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MY HUSBAND (Episode 9)


(Love and Lust)
© Oladipo Daniel and David Blessing

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Chukudi came as early as possible, to ifeoma’s compound; It was the seventh day. Good morning darling, don’t be panic, tell your mum to relax, I can handle this. He joined them in the sitting room… Despite this, ifeoma was not herself, she called from one pastor to another, she never be at ease, even mama too, she never ended her calls. The security as well, he would have not come to work at all. Chukudi propelled him and threatened him he would loose his job. His presence created more panic, he never seated, he would suddenly run from the gate sometimes to the back side and rushed back within the minute. There was this time he shout, “I don die oooo” meanwhile it was a sound of passing car he heard. Ifeoma and her mother were already dead on the seat. In fact, he really complicated the matter… Finally, they came, mama and her herbalist, they never knocked before they opened the gate… Yes they are here, Chukudi too called, pls you too should come in, he spoke on phone… 

Herbalist : yes, today is today, you doubted the power of my gods, you shall see wonders now. (The security has laid down on the floor, peeing all over his body, Chukudi came out to them while ifeoma and her mother were lurking through the sitting room windows.Chukudi: Mr man, I never feared of whatsoever you put round yourself. In fact, it makes you stink…

Herbalist : who are you gentle man? Are you here to destroy my business?Chukudi: yea, they are here.Mama and her herbalist turned to their back to see the direction of which Chukudi faced and what he meant by “they are here”… Alas! The herbalist wanted to run seeing the group of police officers at their back. They banged on him and arrested them… Thank you officers, these people are really dangerous, please don’t release them until they sign an undertaking. It was this time mama and ifeoma were coming out from their hidden… Officer this is the lady, the owner of this house, he pointed towards ifeoma as she was coming out. Madam, the officer said, you don’t have to walk like a thief in your own house, we will deal with this useless fellow. Ok, relax now… Thank you officer, mama said, please don’t ever let them free, make sure they die in prison…  
Few days later, the officer visited ifeoma with the information on the accused…Officer: madam, your husband… Sorry, hmm, Chukudi actually tried. His lawyer took the case to court, they have made to sign that if anything happens to you and your son, they will be held responsible. And, your husband, I mean, former husband, he has been arrested, and was charged for blackmailing. I heard he liquidated his house and collected loan to settle his sanction…

Mama: officer, thank you very much, I don’t know how to appreciate you. But, why must you let the people go. I thought I begged you to let them rot in your custody. These people are very dangerous.Ifeoma: mama! It is ok, the court has settled the matter… Officer, thank you and God bless you. I, actually, I would have run away from the town. I really appreciate your effort. Ehm, the money, I mean concerning the money… How…Officer: madam, don’t worry, your oga is in charge, I heard the money will get to your account tomorrow…

Ifeoma: ok, you mean Mr Chukudi right?Officer: yes ma… I will be on my way, (he stood up) but you never offered me anything, at least, as a visitor… I understood your language officer, mama said. She moved closer to the officer and launched something into his palm. Thank you mama, madam! , see you next time… Police and their ways, mama, you too have been long in their business… Shut up, at least he will use that one for his transport… Ife! mama called. Pls sit down. I know the life is not friendly, but they say, blood is thicker than water. You know, being a mother, you will never like to loose a child… Pls my daughter, I beg you. What… Hmm, what… It is your sister, Adama. Mama! Don’t ever mention that devil’s name to my ear. What is this now? Ifeoma! She has regretted her action, will you not forgive her? (She went down to her knees).

Mama! I respect you so much and I don’t want to look into your eyes. If there is nothing you have to say, pls, I am leaving… (She left her mum alone and walked in)… Ok, she is my daughter too, I will look for her…

To be continued…  

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