My Hot Tempered Husband

My Hot Tempered Husband – episode 8



His brother who came to pick us at the airport called me to hear my own side of the story. I told him everything that happened and he began to apologize on behalf of his brother. Timmy, this is beyond me. My uncle is already involved and there is nothing I can do about it until further instruction from my uncle. My uncle is a no nonsense man who retired from Nigerian Police Force four years ago. Without our notice he had written to Dayo’s family to come for the bride price they paid on me. He was ready to refund back their bride price and keep me back. A meeting was scheduled for the two families. They reconciled us, asked Dayo to apologize to me and mama. He did and I returned back home. Unfortunately he had sold my car before I returned home.

When I returned home, I became aggressive and hot too. I needed to wear to put on that nature to defend myself from the venom of Dayo’s anger. He taught me how to shout back at him. I lost my gentility and meekness. It was tooth for tooth thereafter. We fought like almost everyday. No moment of peace again in the house. We no longer talked like husband and wife. It was insults vs insults on daily basis. As my pregnancy advanced, I stopped giving him unnecessary attention. I focused on the arrival of my baby.

He stopped eating my food nor coming close to me. That never bothered me because I was relieved. He also stopped giving me money for upkeep. I reported him to our pastor and he invited both of us for a counseling session with him. I didn’t tell pastor the details of what Dayo had been doing, I only reported him for not giving me money again. The pastor scolded him very hærd and mandated him to make a transfer into my account in his presence. He picked his phone and credited my account with N55,000.

We got home that day and hell was let loosed. I will make life unbearable for you in this house, he threatened. You have the guts to report me to the pastor, you s–t of a woman. Only a foolish man will call his wife a s–t, I stylishly returned his insult. Who is a foolish man, he asked and was moving toward my direction. I moved back and picked a scissor to scared him away. In rage he went in,side and brought out all my credentials and set them on fire. I tried hærd to put the fire off but he pushed me away and made me watch all my years of academic sacrifices burn in a jiffy. Dayo, you are wicked, I regret ever marrying you, I wept.


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