My Husband's Dark Request

My Husband's Dark Request – episode 5


From that day, once my husband had gone to work, Jude would automatically appear. He took me in the sitting room, by the pool, on my matrimonial bed, in the kitchen, on the stairs, in the hallway, you name it and all these time, never did he once ej×c×late within me.

As for me, I was too taken away by all the pleasure to refuse him or end all the rubbish. We worsh¡pped in the same church and even while in church, he wouldn’t keep his eyes off me. It made me feel so uncomfortable and I was nervous that his wife who was singing the hymn by his side would notice.

After church service, Jude and his family followed us home. We mostly did a get-together once in a while and Sundays was one of the days. While we left the children to play within the house with all the toys I had initially bought my unborn children five years ago which were not forthcoming, Susan, Jude’s wife offered to assist me with preparing lunch in the kitchen while the men watched a soccer game in the sitting room.

We got talking and I noticed that she was distressed. Putting aside our little chitchat, I asked out of concern as I filled a glass cup with water and started to drink: “Susan I have noticed how worried you look since we met at church, are you okay?”

She heaved a sad sigh as she chopped some vegetables then replied: “It’s Jude.” Susan was always free to tell me her problems but I never really returned such. “I think he’s cheating on me.” She paused now, placing a hand on her h¡p.

I almost choked on the water and quickly caught myself. After recovering from my coughing, I took a deep breath then asked: “What do you mean by he is cheating?”

“I know that my husband has always been a cheat chasing after university girls but it is worse this time. He has refused to sleep with me for the past three weeks and even when I manage to ar-use him, he can hærdly get it up because he has exhausted the life out of it and I’m left to go to bed like that, sulking…”

“Okay… but do you have any idea who your husband might be cheating on you with?” I cautiously asked.

“No, he’s very discreet about this particular woman this time. I have secretly gone through his phone at night, no call, no text, just a mighty depletion in our pack of c-ndom at home. Whoever this woman is, may she not know peace for making me almost depressed.”

I swallowed hærd at the mention of a curse and nervously scratched my nape. “So what do you intend to do?” I pressed.

She shrugged a shoulder as she began to rinse the chicken under the gushing tap. “Jude knows very well that I can barely go three days without s€× and yet he has denied me for three weeks, I am thinking of calling up Nathan.”

I frowned. “Isn’t that your ex?” I whispered in disbelief.

“And so?” She whispered back. “Is it a new thing? See…” she came to me, wiping her w-t hands against her apron as she whispered, wary of the men in the living room. “Almost every married woman out there is sleeping with another man other than her husband. It’s nothing new. Men think they are the only one who can cheat but we women too can and we are very good at hiding it.”

I simply nodded with pursed l-ips, scared that she will see the guilt in my eyes. Susan did have a point and I couldn’t chide her because I was guilty of infidelity too and worse, I was doing it with her husband.

She threw a glance towards the kitchen doorway and whispered. “You know I trust you a lot, Maureen and you have never let my secret out but Nathan is the father of my second and third born, I’m not even sure whom the father of the other two are.”

“What!” my eyes grew round. “How is that possible? How did you get Nathan to-”

She hissed. “My husband will be feeling like he’s Brad Pitt, but he’s just a learner compared to my ex. My husband can only make me orgasm once but my ex, mamamia! Just thinking of the mere fact now is making me ho-ny o. Anyway, as for how Nathan got to father my kids, it happened one of those numerous times when Jude had to travel to another state on business. He takes six months at most and I know that the business doesn’t actually last for six months, he chooses to stay back so that he can frolic with different girls and I who cannot hold my body any longer and choose not to play the foolish faithful wife to a gallivanting goat rung up my ex and I had the best time ever.”

“But Susan, do you realize that you hold a very important position in church? What if you get caught?!” I asked, appalled at how daring she was. She felt no remorse whatsoever.

She hissed again. “Who church help? Every one has their dark secret.”

I was confused now and didn’t even know how to feel. Silently, with my mind full of several conflicting thoughts, I joined in the cooking and we prepared white rice, stew, fried chicken and a bowl of salad. When we were done, I decided to go fetch the children while she cleaned up the children. I found two but when I asked them where their sibling was, I was told that he went out to play in the compound. As I went in search of him, calling out his name, I gasped when someone suddenly grabbed me from a corner near the air conditioner at the back of the house.

Much to my surprise, it was Jude, he had taken the back door when he had seen me step out of the house. He desperately began to reach under my skirt for my p-nties while I tried to prevent him.

“You have no idea how bad I have been trying to get you alone.” He said.

“Stop, stop, stop…” I protested. “Do you realize that your wife and my husband are actually in the house? Do you want to get us in trouble? And besides, your son can just come by and see us, please stop!”

to be continued

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