nothing really”
“But I wanna hear it”
“Why won’t you just give up Gwen..please quit the act, stop acting like you care about what I feel coz we both know you don’t, I’m sick of rejection” he said and i frowned.

“Just forget it Gwen and every other thing that happened between us today act like it meant nothing..I’m sorry if you’re mad but please stop doing this..OK?” he yanked with blaring eyes.
the tears stung my eyes and i blinked..
those words..they were hurtful..
so painful and disheartening.
I was merely being concerned..
it was pretty clear now..I just had high hopes all this while.
He really didn’t feel anything for me..nothing at all other than dislike..he hates my care.
I blinked more.
And imagine him telling me to forget all that happened..something I was sure was gonna be a memory.
I watched him walk away with Hailey.
Congratulations Justin you successfully ruined my day..
really great!

Justin sure didn’t act nice..
one word for this chapter..
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