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MY HUSBAND (episode 5)


MY HUSBAND episode 5
(Love and Lust)
© Oladipo Daniel & David Blessing 

Adama had tasted the food of marriage. It was like a man partner with devil. She was now free within the house, joyful and more diligent. She worked more than ever. Her sister noticed though, but what is wrong in her sister’s happiness, and more serious than the former. it was a things of joy. Adama has been enjoying herself with uncle John. It was no more hide and seek. She always pray her sister travel. The life continued like that. Three months later, the work of God germinated; She got pregnant, it was a miracle. She told the father, o! Heavens are falling. Let’s go to hospital, but Due to the relativeness, they could not go to some hospitals because they knew them as in-laws. Wherever they got, they were told, this thing is not meant to be touched. “Let it grow” they told them which means the baby must not be terminated… A mess needs to be eradicated with a strong hand, Ifeoma has been away, John took Adama to the next state very close to Lagos. They promised of it succession only if he could pay them well. Money is not the issue, he said, I don’t mind selling my house to remove this… Within 30 – 50 minutes, Adama came out, it was done. Hallelujah!!! John was rolling on the floor, praising God in singing and dancing like someone that just won nairabet. He finally accomplished his will and his mess is covered… 
On their way back to Lagos, hope you are not tired my baby. 
Adama: not too tired, but why are you still calling me baby. Haven’t you learnt? 
John: I have, but would that remove you from my heart. I meant it when I said I love you. 
Adama: Uncle, it should not have happened, this is my sister’s life. 
John: I know you truly care for your sister, but I cannot tolerate it seeing you with another guy. My heart will cease. Don’t worry, I have a plan of doing it now. 
Adama: sir, John! John! (he touched her lap) don’t touch me, John! Enough is enough. It must never happen, else, I will Kill myself. 
Adama’s phone rang, it was ifeoma. Hello ma, 
Phone voice: where have you been. I was called from your school, you were absent. 
Adama: yes ma, Uncle John sent me an errand. I will be there tomorrow… (she ended the call). John, my sister must not know, I told you I will kill myself… John stopped by the road, bought provision, tonic and some gift for Adama and took her to restaurant where they ate and drank…
 Ifeoma has returned before them but never discovered the occurrence, Adama prepared the dinner that night. She seemed weak and did not want her sister to know. John who knew very well her condition, pleaded ifeoma to help her sister but She insisted, giving excuse she too was tired… The night came, Ifeoma retired to bed. John sneakily tiptoed to Adama’s room, wanted to sleep with her. He used every kind and sweet word to ensnare her but she failed to fall, yet she could neither shout because her sister was around. The drama continued till she was nearly forced, her outcry woke her sister. She was coming down and met John beneath their staircase. Darling, what happened? I heard someone shouted. Yes, he replied sharply, these days Adama uses to have nightmares, bad ones I think. Maybe I will take her to my pastor, she said, I will find time these days. Ehm, by the way, where are you coming… I mean, you are here… I don’t understand. Yea, yea, yea, I was watching TV, is that why you woke up? She nodded. I am used to her nightmare, don’t worry yourself, you can go back to your sleep now.  

Ifeoma, now seeing the change in Adama, but did not know what is what, she asked severely what she was going through. Adama got sick nearly every week for another two months. She used different drugs. One day in school, a teacher examined her and called her sister. Fortunately, John answered the call, he said his wife forgot her phone at home. The woman talked in parable, hoping that she might be killed if she announced her discovery. Ifeoma got home early and saw the mood of her husband: moving up and down. She knew something was wrong with him, whenever she asked, he told her nothing. But the truth is, He was not himself and did not understand the Parable of the teacher. He told himself, so, this girl might have pregnant, maybe that’s she denied me of me right or was there any other man in her life? I thought she was keeping herself because of the last abortion, he thought. But now, it seems she is keeping a guy – double dating. Or, what could that mistress mean by those words? 
Ifeoma, saw Adama sleeping all through, she went into her room, dressed up and returned with car key. Adama! She called, get up and put on your dress. Are we going somewhere aunty? Don’t asked me a stupid question. I’m waiting for you in the car. She did not tell her husband, he never even seemed concern of anything but very busy with his thought. Adama found herself in the general hospital. Aunty, what are we doing here? She replied, I have spent too much on drugs, if anything happens to you, mummy will have me blamed. Pls dear, I don’t mind if they admit you and pay with my last penny. You have done so much for me, more than I could even imagined. Pls, my love, let’s go in… They both went in to the hospital and told the doctor Adama’s condition. The doctor asked them some questions and took Adama inside. Within 30 minutes or so, a female doctor came out, Congratulations madam, she is three months pregnant… 
To be continued…  

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