My Husband

MY HUSBAND (episode 10 – Finale)

(Love and Lust) © Oladipo Daniel and David Blessing

Mama has gone back to village, she went to radio, public access pleading her daughter return. She also consulted the spiritual leaders. Ifeoma was now rich, she sent her only son to boarding, she faced her business and employed many workers. Sometimes she might be at home all trough and decided to give herself rest. One afternoon, she wanted to visit Chukudi, she set to leave when she heardGran-gran-gran, her phone rang, it was unsaved number.


The voice silent, Ifeoma was confused, hello, hellooooo, the voice began to weep yet no word was uttered. Who are you pls, and hope everything is fine? Ifeoma asked the caller. Is my son alright, oh, is it my mum, pls speak up. Are you sure there is nothing going wrong. Hello, you are driving me crazy… Hell… Finally the voice uttered, I’m sorry. sorry! She asked, why are you pleading and moreover, who are you? I am very sorry my sister. Pls forgive me. So it is you, by the way, why are you calling my line. I have disowned you for so long. I don’t have anything to do with ever and ever. I don’t want to… (Ifeoma wanted to drop the call) the voice continued, I don’t want to die like this ma. What do you mean by dying? She asked. The voice gasped, I’m scared ma, pls save me. Forgive me my sister. What… Where are you? Ifeoma asked. I’m in the hospital… How long have you been there? more than a week… Geez! She ended the call and called Chukudi, Mr Chukudi, I am sorry, something came up, I can’t make it up to you. Maybe another time… I will call you back…. She called her mum too, mama, it is your daughter, you need to come right now. 

She ran to the hospital, mama also joined them. She was transferred there due to her condition… Mama, pls forgive me, tell aunty that her sister is sorry, I never planned to hurt her…

where is that devil that did you this, mama asked. Pls mama, this is not time for devil or whatever, Adama, you need to be alright now. What did the doctor say? I don’t know, she responded in tears, they have been taken my blood for various diagnosis. The pain is too much, mama, pls save me, I must not die. A lady entered, she was nearly Adama’s age, thank God your people are here at last. Good evening mama. She introduced herself, I am Adama’s neighbor, she told me everything, she said… (she looked at there frowned faces and paused) She always pray for forgiveness every blessed day. You must be ifeoma, she stretched her hand to shake ifeoma. My name is blessing. Thank God you are here. Pls what happened to my sister, Ifeoma asked. They once told us she has fibroid, chronicle. But getting here, the doctor are saying something else, she replied. Aunty, I’m sorry for what happened. Adama too is very sorry. And for the devil that caused all this, you don’t have to worry about him anymore. I heard after he lost everything in the battle with you, he nearly mad, he walked on the street like lunatic. Even now, he has been hospitalized for the past one month. Pls stop! Ifeoma ordered. Continue my dear, I want to here more, mama retorted. Mama! Ifeoma called. She continued, he was maybe traveling and the bus tumbled like five times, I heard no one has a scrab except him. The doctor told him his leg and arms are bad and they were cut off. He will never get better, he shall die of the wound in Jesus, mama cut in… Mama, ifeoma called, just stop it. God has rewarded him already…

They stayed with her in the hospital, at the end, Adama gave birth to a baby girl but could not survive. She died. Mama took the baby back to village while ifeoma accepted the Chukudi proposal and lived happily. She gave birth to a boy and two daughters. Chukudi, her new husband sent her abroad with all her children together with john’s son. And Adama’s daughter was named after her mother; Adama…
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Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the story? 

The End.  

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