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My life as a sex slave episode 17 & 18


My life as A s£x slave👯‍♀️🔞

🍆{Always on his bed}🛌🏾

💐 Chapter 17 {The News}💐

Note this story is rated🔞🔞

🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍

The smell of pancakes filled the whole house.

I opened my eyes to the aroma that could take one’s breath away.

I rubbed my face stretching every part of my body.

“What’s that sweet smell?” I asked with no one to reply.

I looked at the bed but couldn’t see Robert.

Of course Robert, I still remember last night and I couldn’t stop giggling.

Am starting to act weird, I don’t know why my heart is responding to Robert’s loves advances.

It’s definitely not because I like him, it can never be.

I got into the bathroom and took a long hot bath.

I did all other necessities and head downstairs to know who’s making the pancakes.

“Good morning.” Robert greeted with a smile serving pancakes on the plates .

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Could he be the one making the pancakes?

“Morning.” I replied and sat at the dining table.

“I decided to make you pancakes, hope you like it.” He said and leaned on me.

His hands on my body gives me this feeling of joy that I can’t explain.

I picked up the knife and fork and cut a slice into my mouth.

Needless to say he’s a good cook.

“Do you like it?” He asked anticipating for a positive response.

His facial expression said it all.

“No, it’s not good.” I replied teasing him

“Really?? I thought I made it well.” He picked the fork trying to taste it which seems cute.

His cuteness drew my affections close to his actions, my face heating up.

Gloria, stop what’s wrong with you?

Why is he been attractive to me these days.

“But, there’s nothing wrong with this pancakes.” He said in a convincing tone.

“I was messing with you.” I jokingly said.

“Ohh….. I thought you were serious.” He gave a sigh of relief.

We locked eyes as our feelings got intertwined.

I really can’t explain these feelings anymore.

“I love you Gloria, am sorry it took me this late to realise that.” He said and my heart nearly bursted with emotions.

My lashes blinked stylishly trying to ignore his words.

“I need to go to the hospital today, I don’t know why have been feeling sick this past few days.” I said and his face quickly filled with worries.

“Why? Are you ok?” He asked feeling concerned.

He’s sweet, nice, caring towards me but I felt that’s not enough to make me forget his wrongdoings, everything he did.

I just want to pay him back for everything he has done.

“Am ok, am sure it’s probably just an headache I will be fine.” I replied trying to neglect his warm actions towards me.

“Ok, I will take you to the hospital myself but before that we need to be somewhere, and I would love it if you can dress really nice as if we are going on a date.”

A date? Why would we go on a date.

“Ok.” I replied and head upstairs.

I picked a nicely ironed mini jean skirt with a white shirt.

I tuck in my white shirt into the jean skirt which nicely draws out my perfect curves.

I picked my blue sneakers teaming up with the blue jean.

I look good without anyone telling me.

Oh less I forgot I packed my hair in ponytail and used a white small earrings.

Just the perfect look I wanted.

“You look beautiful.” Robert complimented me which made me blush.

“Thanks.” I replied and smiled.

I took a glance at him and he looked d–n hot.

He’s not the type of guy with superb arbs or broad chest.

Can say he has an average body, slim and fitted.

“Shall we?” He said calling back my attention.

“Of course.” I replied and we left.

He drove us to an amusement park where we had lots of fun like young lovers.

Filled with so much excitement, he hugged me and kissed my forehead, my hands on his chest I could feel his heart beating fast as if it was on a race.

“Your heart is beating fast.” I said and he scoffed.

“Of course it’s beating fast to it’s owner’s call.” He replied tauntingly which makes my heart skipped a beat.

“We should go to the hospital now am really not ok.” I said

“Of course, let’s go.” He gave a sharp reply.

👨🏾‍💼 Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

We arrived at the hospital and was attended to by the doctor.

I still remember that day clearly, when I had rushed her to the hospital because she nearly died of s*x.

D–n! Robert you really f*cked up back then.

I was really cruel and harsh to her I can see why she’s cold to me.

She should be, anyone would think twice before warming up to me for my actions.

I just hope she can find a place in her heart for me.

We sat at the doctor’s office awaiting the test result.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting.” The doctor said and sat on his chair.

“Can you tell us exactly what’s wrong with her?” I asked rubbing on her back.

“Have brought good news to you, she’s pregnant.” He said and my face widened.

Gloria is pregnant, she’s pregnant.


Am going to be a father.

She’s pregnant with my baby but she doesn’t love me.

Should I be happy or be sad. Have you read toriperi stories today?

💐 Chapter 18 {The unthinkable}💐

🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍♀️

Things are really turning out the way I didn’t expect it to.

Am pregnant!

Pregnant for Robert?

I should have seen this coming, I should have been more prepared.

And now I will have his baby.

“Are you OK?” Robert asked driving carefully.

Am sure he’s probably happy, he should be when am having his baby.

“Am fine.” I replied and looked through the car’s window.

I’m so confused, I don’t know if I should be happy or not.

Am also scared but it’s not the fact that I have Robert’s baby that scares me.

But, the fact that am already falling in love with him.

I can’t believe this, I know have been lieing to myself, have been deceiving myself that I can never love him but it’s all a blatant lie.

I like him, I love him, I just know my heart beats for him.

After everything he did to me, I want to pay him back tenfolds.

We both stayed in a solemn silence throughout the whole drive.

He drove into his compound and I got off the car without hearing a thing from him.

I just need to be alone to get myself together.
I need to decide what’s its going to be whether it’s my revenge or my love.

“Gloria, won’t we talk about this.” He said which stopped me halfway to my room.

“What exactly should we talk about?!” I yelled and his facial expression changed.

“The baby.” He paused and scoffed “actually if we are to think about this it’s our baby.” He said which cooled down my burning temper for a bit.

“You mean the baby I wish I never had?” I said coldly am sure that’s really going to hurt him but I don’t care he deserves every bit of my actions towards him.

“Gloria, please, please stop this.” He pleaded in a loud voice as tears wouldn’t stop falling from his eyes.

“What exactly do you expect from me, you think it’s easy? you destroyed me, you ruined me, you took my dignity with no remorse and for years I lived as your s*x slave.” I said and stopped then continued.

“But, it was when I nearly died you knew you had feelings for me, did you ever stop to think that I might die, did you ever feel pity for me?” I added and his whole face became w€t with tears.

“Gloria am sorry, am sorry, am really sorry.” He begged while on his knees.

“You are sorry, of course you should be, but sorry doesn’t cut it, I’ll agree to marry you because of my baby.” I replied and banged the door on him.

Gloria, it’s done, it’s fine, it’s over.

👨🏾‍💼Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

All she said were true, she’s right but it hurts, deep in my soul.

Have really wronged her, have done something so inhumane to her and I know I deserve all her actions towards me.

And, it’s about time I correct them, she said she’ll agree to the marriage because of the baby.

But I don’t want that, I might sound selfish, no I am, I want her love not just the marriage.

If she doesn’t love me it’s time to let her go.

*The next day*

I walked to the kitchen to get breakfast, bread with fried egg.

“Morning.” Gloria greeted but I ignored her.

“Morning.” she greeted again and I turned deaf ears as I concentrate on the breakfast.

After a while I finished Cooking and served us both.

“Gloria, before you start eating there’s something we need to discuss.” I said and she turned to me smiling.

“What is it about I also have something to tell you.” She responded friendly.

“Have thought about it throughout the night, I realised that am too greedy, I noticed it’s not the marriage I want but your heart, I really love you Gloria, if you don’t love me let’s cancel the wedding, you are free to live your life.” I said and she laughed it off.

“When you mean I should live my life do you mean am free to leave your life forever.” She asked.

“Yes, you are free from me, it’s your love I want.” I replied sincerely.

“Hmm… I would like to ask you a question.” She said and placed her hand beneath her chin.

“Go on.” I replied.

“Who told you I don’t love you.” She said and my head felt like it will explode.

“What? What did… You … Just say.” I stuttered and she stood up moving closer to me.

“I love you Robert, I sincerely love you if not I would be long gone.” She replied sincerely and kissed my lips.

Excuse me, did she just tell me she loves me?

Gloria loves me, she loves me!!!!. For more interesting stories check toriperi stories


To be continued…

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