My Hot Tempered Husband

My hot Tempered Husband – episode 2



Kemi, you cannot marry that boy, not when I’m alive, mama said this in anger. But why mama? I asked her. You obviously don’t know that boy you brought home to me, mama sounded like she knew Dayo before now. Mama, do you know him? I asked mama. Whether I know him or not is irrelevant for now, I won’t open my eyes wide and allowed my only daughter to marry this boy. Go and tell him to go away with his gifts, I don’t want them. He won’t see my face again before he leaves, mama left me in the kitchen for her room. I followed her, but mama you have not told me why I cannot marry Dayo. At the right time I will tell you, but he must go now before I lose my temper. Mama’s voice began to go up. So that Dayo won’t hear, I left to join Dayo at the sitting room.

The most difficult thing to do was how to convey mama’s message to Dayo. In between mama’s room and the sitting room I wept bitterly. When I joined Dayo at the sitting room, he was agitated, knowing something was wrong. He looked at my face and held me tightly, what is the matter Kemi? Oh, I can guess, mama doesn’t like me right? It was a difficult question to answer. My tears became the answer to Dayo’s question. Dayo was bittered, let me go, he pleaded with me. I looked at my love being rejected by my mother as he walked away from me. I was grieved seeing him leaving with his gifts.

I went back to mama, Dayo is gone, I said and my tears moved mama to tears too. Kemi sit down here, mama ordered me to sit at her bed side. I believe you know I love you and I will never allowed you enter into a marriage that will make you unhappy all your life. That boy is hot tampered and he will kill you someday in anger, mama said. But you don’t even know him, how come you know his is hot tempered? I asked mama. I know him my daughter. Your father will not forgive me in heaven if I allow you marry this boy. How long have you been together? Mama asked. Two years, I replied. And you don’t know he is hot tempered? I kept mute because that was the only challenge I have with Dayo and I have been praying for him. I have seen him getting angry like thrice and his attitudes were heart breaking but I could overlook it because I loved him and for the fact that no man is perfect.

When your father was still alive, Samuel was sick and we were rushing him to the hospital in our car but because your father was under duress just to beat the traffic he mistakenly bashed the car in his front. The damage was minimal, only just a scratch on his back bumper, he came out of his car and it was a young man. Your dad came out and begged him, please I am sorry my son, it was not intentional. I could call my mechanic to come pick the car to his workshop for a repair. All your father’s plea fell on deaf ears as the young man began to rain terrible insults on your father. You old fool, you think my car is like this your jalopy? Sorry my son, I was rushing your younger brother to the hospital, hence I was in a hurry. Who is my younger brother? To hell with him. At this time your dad was angry and asked the boy to do his worse. We were shocked when he went and grabbed an iron rod and broke our windscreen right in the presence of other commuters. One woman came out of her car and shouted at the boy, how could you do this? Don’t you have elders in your family? He became so angry and slapped that woman. When others saw what he did, they all came to take vengeance for us but your father begged them not to take laws into their hands. He entered his car and zoomed off. By the time we got to the hospital your brother gave up the ghost. If we had got to the hospital earlier, your brother would probably still be alive today. You see why you can’t marry this boy, that is the boy who killed your brother.


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