My Hot Tempered Husband

My Hot Tempered Husband – episode 1



I will never forget my decision on the 13th of April 20….. that led to the journey of bitterness in my life and marriage. I was a very simple and loving girl until I met Dayo. My mother warned me, but I never listened. I thought I was in love, and love could overrule all shortcomings. I now agree with the Yoruba adage that says “what an elder will see while sitting down, a young person may not see even if he is standing on a tall tree”.

On the 13th of April, I brought Dayo to my mother to formally introduce him to her as my husband-to-be. It was a Saturday morning and mother had been expectant since I told her I was bringing a special guest to see her. Her joy knew no bound when I told her of my plan to come home with Dayo. I had described the person of Dayo with mama. How handsome and cute he was. Mama fell in love with Dayo even before she met him due to all I told mama about Dayo. The preparations for Dayo’s visit was like a woman expecting a king.

Which mother won’t be happy when her daughter is bringing a man of her choice to her; a Christian and a rich guy. Mama ensured she stocked the fridge and freezer with all manner of food and drinks just in preparation for Dayo’s visit. At a time I was jealous because the preparation was just too much. I never had fear if mama will accept Dayo or not because every woman will like him even at first sight.

The long awaited Dayo finally showed up. When I opened the door for him, I whispered to his ear “mama will be happy to see you”. I was impressed with his outfit and I knew that will also impress mama because he was wearing white lace. White was mama’s favourite colour. He bought many gifts for mama, so we headed to his car boot to pick the items before joining mama in the sitting room.

Mama, here is Dayo, my fiance, I introduced my awaited man to mama. “Ekaro oko mi”, “good morning my husband” my mother greeted Dayo. I have been waiting for you since my daughter told me you will be coming. I have prepared all manner of food and I want you to be free because this is your house. Please have your seat, mama offered Dayo a seat. “My son, what is your name? Mama asked Dayo. My name is Ekundayo Adeoye, Dayo replied. Then mama looked at Dayo’s face, your name is Dayo? And you want to marry my daughter? Yes mama, Dayo replied with a smile. I love her ma, and I will like to marry her, he added. That’s okay, Kemi offer him something to drink and join me in the kitchen now. Mama said and headed to the kitchen. I was very happy that mama is flowing with Dayo. I offered him orange juice and ran to join mama in the kitchen. When I met mama in the kitchen her countenance was not as good as it was when she left the sitting room. I was shocked seeing mama with frowned face. Anything the matter mama? I asked.

I was shocked with what mama told me in the kitchen.


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