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My life as a sex slave episode 11 & 12


My life as A s£x slave?‍♀️?

?{Always on his bed}??

? Chapter 11 & 12 {My choice}?

Note this story is rated??

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

“Robert, please it’s not what…” I slapped her on the face which stopped her from talking.

After everything I heard she dare lie to my face that it’s not what I think.

How dare she? For what reason would she have done such an unspeakable thing.

It’s just like I suspected, I knew she was the one.

“Robert, please, please keep my secret.” She pleaded rubbing her hands together.

“Keep your secret? After all you did? Of course, I will keep your secret no one will know about this.” I replied and sigh.

“Really? Thank you.” She thanked me as I went behind her.

“No one will know because I will be the one to torment you myself.” I said and knock her out with a heavy blow, banging her head on the wall on her way down, blood trickling from her wound.

No one touches my woman.

I called my bodyguard and together with the doctor’s help we dragged her body out of the hospital.

My bodyguard drove us to one of my safehouses, a place no one can escape.

“Tie her up.” I instructed my bodyguard and he did.

Her body was stained by her own blood, as she lay unconscious on the chair.

This is where she will meet her fate because am never going to let her go scot free

An endless suffering awaits her.

*2 months later*

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

I stare at myself in the mirror a blue straight gown, I turned to my left trying to check out my perfect curves and butt.
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Tonight Is the day am finally getting to know the world.

I picked a black heel which matches with my black purse.

“You look beautiful.” Robert said as he makes his entrance into my room.

“Thank you.” I replied and blink my eyelashes s£xily.

I need to treat him good no matter what, he’s going to finalize our deal tonight and show me to his business partners.

“You are all dressed up.” I said as he approached me.

“Yes, how do I look?” He asked and to be honest he looked good.

“Nice.” I replied and he smiled.

“Hmm.” He closed his eyes and sniffles the air in. “Tonight is going to be beautiful.” He added and grabbed my ass.

Of course that’s Robert, he claims to love me but always f*cks me like an animal.

“What about tonight.” I asked and drew a little further from him.

“About us of course, I will show the world my beautiful woman, even though you have not agreed on the wedding.” He said tauntingly and hugged me closer to his c*ck.

“Robert, have made it clear that I can never marry you” I said and he squeezed my butt.

“When are we going to stop arguing over this?!” He asked aggressively which got me scared.

“You don’t expect me to love you right away.” I replied and hissed as I was about to leave he held my arm and pushed me on the bed.

“Gloria, stop hurting me like this.” He begged but it had no effect on me.

He deserves every of my actions towards him.

“Do you want to have s*x now?” I asked as his actions proved so.

“You are making me the bad guy here, s*x will be when we get back, let’s leave it’s almost time.” He grouch.

I stood up from the bed and stared at him as he exit the room.

I combed my hair down which makes me look elegant with my dress.

After tonight I need a plan to escape this place.

He drove to the party as we both held hands.

The reporters with their cameras taking pictures of us.

Have never been to this life before, many men and women with powers were present.

It made me nervous.

“Welcome to the world.” He whispered into my ears and I gave a fake smile.

“Thank you.” I responded glancing at each corner of the venue.

“I will be right back, stay here and feel at ease it’s ok.” He said with a wink and left.

I took a glass of wine from the waiter and gulped it down my throat.

“Hey.” A guy said from behind which startled me.

“Hi.” I replied and was lost in awe at the sight of his face.

So handsome and cute.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented me which flutters me.

“Thank you.” I replied and tucked my hair behind cutely.

“If I may ask did you come here alone?” He asked which surprised me.

“Why?” I asked and he smiled.

“Because, I really don’t want to believe you have a boyfriend or suitor no offense.” He said politely.

“Why?” I asked enjoying every bit of his company.

“It would really hurt to know.” He answered which got me blushing.

“Well, am single, I don’t have a boyfriend.” I responded but suddenly got startled because of Robert bitter countenance behind the handsome dude’s back.

“You don’t have a boyfriend but you have a fiancee because I own you!” He shouts which sent shivers into my system.

“Robert, keep it cool moreover you are not my fiance.” I fired back and he grabbed my hand.

“Hello, Mr idiot, stay away from her because I don’t take her lightly.” He threatened and before the guy could say anything he dragged me out of the party and drove us home.

He dragged me to his bedroom and pushed me to the bed.

Of course, people never change.

“Why are you doing this, I never lied, you are not my fiance.” I said and the look on his face tells me how angry he is.

I was expecting him to shout, slap me or demands for s£x but he did none.

And instead he got on his knees with a ring in his hand.

“Gloria, please marry me stop hurting me I promise to treat you better for my actions before.” He begged and I felt pity for him.

Does he really want the marriage? Is he being honest?

But I don’t care, I can never be his wife.

“Am sorry but no I can never be your wife!” I shouted feeling like the boss.

“Gloria think about it again or the deal is gone.” He threatened.

Seems he’s being serious now, but I hate him I don’t want to be his wife.

And am only left with two choice.

Be his wife and own half of his property, or be his s£x slave and own nothing.

Gloria you have to be smart, what would it be?


? Chapter 12 {Bianca is back!}?

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

Have lost track of time, I don’t know for how long I have been here.

Robert, I never knew he was a monster, how could he?

My whole body was weak, my whole throat dry.

This is more than death, have even wished for death.

Hoping on any means of survival and now have got one.

I glide over to a side in the huge room where I had been held captive for only God knows when.

A broken bottle lieing in between the dirt, this is it.

It’s either I escape or die, I need to choose one.

I picked it up and hid it in my clothe.

“Hey.” The guy who has been torturing me and feeding me said, he’s been doing this all in Robert instructions.

I looked at the guy helplessly and ignored him.

“B—h! How dare you ignore me.” He gnarled exposing his dirty teeth.

“Am not a b—h.” I replied trying to get him angry

“You can talk hun.” He said and squatted down to my level.

He slapped me hard on the face which makes me spilled out blood.

I looked back at him and smirk, this is the time his position can grant me a perfect hit if I could cut a serious place on his body.

I slowly reached for the broken bottle in my dress and stab him in his eyeballs putting the amount of strength I had on the stab.

He held his face wailing in pain.

I pushed him down to the floor and ran towards the door.

I opened it wide and the fresh air welcomed me blowing into my face.

I slowly walked out and boarded a cab to Venom’s place.

I knocked on his door and he opened it.

“Bianca, what’s wrong with you? What are you doing here?” He asked with worries clearly on his face.

“I need your help.” I replied breathing heavily, before he could say another word I fell on him and lost consciousness.

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

“Tell me, Gloria what is it going to be?” I knew what the answer is going to be anyway.

She has no choice she needs me but the fact still remain that she doesn’t like me not to talk of love.

In one words even if she agrees to the marriage, it’s going to be a failure.

“You want me to choose? What exactly do you want me to choose after everything you have done to me?” She asked burning in anger.

“Gloria, I said am sorry, am sorry for my actions.” I pleaded on my knees hoping it would convince her.

“Ok, but let me think about it.” She replied while getting off the bed.

She slowly took off her clothes as my gaze followed her dress as it fell to the ground.

“Gloria I never asked for s*x.” I said surprised by her actions.

“You were going to ask either way.” She replied and pushed me down to the bed.

She slowly unbuttoned my clothes and drew an invincible line on my chest.

“Gloria?” I called her name sweetly as my body responded to her touch.

She played with my chest as she ran her tongue across my body.

She then slowly went for my d*ck and gave it a gentle squeeze under the covers.

“Should I?” She asked with her hands still squeezing my balls slowly.

“Let’s do something else today.” I suggested.

“What?” She asked and stopped her previous actions.

“Come here.” I said and turned her in a 6* position.

She’s s*cking my balls while I lick her p***y.

She held my balls into her hands stroking it hard with her hands, exactly how I want it.

Afterwards she covered my c**k with her mouth su2king on it with her lips.

I grabbed her ass and spanked it, li2king her p***y with my soft tongue.

“Hmm… Just like that, yes.” I m0aned out enjoying the pleasure I was getting from the b—–b.

I held her thighs tight and kept li2king her p**sy and her ass moves in rhythm to my tongue exploring her inner folds.

I don’t know why she won’t m0an no matter how hard I try to make her enjoy the pleasure.

This brought down my spirit so I stopped her.

“What is it?” She asked surprised by my actions.

“Gloria, I will make you love me no matter what, I can’t keep doing this, what’s the essence of having s2x if am the only one that enjoys all the pleasure.”

“So, what do you expect, I never told you i wanted s2x” she responded coldly which breaks my heart.

“Ok, am sorry, but let’s sleep together for tonight, I just want to cuddle you tonight.” I replied sincerely.

“If that’s what you want.” She agreed and we did.

I rested on her b**bs with so much happiness in my heart.

I just wish she could be mine completely.

The next day I prepared for work and drove straight to my office.

I was in my office trying to start the days work.

My secretary entered with someone whose face I can never forget.

“I told you not to come inside ma’am.” My secretary queried.

“Robert, it’s been a while, how have you been.” Bianca said looking at me with malice.

“You can go.” I instructed her and she did.

“This is unbelievable, how exactly did you escape?” I couldn’t believe she escaped that place she’s one hell of a b*tch.

“That doesn’t matter, but what I want to tell you does matter.” That definitely got my attention.

What would be so important for her to have dared to come here.

“What?” I asked inquisitively.

“Take me back as your maid.” She requested and my jaw dropped in surprise.

I couldn’t stop laughing at her audacity.

How fearless she is.

“You are funny I must say.” I replied and she scoffs.

“You will do exactly as I say, why? Because I have every evidence that you kidnapped me, the man you left me in his care has confessed to his crimes with only an eye, trust me it won’t look good.” She boasted but that doesn’t scare me.

“Just in case you’ve forgotten let me jog your memory, you are the one that tried to kill Gloria.” I threatened but instead she smiled back.

“With what evidence exactly, let’s see who the police is going to trust between a recorded testimony where the criminal testified you did it and you with no proof at all.” She gave a brief pause and walked closer to me

“and of course this won’t look good for Gloria too, let’s see how she survives when you rot in jail.” She added.

“You b—h!” I yelled slamming my hands hard on my desk aggressively.

“And mind you if my friends can’t find me in five hours your secret will be out completely, so what is it going to be?”

This b—h finally cornered me.



Bianca is back with even more fire??.

Just hope Gloria will be safe ?.

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