My Husband

MY HUSBAND (episode 3)

 (Love and Lust) 
© Oladipo Daniel & David Blessing 
It was around 7 a.m, Adama was busy arranging her bag, preparing her journey back to Lagos. Mama entered with her phone, it seemed you have a call. Who is it mama?  How would I know. Hello!  The voice, did you receive my message? My African princess. Who is speaking? The call ended. She opened her message folder. It was unsaved number. 
I have gone east and north, nothing worthy of you. 
I often ask my self:
Is this lady truly real? 
Magnificent, exemplar and epitome of glory. 
I cannot deceive you baby, 
You are too much to adore. 
Her mood was transformed, she sat down quietly, touched her chest. Am I truly elegant as this person says. Adama, so, you have been hidden your glory, the natural beauty which God has bestowed on you.   The number called again, come out. And the called dropped, she got out, saw a young guy of early twenties. My beautiful queen, how are you? Said the guy.  You called me? She inquired. Yes, I cannot live without you, I want to spend my youthful years to advertise your beauty. I pray to take you tour at my forties even round the world and make your presence beside me till death do us part… my final prayer is, if you cannot make it to heaven, then I will join you to enjoy hell with you… Shut up!!!  She shouted. You and who!  Me join you in hell?  It is your forefathers you will join in hell.. You misquote me my beau… She cut in,  Please take your leave. I promise the next time I see you, I’ll shoot your  head.. She went it, took her load and ready for her journey. Bye mama…

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She went to the park, still on her way on the bus when a call entered, she shouted on the caller unknowing that it was uncle John. I am sorry if I  called at the wrong time, I heard you planned your journey today,  will  you still make it?  Ah!  Uncle John I’m sorry sir, I’m on the way sir… “I know what to do,  and I will prove the man in me at her arrival… ” that was the last voice on phone, Adama called back and asked what the uncle said but he said nothing. He told her he was addressing his coworker…  Adama wished to know the last statement of uncle John, she meditated long on it but could not decode it. pooopooo, her phone beeped, it was a message:
“You left without saying goodbye, my heart met seeing its precious departing into a tiny air. I wish I could hold you even once before the word tata. When next will I see my queen. Don’t know if you will permit, I mean permit me to visit you in Lagos. Pls reply my love”. 
I thought of it,  she whispered to herself, uncle is right, men really are evil. Imagine a boy coming to approach a lady, telling her to end up in hell. Ah!  He must be a first class candidate of hellfire…  Though I feel womanly,  I never heard anyone calling me sweet names like that. Well, it is said, devil uses good things to deceive  human… Madam, why you they talk alone, a passenger beside her questioned. Another person answered, the lady is in love… The woman behind her advised her to run away from men, that they cannot offer her anything but take away all the good in her body and turn her an empty vessel… She appreciated the woman, turned to the woman and wished her explained better on “man”. I was a young girl nearly of this  your age, my boyfriend was ‘well-to-do’. He made me enjoyed every bit of my life that other ladies wanted to be in my shoe. I tell you, I never lack anything. There was a day, a man I have concluded my husband, took me out, into a thick forest… She paused a while and continued, into a thick forest, and tied me up. I thought it was the end of my life. He said, I need to pay back all he has done for me… It was just like a devil giving you an egg and demanded fowl in return. The first passenger interrupted, how did you manage to be alive? An hunter rescued me, she said. She turned up her blowse, there was scar beneath her wa-ist crossing toward her chest. He wanted to take some org-ns in,side me for something like ritual… The wh0le bus quickly turned the woman testimony to a serious discussion in the bus, “men are evil” they all concluded…  Adama could not utter a word till she got to her destination,  the second bus-stop,  and told the driver to stop… Lagos here I come, have missed you dearly… 
To be continued… 
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