My Idol

My idol episode 4 – 5


My idol

💄Chapter four💄

😍Nana’s Pov😍

I sat on my giant bed making up when there was a sharp knock on the door.

Who is it? Come in will you? I said as the door was thrown open and Jun hye walks in with a saucer and a coffee cup.

Good morning my idol! She greeted as she smiled broadly at me while I sighed in disgust.

Where do I keep the coffee? She asked softly

Let me have it! I said as she handed it over to me and i used a spoon to stir the coffee as i looked at her and my hatred for the God forsaken girl grew more worse.

I sipped the 🍵 coffee and suddenly, I gave out an unpleasant yell.

😱 😱 OMG! Do you want to kill me you useless scvmbag? I screamed at her and she looked very surprised.

Why miss? What happened? She asked as I quickly threw the hot coffee on her face.

Are you dumb? I don’t like sugar in my coffee, I only take a milky coffee not a sugary one…poor thing! I spited on her.

Now get out of my sight…. I ordered her meanly

She was jumping up and down due to the hotness of the coffee I threw on her.

Jun hye quickly rushed out of my room in so much pain.

I laughed devilishly as I felt so excited that at least I made her feel some pain.

This is still the beginning of your misery Jun hye…. I said as i blew my gum

😍Jun hye’s Pov😍

I rushed into the bathroom as my face was reddened due to the hot coffee Nana threw on me.

I was in so much pain as one of the maids who has been really friendly to me followed me to the bathroom.

Her name was Jisoo and she is very much nice and lovely to be with.

Jun are you OK? I heard miss Nana shouting at you? She asked as I kept crying and she hugged and consoled me.



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later, the door bell rang loudly as the door was opened and a beautiful looking lady dressed and bejewelled with expensive jewelries and accessories.

Nana! Nana darling!! The woman shouted from downstairs as Nana quickly rushed downstairs.

Mommy! Mommy!! She screamed in delight as she hugged the lady in her late 40’s.


have you been baby? The woman asked as she pat her softly

Your baby has been lonely and thank God for Clark he keeps me company and he drives me to practice everyday… Nana said as the woman she pecked her.

The maids greeted and took her luggage from her and also helped in carrying the bags even though I don’t know who she was.

Hey! Who is she Nana? The lady asked pointing at me.

A new maid mommy, I hired her! said Nana

She looks really familiar! Like I have seen her somewhere… What’s your name girl? The lady asked


name is Jun hye ma’am…. I said as she looked at me again and again.

I don’t think you know her mom! I mean she lives in the slums and there’s no way you will know someone whose a low life…. Nana said and I sulked silently.

Am so tired! I need to rest cos I’ve got a jet lag…. She said as she walked upstairs with Kim Nana.

😍Jisoo’s Pov😍

I saw how sad and quiet Jun was after her encounter with miss Nana and her mom.

Jun hye sat alone behind the house sulking quietly.

Jun! Jun!! I tapped her as she wiped her tears and tried pretending like she was very OK.

Jisoo who is that woman that came in a while ago? Jun asked

She’s Mrs Kim, Nana’s mom, she actually travelled out for two months now …..i said

What about her dad? Jun asked

Hush! Don’t ever say that again? Don’t let anyone in the mansion hear you say or talk about Nana’s dad…. If she hears that then consider yourself dead….. I said holding her mouth

Why? What happened? Jun asked surprised

We heard that Nana has a twin sister….i said as we heard footsteps and we became scared…

Who overheard us?

We are dead for sure 😭😭😭……

💄Chapter five💄

😍Jun hye’s Pov😍

I held my breath in anxiety as Jisoo also looked more than scared.

What are you both doing here? Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen helping old ma Rhoda….a voice said as we turned around and breathed heavily in relief

Thank goodness it’s only one of the maids… I thought within me as Jisoo and I walked away without replying her at all.


I was really disturbed that night ,I was very worried and confused because of what Jisoo told me.

“If my Idol has a twin sister then where is she? What happened to her daddy? Is he dead? I kept on thinking as I slowly drifted off to the land of dreams.



Jun! Jun!! I could hear my name from downstairs as i stretched myself weakly.

Yes! Am coming Ma Rhoda… I replied, I knew it was Ma Rhoda calling.

Ma Rhoda is the oldest and the head maid in the mansion.

I sluggishly sprang up from the bed as I yawned hungrily and fixed my bed as I headed downstairs banging my door.

I was still half asleep as I walk down the stairs, I must say am really very weak and am feeling clumsy today!

I was rubbing my eyes as I suddenly bumped into someone.


😍Nana’s Pov😍

I was hurrying upstairs to get my handbag 👜 cos i was already dressed for a show in the next town.

The driver was outside waiting for me and I needed to get my bag.

Suddenly, someone bumped into me and my gown got a little bit of stain.

I turned in anger and my goodness it was my worst enemy “JUN HYE”

Have you gone nuts? I screamed as scared Jun was almost shedding tears.

Am sorry my idol! She said as she tried to clean my dress.

Get you filthy hands off me! You brat! Do you know how much this dress cost? It can buy you, your family, your entire generations….I screamed again as I slapped her hardly.

Awwwch…. Am really sorry my idol, I never meant to do that to you! Jun cried holding her cheeks.

Shut your trap! Moron!! I shouted as i dragged her downstairs by her hair

She cried bitterly as i pulled by the hair downstairs and then outside and pushed her to the ground.

Bitch! That… That dirty ground is where you belong! I can never be your role model do you know why? Because you will never ever become a rapper like me, you will remain forever a maid until you die! Now listen to me! You will remain outside here in the sun for the rest of the day, that will serve as a lesson to you ….i yelled at her as I walked inside still panting heavily in so much hatred, anger and fury.

I hate that girl with passion! I could kill her if I had the chance to…. I said on my way in.

😍Jisoo’s Pov😍

I watched miss Nana maltreat and hit Jun hye so badly and I wept bitterly.

I like Jun hye a lot! She’s very kind and she has a lot of dreams to fulfill.

I wonder why Miss Nana hates Jun hye so much! What has she ever done to her to deserve such ill treatment from her.

Minutes later, Nana came out of the mansion now dressed up in another outfit.

Rhoda! Rhoda!! Nana shouted rudely as the old maid Rhoda who was old enough to be her grandma 👵 rushed to answer her.

Yes Nana! Rhoda replied

Listen! I don’t ever want her to leave that position, she will remain under the sun until dawn, that is her punishment for stupidity….. Nana said meanly

OK Nana but that is really bad and dangerous for her health and….. Rhoda said as Nana cut in.

Zip your mouth! you have no right over my decisions so you will do as I say else I will have you fired….. Nana blurted

Alright Nana! Rhoda said as Nana walked away as she hopped in to her car and the driver speeded off.

Jun hye was crying as she sat on the sun, her temperature was slowly rising.

She’s been under the ☀ sun for the past two hours.

I brought some food for her but Rhoda stopped me from giving it to Jun.

😍Mrs Kim’s Pov😍

I was dressed to leave for work around 11am as i walked out of the house.

I headed straight to the garage to drive my car out when I suddenly caught sight of a girl lying helplessly under the sun.

I quickly rushed to the weak girl, to my greatest surprise, it was the new maid.

Her eyes were shut and she looks pale and breathed heavily.

Her temperature was really very high! She’s got high fever…..

Hey! Dear!! I called her as she moved her limb a bit, I felt so connected with her.

Mommy! Was all she could whisper as I stared at her deeply and held her in arms….

To be continued….

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