My Heartbeat

My heartbeat episode 22 – 23


*(Rhythm of love ❤)
Special thanks to Queen Samuel.. I really appreciate..
Justin’s POV
Throughout the whole lessons my gaze kept slipping to Gwen and how well she interacted with Guy and Hailey, I tried keeping my gaze to my book..trying hard to concentrate on the lessons but my mind didn’t approve..
My eyes kept slipping..

At her.

I glanced at her lips as it moved when she said something I wish I could hear what she whispered to Guy who happily smiled in return and then she’d poke his nose and they’d laugh again..
I wish that was me..

I faced back to the board watching the senior who was taking us on music practicals.. I tried focusing but I couldn’t..

Am I jealous..

I sighed and ruffled my hair..
I stood up..

“Excuse me miss Lana.. I need to use the gents” I said to the lady that tutored us.
“Oh sure.. Please make it snappy” she said and I took a quick glance at my friends then moved outside outside the class..
Getting to the grassy lane I sighted Lois coming from the other side.. Guess she came out from the bathroom..
She reached me with a smile.
“Hey” she greeted.

“Hi” I responded.. Not really in the mood.

“It’s been a while”

“Yeah.. How’ve you been?”

“Been good and obviously you’re doing well.. I don’t need to ask” she said and I nodded.

“So.. I was um.. Wondering if we could have lunch today.. Together, since it’s been a while” she said.

“Of course.. Will be looking forward to it” I said.

She smiled then slowly tucked her hair behind her ear then looked at me with eyes that were flirting.
I knew it already that she had a thing for me.. But I didn’t feel same, and it hurts.

“So um..I’ll see you at lunch” she said and I nodded but she still kept lingering at my front staring at me with her suckles lower lip.

“You want something?” I asked.

“Ye-, I’ll just see you at lunch” she said, gave me a shy smile the walked away after giving me one last look..
Girls.. Tho..


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shook my head then moved to the men, getting there I entered one and turned on the faucet, I cupped water with my palm and splashed it to my face..repeating the process two more times I shook off the water and stood..staring at the little mirror..I sighed at my reflection and checked out myself to see if something was amiss..


clarified I turned off the running water and and came out..i moved through the lane then back to the grassy path before getting into the class and settling down on my seat..
swallowing Gwen’s attitude of not even sparing me a glance..not once..
The class rounded up and the bell tinkled for break..I packed my note which had nothing for the day into my instrument bag then hid the bag behind my locker..watching as they all stood to go to the cafeteria I joined..we head to the cafeteria with Hailey and Guy at the front the I and Gwennie at the back..


looked at her and noticed her gaze on Guy..I couldn’t fathom the look so I ignored it and shifted to her.

“G-Gwen” I called and she faced me still keeping her pace.

“Mmh” she answered.

“Can I talk to you for a sec” I said.
she looked at me then back to the ground and moved further..

“No!” she answered.

i moved to her.

“Please..I really need to talk to you” I said.

“OK..go ahead” she said

“Not here..somewhere private” I said.

“I ain’t going anywhere with you” she said.

“But it’s really important” I said.

“If you can’t say it here..then forget it, I don’t wanna listen to any private stuff you’ve gotta tell me” she said forcing her gaze away from me.

I held her wrist..

she yanked her hand off my grip then stopped and faced me.
“Don’t try that..” she swallowed hard “Again!” she warned.

“Look…I’m sorry but I just..

“Don’t you get it..I’m not in the mood to talk to you, definitely not after everything you said to me!”

she said and sighed..the expression on her face was like she regretted mentioning the yesterday misconception.

But seriously I expected and knew I deserved it..I spoke way too rude to her even though she was only trying to care like a friend..
I didn’t want her to care as my friend. I wanted her to love me as much as I love her… To see me as someone enough to laugh and share random stuffs with… As a boyfriend.


then I let my emotions get the better part of me then took it all out on her like it was her fault..
like she had a choice.

“Gwen about that i-

“’re not sorry Jay, we both know that” she cut me off..

“But i-

“Hey Jay” I heard a familiar voice..
I faced back and saw her..smiling.
Now, of all times.

“Looks like you’ve got company” Gwen said giving Lois a look that I couldn’t explain.

“Gwen really i-

“It’s OK…just don’t keep your guest waiting” she said and walked away..not even giving me a glance.
my palm curled into a ball as I looked solely at Lois.

“Hey Lois” I greeted through my teeth which were clamped tightly together to subdue my anger..

“You’re going without me” she said with an obvious feigned frown.

“I don’t remember promising to go anywhere with you” I said.

“’ve soon?” she asked.

“Forgotten about what?” I asked.

“Don’t tell me you really can’t remember?”
my jaw clenched..
go to the fvcking point Lois.

“I can’t” I steadied my voice.

“But we..

“Please go straight to the point Lois for pete sake!” I yelled..not being able to contend my anger..

I watched as she shivered then raised confused eyebrows at me.

“ you OK?” she asked placing a palm on my shoulder.
I took a breath and calmed.

“I-i’m good..I’m sorry I spoke that way to you” I said.

“It’s fine but are you really OK?”

“Yes Lois, I’m good” I shifted away..making her palm fall off my shoulder “Now if you don’t mind..I’ve gotta go meet my friends at the cafe” I said..


“See you next time Lois” I said and I dashed away from her sight..

I stooped to catch my breath..
such a pester.
Always trying to fit in.
I sighed…

Gwen’s still mad at me..she wouldn’t even listen to me, how am I supposed to apologize if she even wouldn’t even give me a chance to talk to her..

why’s she suddenly acting that way..

*(Rhythm of love)*
Gwennie’s POV
It been three days already since the whole Justin stuff..and just in case you’re wondering I’m still on with the silent treatment, I know he wanna apologize but I think it’ll be more better if he taste how bitter silence is..I’m not just ready to back off.

I’m not gonna let him apologize until I’m sure he’s really sober, until I’m sure he really realize his mistakes.
Getting off the train with a sigh, I inhaled the cozy air..well I couldn’t use the bus since I had to pick up a package from the train station and then get new strings.
I walked to the school building with my hand grabbing the handle of my guitar bag firmly..reaching the gate I pulled out my badge and attached it to the cotton cloth to my chest..getting scanned by the two security guards I walked into the building and just close to the hallway in the first floor, so many student gathered on a corner checking out something on a bulletin board..the urge to join came but I swept it aside and moved further into the hallway then to my class which was awfully quite and mostly scanty..


I sighted Hailey typing into her phone.
Looking around for Justin and Guy I breathed out when I couldn’t find them..

What’s happening..?
I wondered

I moved to my seat and put down my bag then unloosed the badge.
“Hey came early today”

Hailey said looking up at the phone.
“Yeah..caught an early train” I said

“Oh..lucky you” she said peering back into her phone and typing something with a smile.

“What’s going on..I saw a group of student at the hallway on my way to class..anything on?” I asked and she looked up at me.

“Oh that!” she tucked her hair behind her ear then faced me. “it’s a intra-school competition..

“A competition in this school?” I asked and she nodded.

“Yup…between the newbies *us* and the oldbies..the news just came up today on the school website.

“The school website?”

“Yes th…wait you ain’t a member of the website?” she asked and I shook my head.

“I’m just hearing about it.. from you”

“For Pete’s sake girl do you even read the learners guide?.. I mean who in this school don’t know about Sheppard’s music website?” she asked.

“Me…I guess” I said and she breathed out.

“Right you…”
“Are you with your guide?” she asked.

“Nope..left in at home” I said and she shook her head..somewhat disappointed then dipped her hand in her bronze color purse and pulled out a small book..
‘The learners guide….Sheppard high’
The front cover read..

she flipped through the pages and stopped when she got to the two last pages to the end..she passed the book to me and shifted closer then pointed to a link.

“That’s the link to the website..just type it on your internet and it’ll lead you there, then you register, answer few questions then get into it” she said..

“You’re with your mobile right?”

“Yes” I said taking it out from my purse..

I went to my app then clicked on the internet..gently typing the link I clicked send and waited for it to load.

“Welcome to Sheppard’s musical school..please note that this website is for only registered and fully fledged members of Sheppard..if y-

I didn’t read the school profile as I clicked on the yes button…getting to another page I typed in my email account then answered few questions regarding the school..

getting to another page I clicked on the ‘i agree’ button then I got led to several pictures of the school and different branches..I picked mine then got led to the main page..
where I joined after reading the rules…

“Now you’re a member” Hailey said.
“Phew!.. pretty easier than thought” I said.

“it’s more like creating a Facebook account..duh!” she said and I laughed.

“So..this ‘competition’ is holding when?” I asked..
quitting the website and slipping the phone back into my purse.

“Next week Thursday…it’s a twelve days thing” she said.

“Oh..I see, where’s the venue?” she asked.

“It’s holding the school house” she said.

School house?

“Is there anything like a school house?” I asked.

“Of course..there’s this place just behind the school in the garden, it’s a house..the school house..that’s where we hold intra school competitions” she said.

“Wow…I didn’t know about that until now” I said.

“ much for not always checking your guide and not being in the website” she said.

“So tell me how’s it gonna be like?” I said..getting more interested.

“Well..I don’t know,it’s my first time also..but according to what I heard, we’ll be paired and then getting extra prepared..the competition will come with prizes, it’s just to know how well you’ve been impacted in Sheppard’s” she said.

“Wow…so we’ll be sleeping over huh?” I asked..not knowing why I am this excited.

“Of’s in two dimensions,the paired group will be announced on the last day” she said..

“I just can’t wait” I said..

“No one can” she said
During break I watched as students moved it twos and trios to the cafeteria to place their order then move back into their classes..
I sighed as in placed my order with my friends..I was about moving to a table when Hailey held me..

“No sitting in here..remember?” she asked and I sighed as I rolled my eyes on the empty chairs

stupid rules..

Actually break period have been reduced to only 10 minutes coz of the upcoming competition..we were only allowed to purchase our food then eat them in one was allowed to use the cafeteria for a week..

it’s now.. ‘Buy your meal and go to class’..

“Oh yeah” I said and moved to the class after giving a look to Jay whose eyes I noticed was on me..

Getting to class we sat on our seats and had lunch..
properly disposing the trashes a teacher walked in with a long list in her hand, an instruments and two hardcover notes.

“Good day class” she said.

“Good day Mrs Penoyer” we or some of us replied then sat down.

“As we all know the intra-competition is still taking place..we have limited time and as starters there’s still so much you need to learn..” she raised her head up and walked to and fro.
“Instead of taking much time explaining we’ll go straight to the pairing procedure..this pairing of a thing is just to know those who are naturally talented in music and to pick those who’d be participating in the upcoming contest so you all can work as a team, share ideas and teach one if you hear you name please occupy the four seats you find next with your crew’ll be using that seat for the next one week before the competition I understood?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am” we replied.

“So if you hear your name please move to the first front seat..
Miranda Josh’
Guy Showman’
Jerry Bob and;
Hailey Duke’
The mentioned participants are to occupy, he first front seat” she said

“Pick up your stuffs and move” she said..

I watched as Guy and Hailey pick up their instruments and move to their new seat..

The woman kept calling names and I kept watching as student moved to their seats until-

“Gwennie Callaghan’
‘Roman Shalley’
Junior Banks’
Justin Hart’
please occupy the next four seats.
She called..I picked my bag and purse then move to the first seat behind the previous occupants.
Justin followed..then the rest..

“The first seaters will be the crew’s leader for a week before the competition..”


I was also a first sitter.

“And your jobs are to mark and submit attendance, lead and submit assignments that’ll start today and finally give speeches on previous topics” she said and I sighed. I’m literally gonna do all that.

“So today..we’ll be having musical practices..everyone get your instrument out!” she said.
We closed for the day and I carefully put my guitar back in it’s bag, pulled up the zipper then grabbed my purse and was about moving out..

“Gwen..” I heard his voice..

I let out a mild sigh before facing him.

“Yeah Justin” I answered.

“We need to talk” he said.

“What about?”

“About what happened four days ago..those words I used-

“Justin please don’t go there..I’m trying not to think about it and really act the way you addressed me..


“You plainly insulted my pride, you told me not to care..I’m only following what you said, please don’t make this hard for me” I said and walked out of the hall..

Getting to the main building I sighted Guy and Hailey talking about whatever and laughing at a point…I walked towards them.
“Hey Gwen” Guy greeted..sighting me first.

“Where’s Jenkins?” Hailey asked.

“Last time I checked he was still in the hall” I said “So we’ll see tomorrow..I’m going home”
I made to move.

“Not so fast homie” Hailey blocked my path.


“Don’t tell me you’ve seriously forgotten” she said.


“Seriously girl..Alex’s performing today, you really forgot something so important” she said.

I rolled my eyes.
how’s that important..
That crazy guy..

“Oh, see I’m really..

“Nah, nah, nah..I’m not taking no for an answer, we’re all going..that’s final” she said.

“Look who’s making the rules here” I smirked.

“Authoritative yet gentle” Guy added.

“Justin’s going too?” i asked.

“Yup..all of us are” she said.

Guess I’ve got no choice..
I don’t own myself now and geez I’m gonna be seeing that b00by freak after so many days..

hope it won’t be awkward.
So she’ll meet him again..
how’d you see this chapter??

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