My Husband's Dark Request

My Husband's Dark Request – Last Episode


I couldn’t find my voice and it was Jude who c*ckily answered: “Oh yes! Surprised! Your wife is incredible compared to this dried up bitch I married! She’s always w-t and ready and I wonder why she could never be satisfied s€×ually despite having such a responsive body! Well, I don’t blame her, I knew this was bound to happen. You think your infertility is ordinary? News flash, I’m responsible for your low sp**m count because I have been lacing your drinks with drugs whenever we hung out or clubbing which kills off your sp**m. I have been planning this for years and when you had no child after six years of marriage, I knew you were desperate and because of your ego, you were bound to come to me for help. I did not sleep with your wife once, I have slept with her every single day for the last three weeks to get back at you for what you did!” He gloated. “Now you know how it feels!”

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!” My husband yelled. It was his turn to attack Jude and as he pounced on him, the orderlies and other visitors or nurses waiting in the lobby who had seen and heard all our shame enjoyed the show while some of them tried to break off the fight.

I was weak from within. I quickly leaned against the wall behind me for support, unable to believe what was happening. All along, I had only been a pawn in a stupid revenge game. I was too shocked to speak that I trembled. When I could actually pull myself together after a few minutes, I could hear Jude and Susan yelling at each other. Jude ordered Susan to go home and pack all her things and that he didn’t want to meet her when he got back because he knew that she was a slut.

Pale and devastated by the revelation, I took off my wedding ring and threw at my husband and walked away. I was done with this marriage. He began to plead and started to come after me but I paid him no mind and quickly walked out of the hospital. I rushed home, gathered the things I could which mostly included my clothes and accessories, I was bent to leave before my husband returned. As I packed, I wept. I felt so used! I was a fool!

I soon got in the car with my stuffs and left the house. Well, I moved to live with my younger sister who had a flat and refused to speak to my husband when he came around. He told me that after he had taken custody of David, his son with Susan, Jude and Susan got a divorce after Jude spent the four million naira on genotype test on the remaining three children and realised that none of them were his. While Jude took to drinking, his wife attempted to move in with her ex but was turned away by her ex’s fiancée who had come to visit and spend two weeks with him.

It’s been almost four weeks now since I left my husband and I gave missed my period. I took a test through a pregnancy test kit and much to my dismay, discovered that I was pregnant. I tried to recall how it had happened since Jude had always withdrawn or used protection be and then it got me, he had accidentally ej×c×lated in me, the day his son or my husband’s son had been knocked down. Now I’m caught between the deep blue sea and a hærd place. I don’t know whether to abort the pregnancy or not.

Putting away my pride, I called my husband and told him. He begged me not to abort it. He stated that he was ready to take responsibility for the baby. With much persuasion from my parents and his family whom we his the truth of our split up from, I returned to my husband’s house.

I had my baby. It was a girl. I cared for both children, although it took time for David to take to me and I occasionally took him to see his mother who was now wallowing in squalor and regret, but had now opened a beer parlour where she continued her promiscuous ways with some of her customers.

My husband went for treatment and unknown to me, he started reading online on how to pleasure and satisfy a woman. When we finally made love, I had my usual expectations but was disappointed when he began with forepl-y. Was this my husband? I wondered.

He touched me in places he had never touched me before and even performed better than Jude and I was overwhelmed. Although I didn’t get an orgasm the first day because he was still getting the hang of this new s€×ual style but I had high hopes now.

We had to go through a lot to discover that he was actually not a two-minute man and that Jude made him so. He was finally treated and now, we have three more children and we are now a family of seven. You should see my mother-in-law playing with the children. Little does she know the hell we went through that almost destroyed our marriage just to please and give her grandkids.

Well, as I am typing right now, I have got to shut my laptop. My loving husband just drove in from work. The children are in school and I am home alone. Each time he comes home from work in the afternoon, I know what he wants and I am definitely not missing out. In fact, I have stopped wearing undies in the afternoon, except when the kids are home. I’ve got to go now.

Thanks for reading the story and remember, infertility in a marriage is not always the fault of the wife. Oh goodie, I can hear him calling my name now from downstairs, bye. Oh, hold on, lest I forget, do not try any of this at home, not all husbands can handle the fact that you slept with another man, even though it was their own idea in the first place. In the long run, they might just haunt you with it.


THE END (hope you like it? Please comment)

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