My Heartbeat

My heartbeat season 2 episode 1


(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
“You’d need this” mom threw a huge red blanket to me.

“ can’t forget this” she threw a raincoat.

“And very important” she threw a big jacket coat together with a flared trouser.

My eyes narrowed in confusion..
Am I really gonna use this stuffs for a twelve days camp.

“And this..

“Mom!” I caught the stack of towels mid way through my bed.

“I’ll only be gone for twelve days…not forever!” I exclaimed., throwing the clothings back at her.

“But honey, these are necessities..what if it snows, rain or the atmosphere just gets cold at one time of the day” she asked.

“That’s why I’ve got my jacket and a blanket that’s warm enough..jeez mom I don’t need these, they’re way too much” I eyed it.

“But we’re not sure that those light fabrics can keep you for twelve days”

Light fabrics indeed!

“And I’m not sure these incredible stuffs can fit into my box” I said.

“Then we’ll just use a bigger one”

“No,no mom…these ones are enough and besides we’re staying in a house not some open-beach camp where we get the full wave of any crazy weather” I said, hoping my words might’ve somehow hit a point.

“So what if a heavy wind a tornado?”

I narrowed my brows in awe..
Really mama.

“And you think huge blankets and dad’s oversized raincoat and jacket will keep me from getting blown off?” I asked sarcastically.


“Thanks mom..I appreciate your efforts but I’m not going with those absurd outfits..not happening” I said and she sighed…

A sigh of defeat.

“OK…But don’t you think you should at least take one more blan-

“No mom..I don’t think so, I’ll be fine” I said..

I looked at my alarm clock standing close to the light stand..7:00, it said.

“Mom..I’ve gotta get set, it’s gonna be eight soon” I said.

“Oh..I’ll go set the table”


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pecked my cheeks and left.

Gee! mothers! I sighed.

Swiftly locking the door i moved to my dressing table still on my bathrobe, I reached for the lotion and applied a great amount on my skin because the weather was kind of really cozy..Setting it back on it’s rack I applied some fresh olive ointment on my hair then stood up and moved to my bed.
Picking up the crazed Jean and the pink crop top with lines of purple, which I had earlier set out..I pulled into it then tied my hair in a messy bun with an hairpin bounding it..
Then moved back to the table and applied a light make up and light blush on my cheeks..
I put on my velvet gold sandals with bronze stones on the top, and swiftly packed my makeups, roll on and lotion in a plastic, knotted the top then dug it into the lady cherry bag that held my clothes..
Grabbing the bags I looked once more at my bedroom to be sure I left nothing on the list.. Being ascertained I sighed.


girls night with Freya, Jenny and probably Hailey will be a good welcome home jubilation..

I moved out and head to the living room..
Getting there the tantalizing scent of fried Bacons, berry pancakes, some pastries obviously pan biscuits and the strong odor of caffeine hit me..Shaking my head i moved to the dinning table and set my bag on a couch..

“Morning sweetheart” Dad greeted.

“Morning dad”

“I see you’re set”

“In a hurry to ‘live the life’.. Away parental scolding” Jerold said, taking a quick look at me.

I gave him a thumb down.

“Try harder” I muttered..

“She’s not you, Jerold” mom said and I smiled while Jerold just shook his head.

“It’s almost eight” I said to dad.

“We’ll hit the road after breakfast” he said.

“Biscuits, pancakes, or bacon and fries?” mom asked.

“2 b’s” I said..

“Pancake and jam” Jerold and dad said together.

“You know what” Dad said “Why don’t we mix it all up as a goodbye breakfast for Gwennie”

“Good idea” mom said..

“That’s the lamest goodbye party I’ve ever seen or witnessed” Jerold said.

So great..right??
Now I feel like I’ll be away forever..

“It’s just twelve days parents..stop making a fuss out of it” I said.

“Aww..she’s missing us already” mom said “I miss you too sweet”

“Can we just have breakfast..I’m almost late for lectures” Jerold said.

“Sure” mom said and moved to serving the meals in plates and coffee in cups placed on saucers..
I stood up to assist.
“Gwennie, take care of yourself..remember to properly cover yourself if it becomes really cold at night and the lip balm..don’t forget to apply them. al-

“I know mom, I know. And I love you too” I said and we hugged..
mom kept pulling me close like I was gonna fly once she releases me.


enough’s almost eight” I pulled away.

alright..I think I’ve said that word like three times today.

“Jerold..put those in the booth” dad said..Jerold moved to the back of the car and threw my large bag into it.

“Honey..if you need anything, probably something you might’ve forgotten always remember to call me..I’ll get it to you right away” mom said and I rolled my eyes.

It’s twelve days..
just twelve days!! ..OK?

“I don’t think that’s necessary…everything’s checked!” I said, remembering the crazy list I had to make to ensure I left nothing.

“I love you Gwen..always call me OK?”

“I will mom and please stop being this’re making it look like I’ll be gone for years” I said.

“Don’t blame me…I’m missing you already” mom said.

“Yes mom and I love you too” I kissed her cheeks.

“We’re running late Gwen” dad said from the driver’s seat.

“Jerold” I opened my arms and he frowned.

“Don’t think it’s a good idea” he said and took a step backm

“Come-on Jerri..we both know you want this” I nudged.

“I don’t do hugs Gwen..just go”

“Come oooon” I drawled.

“OK, fine..your calling” he wrapped his arms around me and I smiled.

Getting close to the passenger’s side of the car, I opened the door, stretched out my hand and ruffled Jerrold’s hair before quickly moving into the car and giving a victory smile at Jerold as he curse under his breath.

“Bye mom” I yelled as dad drove to the school directions.
Dad pulled up in front of the school house whose gate was now wide open..the garden was in full view now and just behind Sheppard house could be seen..

I alighted from the car.

“Take care of yourself honey..” dad pecked me from the window “I’d have loved to help unpack but I’m really late for an appointment” he said and I smiled.

“There’d be no need for that dad..thanks”
I moved to the booth, raised it open and pulled out my box,instrument bag and handbag, locked it then moved aside…
Dad waved me bye and drove off..

I turned back.

“Hi’re here” I said.

“Yup and I’ve unpacked” she moved towards me.

“Needs help with those?” she asked.

“Obviously” I replied.

She helped with the bigger bag while I held the handbag, my instrument bag and the plastic bag.
we head into the building.

“So, we’ve been grouped?” I asked.

“Yup..the room’s super big” she said.

“Bunked beds, huh?” I asked.

“Nah..Large beds actually, three in a room” she climbed the stairs and I followed” I’m with Tamara and roommates” she said.

“Oh..I see” she said.

“You’ll be given yours once you’ve been registered and accepted”

“Those are necessary?”

“Don’t know..took same procedures” she reached a hallway.

“I’ll stay with your bags while you go and sign in” she said..
I thumbed her up and moved to the next door.

Seeing the registrars I greeted and moved in then took an offered seat.

Moving out with my room number crammed in my brain I sighted Hailey still standing close to my bag..with a smile I moved towards her.

“Room 11” I said, now beside her.

She nodded and took the large bag while I took the rest.

“Now let’s go see what you’ve got” she said and we both walked to a room..

Getting to the room which was scripted 11′ at the top of the door..she nudged and I turned the knob then moved in with her.

“Hailey!” we turned to see-

What’s her name again..

Lois..yeah, Lois…
The one whom obviously can’t keep her hand off Justin..


“Hey Lois..”

“You’re staying here?” she asked.

“Nope..Gwen is” Hailey said.

Her eyes went to me, her looks were not so welcoming but I didn’t care..I shifted my gaze to the room.

It was super big indeed just like Hailey earlier confirmed..white bulby lights hung in the wall and two air conditions were on both sides, then a heater on the small stool close to the two sockets on the wall.
The beds were huge with black Duvets on it, a closet close to each bed and a small demarcation to the other beds..

A door was by the left and I assumed it to be the bathroom.


I snapped back to reality to see Hailey staring at me with some sort of confusion.

OK, they’ve been talking and I’ve been gazing.

“Um..yes” I blinked.

She nudged her head forward…that was when I noticed a slight chubby girl with outstretched arm and narrowed brow..I looked back at Hailey.

Then it hit me..

Introduction time!

“Nice to meet you-

“Nana” she said..

“Nana” I said “I’m Gwennie” I shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you too Gwen” she said and moved back

“Nice to meet you again Gwennie” Lois said with her gaze on her phone and her hand moving on it.

“Same here” I said.

“Here..I’ll help you unpack” Hailey assisted with the bag then moved with it to the last bed..

I set the big bag in the closet..vowing to unpack once I’m done checking out this school house.

“Is Justin here already?” I asked.

“Yeah..Guy’s here too, they’re in the guys hall” she said…
her phone beeped and she checked it then faced me.

“Sorry Gwen but I’ve gotta go..Tam’s at it again” she said.

“Oh OK..I’ll just check out the school” I said..
She tapped me then ran off.

I reached for my purse and took my phone then moved out of the room.
Getting out the cold air hit me..

I shook slightly..
I’d be needing my jacket.

just as I made to turn-

“There you are miss Gwen Callaghan..I was about coming to your room”

“Hello Mrs Michel…good day to you too” I said.

“Here…This are the list of the registered student..I want it pasted on the bulletin boards close to all the stairs and the hallways” she handed me some photocopied papers.

“But Mrs-

“Oh, here..I forgot the blue tack..they’ll stick well” she said and left before I could utter a word of protest..

Left to my own fate I took a look at the paper..peering through lines of unfamiliar names I sighted Guy’s, Tamara’s, Hailey’s and Lois’s names on the list then mine..looking downward a brief note read ‘practice kicks off tomorrow, participating students are to get to the musical hall on dotted time, lateness is totally prohibited.

I shook my head and turned back to the hallway.

Tearing off blu tacks and pasting them on four separate sides then attaching the papers to them..I moved to the next until I got to the final hallway on the upper floor.

A transparent glass door was on the sides..
“Staffs quarters” I read the post on the door.

Taking a quick peek through the door and seeing different closed metallic door with iron knobs I peered deeper.

“Looking for me!”

I almost flew out of my skin when the unexpected sharp voice hit me.

“Easy dear” I felt a hand on my arm..supporting me and I frantically shook it off and looked straight at him.

Alexander McCormick..really?

“Such a scare!” I exclaimed catching my breath.

“Didn’t know you missed me that much sweet” he bragged.

“You wish”

“So why were you peeking in there?” he asked..
I scratched my hair.

“None of your business” I said.

“As always..lame excuses” he said.

I bit on my lower lip.

“I wasn’t checking for you”

He scoffed.

“Not like I believe you” I eyed him “wanna see my room?” he asked.

“Why would I wanna do that?”

“Well you know..I have a thing for morning coffee”


“You’d be my delivery lady once I win the contest…the earlier the better, it’ll be more easier if you get used to things that are mine and my dislikes and likes” I scoffed.

Such a crazy dude..he’s so sure of himself.

“Well, sorry Mr early morning tea…there’s no way I’d be doing that” I said.

“Ohhh..the brags, such bravery you’ve got” he said.

“I’ll be sure to see your sorry ass when I beat you at your game” I shrugged “Mama’s gonna weep for you”

He chuckled ruggedly.

“Lot and lot of guts” he jeered.

“See you there freak”

I quickly moved away before I’d end up saying something else that’d make me punch myself..

Such bravery though!

I’ve gotta be extra-prepared to win this..there’s no way I’m gonna be a slave to this freak for two months.

Two months..! ugh

I shuddered.

Gee…so much work..
So much work for Gwennie.
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