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My life as a sex slave episode 13 & 14


My life as A s£x slave?‍♀️?

?{Always on his bed}??

? Chapter 13 {her plan}?

Note this story is rated??

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍

The heavy roar of the thunder sent shivers through my whole body.

I got up from the bed and left for the kitchen to get myself some hot tea because of the weather.

After I finished making the tea I went to the living room to settle for a movie.

My life is so boring and this is the only thing I can do to get myself busy.

What Robert said yesterday was still on my mind, what should I really do?

And if I should keep on acting tough I will be at the losing ends.

It changes nothing, what’s the difference at being his and his wife.

I need to give in and stop acting stupid.

Half of his assest are on the line here.

Gloria, what’s it going to be?

My phone buzzed and it was a message.

Who could it be?

I picked my phone and tap on the screen.

‘hi angel.’ the message said.

‘who’s this?’ I replied back.

And a few seconds later another message came in.

‘am the guy from yesterday if you don’t mind can I call you?’ that sounds polite and suspicious.

How did he get my contact and I can’t be too sure it’s the guy from yesterday.

I typed some few messages on the screen when Robert’s hoot from his car cut me off.

He’s back early.

He came in with a girl, Bianca.

“Bianca!” I exclaimed excitedly.

Maybe it’s because I’m glad to see her here.

It’s been two months now and have asked Robert about her whereabout he wouldn’t say.

“Gloria” she called sweetly with tears on her face.

“Have really missed you.” I embraced her into my arms and we both hugged beaming with excitement.

“Have missed you too, I really missed you.” She said as she stroked my back.

Robert looked at the scene we were making and hissed.

His face looks gloomy.

What could be wrong?

“you have grown fat.” She said touching my face

“Thank you, you look thin too.” I replied.

“Yep.” She smiled slightly.

“What happened where have you been?” I asked concerned.

“That’s a story for another day, am sorry for everything.” She pleaded holding on to my hands tightly.

“It’s ok.” I replied and hugged her.

I felt happy to see her back but for some reason I don’t feel at ease.

??‍♀️Bianca’s pov??‍♀️

“What is it going to be?” I asked as he slammed his hands on the desk.

“We have a deal.” He said looking at me spiteful.

“Good.” I replied and sat comfortably on his chair.

“Let’s go home.” He said and walked out of his office aggressively.

He drove us into his compound and I couldn’t believe Gloria would accept me back.

Guess she didn’t know about it, Robert never told her.

I was lead to my previous room by Gloria whose actions seems to prove she’s actually happy to see me back.

Poor her, if only she knows what I had in store for her.

So pathetic, how could she believe and trust me so easily.

Robert made it easy too, I can finally have my way.

I run some water into the bathtub and had a bath.

It’s been so long since have had this.

I got out of the bathtub and cleaned up my body.

I took a revealing short gown which shows every part of my body.

I applied my body lotion and lied on my bed seductively.

I have no time to waste.

I need to do this quickly and end it.

My phone buzzed and it was a call from venom.

That parasite, it’s time I bring everything back to its original place.

I cut the call and rolled my eyebrows showing how uncomfortable I was with his call.

“Hmmm….. Bianca let’s get the game ready.” I muttered to myself.

I picked my phone and input in Robert contact.

? What?* He said.

? Come into my room there’s something I wanna tell you.* I said and ended the call.

I will take this slow and steady with no mistakes.

He barged in effortlessly raging hard.

“Why do you want to see me?” He asked angry.

“Take it calm or do you want Gloria to know about this?” I threatened and rubbed my body seductively.

“You are really using this to your advantage.” He grinned at me.

“Of course, I want you to f–k me.” I said and he looked at me disgustingly.

“What? F–k you or what did you just say?” He asked his gaze definitely shows how irritated he was.

I know it sounds unbelievable.

“Yes, f–k me, that’s all have ever wanted, will you do it or not.” I said and smirk.

My plans are finally falling in place.

I will seduce, force, threaten, whatever it is I can use to make him f–k me.

I will do anything as long as I can have his baby.

His Baby his wealth.


Bianca is really vicious ??.

? Chapter 14 {Fight back}?

??‍?Robert’s pov??‍?

I scoffed and was dumbstruck by her words.

“I see you have a crack in your brain.” I cursed and she scoffed.

“Do you think I returned only to be your maid.” She said which sounds suspicious.

If she’s not here to be my maid, why then is she here?

“What do you mean?” I was starting to get more curious by her words.

Her actions seems a bit conniving too.

What exactly is going on in this girl’s mind.
I looked at her perplexed as a lot of thoughts came to mind.

“You will know soon enough and just in case you forget we have deal.” This is just so disturbing what have I done, now I have been cornered by this witch.

“Go f–k yourself!” I half yelled and exit the room.

Bianca is back with her devilish plot and Gloria don’t understand.

All this am doing for her sake.

I kept deliberating on this as loads of thoughts ravaged through my mind.

How will I make Gloria understand.

I shuffled through my hair with my hand, my whole body was sweaty.

“Are you ok?” Gloria asked.

“Gloria when are you going to give me your response, have waited enough” I gave her a sharp reply ignoring her concerns for me.

“Give me more time and moreover I don’t like how you expect me to just agree to a marriage.” She furrowed her eyebrows and wave her hands stylishly.

“Gloria, I hope you won’t regret this when it’s too late, your worst enemy is clinging close to you and you don’t even know.” I said and left her at the spot she was standing.

I plopped down on my bed holding my head, how am I going to get over this?

That Bianca is really unpredictable and despicable.

But, wait of course, I have the perfect plan for all this.

*The next day*

I noticed Gloria wasn’t around, where could she have gone to this early morning.

I asked my bodyguard who told me she had gone to the grocery store to get some things with one of the guards.

I returned back to my room but unexpectedly I found Bianca lieing on the bed seductively.

This really has to stop.

??‍♀️Gloria’s pov??‍♀️

The sunlight peeped into the room and shine brightly on me.

I got up from the bed and took my bath.

I cleaned up my body with my pink towel.

What Robert said yesterday was on my mind

What could he possibly mean by that?

Or, am I being too cold to him?

Am I going overboard with this?

Come to think of it, what’s the difference at being his wife and being his forever.

I sat down frustrated as worries were clearly written on my countenance.

I need to get some fresh air to get my thoughts together atleast.

I took my short and a tank top, with sneakers.

This is good enough to get some fresh air.

“Where are you going to ma’am?” Robert’s bodyguard asked

“To the grocery store.” I lied.

“Ok ma’am, let’s go together.” He said and I gave him a deadly look.

But it doesn’t seems to work.

“Let’s go then.” I replied and we left.

Minutes of sightseeing I finally decided to go along with the marriage, it’s the only choice I have now, I need him.

And, to be honest he’s being really nice and good to me these past months.

I got into the house but he was nowhere to be found in the living room.

Maybe he has gone out but all of his car are outside.

He must definitely be in his room, I headed for his room and opened his door.

Heartbroken by what I saw I slumped down to the ground.

Bianca on Robert n@ked.

“Gloria!” Robert called and pushed Bianca down to the bed.

So, this was it, he said he loved me.

It was all lies, how could I have believed he has changed.

This is so ridiculous.

And here I was thinking I should agree to the marriage.

He is a bastard, son of a goat.

“Enjoy yourself!” I shouted at him and Bianca was smiling annoyingly on the bed.

I ran out of the room angrily, for some reason I felt as if my heart was bleeding.

What more could I have expected from him.

“Gloria, wait!” Robert stopped me holding my arm but I jerked it off him and slapped his face.

“I hate you, I actually thought you have changed, when I was ready to marry you, how could you?” I winced silently trying to control my tears from falling from my eyes.

“You want to marry me?” He asked surprised.

“Yes, but guess I was a fool.”

“Yes, you are a fool.” He replied back in an offensive way.


He cut me off before I could say another word.

“If you are not a fool you will know it was Bianca who tried to kill you!” He yelled at me and I couldn’t understand what he just said.

“Bianca tried to kill me?”

“Yes, so wake up, stop being stupid and wake up, she has been cheating on you for so long, too much, Gloria fight back.” He gripped my body shaking me which made me conscious to a whole lot of things.

If it’s true, Bianca am coming for you.

I will fight back.



That’s it Gloria fight back ????.

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