My Heartbeat

My heartbeat episode 26 – 27


(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
I watched as his lips almost struck mine and fastidiously I slipped away..
watching as his expressionless face slowly carved to a frown I frantically caught my balance and my breath then faced him..he looked at me with a smirk, clearly of disappointment.

“Little snail!” He mumbled.
I gave a sigh then a straight look.

“Um..guess I’d be on my way now” I steadied my voice “class must’ve begun”
He grunted under his breath..

I moved to the door and held the knob, clearly turning a jelly as I couldn’t feel enough strength to turn the knob..I took a glance at him, gulped then applied more dexterity and turned the knob..
Moving outside slowly I slammed the door behind me as I felt my breathing increase.

What the fvck was that??

The hell I almost lost control back then..
was that how badly I missed being kissed.
To feel that sensual feeling again..the lingering heart that thumped alongside with it and the joy of satisfaction that followed.

Ish Gwen!

I mentally slapped my forehead.
That guy got nerves though, trying to kiss a so-called he that bratty, crazy and freaky.
How dare I look that cheap.

But seriously I could feel myself also wanting the’s not a feeling tho, just that longing that suddenly overwhelmed me, the feeling of being kissed..

But wait!

Was I that desperate…
Even though I am there’s no way I’m letting him get my long time first kiss..

I shuddered…ugh! so distasteful.

Inhaling the air which scented mostly of green plants and rose I moved to the stairs and ran a hand on the rail then took a feet down then many more steps until I got to the last floor..slowly getting down the steep I moved or rather dragged my jelly feet to my class..peering through the open window I sighed a rather relieved sigh when I saw them practising some tones on their instruments with notes on their laps crew by crew..they were obviously playing from it..
I shifted my gaze to the front of the class, seeing no mistress nor Mister I gave a gentle sigh…

since they were playing there must’ve definitely been a teacher and with the hardcover music notes on the front desk my thought were affirmed..maybe he/she went out for a while..


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moved to the door and put a leg on the concreted floor, gaining the stare of half of the class I walked gently to me seat and sat..


took out my bag and pulled out my guitar from it..

“here..” Justin stretched a piece of paper to me “we’re practising our lines for the contest..I took one for you”
I look gratefully at him then at the paper before collecting.

“Th-Thanks” I stammered with a smile..

He’s being good after what I did..

“It’s crew by crew..Mrs Ashley’s coming to grade us” he explained.

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oh my..I haven’t even practised.

I peered into the notes and sighed..
All of me by John Legend..

not a sweat after all..I knew it perfectly well..wasn’t much of a big deal.

And one thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I’m pretty good at music..I mean I was confident I could beat some freak who claims to be music god..I’m like a goddess when it comes to anything that has to do with tone..
Music has been like my companion.

thinking about it now I had no idea why I refused Alex’s offer..he wasn’t in no way better than me..
I was damn sure of that..I could do much more better than him..
But it’ll be such a shame on his part to watch the humiliation of being beaten by a student in what he teaches..

I ordered the members to adjust their seat closer to mine as the other crew were to avoid disturbance.
Moment later out seats were crowded in a small space with me at the first front..
I pulled a string from my guitar then balanced it on in my arm.
“So guys..I’d play first..then you’ll follow.
Sitting quietly on my seat and waiting for the bell to ring I felt a hand tug at my shirt and I faced the direction.


“The dress code’s out!” she interrupted me in an all smile face.

I grinned like I understood what she was talking about..

“That’s great news..” I frowned “but for what?” I asked.

“For the contest of course…it’s all over the web, the dress code for all the participating students was being posted today..didn’t you get the notification?”

“Of course I did..that’s why I’m so confused”

“jokes apart Gwen…I’m just so glad I’ll finally stay away from home for good 12 days?”


a good news to you?..don’t you like being home?”

“Nah.. I mean yes..well whatever, I’m just happy I’ll be away from ivy’s trouble”

“Your sister?”

“Yes..she’s like trouble whenever I’m around” she said and I laughed.

“Believe me Hailey..I’ve been there, a whole lot of time” I said and she laughed.

“I heard the nominees will be posted after tomorrow’s test”

“Heard so too..I’m so looking forward to it”

“Same here” she said.
The bell rang almost immediately after the discussion..I grabbed my bag and purse then stood up..
watching Justin as he flung his bag to his back I shifted a bit to him and he looked at me.

“Can we talk.. Privately?” I slowly said

he gave a surprised look..
I gulped.

“You-wanna talk to me?”

“Yeah..guess we both have something to say to each other”

“We sure do” he said with a slight smile that exposed his beautiful dimples..

oh I’ve missed that!

He stood and walked to Hailey..whispering something to her and watching as she nodded thrice he moved to me..

“We could use the florist garden…student don’t go there most times, especially now” he said and I nodded.

Following his lead we got out to the exit..

“Gwen..going home, I thought we could use the bus together”Guy said and we faced back…

“I’ll be right back..wanna get something from…the garden” I said and he nodded.

“I’ll be waiting”

I smiled at him.

We got to the garden, just behind the school and true to his words it was empty, totally empty save for the flowers blossoming on the soil and beautifying the place..

the air smelt really nice here..I inhaled it again and smiled..

Justin stopped and faced me..


we laughed heartily when we called each other together at the same time ..

“You go first..
“You go on first..

we said together again and ended up laughing again..
I poked him and he laughed.

“Stop interrupting my sentence” I said..

“You did same thing” he laughed.

“I’ll go on first then” I said then paused
“I’m sorry about the way I spoke to you in the morning..I really didn’t mean it the way it came’s not like your not important, you’re very special Jay coz you’re my friend, I was just pretty mad at you and I loosed control” I completed.

he watched me with eyes that I could say was filled with ecstasy, joy and fulfillment..

his expression said it all..

And with the way he smiled..I knew my words had hit a point..I just wished I could express my feelings, I mean I know there’s no harm in it but I just want him to be the one to say it..I always liked it when the guy confesses first, to me it makes the equation more balanced..

But really, is he even gonna say it..
does he even feel a teeny weeny bit of love for me..

The kind that had nothing to do with friendship..the kind of specialty that’s totally not friends with benefits.

“Really..I’m special, to you” he said softly..

I could feel the emotions in his voice but I just couldn’t place where it came from..

Was he just being over joyous..?

“Yes’re special coz I lo..” I took a breath sharply and paused “I love you” I intertwined my fingers “as a friend” I sadly added and his eye brightened up.

“You really love me Gwen?” he asked.

“Yes i-i love a friend”

his hand cupped my cheeks as I saw him smiling happily..I shivered a bit..

those touch..

they sent shivers down my spine.

“Say it again..please Gwen, repeat those words” he pleaded as his eyes bored into me mine “please say it again” he repeated.

“I love you ju-

His lips cut me short as they engulfed mine in a kiss..
I gasped in his mouth as I felt it moving on mine..

what is happen..
oh-oh my God!!!

he’s kissing me..
Justin is really kissing me and the hell it felt damn very good.

oh my gosh!!!
I felt my cheeks getting hot with blush..

this is happening !!
my heart leapt in joy.

(Rhythm of love ❤)
Gwennie’s POV
I wrapped my hand on his neck as I deepened the kiss…
giving him entrance to my mouth I tilted my head to the left..

oh my..those lips..

it was so heavenly, magical, super sweet..just use any word that was way better than too good, this kiss totally deserved it..

I missed it and here I had it..

that feeling of being kissed..he was finally letting me feel them again, honestly I was so happy it was him taking my long time kiss..
those lips were the sweetest..I wanted to stay this way..forever.
just leave me here.

he was really kissing me..his lips were moving on mine..he was..
he was kissing me oh gosh!

my cheek was really blushes would’ve been hot and he’d have noticed it..probably.

But wait..does this mean something..does it mean he’s-he’s really feeling something for me..
Does he..does he really-

I felt him sharply pull away from the kiss with some kinda force like it took a lot of decisions to do that, I stared at him confusedly as I fought the urge to pull him back to continue what he had started..
continue what..
Seriously Gwen..continue doing what??

“I-i’m so sorry..” he ran his hand through his hair and in some kinda disbelief then suckled on his lower lip and muttered what I assumed was ‘dang it’ ”

I really was confused…

“I’m so sorry, please i- just forgive me” he let out a crooked breath the ran out of the garden leaving me staring confusedly at the empty space..

Why did he suddenly pull away in a startled manner..

was I bad it..??
didn’t he enjoy it like I did..??

well I wasn’t such a good kisser like him truth to be told but I thought he enjoyed it or wait..

did I..

oh my God did I bite him..did I hurt him somewhere??
I don’t think I did coz I didn’t feel my teeth clamping on anything..

I traced my finger on my lips, same spot where his lips engulfed mine and a smile curved on it..even though I wasn’t so good the fact still remained that he kissed me and it was the best kiss of my life..
The best kiss that I wasn’t sure I’d forget anytime soon.

It was too special

Justin’s POV
“fvck! fvck dang it” I repeatedly hit the tiled wall with my fist as my breath came out heavily.

What the fvck just happened..why the heck did I do that..what have I done..

How can I act so crazy right after I was about apologizing for my wrong..why did I fvcking let my emotion in the way..
For Pete’s sake why’s it so hard for me to accept that Gwennie doesn’t love me..what’s wrong with me..
But really I think I felt her kissing me too, with same feeling..
or was I mistaken coz obviously I was too engrossed in her lips I couldn’t think of anything else other than when I got to realize what I was doing..

And her look were of pure was flabbergasting..

But seriously I fvcked up pretty bad.

I hope she’s not mad at me..

though noticeably she wasn’t really that good coz at one time she almost bit me.

but it was good
at least i enjoyed it..

I ruffled my hair with a sigh as I rested my both palm on the sink then stared deeply at the mirror..

I hope Gwen really can forgive me cos I’m not sure I can face her..not yet..she had to cool off first..

And probably by then I might’ve forgotten about it but gee, who the fvck am I kidding..

There’s no way I’m forgetting that, at least not yet..

Gwennie’s POV
I climbed the last fleet of stairs then turned toward his office..getting to the door and noticing the sign Alexander .J. McCormick on the metallic door I took a sigh then placed a light knock on the it.

“Come in” his rustled voice came through the door.

I took a breath, trying to ponder more on my decision then noticing my hand on the door knob I twisted it and moved two steps in the closed it back..
his eyes flew to me immediately in awe.

“You?” he called.

“” I said..

“Why are you here?” he asked “let me beg me to continue from where we stopped after realizing you’re about to miss a golden opportunity?”

I scoffed at his word..

seriously do I look that easy and cheap to him..

yes, I kissed someone that isn’t even my boyfriend or he kissed me rather but I responded anyways, but that doesn’t make me cheap..
I’m just about to prove him wrong.

This jerk!.

“Nope..I’m here to take your offer” I said intertwining my fingers.

“An offer?”

“Yes..the dual contest..two of us, I’m here to accept it” I said almost not believing my own self.

I can almost not believe I’m really doing this..
I guess you can call it the daring effects of Justin’s kiss cos honestly I think that’s what it is..the thoughts to accept it actually came after the kiss..I just took the decision that way.

And besides I guess there’s no harm having a bit of fun, seeing my opponent as a well admired individual I guess there’d be no harm watching his face down when I beat him right at his own game.
Apart from the’ll be hilarious..mostly to me.

“Wow..that was one quick and brave decision” he said holding some paper files then stapling them together and neatly placing them in an office cabinet.

“Sure is…so you’re still in?” I asked not knowing where the firm voice came from.

he gave me a long look like he was observing something then continued his work.

“Of course” he said with his gaze on the file.

“So..when exactly is it commencing?” I asked.

“You’re really mind setup about this?!”


“Well..we can begin two before the closure of the intra-competition..a ‘mini teacher-student competition’ will get attention” he said.

“So it’ll be approved?”

“of’ll be like trying to show how well you’ve been taught..act of bravery..” he gestured.

“Can’t wait” I said.

really Gwen..that’s enough.

“So how about we make it you know more worthy?” he asked..

“More worthy” I repeated “I don’t think I understand”

“We attach prizes to it”

“Um..I don’t know”

“How about you being my slave for 2 months if I get to win”


“And if I win?”

“I’d do same” he said..

“Deal then” I said..

wait, I really said that..I sure agreed to that daring offer..
Justin what the heck did you do to could just one quick..OK long kiss lead me this far..

“See you till then” I said..gave a smile when our eyes met then moved to the door..

“You sure you don’t want something else?” he asked.

I was about asking when I realized what he meant.


“Nope..I don’t” I said and turned the knob, pulled it then stepped..

OK what just happened..

I just agreed to the almost impossible..but honestly I see my chances of winning really great coz first I knew I could do better than him when it comes to music and that I’ve got the charms..right??

But still I’m kinda scared-

where the hell is he..he needs to kiss me back so I could get back my senses coz definitely it was magical..

Maybe when he does it again like it happens in fairy-tales then I’d realize the consequence(s) of what I’ve done..

oh geez
kinda sweet tho.

Gwen and Alex are on a one on one competition..

start placing your guess..


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