My hot secretary episode 31&32


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Episode 31 and 32🍇


“Call rowan for me right now!, Do not delay!”The man ordered sternly and Dante nodded before running off to carry out the supposed order.

The man had a cigarette in between his lips and a red wine at his right hand, he had an evil glint running through his eyeballs as he thought of carrying out his plans,

“finally….”The man smiled staring at a picture of a woman who had a big smile on her face exposing her white beautiful set of teeth.

He grabbed the photo frame and caressed the surface, different emotions running across his eyes bypassing the evil he had written all over his face before.

“I can finally avenge you, If you were here you could have stopped me but you can’t be in the abyss of hell while the darth Vader family remain happy and joyous”The old man said his last sentence through gritted teeth.

The Darth vader’s…..
How could he let them enjoy their life to the fullest after the damage they cost, after loosing his wife and….his first twin daughters.
How could he let them get away with that?

Though the Darth vader’s siblings weren’t grown ups then, they were still little but their father is dead already, so they have to pay for their father’s sins!!

“He is here”Dante muttered and Rowan walked in with his face expressionless and cold as ever.

“Leave us Dante”The old man muttered taking a drag from his cigarette and puffing out a large amount of smoke from in between his brown lips.

“Okay, Mr grey”Dante bowed and walked away leaving Rowan and Mr grey alone.

“Do you remember the day you swore and took an oath of loyalty to serve me and me alone”Mr grey muttered hoarsely making Rowan raise an eyebrow in confusion

Where was this going to?
And why is he bringing this up now?

“Yes, I remember”Rowan answered.
“Good, I want you to do a heavy task for me, though it is hard but not impossible, I want you to find 2 girls for me….”Mr grey trailed off on his speech letting each of his words to sink into Rowan’s head.

“And kill them before bringing their dead bodies to me, I don’t want them to be merely breathing, I.want.them.dead!”Mr grey took his last word one by one in a whisper.

“Sure, name of the girls as well as their pictures”Rowan asked.

“I will send it to your mobile phone in an hour, you may leave, I give you just 4days…4 days to Carry out my order”Mr grey muttered and Rowan nodded.

“Be rest assured, I won’t fail you Mr grey”Rowan muttered and walked away, immediately Mr grey was sure that Rowan had gone far.

An evil smirk formed on his wrinkled face, ohhhh, he loved this so much, he had nothing to do, all he had to do was to wait for Rowan to kill his own siblings with his very own hands.

After that, he can finally kill Rowan too!..
That would be so much fun when he would see Rowan shoot and kill them all so that wherever Malcolm is, he would be able to see these with his very own eyes.



Bella held the cup of dark coffee in her hands as she walked towards king’s office, well, today they decided to go to the company today because it has been neglected for some days now but suprisingly……

It didn’t seem to suffer any loss…

All they’ve been doing everyday was investigations, investigations, investigations!!.
And all these while, they’ve been investigating about both past and present, there have been so far no clue.

Even her little brother have not been found!
She even tried calling Dante but he blocked her and that scared her to death, he blocked her!, What does that mean!?

Taking a deep shaky breathe to calm herself and stop herself from thinking all kinds of negative things that could rhyme with the ongoing situation, she opened the door and walked in.

Her eyes ran straight to Shasha who had her hands resting on her waist, her short yellow skirt raised up a little and her laps in full display…..more like she was posing in front of king so that he could notice her but king doesn’t seem to care as he continued typing on his laptop furiously.

Bella couldn’t help but bite her lower lip hard as she felt a volcano which she never knew was there being erupted inside her head.

Shasha who noticed Bella’s presence, turned and sent a furious glare at her which Bella didn’t waist time in returning with a much harsher one.
Xavier who Bella never noticed was standing next toking frowned.

“Don’t you think you should stop your darling first because she looked like she would get the upper hand there and beat Shasha up with how angry she looks”Xavier whispered into king’s ear.

King looked up from what he was doing and that was when he noticed what was going on.

“Am looking forward to seeing them fight, seariously”King muttered turning towards the ladies like the fight they were about to have had just peeked his interest.

“Trust me, I know ladies more than you and if you don’t stop her right now! And send this crazy Shasha away, after beating Shasha up, she would come back for you”Xavier muttered.

“Sir, your cup of coffee”Bella muttered placing his cup of coffee on the table immediately Shasha left before turning to leave.
But king was fast enough to grab her wrist still sitting on his seat, he turned towards xavier with a sign of “!!!”

Xavier rolled his eyes and walked away…

“Okay, why are you angry?”King asked with a small smirk as he pulled towards him, making her sit on his lap, even though he knew why she was angry, he just felt like teasing her a little.

“Am not angry sir, who told you that I was angry?”Bella muttered as she struggled to leave his laps but instead his arms tightened around her waist.

“Bella, you shouldn’t be doing this right now if not I might actually loose control and do something very, very bad to you”King muttered gritting his teeth.

Bella frowned raising an eyebrow in confusion but her confusion didn’t last long because she immediately felt something flicking and poking her @ss from beneath her.

Bella’s eyeballs widened as her cheeks reddened like riped tomato making king chuckle as he pinched her cheeks lightly.

“I am not done with the work you assigned me, I will get going….

“Am the boss as long as my compan-ies are mine, I make the rules, so you can just leave the work, by 01:30 PM, you can continue”king muttered staring at his watch before averting his gaze back to her’s.

“Shhhhh”King hushed as he placed his middle finger on her lips, stopping her from speaking further.

Xavier walked into the club and sat down before ordering for a drink with no expression on his face.
As the bottle of vodka was dropped in front of him and opened.

He poured a huge amount of the liquid into a glass cup before gulping it down once.
He felt it begin to burn inside his throat but he doesn’t f**king care!

He felt like he was going crazy!
Since the day that the crazy girl Kelly left him, he’ve been acting Totally crazy and weird.he couldn’t sleep without dreaming about her!

Had he gone mad? Or was she using witchcraft to torment him!
As he took more glasses, the more he thought about it.

Sighing again, he stood up and handed some amount of money to the bar owner before dragging his foot out of the bar, as he was about to open the door and leave.

His eyes widened when he saw….Kelly!?
She was coming into the bar with a guy, they looked so happy or should he say in love….as they laughed together, smiling brightly and looking into each other’s eyes

All Xavier could see at that moment was red and black..
He felt his temperature rise more than normal and his body began to ooze and shake with raw anger and boom!, He began to approach them…….


Xavier is seeing red and black oooo🥺
Somebori should stop him quickly 😭

I struggled to post it, hope I can see nice comments!

Good morning

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