My Husband

MY HUSBAND (episode 6)

MY HUSBAND (episode 6)
(Love and Lust)
© Oladipo Daniel & David Blessing

Madam, congratulations, your sister is three months pregnant…Ifeoma was not surprised, she thought the woman has misinformed or mistaken. The news might have been for another patient. She shook hands with the doctor though, thank you ma. But ma, you never said anything about my sister… The doctor did not wait, went her away. She waited more, praying the doctor arrival to inform her her sister’s condition. More than an hour, now getting close to two hours, she stood, I will see for myself what took them so long… She met her sister standing beside the door, what are you doing here, where is the doctor? And… She knelt down, I don’t know how it happened… Happen what? Ifeoma asked. Pls ma, forgive me… Ifeoma was dreaming, she might have just woken up, sooooooo, the doct… tor was for me, I mean news was me. What am I saying. You preg… Pls forgive me (she was weeping). Ok, ifeoma uttered, get up, go into the car. Let’s leave here…. None of them uttered a speech till they got home, the car was like a grave yard. The only sound was of the engine, zuuuuuum… It was getting dark, ifeoma drove home, she did not open her mouth, went straight to the kitchen, ate and retired to bed. Adama too quietly went to lock herself up in her room, she did not eat that night… John could not define the paparazzi, nobody to explain him where they were coming from or the reason for their apartheid. He remained in sitting room, overwhelmed. Could it be what I thought, ah! I will poison the guy… Adama is for me and me alone. Nobody can share feces with beetle. Adama did not come out the next morning, she remained in her room till noon while Ifeoma catered her son and took him to school. Everybody in the house was on their own. John, returned early, knocked Amanda’s door. She did not respond. He stayed at the door, pleading.The love of my life, you are too much to be secluded. Please, what would have been bothering you. I can admit pain but save me from perplexity, it is too much on me… He ran into the room as he heard Ifeoma arriving… Hello! Anybody home? John came out, looked like a sleeping-walker. You are welcome honey. She called out Adama and asked her to sit down. Now, I cannot responsible for what I don’t know. (she faced her husband) honey, can you imagine, this shameful girl is pregnant. John fell down from the chair hearing this. Jesus! I said it, ah, this girl, who… Who… Who… Who… Adama remained taciturn, her sealed mouth was dried like leaves in harmattan.Ifeoma: so you cannot talk, right? Are you ashamed of him.John: (shouted) talk now, I will slap you (ifeoma stopped her from making that attempt).Ifeoma: pls take it easy, I’m a lady too, you can trust me. It has already happened. By the way, who gave you. Who impregnated you?John: Do you mean you want to take it easy with the callous, uncalled-for, dog, criminal, untrustworthy, deceiver, heartbreaker…Ifeoma: (cut in) dear, pls… Ok? I will call her mum, tell her to take her girl away from me. And I will disown you.John : you don’t mean it, take her away from this house? That will be somehow difficult. Let’s look for another means.They dragged the matter for like three days, Adama never said a word. They brought mama to Lagos, she said bringing Adama to the village will not solve the issue, so far, the father of the baby is there in Lagos. Adama beauty has been fading away, she hærdly eat, talk, even taking her bath was a battle. Her sister often stayed at home taking good care of her, forcing her to eat her food, bathing her herself. One would think she has been on sick-bed for years… it was a family meeting…I know you will talk now that your mother is here, mama ask your girl who impregnated her, ifeoma said. Pressure was put on her yet she never uttered a word, only flowing of river was running on her face. Mama told them to excuse her, took her baby into her room and locked up the door behind. Adama begged her mother to kill her, she said she would rather die than confess… “Mother is a god”, she spent an hour with her in the room while ifeoma and John waited eagerly in the sitting room. “I will poison the guy whoever did it” was still John’s thought as he was tapping his right leg on the floor. Now, mama came out at last, the look on her face was unreadable. Something terrible has happened. She could not move, she stood by the Adama’s door side. They ran to her, mama, what happened? This your mood scares us more than Adama’s. They held her, mama, talk now pls. Suddenly, she grabbed John”s trouser, between his legs. This is the thing you are using to destroy my family. You must kill me today. He held mama’s hand struggling in pain. She whacked her head on his chest. Mama, stop! This is my husband, what are you doing, mama stop! Ifeoma shouted, pulling back her mum… This your thing, I must remove it today, ifeoma leave me alone. This thing, you must impregnate me too and totally become the husband of a wh0le family. Ifeoma let go her hands, she stood still meditating on what mama said, “impregnate me too, what does it mean? She asked herself. Mama! She called. She impregnated Adama, mama cried out. ifeoma went down immediately mama said this….

To be continued…  

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