My Husband's Dark Request

My Husband's Dark Request – episode 2


I was tensed as I watched Jude open the door and slip into the guest bedroom where I was reluctantly lying in wait for him on the bed. I was very nervous as he stared at me and I wondered what was going through his mind. He stood there for a while, taking in the sight of me with intense lust oozing from him that I cringed when I saw the bulge that had formed a tent in his p-nts. I was sure that he was just about eager to pounce on and devour me.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented. I had won what he had requested for and it was obvious that he was pleased because his eyes shone with delight.

After weeks of begging and incessant pleading from my husband, I gave up. I would wake up sometimes to find him crying in the middle of the night. I could not take the torture anymore so I threw in the towel. He so elated when I told him that even though I was not pleased with it and it was strongly against my belief, I accepted to do it just once and if I didn’t fall pregnant, then he should never mention it again. He agreed and immediately got on the phone with Jude.

When he returned to the room, he said: “Jude says he would like you on red lingerie and red heels!”

I frowned. “Why the hell would he request such? Is this some game to him?! In fact, I changed my mind. This is a bad idea. I’m no longer interested.”

My husband began to pleas all over again and I could help but soften and comply to his demands. I had no idea what they might have really discussed but it made me tensed. Adultery was not my thing and I couldn’t believe that I was going against my religious beliefs just to please my husband.
“Are you ready?” Jude’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

I glared at him then looked away as I swallowed hærd and mumbled a ‘yes.’

“Maureen, I know that you are not cool with this but you know that I’m only trying to help you guys out here. I’m married and my wife doesn’t know about this, so let’s get this over with.”

“What is in it for you?” I asked suspiciously. My husband never knew but I knew that Jude had always had an eye for me since our courtsh¡p.

“Nothing much. Just four million naira and something minor that you don’t need to bother yourself about. Your husband is waiting in the sitting room downstairs now.”

“Four million naira?” I echoed in disbelief. We didn’t even have to spend quarter a million to adopt a child and yet my husband was paying his best friend to impregnate me. What the hell???

He began to unbutton his shirt now as he kicked off his shoes, his lustful eyes never leaving me. “My game, my rules, at least you owe me that much for doing you guys a favour.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I want you to do everything I ask. I have four kids and I know just the right positions that you’ll like. That said and done, let’s begin with you on your knees and your head on the pillow.” He stated.

I cringed and almost fled out of the room at that moment. This was crazy and impulsive. I had a feeling that I would regret this but if I had to make my mother-in-law happy and my husband a proud father, there was no turning back now. “Please switch off the light.” I said and he hesitantly obeyed while I mumbled under my breath for God to forgive me for what I was about to do. I stripped bare, climbed the bed and positioned myself the way he had asked me to, hoping that he was worse in s€× than my husband. I was hoping we would be done in two minutes and we could call it a day and forget that something like this ever happened.

I felt a part of the bed sink as he placed a knee on it then felt his hands around my thighs. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced myself for what was to come but just when I thought he was going to plunge, instead I let out a soft gasp when I felt his mouth come in contact with the s₱0t where no man has ever touched me with his mouth before. I shuddered.


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