My Hot Tempered Husband

My Hot Tempered Husband – episode 5



If you leave me because of my temper, we will go our separate ways and both get married to people we don’t love. No man is totally perfect, not you nor me. We are all work in progress in the hand of our maker. Posterity will not forgive you if you don’t give me a chance to make it up to your family and correct my wrong. Dayo’s words were touching but they failed to heal my wound. The wound of knowing who contributed to sending my only brother to his early grave. The battle between love and hatred within me became more tensed. Dayo is now a Christian and a new creature in Christ. Even if he killed my brother directly, he still deserved to be forgiven considering how much God had forgiven us all.

But how am I going to convince mama that Dayo is a changed person? What will Dayo do to erase the pain of her late son in her heart? Will this relationsh¡p ever lead to marriage? Should I just walk away or stick to the man I love and d–n the consequences? If I die I die, I will marry Dayo, I made up my mind. I know I will surely get this really hærd with mama but I had made up my mind and I will marry Dayo. I remember how mama used to tell us how poor my dad was when they met and how many of her friends discouraged her from marrying such a wretched man like my dad. But she believed in him, married him and things changed for the better after some years. I will remind mama of this story if she insist I should not marry Dayo.

Mama, Dayo did not deny all you said about him but he’s now a changed man. He is born again and filled with the Holy ghost. He is no more the man who broke your windscreen. We have sinned and done more terrible things against God but he forgave us even when we never deserved forgiveness. I preached to mama. The only thing that will make me happy is to marry Dayo. I love him and I will marry him.

Mama sighed deeply after my speech. ‘Kemi, oun ton be leyin efa oju meje lo”, she spoke a proverb in Yoruba meaning “what is after six is more than seven”. Since you have made up your mind to marry him, I will not object because I want you to be happy but I will advice you take your time to think about your decision. I may be here today with you but I will surely not be with you forever. Love is a strong force but sometimes to draw a clear line between love and infatuation is a bit difficult. She gave her permissive consent. Her countenance was not good even when she seemed to have given me the go ahead.

Can Dayo come and see you by the weekend? I asked mama. He is welcome. I was very happy with the development. I called Dayo to break the news to him. ” Mama is happy with you and will be expecting you by the weekend. He was glad to hear that. What did you do that changed your mother’s mind towards me? Dayo asked me. You are a super woman. I can’t wait till weekend, I wish tomorrow is weekend, he said in  excitement.


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