My Husband

MY HUSBAND (episode 8)

(Love and Lust)

Thank God I met you, I am on my way to your house. I need your help Eze. I want to get back my… Eze was John’s friend he sent to bring Adama when he lodged at the hotel immediately after the collapse of his wife; Ifeoma. He wanted him as the only friend beg his wife to return back to him.Eze: aren’t you ashamed? How on earth could you say that. Wait, do you think I am a man like you…

John: pls, they said, a friend in need is a friend in…

Eze: in rubbish, I repeat, is a friend in rubbish. I say again, in rubbish. You are a disgrace to humanity.

John: why are you taking this personal. Is it not my life and my family?Eze: good and fine, thank God you now know it’s your life and family, why are you involving me in it. Come, let me tell you, if my wife sees me with you, hmm, that’s the end of me. She will tear me into pieces.John: that is stupidity, is she not a female. She will never have that strength.

Eze: you are a fool of twenty-first century. We had a court marriage, and our agreement was she can take up to 80% of our property once there is fight. So, are you planning of taking away my joy. Pls, I don’t want you near my dwelling place anymore… He walked away from him…John: no problem, I will surely get out of this mess. You watch and see…

It was early in the morning, probably between 6 to 7a.m. Ifeoma was about going out, she saw John and his mother outside waiting as a business woman waiting for her debtor. She pretended like not seeing them, she walked bypass them. Is this your ifeoma? Are you saying you are not seeing me standing here. Children of nowadays are… John tapped his mother to stop. We are not here to abuse her. Let’s pretend to be nice mama. Ifeoma, my lov… (He saw how she looked back at him, covered his mouth and walked towards her). Pls if you cannot overlook my mistake, consider my mother standing here with me. He prostrated again.

 Chineke!!! Tufiakwa!!! (God forbid), you, a man, big man like you on the ground. This must be madness, mama shouted. John drew closer his mum and forced her down to her knees. Pls we beg you ifeoma, my mother and I. Why are you guys begging me. I’m not owing you or what business have you and I. I said it, mama stood up, I know she is a goat, you don’t have respect for elders. Ehn! I was kneeling down for this thing, John, you see what you have put me to. Listen, Mrs rag, I promise to take my son away from you and break your charm from my son. John! Stand up, let’s go. I know you don’t know the type of mother you have… Lady, I’m going now and I will be back. I will force you to blow yourself with your mouth… Ifeoma stood still, looking at their drama till they walked away…

Madam! The yesterday woman at the gate is back, this time, oga, I cannot come and die. Na work I come here come work. Pls go and see for yourself. This is the most useless security, how could you leave your work because of a … She could not complete the sentence from what she saw. Mama(John’s mother) has brought a fetish, they were both standing inside her compound. Her security ran away, left the gate opened with fear of seeing the fetish. Mama, what’s all this? You… Young lady, the herbalist said, I have not come this time to fight you, but it will be better you listen and heed to my words. I’m giving you seven day, just seven days, to return everything, else, you will see maggot dancing shakushaku inside salt… Her mouth was sealed, she could not walk, she sat down at the spot, pick her phone, and called her mother. Chukudi drove in and was surprised seeing ifeoma like this, ife, what happened to you? He moved closer, and walked her in. Bring her water, he told the security who never left the sitting room… He collected the cup of water from him and fed ifeoma. Why is your oga like this. Sir, security answered, juju came to warn oga, he said seven days, something bad will happen… Who is the juju, Chukudi asked. It is John and his mother, they brought herbalist… I am very sorry dear, I should have been around you. But, I thought of staying away from you because I don’t want to put myself in between you and your husband. I thought you might consider him. me considered John of all what he did to me and my family? You’re just too funny… I don’t know what to do for now. I’m getting tired of these people. Ok, fine, Chukudi said, you, Mr security, you let those people in right? Just go back to the gate, and be searching for another job from this day, do I make myself cleared? Ife, do you want to involve me, I mean do you want me to help? She raised up her head, looked into his eyes as he stool before her and nodded in agreement. I will bless God if these people can be taken away from me… they are coming in seven days time right? (she nodded again) good, wait and see what I will do… 

To be continued…  

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