My Hot Secretary

My hot secretary episode 33&34


Written by: Authoress #princess

Episode 33 and 34🍇


Rowan sat on the couch with an expriensionless gaze, he held a glass of red wine as his eyes synchronized the new room given to him by Mr grey some few minutes ago.

Mr grey had given the huge classic male room to him as a gift for accepting to get rid of the two girls he mentioned some hours ago….
Mr grey promised to give more to him if the assignment was carried out successfully.

Speaking of which, Mr grey was yet to send the pictures to him, staring back at his phone and immediately, his phone beeped exposing a message.

Rowan clicked the message and clicked open the picture, it showed a picture of two girls, looking at them one could tell immediately that they were siblings.
Mr grey added their names in each of their pictures.

Rowan couldn’t help but notice that the one with dark hair and brown eyes had fairer skin than the other who had blonde hair and brown eyes.

✉️Their addresses or do they live together?”

Rowan typed furiously on his phone screen before sending the above message to Mr Grey and it didn’t take up to a minute, another message was sent.
Each address the girls were staying was clearly written in the message by Mr grey.

Rowan switched off his phone and deeped it into his pocket before laying on his bed, he closed his eyes and was about to succumb to the goddess of sleep when sudden he began to hear loud noises!, More like the sound of a little child crying hærd.

Rowan sat down with an Annoyed expression on his face, he didn’t need to think for a long time where the sound was coming from!, Ofcourse, it was from the basement.

The new classic room given to him was very close to the basement so he could hear everything that was going on there.

Rowan grabbed the pillow and covered his both ears trying to take his mind off the noise but it was like the child sensed that he was trying to ignore him and increased his sobs.

“Damn it!”Rowan cursed as he stood up and walked towards the door, grabbing the door knob, he twisted it downwards before pushing it open.

Closing the door with his foot, he walked towards the right side of the hallway which led to the dark basement.
But speaking of which, why would Mr grey trap a little boy in,side the dark basement.

The more Rowan walked deeper into the basement, the more, the sobs of the child increased which indicated that he was getting closer to where the boy was.

Rowan finally stopped in front of a cell, a dark cell but he could still see what was going on in,side.
His eyes caught sight of a little boy who sat at the far end of the wall.

He was damn too thin and looked almost lifeless, seems like he was abandoned because majority of the prisoners in the basement was fed good food.

“Hey”Rowan called and almost slapped his mouth for trying to start a conversation with the little boy.

The little boy shaked a little, maybe because of the fact that he was a little startled at Rowan’s hoarse voise.

“Who….who are you!?!!”The little boy scurried deeper into the wall like he was so scared of Rowan and wanted to stay more further away from him and the only way was by disappearing completely.

Rowan felt his heart squeeze at the thought of that.

“Am Rowan….”Rowan trailed off and bit his lower lip probably shocked on why he was answering these crazy questions thrown to him by the little boy.

“Little kid, what’s your name?!”Rowan asked as his eyes synchronized the poor disgusting and dirty cell which the little kid was kept in,side.
How would a kid like that be able to survive in a place like this without being taken care of or given food to eat.

“M…my name…is….”The little kid trailed off on his statement as he stared at Rowan with no single amount of trust in his little brown eyeballs.
Probably thinking whether to tell him or not.

“My name is…..Damien”Damien’s little voice echoed around the cell as he hugged his knees close to his body.

“Is a nice name”Rowan muttered and then there was silence, pin drop silence. Wait a minute, Rowan couldn’t help but get more curious the more he stared at this little boy in,side the cell.

Why was he kept there in the first place?
He was the youngest kept in the basement.
Rowan didn’t need any seer to tell him that.

Taking a deep breath, Rowan squat down before Damien.
“I will be right back”Rowan muttered staring at the little boy before turning and walking out of the basement.

“Why did you starve the little boy?”Rowan asked with his ever same expressionless mode on as he stared at Mr grey.

“I had to, so that his sister would know very well that whenever I set out a plan, she has no right to destroy it!”Mr grey muttered.

“Take him out of the cell, am not requesting that you should set him free but to a clean cell, his clothes should be changed and he needs food”Rowan muttered, he couldn’t just get why they had to use a little boy to take their revenge.
That is absolutely absurd!!

“No!”Mr grey muttered.

“Then forget about your plan because am not killing anyone, I will only do as you say if you do as I say right now”Rowan muttered making Me grey to look at him in shock, this was the first time he had ever talked to Mr Grey like that, he had always obeyed Mr Grey’s rules Everytime and had never abolished one.

“Fine, I will assign someone to send him to a better cell and change his clothes like you requested”Mr grey said through gritted teeth.

“And give him some food”Rowan muttered, what suprised him was the fact that he cared so much for Damien this much, maybe, because he was the youngest and the most pitiful in the basement.
Maybe, that was it!!

“I will!”Mr grey muttered and Rowan nodded before turning to leave.
“I will keep my words, if you keep yours”Rowan muttered and walked away.

“Damn that selfish brat!”Mr grey yelled immediately Rowan was out of sight as he threw an empty bottle to the floor making it shatter into pieces.

How dare he!, He felt like strangling that useless brat at that moment but….he needs to keep calm so that his plans could fall in place.

But after that, he wanted to slice and cut of that arrogant bastard’s head with his very own hands. As a matter of fact, his hands were itching him to do it now but is just a matter of time and he will destroy their whole lives.

“Boy, get up and follow me!”A guard muttered sternly making Damien’s eyeballs to go wide, were they finally letting him go?.

Clutching his inhaler to his chest,he stood up and followed the guard out of the irritating cell.

“Don’t try to run away because we aren’t releasing you”The guard added but Damien didn’t seem to pick his words as an offence instead he felt happy.

Happy that finally, he used his leg again after weeks!!
But it hurts a little and felt more like a toodler who was still learning how to walk.

“Get in”The guard muttered stopping outside a cell, looking in, Damien frown, was this the cell they planned on letting him stay in?

Damien blinked a few times to check whether it was really and it was indeed very real, it didn’t look like a cell at all, it wasn’t dark like Damien expected it to be neither was it smelling but rather it looked like a Barbie doll room.

It had a pink bed in the middle of the room, toys and shockingly, A Television?.

“Are you f**king deuf?!!, I said get in!!!”The guard yelled and Damien shrugged before walking in and immediately he was in, he slumped to the floor tiredly.

“You will get your food in the next fifteen minutes”The guard muttered and locked the door, not actually cell iron gate, it was a door!!

Damien couldn’t believe it!
Was this really the place that they kept him, was this all a mistake?.


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