My Idol

My idol episode 8 – 9


My idol

💧Written by: Pinky Presh Chioma💧

💄Chapter eight💄

😍Nana’s Pov😍

I drove off straight to the hotel where the party will be taking place.

“This girl is so gullible, how could she fall for my nice acts so easily? Well I will teach her a terrible lesson today”…i thought as i smiled to myself.

Minutes later, I drove into the hotel and parked my car at the garage.

We got down from the car and I saw how astonished that useless girl Jun is.

“Well what else do I expect from a poor stinking slum girl like her, she has never dreamt of seeing such a classy hotel talk more of entering and partying in it”…i whispered to Trisha

And this day she will regret forever! Trisha replied

We walked into the hotel and settled in a round table specially for us.


🎤Cardi is my bitch🎵🎧

🎤fvck all that Mitch🎵🎧

🎤Growing high from trigger, making merry in the leach🎵🎧

🎤Dunno about my haters, famous more than Ben Rich 🎵🎧

🎤Whatchamacallit…down the street with a butch 🎵🎧


Love you all guys…. I said as i took off my Bluetooth headset and I was heavily applauded.

I LOVE YOU MY IDOL!! I heard Jun’s shout loudly

“I hate that freak! I murmured to myself as everyone applauded me and kept shouting my name in praise and I walked proudly down the platform.

Just then, we were all seated as everyone congratulated me.

Assorted food were served us and we started eating slowly.

Hey Nana! A voice called from behind as i turned around and saw the celebrant Sophie.

What’s up Sophie! I smiled lightly at her

Thank you so much for making it to my party and for your presentation… Wow! I can’t believe a famous celebrity like you could sing on my birthday am so lucky!! She said happily

Awww…how sweet you really are! Thank you so much Sophie! I said

Happy birthday Sophie! Trisha said as she pecked her.

Thank you Trisha! Sophie smiled brightly

😍Trisha’s Pov😍

We continued exchanging pleasantries when Sophie turned around and saw Jun hye.


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is she Nana? Sophie asked as I nudged Nana softly

She’s Jun hye! a fan of mine…. Nana said forcing a smile

Ooh I see! She looks poor, I mean her dress is not classy…. Sophie said

Sophie she’s actually a maid in the Kim’s mansion… I said as Jun hye bowed her head in shame


maid? In my classy party? Nana why do you have to come over to my party with a maid? Sophie half yelled in disgust and Nana eyed me and pretending nice.

Come on Sophie! It’s nothing and besides, Jun hye do not mean any harm…. Nana preteneded

Whatever! Sophie said

Owww! Sophie you have a nice pair of bracelet! I said changing the topic.

Really? Sophie smiled

Yeah! I bet it must be very expensive!! Nana added as Sophie removed her bracelet and we took a look at it admiring it.

Sophie was still conversing with Nana as i quickly opened Jun’s handbag without anyone’s notice.


slowly picked up the bracelet on the table and put it into Jun hye’s bag and zipped it slowly.

Nana and I eyed each other and smiled softly.

Mission accomplished! I whispered


Sophie turned to leave as she gave out a loud shout.

Where’s my bracelet? I left here didn’t I? Sophie screamed

Where is it? Nana and Trisha asked and everyone’s attention was drawn to them.

😍Jun hye’s Pov😍

There were murmuring everywhere, I only sat by the side because I couldn’t fit into their world of riches.

Security! Security!! Search everywhere and everyone!! Sophie shouted as the securities began the search.

They kept searching everyone’s bag until it came to my turn.

Miss can I have your bag? One of the security guard said and I willingly offered my bag to him.

He searched and searched, when he was about handing my bag back to me when the bracelet fell out from my handbag…

My eyes widened in shock as all eyes were on me…

THIEF! Sophie yelled at me….


💄Chapter nine💄

😍Nana’s Pov😍

I was so excited as I saw how the crowd of guests were looking at Jun hye with disgust.

I pretended also to be shock as i stood in agape.

Jun hye! How could you? I thought you were better than this but you…? I shouted

No! I don’t know how this bracelet get Into my bag, I really don’t know! Jun cried already on her knees

You cheap thing from the slums! How dare you try to steal my expensive bracelet? Sophie shouted as she slapped Jun.

Am sorry miss! I didn’t steal that, I don’t know how it was found in my bag… Jun pleaded as she knelt in tears.

Thief! Freaking burglar!! Senseless criminal!! Everyone yelled at her

Plan worked! Trisha whispered into my 👂 ears

Yeah! But I still have to act nice to gain her trust the more… I replied and we smiled.


Enough of this humiliation!! I screamed as everyone halted and the noise stopped.

What do you mean Nana? That thing you came with to my party is a burglar…. Sophie said

Am so ashamed and disappointed in my myself for trusting and bringing her to this party…you are nothing but a gold digger and a bloody thief Jun hye…. I shouted at her as she tried holding my feet but I stepped on her fingers and spatted on her face.

I think we should call the cops and hand this thief over to them…. Trisha said

That’s right! Sophie supported

No I don’t think that’s a nice idea… I said

If she won’t be taken to the cops then let her get me a new bracelet as expensive as this one… Sophie said

But I can’t afford the bracelet! Jun hye cried

Then why did you steal it? Bloody thief! They screamed

I have an idea, since she can’t afford to pay she will slave for you for two weeks as a punishment for stealing your bracelet…. I suggested

Wow! Very nice idea! Trisha added

😍Jun hye’s Pov😍

I was so humiliated, that was when i realized Nana’s evil plans.

So she collided with Trisha her friend to make me humiliated and to make me leave the house… I thought

I had no choice than to agree to what they suggested.

I was going to live with a total stranger and a different famous family for two weeks for a crime I never committed.

Hey Jun! You will be my slave for two weeks and listen up, in my mansion I don’t house dogs like you so the thought of housing you makes me sick….Sophie said

I sobbed silently as the guards dragged me up and straight to Sophie’s car.

They threw me into the car and locked me up in the car.

You will remain here until the party is finished then you can go with Sophie and start your new work as a maid, farewell Jun! Nana mocked me as wailed miserably but no one cared about me.

I cried and cried until I slept off in the car😴😴😴😴😴😴


After the party as the guests were all going back to their homes.

Sophie! Sophie!! Nana called running after her

Yes Nana! Hope you enjoyed the party? Sophie asked

Yeah I did! About that slum girl, make sure you teach her a terrible lesson so that next time she will learn to live with what she has…. Nana said wickedly

Trust me! She is welcomed to hell! Sophie replied as they smiled and hugged each other.

😍Sophie’s Pov😍

I drove into my family’s mansion and parked at the garage.

I got down from the car and opened the back of the car.

Damn it! That smelling thing from the slums!! Look how comfortable she’s sleeping in my expensive car…. I said in disgust

Hey! Burglar! Bitch!! I called as i hit her hard on the cheek.

She quickly opened her eyes and jumped up from the car.

Get your stinky self out of my car! I screamed as she came out starring around in surprise.

We headed into the mansion, immediately we entered Jun was so amazed at the sight of the sitting room.

Of course my parents are really very wealthy and so everything was spiffed up.

Nanny! Nanny!! I called loudly as the old nanny climbed downstairs holding my youngest sister who is 6 years old Monalisa and we call her Lisa for short.

Yes Sophie! Nanny replied

Would you please show this girl to the boys quarter… I said as Nanny nodded and turned to leave as Lissa freed her hand from nanny and rushed to Jun hye.

Lisa what are you doing? Nanny and I shouted at her

But she quickly held Jun hye hugging her so tight to herself.

Pretty! Pretty!! She shouted still hugging surprised Jun.

Jun also held her too…

Did Lisa just said Pretty? I asked in shock…..

To be continued….

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