My Husband

MY HUSBAND (episode 4)

(Love and Lust) 
Episode 4
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Sisters gisting and sharing experiences together. Ifeoma has missed home, ever since she married she never saw her parents. She fully understood why the Bible says man shall leave his parent and cleave to his wife. She wished she could return to singlehood, enjoy her self and walk away from home as she likes. She declared her envy toward her sister’s singleness. Deep down Adama was how she wished having a man to man her, wake up in the morning with a man beside her. She told her sister, Uncle John has always been a good and caring man. Adama described how often he bought her and their parents gift during their courtsh¡p. She had developed interest in him, like every other members in the family. She prayed daily to married such a caring husband. A man anyone cannot compare to any other man. Ma, there was this guy that followed you all around, hmm,  Chibuke, I never liked him. He did wear tiny trousers, he never gave us anything whenever he came to visit. We all called him “skinflint”…  Ifeoma cut in, meaning of skinfl… fl… fli… It means stingy… O, Chibuke never did that, he never got job, well, he is well ok now… Why did you leave him then?  She asked. I never loved him… So,  Adama asked, you cannot marry someone you don’t love? My dear,  Ifeoma retorted,  love is the basis of marriage…. John returned from work, greeted the ladies and went in to change. After a while, he came back, took his dinner and joined them. The family is completed once again. John wanted Adama engaged in their conversation, but She knew her sister forbidden her… My love, you know I hærdly go to shop these days, but thank God Adama is back, so, I will be going to market this weekend to get new and the latest stock, I need to start with latest goods in town. No problem, he replied hastily. But, I told you the meeting coming up this weekend, how… Yea,  hmm, she continued, Adama, you can go with John, ok?  She will go with you. Thank God she is around for  now. John smiled gently, are you sure she… you won’t… ok,  if that’s your wish… Light out for the day, they went in to sleep… 

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Weekend was fast approached, it was like a year to Uncle John, he did checked his time by minute. This is the time he has been fasting and praying for, a time God or devil has made, to achieve his long desire…  They got to the club, every man with his own wife, drinking and jollying,  their table was served with hærd drinks. John insisted they must eat from the same plate.  John eyes were cast on Adama’s l-ips all through. He finally uttered,   your l-ips are s€×y, come (she moved closer while  John pecked her). Stop uncle, my eyes are seeing double…. Take your seat, it’s because you are not use to drink, take the last bottle (he moved closer, handed the bottle over to her, and touching her). Adama could not tolerate it, she stood, and went to an abandoned table. She drank herself to stupor, till she could not differentiate her right hand from the left.  John took her home, and headed straight to her room… 
Early in the  next morning, Adama has got some er*t*c dreams. She could not remember how she got home, and when she undressed. She laid down, swimming in nostalgic dream.  She was rubbing her stomach down to her laps, geez!  She shouted, what!  Have I? How?  Could the dream be real? She touched between her laps again and covered her head under the blanket to confirm what she touched. A knock at the door, it was uncle John, came in with hot tea.  “This is for you honey”.  She collected, sipped and asked, sir, how did I get home, and cha.. Changed? I changed you, because you vomited last night…  Sir…  Sir… Sir, she pointed directly toward in-between her laps… I have h0le…  He pretended as if she said nothing and walked out of the room… Adama, could not cry out. She knew something has gone out of her,  she was no more a V-rgin…  Ever this day, she was totally different, the former Adama is gone. Her sister noticed but hærdly stayed at home to ask. Before she returned, Adama would have been in bed. Two weeks later, she decided to confirm the authenticity why her V-rginity suddenly disappeared without any man around her or could her sister caring and lovely husband who was far beyond comparable deflowered her? Ifeoma has been away, Amada had a plan, she told John she was to attend a party. She stayed long till evening and came  back   sottish – staggered,  she fell down more than five times in the sitting room. John helped her, took her to her room and changed her dress. This time, Adama was actually not drunk, she only  pretended (disguised). She saw Uncle John having “the five minutes” enjoyment on her… And She fell for the  temptation… 
To be continued… 

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